< Sonia De Villiers >  

My life is just amazing right now. Next week I am starting shooting the reality show. Great things are happening for me and very fast. I think I need to talk to my husband about that. My husband and I are married but we never had a wedding and we are going to have it soon. I cannot wait for it all. We have two children together a girl and a boy. They are in Namibia with my parents now. They just left for the holidays. The show will air on tv next year around February. I want my children to be part of the show. I am glad we are not rushing things with shooting. This is exciting. I have a lot of ideas about how our lives should look like. I had to rush out of work and come home. My husband and i have to discuss our future. He is doing so well in his career and he wants me to taste some of his suceess and i am grateful.  

Brandon: Hey sweety i am glad you're home   

He kissed my cheek  

Me: I had to come fast. You're my boss now. I have to respect you honey  Brandon:   

He smiled.  

Me: Not like i didn't respect you before though   

Him: If you didn't we wouldn't be together i know my love  I smiled then sat down putting my handbag next to me.  

Him: I hope your other bosses are not mad at you for leaving work so early   

Me: I don't care about them. They have their own problems   

Him: _  

He looked confused  

Me: The divorce for example ?   

Brendan: Oh yeah. That was unexpected. Anyway i called you here babe to talk about our wedding. You need to look for a wedding planner. I want us to get married in January   

Me: I can't wait! Tomorrow i have a lot of work. Saturday i have to look for a wedding planner   

Brendan: No honey. I think you should start monday or tuesday. We have to shoot all this :) Me: Oh yes!   

Him: We have to go meet other ladies for a photo shoot Saturday Me: Baby we need to move to a new rental house. We have to have the most beautiful house   

Brendan: You think this house is not good for us ? _  

I stood up  

Me: Honey. I am married to the producer. I have to be better than all the ladies besides I am a shareholder at Seputla mine. I have to look the part   

Brendan: We need to draw up our budget and everything honey. We cant waste money when we are getting married in a month _ Me: 

Whatever we do but i want a mansion. You and i have good jobs.  

We can afford all that   

Him: Okay after the photo shoot we go look for houses  

I went to him and kissed him. His phone rang. He stood up. He looked at me  

Him: It's Priscella __ Me: 


He answered and put her on speaker..  

Brendan: Hey Priscella :) __ Priscella: Hey can we meeting ?  

Brendan: Sure is everything okay ? __  

Me: _  

Priscella: Yeah everything is okay. I just wanna talk to you about something  

Brendan: Just tell me where i will be there __  

Priscella: Seputla Towers. Let's meet at bakery downstairs  

Brendan: Give me thirty minutes i will be there __ :)  

Her: Thanks  

He hung up  

Me: I wonder what she wanna talk about ? :) _ Brendan took his car keys then looked at me.  

Brendan: Hungani maybe? Since she is no longer married? _  

I smiled. He kissed my cheek then walked out leaving me smiling. Oh my God this is amazing. She came back to her senses  

Me: :)  

I looked at my handbag. I went to it and took out my phone. I dialled  

Hungani's number  

Hungani: I am on my way to a shoot what's up Sonia?  I smiled  

Me: Guess what? :) _ Hungani: 


Me: Priscella called My man. I think she wanna discuss you. I think she wants you back : _ Him: You think so ?  

Me: I know so! I think she is jealous that I am the only one who is gonna be part of housewives. I think she wants in as well : _ Hungani: Wow I guess we have to wait and see ?  

Me: We should :) _  

Hungani: Thank you for the hands up  

Me: Any time :) _  

I hung up  

Me: :)  

< Judge Makhosazana >  

Take the role of being married to the first born son at your own risk. As the first daughter in law or or should i say the senior daughter in law.. You have so many responsibilities. You are always making decisions and some times some people don't like those decisions. I feel like i Will always be at war with my brother in law's wife because she doesn't wanna understand my role in this family. She doesn't understand my responsibilities. Nontorotyi don't like me. I feel like she is jealous that i got to marry the first born. She wants my life. I understand her frustration but it changes nothing. That woman will always the fake version of me. I was groomed to be a leader. I was supposed to be the chief when my husband died and the reason i didn't was because being a chief is a lot. You have to give up a lot of things and i can't let go of my career. As for Masixole it's different. He was born a chief. He shouldn't even cry of letting go of his career path to be a chief. He knew this was gonna happen. I haven't bothered myself calling the PI. Why would i do that when my son is coming home. I  

won't call the PI but when he does find something i will be willing to read. I am not going to talk about how Nontorotyi ambushed her daughter from my house. I know that woman. She will never change but i won't let her change her daughter. That little girl is smart and she needs me to guided.  

Anyway i just got dressed up. Its almost time for the meeting. I dont know where Princess Nomagampompo and my daughter in law are. They should be home now. Its not really important what i am going to say to the people but everything at the royal house gets annouced like this. I saw the door open.  

Siqalo: Your highness they are back. The chauffeur just drove in  

:D _  

Me: Great ! go help them with shopping bags   

Siqalo: Okay my Queen  _♂  

He ran out. I turned around. I looked at the time. Its 15:45 .  Me: The Elders should be here for the meeting .... _ I heard the door opens. I looked at them.  

Me: Look at her !   _  

Nomaxabiso: :)  

Nomaxabiso did her hair. She looks really pretty  

Me: You look amazing   

Nomaxabiso: Thank my queen. I appreciate everything you've done for me :) _  

Me: You're welcome. Go to your room and fit your clothes   

She smiled then walked up the stairs. I looked at sister in law  

Me: She looks good but not happy what happened ? _  

Princess: Everything you said went through the left ear out the right ear. She wanted to decide in everything. We ended up not speaking to each other :)  

Me: She is going to be trouble. This girl has to respect my orders.  

There is only one Queen in this royal house ! :(  

Princess: We have a lot to teach her. Anyway let me go wear comfortable shoes. The meeting is about to start..... :)  She looked around  

Her: But i don't see anyone my queen? _  

Me: They better show up or i am not telling them anything in the future ! :(  

Her: Let's just wait. I dont think they'd do that :)  

Me: I hope you're right sisi :(  

She smiled then walked up. I looked at the time. I saw Siqalo walks in Siqalo: My Queen The chief and his wife just arrived and others are coming also. I saw them walking from a distance  

Me: Let them in Siqalo :)  

I said smiling I sat down  

Me: I knew you wouldn't do me like that :)  

At least they will get here at the exact time for the meeting. I am happy they are here. As for my son's wife. That girl needs to listen. I am not controlling. I am doing what is right for her. i want her to be what my son wants. If she thinks my son is a virgin like her then She is stupid. I am sure my son has been messing around with some skanks in Jo'burg. He is used to seeing beautiful women. All i want is for Nomaxabiso to look like that as for my son's room

I won't apologize for that. My son has to invite her to join him. Anyway i saw my brother in law and his wife come in. I stood up and approached them.  

Me: I was worried! i thought you guys were not coming   

Nontorityi chuckled  

Nontorotyi: We were never gonna hear the end of it if we didn't come 


Me: I am not fighting you. i was just saying :)  

Hlohlesakhe: my dear do you always have to be like that to the  Queen?   

Me: No it's okay brother in law   

Nontorotyi rolled her eyes and pulled my brother in law then walked away. My phone rang. I looked at it  

Me: __  

Nontorotyi let go of her husband's hand. My brother in law walked away. She looked at me. Nontorotyi: Who is it ?   

Me: None of your business! _  

Her: Oh look at you! you're rude to me now because your brother in law can't hear us   

Me: let me go answer this!   

I walked away. It's the PI. I answered  

Me: Hello I have been waiting for your call  _  

PI: Judge I have what you want  

Me: I am listening __  

PI: check your email  

I hung up then went to my husband's study. I got in then closed the door. I went to the computer then looked into my account. He sent an email. I am not sure if i wanna see this. I sat down and breath in and out.  

Me: Two pages report ? _  

I dont know if i will like this. My sweet boy cannot betray his family can he? The fact that it's a full two pages shows he has been up to no good right now i sm like pythone ready to suck a human's blood. This boy cannot do this. He knows what is at stake. The throne belongs at the royal house not to Hlohlesakhe. He knows one mistake we lose it all. This boy don't want to upset me. Anyway i started reading.  

Me: I cannot believe this _  

I had my hand on my mouth when i finished the first page. So he finished studying three years ago and he didn't tell his mama? I didn't go to his graduation. That was one thing i was looking forward to.  

Me: How could you __  

I turned the page. Tears were streaming down to the keyboard of the computer. I read the second page.  

Me: What ? Married !? __  

I looked at the door. I stood up and ran to the door. I locked it then went back. This boy got married? It looks like Zwelicacile is living his life and he forgot about us. This is the reason he was clueless when i was talking about him finishing his studies this year.  

Me: ___  

I continued reading. I raised this boy well. Not a single time did he show his concerns about being the chief. This boy was looking forward to becoming a chief. Maybe he was excited because the life he knew was a royalty life. He got to see the life in the city and forgot about his duties.  

Me: A divorce ? _ _   

Thank God. He is divorced but that doesn't make what he did right. He is going to pay. I will make sure of it.  

Me: I wonder if the poor girl knows why he got divorced? _ I am so disappointed in my son. I don't know what to do at this moment. Usually i share such things with my sister in law but this I dont think i should share with anyone.  

< Priscella >  

I want to speak to Brendan about two different issues I have about his wife. Brendan is using my friend as his object. I know I have problems of my own and they might be bigger than Sonia's but I can't just sit and watch this happen. This is ridiculous. First Brendan said he didn't like Sonia's nose bridge she had to do surgery now it's lips? I can't sit back and watch him ruin my friend. I want to speak to him about that and this reality show. He must persuade his wife to forget about putting me on that show. I don't want to be part of it. I know Sonia will be heartbroken but she knows me. I cannot believe she even thought about it. SHe knows I don't like that kinda spotlight. I don't know why she wants me to do this because it's gonna hurt her when I say no and unfortunately no is what she is going to get. Anyway I saw Brendan walks in. I smiled. He saw me then came straight to me.  

Me: Hey   

Him: Hey i was surprised to get your call   

We hugged he sat down. I did too  

Me: I know you're a busy man. Forgive me :)  

Him: I was home with my wife it's okay. Oh i am sorry about the divorce _  

What !? Sonia told him ? I should've kept this to myself. He saw my face change..  

Him: You know me and my wife don't keep secrets right ?  I faked a smile. Yeah i should've expected it. They are married and i dont expect them to keep secrets from each other. Its just that this particular secret i would rather no one knows about it. So many people are against us so i don't want them to laugh.  

Me: Of course. And please don't tell Hungani about this i beg you :( He cleared his throat  

Me: I am serious Brendan! :(  

Him: Okay sure :) _  

I took my juice and sipped then put it down.  

Him: So what did you wanna talk about ? :)  

Me: Oh i want to talk about your show. The show your wife is gonna be in. Brendan your wife wants me to do appearances on the show  

and she doesn't understand why i can't :(  

Him: So what do you want me to do ? :)  

Me: I want you to make her understand that i cannot be on that show. I am a CEO of my family business. I know i am young and i shouldn't be boring but my work forces me to. I cannot be associated with such 


Him: It won't be possible to stay out of the show Priscella _  

Me: Why ? :(  

Him: For example you're her friend and you are always together  

:) _  

Me: During the time of shooting we won't :(  

He smiled then shook his head  

Me: What ? :( _  

Him: There is no escaping this Priscella. We are going to get married on the show. I am sure you're going to be her maid of honour. Her maid of honour has to be hands on and you will have to appear on tv 


Oh no. I didn't think about this. What am i gonna do. Saying no will indeed be selfish of me. We literally grew up together. We were like siblings. I can't say no to her  

Me: Oh no _  

Him: I am so sorry _  

I dont know what i will do right now. I guess i don't have a choice. I hate the situation Sonia put me in.  

Me: Anyway let's forget About this. I will call my mother and talk to her about it. Another thing i wanted to talk to you about....... :( _  

Him: Yes ? :) _  

I looked at him. I hope he won't be offended by this. I don't want to meddle in their business but if someone don't Sonia will end up looking like the late Joan Rivers.  

Me: I want you to stop making Sonia feel like her natural look is not sexy :(  

Branden: Excuse me ?   

Me: Brendan i know you're the one who is making Sonia do all these surgery and injections! you need to stop ruining her! Sonia is a beautiful girl she dont need fake lips and cheeks! :(  

Brendan stood up. I could just tell i won't like the next word that is going to come out of his mouth.  

Brendan: Don't tell me how to treat my wife :(  Me: That's not what i am doin.... !  _ He put his hands on the table.  

Brendan: Priscella why don't you put all your energy on finding out the real reason your ex husband divorced you ? :(  

Me: ☹ _  

He walked away leaving me sitting. I looked around checking if 

Anyone heard this. Everyone was minding their business. I felt a tear drop i quicky wiped it. I stood up and ran to the elevator. Did i do somethimg wrong for raising my concerns ? Me: ___  


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