< Priscella >  

It's hard to get hold of my mother. I hate the time difference but at least afternoons I get to speak to her because it's Morning in the states. I just miss Ms Refilwe. Despite the fights between my brother and i we have one woman we love and that is our mom. We usually put our differences aside and be happy around her but the last time she was here things were not good between my brother and I. I miss him. We live under one roof but I hardly see him. I miss my brother. We used to be so close now he is all over the place. I just pray that one day he will be happy for me. I can't wait to give birth so that I can give them the perfect wedding they want.  

Anyway I just got back from work. I kicked my heels. The helper came to take them.  

Me: No leave them I will take them when I am going up I just wanna call Ms Refilwe first :)  

Maid: Okay ma'am  :)  

Me: :)  

I smiled. She started cleaning using a feather duster. I opened my laptop and called mom  

Me: :) __  

She appeared on the screen waving  

Mom: Hey there ! :D  

Me: Hello mother :D _  

Refilwe: Hello sweetheart where is your brother I was hoping to talk to the both of you :D  

Me: I don't know i left him here when I went to work in the morning.  

When I came back he was not home :) _  

Refilwe: Okay I will call him later. I miss you guys :D  

Me: I miss you too. How are things in Chicago ? :) _  

Refilwe: Excellent. I am going to some conference in Paris in few days  

Me: Oh wow you don't rest :) _  

Refilwe: We have to make Seputla proud baby :)  

Me: Amen to that mother. I just wish his son can think like u.... __ The elevator opened. Elton walked in .  

Me: Speak of the devil. Mom speak to your son :) _  

I turned the laptop it faced the elevator. Elton smiled more like faking a smile  

Elton: Hi. Ms Refilwe can we do this some other time I am really late.  

Me and my friends are going to this hot party in Sandton :)  

He walked away before mom could say anything  

Me: You can't even give mom two minutes of your time Junior ! :(  

Junior: Whatever Priscella! :(  

He walked to The kitchen. I turned around the laptop  

Me: Mo..... __ _  

Mom: Give your brother space to breath honey. Do you enjoy fighting with him all the time ?  

Me: Mom he is partying every night ! __  

Mom: He is done with exams honey :)  

Me: We gonna talk later mom! :( _  

Mom: Bye ! :D  

I closed my laptop then clicked my tongue. Mom is spoiling my brother. I don't like this. He must grow up and be responsible ! I heard my phone ring. It's HR. I thought everyone went home. I answered  

Me: Hello ? __  

HR: Hello ma'am the man is here. Can you please come interview him the poor man says he doesn't have money to come here everyday Me: 

Okay tell him to see me at bakery restaurant downstairs in 5 minutes 

:) _  

I ran to my handbag. I turned around. The elevator opened. It's my husband.  

Me: Oh hi honey ! _  

I kissed his lips. I have my heels in my hands. I guess I will wear them in the elevator.  

Masixole: Where are you going ? :) _  

I exhaled  

Me: Just had a fight with my brother it's a long story and i just got a call. The guy who applied to be my PA is here. I have to go interview him. Later! _  

I attempted to run. He grabbed my wrist. I turned around  

Him: Did you just say a guy ? ☹_  

I kissed his lips then removed lipstick from his lips  

Me: It's a gay man sweetheart don't worry ;)  

I winked at him  

Him: :) _  

I got to the elevator. I pressed the button. I walked in then turned around  

Masixole: Hurry back we have to talk _  

Me: Okay honey :D  

Masixole: _  

The elevator closed. My husband don't look like his usual self. I just hope it's not my fault  

Me: I wonder what he wanna talk about...... _  


I never show this side of me. I don't want people to see Me cry. I am a strong woman. I don't cry but when it comes to this case I am going to next week It makes me so emotional. I was okay until my sister in law brought it up. I know I have to be in court giving the ruling next week. I didn't want to think about that day until it arrives. I know that day i will cry and i pray and hope it will be the last time I cry for my dear sister. I was born in Port Elizabeth to a royal family. I grew up a princess. I got married here at Ngqeleni to my late husband who was a chief of this village. Being born in Port Elizabeth and married this side worked pretty well for me and I am going to tell you what I mean by that. When I got married here I just graduated. I decided to change everything and my surname to Ndengana. I am judge  Nomakhosazana. It's my birth name. I decided to use my first name because I do believe it is kind of intimidating. I always wanted to be a feared lawyer. Yes I was first a lawyer. I studied further with the help of my husband then I became a judge. Few years later my sister came to live this side. She studied in Mthatha because she wanted to be closer to me and away from Port Elizabeth because she hated how she was treated. My sister hated to be a princess. She wanted people to know her for who she is not where she came from as a results she got married to a man who was not from a royal family. I supported her decision because I loved her. I mean my fether had me. A daughter proud to be from a royal family. I gave my father everything he needed. When my sister decided to take her own path I told my father to let her. I wish I didn't because if she stayed at home and married a man my father chose for her she would be alive now.  

Anyway I am sure you're wondering where I am going with this. This case makes me emotional because my sister died and I am handling the case. No one knows she is my sister at work and I don't want anyone to know that. I knew if I told everyone about this I was gonna be removed from this case. I thank God I am not using the same surname as my sister and I am happy no one knows I am fighting for my blood. Now i am sure everyone can understand why I don't want to discuss this case. All I want to do is focus on making sure my son has the best wedding this small town and village has never soon before. I mean why would I be worried about being caught because the only person knows me is on my side. My sister's husband and his family are with me. They know I am her sister and they hate the accused for what she did. Yes My sister was murdered by a woman. A woman who was sleeping with my brother in law. I am still mad at my brother in law but I know he loved my sister. He regrets cheating on her and he feels responsible for her death. Just last month we had to go dug out my sister's bones from where that evil woman burried her. We reburried my sister last month. It was so hard for me. It still is.  

Me: _  

I felt tears streaming down my cheeks just by thinking about it. I stood up looking around I don't want to be seen like this. I looked up .  

Me: Oh sister _  

It still hurts. it hurts so bad. I thought my sister ran away and abondaned us. I didn't think she died the way she did. My sister was killed by her husband's mistress.  

Me: __  

I heard My phone rings. I went to the coffee table and took it. It's the  

King. I smiled wiping my tears  

Me: Hello son :D __  

Zwelicacile: Hello mom I am sorry about earlier. It's just that you caught me offguard....  

Me: Zwelicacile tell me what I want to hear. Make my day son ! __ Him: My Queen are you okay ?  

Me: ___  

I didn't respond. I just got more angry  

Him: I am sorry my queen. I forgot you don't repeat yourself. Well I am coming home Friday we will discuss everything when I get home  

Me: The driver will go fetch you at Mthatha airport :) _ Him: Thank you my queen .  

I hung up then sat down Me: 


I am smiling because I was worried this boy might change his mind. Nomagampompo can carry on with her wedding planning. This wedding is happening  

" My Queen is smiling alone. did something happen ? " That was a  voice coming in. I looked up it's future daughter in law Me: Zwelicacile is coming home this week :)  

Nomaxabiso: Really !? My Queen tell me the day ! :D _  

I smiled then stood up  

Nomaxabiso: Please my queen ! :D _  

I looked at her  

Me: NomaXabiso you grew up at Ntsimbini village. You know very well in Xhosa culture. When someone works far away or study far away they don't announce the day of their arrival in case witches send their evil spirits to cause an accident. We don't want the king to die now do we ? :)  

Nomaxabiso: Of course not my queen Bu..... _  

Me: __  

I raised my finger asking her to shut up  

Me: No buts! :)  

Nomaxabiso: I am his queen my queen _  

Me: I am the only queen in this palace are we clear !? _  

Nomaxabiso: Crystal My Queen ☹_  

Me: :)  

I walked up the stairs. I am sure some of you are wondering why a double story house at a village? well my husband's father was a premier of this province. This house was built for him by the government .  

< Priscella >  

My Secretary got a good job somewhere so she resigned a few weeks ago. I didn't get a chance to interview people because mother was home. She is all that matters when she is back in the country. It's hard to be a mother and a daughter in my home. I feel like I am a mother to my brother who doesn't respect me at all. I miss mom sometimes if not all the time so I crave that feeling of being a little girl but I can't help it. I was groomed to be the responsible one and I am glad I am old enough to understand that our mother is needed in international business. She is an amazing business woman. I am glad she took that opportunity and decided to look at our international interests even though it might look like we are abandoned by her.  

Anyway I called Sonia to join me. I am doing this interview at a restaurant downstairs our penthouse. I can't go back to the office. I decided to bring Sonia with me. This crazy white girl is smart even though she can be crazy sometimes. She knows who is good for me. by the way my friend is two years older than me. She is 28years old. So sometimes she takes advantage of that and act like miss know it all.  

Me: Friend thank you for coming with me :)  

Sonia: Thank you for inviting me I didn't expect that after how I have been treating you..... :)  

I pulled out a chair. I sat

She did as well. A waiter came to us  

Me: Water for me please :)  

Sonia: Orange juice with ice  :D  

Waiter: Coming right up :)  

He walked away. I saw my employer the one who called. She was coming with this pretty boy. We stood up. Me: Hello guys thank you for joining us :D We greeted them.  

Girl: Ms Seputla I have to go back to work..... :) _  

Me: No please join us :D  

Her: Ma'am? :) _  

Me: Sit and join us :)  

She smiled and sat down. I did too  

Sonia: So what is your name ? tell us about yourself :D Man: Oh hi guys. My name is Algebra Adams..  

Me: You said your name is....... ? :) _  

Sonia: Algebra. He said Algebra my friend :D  

Me: Nice name continue :D  

Algebra: Thank you. I am from Cape town. I recently moved here to live with my sister.......  

He is a coloured boy. He is lovely. I like him. I just hope he is what we are looking for. He told us about himself and everything we needed to know about him. He sounds smart and very passionate. I like him. While he was talking I saw my friend smile. Thank God she likes him. My prayer was for her to like someone I like because if I liked him and she didn't oh we were gonna fight at this restaurant. Me: Wow thank you very much Mr Adams :D  

Him: :D _  

Sonia leaned and whispered in my ear.  

Sonia: Let's not torture the poor boy. Give him his job :) I smiled then looked at Algebra. He looked nervous. I extended my hand to him. He was lost. He just looked at my hand. My employee pinched him. He jumped then shook my hand  

Me: I want to see you at work tomorrow you're hired :D  

He stood up  

Him: Really ? :D __  

Me: Yes come to work tomorrow Don't be late ! :D  

Him: Thank you so much guys. I swear you won't regret this :D Sonia: Go home and celebrate. You need an early night trust me.  

There is a lot to do tomorrow :)  

Him: I am ready! bye guys ! :D  

We waved he walked away. I shook my head. The crazy in my office starts now. The girl from HR stood up  

Me: Thank you girl he is perfect  

Her: You're welcome. I will see you guys tomorrow :D Me: Bye :)  

She walked away. I saw Sonia looking at a distance. Sonia: 

Isn't that Aaron ? _  

I looked. It's him. Aaron is my husband's friend. Me: Hey ! Aaron :D  

He turned around and smiled. This one saw us.  

Him: Hi I didn't see you there guys are you good ? :D _  

Me: Great . Are you? :)  

Him: I am great. I am late I will see you soon :) _  

He Quickly walked off  

Sonia: Bye ! :D  

He walked away. I don't know. Maybe it's me but I feel like he was avoiding us. He saw us first and decided not to greet.  

Me:..... ? _  

Sonia: Are you okay? _  

Sonia could see I was concerned.  

Me: I don't know. I feel like he was avoiding us..... __  

Sonia: I didn't want to say it. Who knows......? :)  She chuckled  

Me: What is it ? _  

Sonia: No never mind friend :)  

Me: O-kay...... ? _  

Sonia faked a smile then started thinking. What is she thinking about? I hope this has nothing with doubting my husband. I am tired of this.  

< Nontorotyi >  

You know sometimes you're pushed to be a trouble maker. well that is what I am called at Royal house. I am not this stupid woman I am made out to be. I am a smart woman. Before my brother in law died. I was a nurse at a local clinic. When he died My husband became a chief. I was asked to quit my job. I did that because I was respecting them. I quit my job because I was also excited to be a queen but not a single day i felt like a queen at the Royal house. Nomakhosazana will always be their queen. I am not respected like her. This woman never sacrificed anything for the Royal family. When my husband became a chief. I had to let go of what I loved but She didn't quit her job when her husband was a chief. She is still a judge. She became a judge married to a king. Why didn't these people stop her? Was it because she is better ? That she was a princess from Port Elizabeth. A city girl? There are so many selfish decisions this royal family make. They do everything to make sure Judge Nomakhosazana is happy. When I stopped working I had to join the family business. Their project that is worth millions. We sell every vegetable. We have a big farm that is making a lot of money. I am responsible to sign off deliveries and all that. Someone from the Royal house takes care of finances. My sister in Law and she is loyal to Nomakhosazana. That farm is my husband's father's legacy too. I don't know why Nomakhosazana makes every decision. Anyway I was trying to show you where all this bad blood csme from. Me and the Queen are always in a competition. When we go to functions we want to look better than the other. I don't hate that woman. I just want her to make the same sacrifices we made. She is selfish and everyone bows down and lick her feet no one stands up to her. I am the only one that is why they hate me. For example now 

they want to take the chieftaincy. What's gonna happen to me and my husband ? I left a well paying job only to get R10 000 a month. I settled for it because I loved to be called the Queen. I didn't think I was gonna be invisible in this village. It looks like we will bow down to that woman till we die but I swear on my parents graves. That boy is not going to be a chief not while I am still alive.  

Anyway I got out of the car. I walked to The house. I opened the door and walked in. I saw my maid far at the kitchen.  Me: Molo :) ( Hello )  

Her: Molo madam :D _  

Why is this woman smiling like that? I looked at her  

Me: Yonke into iRight Deliwe? :D  

I was asking her if everything was alright. She smiled and came to me.  

Deliwe: Inkosazana ikhona :D _ ( THE princess is home )  

Me: Really ? Uphi? :D _  

Deliwe looked at her bedroom. I didn't wait for her to tell me where to find her. I threw my handbag on the couch then kicked away my  

heels. I ran to my daughter's room  

Me: Mama's little girl!!!! _ :D  

I got to the room and barged in  

Me: My girl! :D  

I said with my arms open. She came for a hug. I hugged her after about five seconds I broke the kiss.  

Me: My baby I can see you're still beautiful and healthy. I won't ask how...... :D _  

I couldn't finish that she hit my chest with a file  

Ngejiwe: All the information you need to know about the king :)  

She said that with a smirk on her face  

Me: Ngeji What is in here? :D _  

She folded her arms Then looked at Royal house through her window Ngejiwe: Let's just say when the elders learn about everything that is in there? he will kiss any chance of being a chief goodbye :) She looked at me I looked the other way smiling  

Me: _  



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