< Elton Junior >  

I am happy my sister agreed to be part of my show. I love the spotlight and this is the best opportunity for me to shine. In order for me to score pretty girl I have to use my sister. She is an inspirational woman to every young girl in this city. I want people to see my home.The business and my sister on the show. I read about all the new cast members and i must say I am the richest of them all. Even the white guys got nothing on me and that is all thanks to my dad Mom and my sister's hard work. They want me to join the family business but I can't. It's boring. I am studying broadcasting. I want to be on Tv and radio. I can't sit at the office all day. That's not my style. Anyway as I promised. The crew just arrived at my sisters office. I hope she is ready to do this because I am. We started shooting when I walked in. I asked them to stop so I could speak to my sister first. I hope she won't mess this up for me. I opened her office door. I closed the door then looked at her  

Priscella: I am glad you left them outside because we have to talk first  

Me: Don't tell me you changed your mind sis :( _  

Sis: No. I would never embarrass you like that  

Me: Great I wanted us to add something about mom where you will ask me again if I called mom. I want you to be a little pissed :D Priscella: Well I am angry because you didn't call mom! Anyway about what I want to talk about :(  

Me: Yes ? :)  

Sis: I am going to do this if you do fix things with my man :(  

Me: Okay where is he ? :D  

She pointing outside to his office. I looked at my crew. I opened the door.  

Me: Guys can you give me a moment I need to speak to my brother in law :D  

Producers: No problem  

Priscella: :)  

I looked at my sister. She smiled. She loves that don't she. I ran out and headed to Masixole's office. I knocked once and opened the door.  

He stood up  

Masixole: Junior. What a surprise :) _  

Me: Hey you good ? :D  

Him: Yes but little busy what's up ? :) He said then sat on the edge of his desk.  

Me: I just wanted to thank You for the decision you made to Divorce my sister. It was a big step..... :)  

Masixole: :) _  

He smiled but he looks nervous. Have I been that bad to this guy that he would be nervous like this around me ?  

Me: And I know it wasn't an easy decision for you but it shows how much you love my sister :)  

Masixole: I love your sister man. She the only woman I ever loved. I can do anything for her. I don't want to see her hurt. I am not saying I  

won't hurt her. Relationships are not always smooth. I know one day i 

might hurt her but I want to show you I would never hurt her intentionally. I want you to see that I love her and i know she is not just any girl. She is precious to her family and I will treat her with love and care :) _  

I am happy to hear those words I believe him but the part where he says he might hurt her? I don't want to hear that. I don't want my sister to get hurt period.  

Me: You don't Have to prove anything to me. I can see you love my sister  :)  Masixole:  :D _  

Me: And I hope you understand why I reacted the way I did :) _  

Masixole: I know my guy I really do :)  

Me: You see ... the thing with my family.......... :)  

He looked at me  

Me: We are like ROYALTY :D  

He stood up and cleared his throat. He walked to his whisky. Did I say something wrong to this guy ?  

Masixole: I forgive you man you don't have to explain. I know why you did what you did. You are blessed to have two strong hard working women who love you and I agree with you they deserve to be  

treated with respect and I apologise for what I did :) __  

Me: Water under the bride :D  

I ran to him and hugged him  

Me: I will see you later brother in law ;)  

He raised his glass  

Him: Later :) __  

I walked out. Let's do this. I want all the girls to drool over me when they see me on screen Me: :)  

< Judge Makhosazana >  

I just spoke to the wedding planner. We just finished our meeting. She came here at the Royal house as she promised. I don't want her to organise the welcome home party. I trust Princess Nomagampompo.  

She can do it. I am not going to pay for all these things at once. Tomorrow my son will be here. He has a welcome party. Saturday I want a meeting with elders. That too has to be prepared. They will expect food so we can't waste money like that. I want this woman to plan this wedding only. I don't want no distractions. Anyway Siqalo opened the door. I hugged the planner.  

Me: Thank for everything I am going to see you later :D  

Her: Okay I will keep calling when I need anything I know Coffee  

Bay isn't close here :)  

She says she will be at coffee bay while planning the wedding.  

Sdabadabeni to those who don't know it. It's at the bottom/ end of Ngqeleni villages. Mqanduli ( THE villages ) and SdabSdabadabeni are separated by the big Mthatha Dam.  

Me: Yeah it's not easy to travel from Mqanduli to plan a wedding at Ngqeleni :)  

Her: Oh but we are being silly. Sdabadabeni is close to Mqanduli than it's own town :D  

Me: I know bye Hihihi :D  

She walked out. Siqalo closed the door.  

Me: Thank you Siqalo :)  

Siqalo: Your highness :) _  

I went back to the living room. I have to call my son again. I want to keep in touch. I feel like we haven't been mother and son these past few years. He is my only child and I love him and want the best for him. If Nomaxabiso is not what is best for my son we will fix her and make her what my son wants.  Zwelicacile: My Queen  

Me: Son I am sorry to bother you :) _  

Him: No my queen you don't bother me. I am honoured to be called by the Queen  

I smiled then rested my back on the couch.  

Me: You're my only child Zwelicacile. I want my child to treat me like his mother. You're not like others to me you're my child. my only child. I am mama to you not the Queen :( _  

Zwelicacile: Mama do you realise that when I become chief I will call you by your name ?  I stood up  

Me: Unganya! __ ( You wouldn't dare! ) He laughed.  

Him: I am joking but that's how it should be though  

Me: My father in law...? :( _  

Him: Yes  

Me: Mr Ndengana was a premier of this province. He was also a king but not a single day he called me Nomakhosazana. I was always the princess to her then when i got married to his son..... :) _  

I looked up  

Me: Oh may his soul rest in peace :) _  

I sat down again  

Me: When I got married to your father. Your grandfather called me a  queen so who are you to call me Nomakhosazana? :( _ Him: Okay mama. What can I do for you ?  

I smiled  

Me: My son I don't want you to humiliate me and your father's memory when you get here. I want you to give me a go ahead to plan your wedding. I don't want you to be surprised when people talk about you getting married  

He exhaled  

Him: I don't want to upset my late father and you. Yes go ahead we will discuss the dates when I get there  

Me: Thank you my son I knew Jozi didn't change you :D _  

Him: Okay ma I love you I have to go  

Me: I love you too bye :) _  

I saw the door opened. Siqalo walked in  

Him: My Queen princess Ngejiwe is here to see you :)_ Me: What !? Tell her to come in! this is her home and go see her parents like I asked you to please :D  

When i asked him to go door to door he didn't go to Hlohlesakhe's house because i called him to come help me with something  

Siqalo: Okay your highness _  

Siqalo walked away sending Ngenjiwe in. I am so proud of this girl. I may not be her mother's favorite person but this girl loves me. I am her role model. I saw her come in Ngejiwe: Your honour :D  I stood up.  

Me: This is not America! I am your Lord :D  

She giggled. We hugged  

Ngejiwe: How are you my Lord :D  

Me: I am good advocate. How are you? :D  

Her: I am great thanks. What is Phonqa doing at home? My sisters are still at boarding school :D  

Nontorotyi has three daughters. They go to the same school as Princess Nomagampompo's second born son.  

Me: They are not in the same class. Phonqa is done with his exams :D  

Ngejiwe: Okay My Queen I....... :) _  

Her phone beeped. She exhaled  

Me: It's your mother isn't it ? :)  

Her: Yes it is her. I left before having breakfast. I just wanted to come see you :D  

Me: Thank you for coming. I appreciate it. Go now your mom will be upset :)  

Ngejiwe: This has to end my queen. The fight between these two families is ju.... _  

Me: This is one family! we are family ! Your father has no problem with me. It's your mother who has a problem with me! I can't change how Nontorotyi feels about me. Sweetie go before she comes shouting here :)  

Ngejiwe: You don't have assignment for me today? :)  

Me: Oh. ..... :D  

Every time she comes home for holidays I always give her assignments and advise her where I can. I am happy she sees me as a role model.  

Me: You know I am always testing you so of course i have an assignment for you :D  Ngejiwe: :D  

Me: Your assignment is...... _  

I exhaled. I don't want to do this but I have to. This might help me or should I say prepare me?  

Ngejiwe: Are you okay my queen ? _  

I smiled at her  

Me: I want you to defend a woman who killed her lover's wife _ Her: That's a tough one my queen let me go home and write my presentation. I will come present my defense to you my Lord :) Me: Looking forward to it Advocate Ndengana. come after breakfast tomorrow :D  

She walked out. My smile disappeared. I had to do this. Next week I will hear a lawyer defending a monster who killed my sister. I want to get there prepared to hear all the horrible things that might upset me. Hearing my niece present her case will prepare my emotional state for that day.  

< Priscella >  

I hate doing this but if agreeing to it will mean working things out with my brother then i will do it. I don't want to be famous. I am surrounded by famous people but I don't want fame. My ex is always on Tv. My friend's husband is an actor and a producer. Now my brother wants to be a reality star. All I want to be famous for is the business. I want to be the most successful business woman in Africa. I don't want to be a TV star. That's not a life I want for myself. Anyway it's time. It's time to get this over and done with. I can't wait for this crew to get out of my office. I can't stand cameras.  

Producer: They are coming. In few seconds he will come in and greet you. Please act normal. Don't look at the camera. Don't mind us at all just look at your brother :) _ Me: Okay fine :) Producer: Great !  He walked to The door. I rolled my eyes then sat on my chair. I saw the door opened. My brother walked in  

Elton: What's up sis :D  

I didn't looked at him. I pretended to be working  

Me: What are you doing in my office before lunch time Elton  

Junior :(  

He kissed my cheek I smiled  

Him: I just came to see my sis :)  

Me: Well I am busy get out Of my office :)  

Elton: Come on sis. Being a CEO doesn't mean you can't make time for family :D  I looked at him  

Me: Well CEO's brother listen here. I have to work so that you can afford your expensive life style :(  

He stood up  

Elton: Speaking of my life style ..... :)  

My brother is good at this acting thing. And I must say I am not bad myself. Maybe we should let him choose this career path.  

Me: What do you want ? :)  

Elton: Can you please speak to mom. I want you guys to sign me a 10K cheque. I need R7 000 for Kicks and I wanna spend R3 000 at a  party I am attending this weekend :D Me: 

Elton so much money in a week ? _  

Him: Come on sis you guys have the money since you don't wanna 

spend it I am here Me: I am not doing that :(  

Him: Pretty please I have to look the part  

Me: Mom asked you to call her yesterday you didn't call her. I want you to call her this afternoon and ask for this money. I will sign a  

cheque when she asks me to :(  

He came to me and kissed my cheek again.  

Him: You're the best. If I were you I would be signing the cheque. Ms  

Refilwe will give me the money ;)  

Me: Whatever :(  Producer: Cut !  

I let out a sigh of relief  

Producer: That was great guys. Thank you Ms Priscella I know you didn't wanna do this. You were great . You're a natural :D Me: I hope it was the last time :( They laughed.  

Elton: Thanks sis I love you  

Me: :)  

I smiled. He opened the door. The crew walked out. Befo6re he walked out He looked at me  

Elton: Oh sis  :D  

Me: Yes  :)  

Elton: About the money That wasn't acting. i need it ASAP  

I jumped up  

Me: What!? __  

He walked out  

Me: Don't you dare walk awa.... :( _  

He closed the door. I hit the table  

Me: What ? R 10 000 rands to be spent in one day ? :(  

I started breathing heavily. I texted mom  

* Sorry for texting you I know it's after midnight there. Your son  wants 10K don't give it to him mom ! * I sent 

the text then threw my phone on the table. Me: 


< Nontorotyi >  

My daughter is a traitor. What the hell is she doing at the Royal house. I told this girl I don't want her there. She knows we are in this Chieftaincy battle

That wasn't acting. i need it ASAP  

I jumped up  

Me: What!? __  

He walked out  

Me: Don't you dare walk awa.... :( _  

He closed the door. I hit the table  

Me: What ? R 10 000 rands to be spent in one day ? :(  

I started breathing heavily. I texted mom  

* Sorry for texting you I know it's after midnight there. Your son  wants 10K don't give it to him mom ! * I sent 

the text then threw my phone on the table. Me: 


< Nontorotyi >  

My daughter is a traitor. What the hell is she doing at the Royal house. I told this girl I don't want her there. She knows we are in this Chieftaincy battle what the hell is she doing at the Royal house ? i am angry as hell right now. i am standing in the middle of my kitchen with a cup of coffee. I am ready to go to work. I am looking outside the window watching my backstabbing daughter coming home. I am glad my husband is getting ready in the bedroom. i dont want him to hear when i speak to his daughter.  

Me: Traitor! _☕  

I can't wait to hear her try to get out of this one. I caught her. She thought i wouldn't know she went to the royal house. I heard footsteps  behind me. I turned around its my maid Deliwe  

Deliwe: Everything is ready at dinning room My Queen _ I smiled at her.  

Me: Go wait for me there. When Ngenjiwe walks in tell her i am waiting for her here :( ☕  

Deliwe: Okay my queen  

She walked out the front door opened  

Me: _☕  

I heard Deliwe speaks to her. She came to the kitchen smiling. I took the last sip then put the cup in the sink  

Ngejiwe: Good mor.... :D _  

Me: Traitor!!! _  

Ngejiwe's eyes popped out  

Her: What ? _  

Me: What were you doing at royal house ? :(  

She took out a cup  

Her: I went to see the Queen :(  

Me: How can you do that knowing what is happening between us!  

Honey you betrayed your mother! _  

She looked at me then went to the fridge. She took out milk. This girl is calm and i feel like an idiot because she is not shaken at all. She doesn't look bothered at all.  

Me: Say something Ngejiwe! _  

She put the milk in the micro wave and warmed it up. I went and switched off the micro wave. She shook her head in disbelief Ngejiwe: Mama i didn't betray you. The queen is my aunt! she is my mentor. When i am home i have to go say hi to her! :(  

Me: She hates me! your mother!!! :(  

Ngejiwe: Mom i am a child in this family and i am treated as one and i dont see a problem in that and that is why i am not going to get involved in your fued. The queen loves me and she doesn't hate you. I think you try to much to be like her and she sees that ! She is enjoying seeing you all jealous. You need to stop this ! :(  

I walked around fruatrated. I was breathing heavily. How could she stand there and defend that woman? I am her mother  

Me: I can't believe my own daughter is on her side ! :( Ngejiwe: Mom i am not on anyone's side. You're my mother and i love you! :( _  

She looked at bedrooms then at me.  

Her: That is why i am helping you secure the throne! I know you and dad sacrificed a lot for it. No one at the royal house sacrificed anything but that doesn't mean i should join in on your unnecessary drama. We are family. We are all from the royal house. My dad is from there. That is where he grew up. That's our home too don't ask me to stop going to the royal house because i Won't ! :(  She said a lot of things that make sense but that doesn't mean i will like Nomakhosazana. I hate her.  

Me: Okay fine :(  

She switched on the micro wave  

Her: Thank you :)  

I walked out. My husband came out of the bedroom. We heard a knock from the door Me: Deliwe go open :)  

Deliwe: Okay my queen  

She walked away  

Me: honey sit and eat we are late :D  

Hlohlesakhe: Okay thank you. Are you gonna sit as well ? :)  

Me: Of cour.... :D _  

I stopped talking when i saw the royal house servant come in  Siqalo: My chief _ He said looking down. .  

Hlohlesakhe: What is happening Siqalo? _  

Siqalo: The Queen sent me to summone you to the royal house to a meeting at 16:00 ... _  

Me: What is this now? We don't have jobs to go to? :(  

Hlohlesakhe: My wife can you stop complaining? The Queen knows we knock off at 3pm. So 4pm is perfect for a meeting! :(  

Me: My chief ain't you worried about this meeting? Why do I have to be the one who is using her brain in this house ! :(  

I snapped Hlohlesakhe looked at Siqalo  

Hlohlesakhe: Siqalo tell the Queen we will be there early :D  

Siqalo: Thank you my chief :)  

He walked out. My husband looked at me  

Hlohlesakhe: Are you crazy? :(  

Me: Psssh me crazy? :(  

" Yes mother! " Said my daughter walking to the living room.Oh she was listening. I looked at her  

Me: How dare you call your mother cra..... :( _  

Ngejiwe: How can you talk like that in front of the Royal house servant. You know Siqalo is loyal to the Queen! :(  

Me: :( _  

Hlohlesakhe: Tell her my dear and I will be the one who will have to answer to the Queen! :(  

Me: You don't have to defend me I know how to defend myself. I am not scared of Nomakhosazana! _  

Ngejiwe: _  

Ngejiwe's eyes popped out. No one calls the Queen that I know Hlohlesakhe: Ye Nontorotyi do you wanna be banned from this village? :(  

Me:  :( _  

Ngejiwe: Mom I agree with you in many things but you crossed the line! First you raised your voice at dad in front of Siqalo now you call the Queen that by her first name ? :(  

Me: The Queen is not better than me. She is educated I am as well! :( Them: _  

Me: The Queen married a chief of this village :)  

I went and stood next to my husband and hugged his arm. I chuckled  

Me: I married one too :D  

Ngejiwe: Father talk to your wife. Mom knows how important The Queen is in this family and Village. If she doesn't want to respect her she will get all of us banned from the village! Yes there are so many things that happen at royal house that I don't agree with but we are family and you should respect each other and your positions in this famil..... :(  

Me: I am a queen too baby! :(  

My husband shook his head  

Ngejiwe: Mom wait until dad is made a chief. For now you're not.  

Dad is just A regent ! :(  

Hlohlesakhe: Wait wait wait...... :(  

We both looked at him  

Hlohlesakhe: Did you just say she must wait? :( _  

Ngejiwe's big mouth! My daughter looked down  

Hlohlesakhe: There is nothing to wait for. Zwelicacile is going to be  

A chief in a month or so or am I missing something here? :( _  

Ngejiwe: Da... _  

Me: No! :D  

I am not going to let this little girl ruin my plan  

Me: There is nothing my chief! we are just hoping that you will stay a chief forever. You've been doing a great job here as a chief :D Hlohlesakhe: Thank you my wife but we all know it's not my calling :D I hugged him  

Me: God works in mysterious ways my baby :D  

I said that while in the hug. I looked at my daughter  

Ngejiwe:  :) _  

Me:  :)  

I am going to fix this low self esteem my husband has. He can't be pushed around by this family. He is a son of a great king. He is the only son alive and this. This throne is his. I broke the hug. I fixed his shirt  

Me: You my husband :)  

Hlohlesakhe: Yes My dear  :)  

Me: Ungumntwane gazi  :D ( You're royalty )  

Hlohlesakhe: :D  

I looked at my daughter. She winked at me  

Ngejiwe:  :D  ;) _  

I looked on thin air and smiled Me: 




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