< Priscella >  

What were you gonna do if you were me? I am only 26 years old. I can't afford this not after few days married. This happens in Hollywood not here. My marriage can't last for few days. This is worse than Hollywood. I am going to be a divorcee now? I feel like we rushed this. I feel like we should've talked. I hate to say this but Junior and Sonia were right. I could've waited till I gave birth then get married or rather have a wedding while pregnant. I hate my husband right now. I didn't run up the stairs. I ran to my mom's study because my brother might walk in and the first place he goes to is his room upstairs. What if he sees us fighting. We would never hear the end of it. I love this man but right now he is driving me crazy. He is going to make our enemies happy something we've been trying to avoid. How could he ? I got in. When I turned around to close the door this dark ugly man was already at the door. Me: I hate you ! _☹  

Masixole: I know bab.... _  

Me: why didn't you say all these things before we went to home affairs why!? _  

Him: Because I was scared to lose the most beautiful woman in the world _  

I blushed Damn it Priscella this is not the time to fall for his charm!  

he smiled I attempted to punch him he held my hand  

Me: I hate you for this! :( _  

Him: I know my love. Pris baby I know this is hard but this could help you with your loved ones' relationships. And I also have to go home and tell them I made a girl pregnant. Those people are all I have. If they find out that I am married they might disown me. I want them to be part of our wedding :) _  

You know He abondaned his family. I always worry about his relationship with them. This man hardly talks about his family. I can't  marry a man I don't know. I want To know his family Me: Okay fine. When can we do this divorce thing ? :( Him: We can call the family lawyer. It's nothing big. We didn't even discuss or sign anything when we got married so this will be easy. Baby I don't want anything from you. All I want is your heart. I don't care about your money :)  

Me: I know babe. You call the lawyer. We are signing the divorce papers tomorrow. I don't think it will have to go to court. He will go there just to finalise things with home affairs :)  

Him: Alright my Angel. I am sorry for upsetting you and I hope  

Junior and Sonia will be happy when they hear this :)  Me: Me too. When are you going to Eastern Cape ? I wanna come with you :)  

Him: No babe I have to go alone when I go to talk about you. Then the next time I go I will be going with you to introduce you.  

Me: Okay :)  

Him: I am leaving Day after tomorrow :)  

Me: Friday ? :)  

Him: Yes. And my Leave starts monday so I want to spend a week or two there. I need to reconnect with my ancestors you know  

Me: I will miss you baby :(  

He came to me  

Him: I will miss you too my love but I will be back. I belong here 

with you :) Me: I know baby :)  

We kissed .after 30 seconds of kissing we broke the kiss  

Me: Let's go have dinner and go to bed :)  

Masixole: Okay my love :)  

He carried me out of the office i was giggling. I feel like my hormones make me silly. This man explained everything to me before dropping the bomb. Somehow I expected it I don't know why I ran off crying. I love Masixole more than anything. He is the only man I feel so safe around. I never loved my ex the way I love this man. I didn't make a mistake with this man. I love him. This is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.  

< Judge Makhosazana >  

Time is just flying so fast and I am loving it. It's been a while since I have seen my son. I cannot believe I am seeing him tomorrow. Today it's Thursday. My son is coming home tomorrow and things are about to change here for good and better. I cannot wait for that. I can't wait to have the chief at home. Last night I had a peaceful night knowing he is coming home and today we are meeting the wedding planner. Things are happening so fast. I just pray my son don't fight this. He knows there is a lot to lose so I don't expect drama besides he knows better than saying no to me. He knows me. I don't take nonesense from anyone. My PI hasn't returned to me with his findings. I am waiting patiently but for me I don't think investigating my son is necessary now that he called and told me he is coming home. I know when he gets here he will tell me everything that has been going on in his life.  

Anyway we are gathered around the dinning table having breakfast. 

Everyone who lives under this roof is here.  

Me: Daughter in law how did you sleep ? :)  

Nomaxabiso: I slept well thank you my queen  :)  

Me: That's good :)  

Princess looked at her and smiled. I saw Notiniphu coming with Pine juice  

Me: Thank you Notiniphu :)  

She bowed  

Her: You're welcome my queen :) _ She attempted to go to the kitchen.  

Me: Wait ! :)  

She turned around and stood there and watch us while we are eating. I looked at the door.  

Me: Siqalo!!!  

He came running. I hope you still remember our servant.  

Siqalo: My Queen _♂_  

He stood next to Notiniphu  

Me: Dear make breakfast for the chauffeur :)  

She bowed  

Notiniphu: Okay my queen :)  

She walked away. I looked at Siqalo  

Me: Siqalo go tell the chauffeur that he must get ready to take.... .. :)  I smiled at Nomaxabiso. I see she is really desperate to have her recognised in this family. I will give her that.  

Me: Queen the second here to Mthatha she needs a new wardrop and she will also go to the spa :)  

Nomaxabiso: Thank you my queen. I can't wait to go shopping. There are these jeans I sa... :D _  

Me: Hold on! :)  

Nomaxabiso looked down and bowed  

Nomaxabiso: I apologise my queen _  

I looked at my sister in law  

Me: Princess Nomagampompo will go with you. She will know what is appropriate for a royal bride. You don't wear just anything. She will take you to the boutique :) Nomaxabiso: Oh okay ...... _  She looked disappointed. Princess Nomagampompo gave her a look.  

She just said " oh okay " to me ? . She looked at me.  

Nomaxabiso: Sorry I forgot to say My Queen :)  

Me: :(  

I looked at my sister in law I took my handbag. I took out a credit card and gave it to her  

Me: Sisi I also want you to buy a new bedding for the chief :)  

Princess: Yes My Queen :)  

Me: I will handle the meeting with the wedding planner  :)  

Princess: Okay I was about to talk to you about it :D  

Nomaxabiso: If you don't mind my queen. Can I say something _  

Me: Of course you can say something :)  

Her: Can you give me an opportunity to at least to choose the sheets for my husband. I don't like the ones in our room right now. The room  

is so dark. I feel scared sleeping there at night alone _ Me: The room you're sleeping in isn't The chief's bedroom :)  

Nomaxabiso: What!? _  

Princess: You haven't seen his room it is locked my dear :) Nomaxabiso: But he is my husband. I should sleep in his bedroom!  

:( _  

Everyone's eyes popped out. They looked at me. I don't know how things are done at Zidenge Royal house but this here is my home and I do what was done to me. I am not going to be worked up by this little girl. I will be nice to her. She will be marrying my son. I don't want to be monster in law to her. I am very close with my son. I want to be close to his wife as well.  

Me: My dear that is where you're wrong :)  

Nomaxabiso: My Queen? ☹_  

Me: You and my son are not married :)  

Nomaxabiso: _☹  

Me: You're his Fiancé and when he comes home He is going to be the one inviting you to the bedroom ! :) Everyone was nodding while I am speaking.  

Me: About you choosing my son's bedding. What is my son's favorite colour? :)  

She quickly took her cup of coffee and sipped on it  

Nomaxabiso: ☕_  

Me: Exactly! :D  

Process: Nomaxabiso we know what the chiefs likes. Let us help you get to know the things he likes before he gets here. When you get married to a chief it's all about making him happy. You stop living for  yourself. You live to make him happy :)  

Nomaxabiso: Okay I didn't know thank you my princess :) _ Princess Nomagampompo smiled looking at me. She was actually giving me the go ahead to continue with what I was saying before I was rudely interrupted by my soon to be daughter in law. I looked at Siqalo who was still standing.  

Me: Siqalo the car is clean right?  

Siqalo: I washed it yesterday around 5pm my queen _  

Me: Good. Now I want you to go to all our family houses and tell them I want to see them..... I looked at the watch on the wall  

Me: I want to see them here at 3pm. I am sure they are not gone to work yet :)  

Siqalo: If my queen don't mind me asking...... _  

Me: No Siqalo they will hear everything when they are here just tell them that :(  

Siqalo: My Queen _♂_  

He ran out. I continued eating my food  

Princess: That means we should come back early from Mthatha for the meeting My queen? _  

Me: I would really appreciate to have you here yes please. Take the easy road. You can't drive in this bad gravel to Ngqeleni town. How about you go through Mqanduli to get to Mthatha ? :) Nomaxabiso: I have never been to Mqanduli town before  :D  

Me: There is nothing special about it. It's a small town like our town  

Sweetheart. The only difference is they have tar road :(  

Nomaxabiso: _  

I looked at sister in law  

Me: Sisi make sure when you get to Mthatha you leave Nomaxabiso at the salon then go buy the bedding then when you're both done you  

can all go for her wardrobe shopping  :) Princess: As you wish my queen  :) She stood up Nomaxabiso looked at her.  

Nomaxabiso: I am still enjoying my breakfast though _  

Process: I will go do my make up please hurry :)  

Nomagampompo walked to The stairs. Nomaxabiso started eating fast.  

Phonqa: Hey lady slow down. My mother takes time when she is doing her make up :D  

Phonqa is Princess Nomagampompo's second born son. Princess Nomagampompo has two kids. They are boys. The first born might come back tomorrow or next week from Varsity. He goes to Fort Hare university at Alice. Anyway Nomaxabiso smiled then looked at me. I smiled as well so I could make her feel comfortable. I looked at  Phonqa  

Me: Don't call her lady again. She is going to be married to the chief 


Phonqa: Yes My Queen _  

Me: :)  

< Narrated >  

In Johannesburg at The Seputla towers. Everyone is at work. It's a busy day in the office. Priscella is busy working at the CEO office. We see the new Secretary knocks at the CEO office. He walks in and close the door behind him. Priscella looked up.  

Priscella: Algebra What's up? :D  

Him: Ma'am the receptionist just informed me that your brother is coming up :)  

Priscella didn't reply. She took her cell  

Priscella: That's unlike my brother. He is never that formal besides.  

We are not on speaking...... __  

Her eyes popped out then she looked at Algebra  

Her: Oh he tried calling me I forgot my phone has been on silent since  

our morning meeting at boardroom :D  

Algebra: :)  

He just smiled standing there waiting for the CEO to say something so he could leave.  

Priscella: Not that he is going to ask for permission but please do send him in when be arrives :D  

Algebra: Ma'am You make it sound like your brother is arrogant or something :D  

Priscella chuckled  

Her: Arrogant is an understatement. My brother is beyond rude well  

He is always rude to me :)  

Algebra: I don't even know how he looks like anyway let me go back to my desk ma'am  

Priscella: You will see a short dark boy with swag that's my brother :D  

Him: Okay ma'am :)  

He opened the door and found Sonia about to knock.  

Algebra: Oh sorry come in Ms De Villiers  :D  

Sonia: Thank you dear. Love your suit :D  

Algebra: Thank you and You look stunning yourself :D  

Sonia smiled then flipped her hair with both her hands. Algebra left. Pricella: Sonia it's not lunch yet. I am a bit busy. I can't afford to go downstairs right now :D  

Sonia: Oh no friend! I am not eating lunch with you today :) She said smiling. She pulled a chair with class and sat. She put her leg on top of the other. Sonia is a very skinny white girl. When you look at her you'd think she is a super model. Priscella: Oh ? :) _  

Sonia: My man is taking me out for lunch. The perfect man I have  


Priscella laughed shaking her head.  

Priscella: Well good for you :)  

Sonia: Anyway that's not why I came here :)  

Priscella: Yes what's up ? :)  

Sonia: Honey you said you wanted to talk to me. Before I tell you please tell me what you wanna tell me :D  

Priscella stood up and fixed her leather skirt.  

Priscella: As you know my man and I have been going through a lot because of you and Elton :)  

Sonia: But I apologised. I was just raising my concerns :D Priscella: Well you will be happy to hear that we decided to divorce and resume marriage after I have given birth. My man will do anything to make me happy and the people around me :( Sonia's eyes lit up when she heard this.  

Sonia: So when are yo.... :D _  

Priscella: We signed the divorce papers this morning. Now I want to see what will you have against my man :) Sonia started thinking then looked at her friend  

Sonia: But why did he make this decision....? _  

Priscella: Because of you and my brother. He wants to show you guys that he respects me and I feel like going to the Home Affairs was a sign of showing respect. He didn't want me to have a child outside the wedlock.... :) _  

Sonia: Oh no! I don't buy that. The home affairs nonsense was no sign  of respect but I am curious though...... _  

Priscella: Curious about what Sonia ? :(  

Sonia: Why does he care about what we say or think..... ?  

Priscella: :(  

Sonia: I mean love conquers all right? It doesn't matter what other people say ! :( Priscella looked angry  

Priscella: What do you want from my man !? :(  

Sonia: Nothing ! I am just curious babe :D  

Priscella went to her desk She pulled her chair and sat  

Priscella: The pressure you guys put me through it's too much! every decision I and my man make it's wrong in your eyes. We try to make you happy you still have reservations. What the hell do you want  

? ☹_  

Priscella started crying. Sonia put her hand on her chest  

Sonia: Oh honey I didn't mean it like that please forgive me _  

Priscella: Sonia I am tired of you and your opinion about my life! :(  

Sonia: I am sorry. Can I talk about why I came here _  Priscella took a tissue Priscella: Talk and leave _ She wiped her tears.  

Sonia: I am selected to be part of six women housewives reality show :D  

Priscella looked at her.  

Priscilla: But you haven't had a wedding yet? _  

Her: But we are married and we gonna have a wedding on the show so next week I am starting my wedding plans :D  

Priscella smiled through her tears  

Priscella: WOW congratulations friend :)  

She stood up and hugged her. Sonia broke the hug  

Sonia: Its the project my man has been working on. He is going to produce the show so...... :)  

Priscella: :)  

Priscella smiled at her. Sonia looked nervous like someone who was not sure if her request will be approved.  

Sonia: I would like you to make appearances in my segments :D Priscella's smile disappeared from her face.  

Priscella: No! :(  

Sonia: come on friend. You're my only friend! _  

Priscella: You make friend in the circle babe I know reality shows. I am a CEO of a mult billion company. I can't be seen with bunch of women who are throwing drinks at each other I am sorry ! :( Sonia: I will just come and talk to you at your house and that will be it. You won't have to be surrounded by those girls :D  Priscella: Why don't I sleep on it ? :) _  

Sonia: Thank you friend you're a sta...... :D _  

Priscella: Please don't thank me. I am not sure. You know I don't like spotlight. I just want to sleep on it that doesn't mean I will say yes :(  

Sonia: I know. Let me go see Doctor Earl :D  

Priscella looked at Sonia. She was surprised and looked like she didn't like what she just said  

Priscella: Wait .... ? The surgeant ? _  

Sonia: Yes I want a few drops of injection on my lips. I want to look sexy on that show :D  

Priscella: Sonia your lips are bigger already and they don't look normal. The shape of them just screams fake why do you keep doing this ? :(  

Sonia went to her and kissed her cheek with those lips. She put her left hand on Priscella's shoulder  

Sonia: Like I said I want to look sexy and my man loves me like this.  

He is actually encouraging me to do it :D  

Priscella: I can't believe this ! :(  

Sonia: Cheers ! :D  

Sonia walked to the door with her handbag hanging on her right arm. She opened the door then turned around. She looked at Priscella who had her eyes popped out  

Priscella: _  

Sonia: Later ! :D _♀  

She waved Priscella waved back  

Priscella: bye __♀  

Sonia closed the door. Priscella shook her in disbelief then sat down. Outside we see Sonia greets Junior who just walked in. They talked briefly then Junior went to his sister's office. He Knocked then opened the door. Priscella looked up  

Priscella: _  

Elton: My favorite sister :D  

Priscella closed her laptop  

Her: First you knock something you've never done before now I am called favorite sister. Is this because I am no longer married? :D _  

Elton had lunch in his hands  

Elton: Nah do I need a reason to happy to see my sister? :D He put the lunch on the table. Priscella didn't buy this. She looked lost and she looked like someone who was waiting to hear the real reason he came to see her.  

Elton: This is for you. I know you're pregnant so you can't go around :D  

Priscella: I hope you didn't put anything in that burger of this colddrink :D  

Elton: Come on sis. Why would I do that ? I love you :D  

Priscella took the burger. She took a bite  

Priscella: Okay let's go to the real reason you're here :)  

Him: Guess what? :D  

Priscella: You called my mother like you promise you would  

Mabaane? :( ( yesterday)  

Elton: She is still asleep. I will call her :D  

Priscella: Bro mom love seeing us everyday. She misses us you know  that! so please do call her this afternoon :( Junior: It will depend....  

Priscella: Depend on what Elton? :(  

He fixed himself feeling himself. He smiled and looked at his sister. Junior: Yesterday when I walked out leaving you and your husband fighting.... :)  

Priscella: We were not fighting! :(  

Junior: I got a call from guys from the Reality tv Channel. Sis they approached me for the new Rich kids season. This afternoon I am doing my shoots :D  

Priscella stood up. She put her burger down and wiped her hands Junior: What ? ain't you happy for me ? I will make my own money  something you always wanted for m..... _ :) Priscella hugged him. Elton smiled.  

Priscella: Congratulations baby brother I am proud of you. You know this is not the path I want for you but you're going to make money so that's a start :) Elton: Thank you sis :D  

Priscella: :D  

Elton cleared his throat  

Priscella: There is something else ? _ Elton took a script and put it on the table.  

Elton: My first shoot starts here at your office. and I want you to read that. I will come in and ask for money you know.... :D _  Priscella bit her lower lip angry. She put her right hand on her forehead  

Priscella: Bathong! What's with you guys and reality shows ? :(  

Elton: But I thought you were happy for me.... _  

Priscella: I am happy for your success but can't you guys leave me out of it ? :( Junior stood up  Junior: Who is " You guys " ? _  

Priscella: Brandon is producing a housewives reality show and his wife is part of it and she expects me to do appearances there. Junior I am a business woman. A CEO of this mine. I cannot be associated with such things! :(  

Junior: sis that's why they approach me. They know I am from one of the richest homes in this city. Come on sis. You don't appear a lot on my show. As for that one. I think you shouldn't do it :(  

Priscella looked away  

Priscella: I don't want to. I said I would think about it :(  

Junior: Don't do it sis :) _  

Priscella: I don't know Elton...... :(  

Junior: But can you help your brother with his hustle please sis _ Priscella looked at him for few seconds.  

Priscella: Fine......  :(  

Elton: Yes !!!!  :D  

Elton jumped up excited  

Priscella: When are they coming ? :(  

Him: This afternoon. They will bring a make up artist :D Priscella: I hope that's not a cheap make up. Anyway I will not need it. I will just go to the house and fix myself :(  Junior ran to her and kissed her cheek  

Junior: Thank you and I love you :D  

Priscella: :D  

Priscella just smiled. He ran out leaving her shaking her head laughing.  

Still in Seputla mine offices. At CCO office we see Aaron walks in. Aaron is Masixole's friend The one who Knows the entire truth. He is here to talk to his friend because the last time he saw him which was yesterday

Masixole was planning to Divorce his wife of like less than 7 days. Anyway we see Masixole stands up.  

Masixole: Hey buddy :D  

Aaron: You look happy this morning I guess everything went well  

? :)  

Masixole showed him a chair. He also sat on his..  

Masixole: Everything went perfectly well man. Way better than I expected :D .  

Aaron: That's great man. So does that mean you didn't ask for a divorce. You told her the truth ? :D Masixole gave Aaron " Are you crazy?" look  

Aaron: Or not ? _ Masixole stood up .  

Him: Bro I can't tell Priscella this :(  

Aaron: Wait so are you trying to tell me you asked for a divorce and this girl just agreed like that ? :( _  

Masixole exhaled. He sat on the corner of his desk  

Him: Man I fed my woman more lies and she believed me. She agreed to Divorce me..... _ Aaron whistled shaking his head  Masixole: I know man. I know I am in trouble because it might kill her when she finds out the truth  

Aaron: Dude don't divorce Priscella. Just tell her the truth. This chick loves you. She will support you and besides you two could come into an agreement. The way she loves you I am sure she'd agree to be your second wife _  

Masixole stood up and walked away looking defeated  

Masixole: Its too late man :(  

Aaron: What do you mean it's too late ! :(  

Masixole grabbed a bottle with whisky. He poured himself a glass then looked at Aaron  

Masixole: We are already divorced :(   

Aaron: What !? __  

Aaron said walking to the whisky. He poured himself a glass as well. Masixole: I have to go home tomorrow man. I Have to get home a single man. We signed divorce papers this morning :(   

Aaron: Oh man kiss your relationship goodbye __  

Masixole: Please don't say that man! :(   

Aaron: Why? It's the truth man. It is what is gonna happen when she finds out. Dude that TV boy is going to win her back ! __ Masixole: I will not let that happen. I will fight for us :(  

Aaron: Oh man __  

Masixole gulped his drink looking at the view outside Masixole: 


People who have friends know this. Some friends tend to play a parent role to other friends. They think they know it all. They forget that they are just friends. Then there are those selfish friends who don't want to see their friend happy. Some times they do that unaware some do it on purpose because of some of their crazy selfish behaviour. Sometimes as a friend you need to just support and let people make their own mistakes. When you voiced your concern the first time and you were ignored. Just give up and support your friend. Don't try and make them feel bad every chance you get. Sonia is one of those friends. Sometimes you wonder if she is jealous of Priscella's life and maybe she wish it was her who had two man running after her. Sonia was not wrong to have suspicions and tell her friend about them but at the same time she has no right to hate the guy when she has nothing on him. She is wrong for trying to choose a man for Priscella. Sometimes because people they are happy in their relationships they think they know best. No one knows how many mistakes Sonia made in the past to end up with Brendan but it looks like she doesn't want to see Priscella making her mistakes. Over an hour ago she was at Priscella's office. Her friend confided in her because she trusted her. She didn't know she was gonna use that against her. I am sure you're wondering what did Sonia do this time. Well guess what ? She just got into a restaurant and in this restaurant we see Brendan and Hungani waiting for her. Now you can use your head and I am sure everyone knows what this meeting is about talk about Some friends we trust.  

Anyway we see Her greet them. She sat down.  

Sonia: I hope I didn't disturb your busy schedules :D  

Brendan: I am going back to my shooting in an hour I already know my script so I am cool :) Sonia looked at Hungani.  

Hungani: Will go interview a celebrity at her home around 3pm but in an hour I am needed in studio. I hope this won't take long  

Sonia smiled  

Sonia: It won't :D  

Hungani: Why are you speaking like this? Do you have toothache or something? :) _  

Well Sonia was speaking with her mouth slightly open.  

Sonia: I had lip injection 30 minutes ago :D  

Brendan: You look gorgoues my wife  :)  

Sonia: Thank you honey :D  

Hungani: :) _  

Hungani doesn't look impressed by this lip enlargement thing. You could see by his smile that he is not really smiling. He is concerned about Sonia.  

Sonia: I have great news for you Hungani :D  

Hungani: I am listening ? :) _  

Sonia smiled. She looked around then at them. They were so curious waiting for her to finally tell them  

Sonia: Your girl and that man got divorced this morning :)  

Hungani: What !? _  

Brendan: So soon ? _  

Sonia lost her smile and wore her nasty attitude  

Sonia: That idiot says he is doing this for all of us who don't trust him.  

He says he wanna do things right and I don't buy it! something is up  

! :(  

Brendan: Do you think he did it for money? _  

Hungani: Did he hurt her.? Is she sad. I swear if that bastard stole from he...... __  

Sonia: No I doubt he took anything. Priscella is not upset. You know how important that business is to her. If he took something we'd know by now :(  

Brendan: He does love her. And I believe Priscella will marry him again. It looks like She feels the same about him but I must say I am more sceptical now. I think there is a reason for him to want a divorce. It can't be you and Elton baby :(  

Sonia: That's what I said as well then again I had to stop myself because she will accuse me of being a bad friend. I just want her to marry you. I want her to have the great relationship I have with my man :)  

Brendan smiled and touched her hand  

Sonia: :)  

Brendan looked at Hungani  

Brendan: But I think you still have a chance with her Buddy :) Sonia looked at at Hungani.  

Sonia: My man is right. Priscella is a single woman now. That is why  

I called you guys here :)  

Hungani looked away smiling  

Hungani: That loser let her go :)  

Brandon: That's where you come in bro. I mean who knows ? After you marry Priscella I might fire one of the wives or just add Priscella to join the wives :)  

Hungani chuckled then raised his glass  

Hungani: I like the sound of that :) _  

Brandon: Cheers bro :D _  

Sonia: Oh by the way :)  

They both looked at her curious to know what she is about to say.  

Them: :) _  

Sonia took her cocktail  

Sonia: That loser is going back to the Eastern Cape for a few days. He is leaving tomorrow :) _  

Brandon: Bro did you hear that ? :D _  

Hungani smiled then looked into thin air and sipped his beer  Hungani: :) _  




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