< Nontorotyi >  

It's been few days since Zwelicacile's wife arrived. I am the only person worried in this house. Oh and my daughter as well. I am glad she is coming home today. I want her to tell me about her findings regarding our Prince. We have to have something on him. Something that will make sure he doesn't accept the chieftaincy. My daughter arrives today. I am waiting for her. My husband is an honourable man. He is a man of his words but sometimes I kind of question it. Is he scared of the Judge or he is just a good person. You see. My husband loves anything that benefits his family but when it comes to this chieftaincy he is a stupid man. He can't give this away so easily to a boy who didn't stay here for years. That boy doesn't know anything about this Village. My husband does.  

Anyway a knock disturbed my thoughts. I stood up attempting to go open the door someone opened. It's Princess Nomagampompo.  Me: Princess ! Can I make you anything? :D  

Her: Yes Nontorotyi! :(  

Oh she is not here on a friendly visit. This woman calls me sister in law. Today she is calling me with my name. I haven't been to the Royal house since that meeting what did I do now ? I am going to pretend like I don't see how angry she is. I attempted to go to the kitchen  

Me: Can I get you tea coffee or a jui.... _  

Princess: Get me to understand what the hell you're trying to do! :( I looked down  

Me: I don't think I know what the princess is talking about ? :) _  Princess: So you're trying to make a fool of me and the Royal house ? 


What is going on? I don't know what this woman is talking about. I gave them space. I haven't been there in days  

Me: I haven't been to the Royal house for a few.... . :( _  

She didn't let me finish  

Her: Yes! and the last time you were there you made sure you made us look bad to the Zidenge family ! :(  

I walked pass her trying to avoid eye contact. I think I know what she is talking about now  

Me: How did I do that Princess Nomagampompo ? _  

Her: You said my nephew will never be a chief and his wife will never be the Queen! :(  

I turned around shaking my head. I will deny this.  

Me: I did no such thing! :( _  

Her: Nontorotyi you're married to a royal family! you need to behave like a royal wife even though you're not royalty by blood! :(  

Me: Here we go again! :(  

I said looking away  

Her: How do you expect us to treat you well when you behave like a hooligan? _  

I felt a tear escape my eye .I wiped it turning around looking at her  

Me: What did that girl tell you ? :( _  

Princess: She told me what I just told you! :(  

Me: Well she lied ☹_  

Her: What would she gain from lying ? Why would that girl do that? 


Me: You're asking a wrong woman sister in law. I said to that girl my husband is still a chief for now and I am the Queen. I didn't say they will never....... __ I looked at her  

Me: Princess Never is a very long time. I wouldn't say that ! __ I saw her smile. Thank God. It looks like she bought it. Princess: It turns out Zwelicacile is coming back sooner than we thought. I am sure you will be happy to give him and his wife what belongs to them :)  

Me: _ :)  

My eyes popped out. How soon? No this can't be good. I hope my daughter is not coming back empty handed. I faked a smile  

Me: Of course we will be happy :D _  

She tapped my shoulder  

Her: Good :)  

She walked passed me walking to the door. She walked out.  

Me: __  

I pushed the kitchen table chair fuming with anger. I took my phone and called my daughter  

Me: Sweetie hurry ! ____  


< Priscella >  

It's been few days since my mother left. My brother and I relationship is still shakey. I really don't care. We never had a perfect brother and sister relationship anyway. That brat is always on my case yet he does nothing for this family. He is a spoilt brat. I cannot believe he is judging me when all I do is work hard to make sure this company runs smooth while he is busy going around with girls spending the same money I work hard for. Speak about an ungraful little brat. Anyway I am in my office. I am about to leave because it's late. Sonia and I relationship is not perfect as expected. Even today I didn't see her. I went to two meetings in the city and came back I didn't see her. oh earlier in the morning I working on organising interviews. I want to hire a secretary. I can't go to all these meetings myself. I need someone to help me around and I think I found a perfect guy I liked. I will look through their Cv's later and call him for an interview. Anyway I heard a knock at the door. I stood up and went to open. A guy with flowers was at the door Me: Hello can I help you? _  

Him: I brought these to the CEO _  

Me: I am the CEO :) _  

Him: Please sign here for me :)  

I took a pen and signed. I took the flowers  

Me: Thank You :)  

He turned around. Sonia appeared at the door  

Sonia: Romantic husband! now I see why you married him :D  I giggled  

Me: Come in  :D _  

Sonia: Thank you.  :D  

She walked in I closed the door  

Sonia: How is your relationship with Junior? :D  

Me: Still the same and I don't care :( _  

Sonia: _  

Sonia looked surprised. I took the note then through the flowers in the trash after I read the note.  

Sonia: And now ? _  

Me: Just like I don't care about this idiot! :(  

Sonia ran and took the note from the trash bin  

Sonia: Ncoah this is so sweet. He is wishing you well in your marriage :D  

I walked to my desk and sat down  

Me: An ex wishing you well when he still wants you? :(  

Sonia: Come on girl! this shows he is matured now! D  

I shook my head. I don't want to have this conversation with her. I saw her smile looking out the beautiful view of the city.  

Sonia: He is matured just like Brendan. Friend I am so lucky to have a perfect man like him :) I closed my laptop standing up  

Me: Well friend in that case we are both blessed because I have the best husband in the world :)  

She looked at me and faked a smile. I want her to dare compare my man to Hungani I will kick her out of my office.  

Sonia: Yeah you have a good husband :)  

Me: Say it like you mean it :)  

Sonia:Of course i do! Even though I prefer.... :D _  

Me: Hungani ☹  

She turned around and looked at me  

Her: I am sorry :D  

Me: Whatever! you keep bringing his arse up in our conversations :)  

Sonia: He is the best :)  

Me: Date him then :(  

Sonia: Hell no! I don't date out of my race. I have a perfect man :D  

Me: Sweetie there is no perfect man ! :D  

Sonia: Brendan is :D  

Me: Okay :) _  

I know we will argue all afternoon if I don't give up.  

< Narrated >  

What Masixole said to his mother really shocked Judge Nomakhosazana. She looked disturbed. She was walking around listening to someone on the phone. No She was listening to the Voicemail her son left her. While listening to him her mind was all over the place. The fact that Masixole has no idea he should come home raises suspicions on Judge Nomakhosazana. She has so many questions and questions that she cannot discuss with anyone at the Royal house because she knows she has the chieftaincy to protect. She knows one mistake they could lose it and that can't be good for her as it seems like this chieftaincy means a lot to her.  

Anyway we see Judge Nomakhosazana hung up the phone then put her hand on the window. She looked outside the house thinking. While we are at that we see Princess Nomagampompo smiling walking to the Queen with a cup of tea.  

Princess: My Queen I made you tea :D ☕ The Queen turned around.  

Queen: Sisi you didn't have to :)  

Princess smiled. The queen took the cup then sipped.  

Queen: Thank you it's nice :) ☕  

The princess just stood there smiling at her looking like someone who wants something or wanna tell the Queen something  

Princess: :) _  

Queen: Sisi what is it ? :) ☕  

Princess: My Queen the girl is asking for the king. She really wanna talk to him _  

The Queen looked away. She knows she can't tell her sister in law that the king is not ready to be a chief.  

Princess: Did you speak to your son My queen ? ☕  

The Queen turned around and smiled  

Judge: Yes I did. He says he is looking forward into seeing the family.  

He will be home before the end of the week :D ☕  

Princess: That's wonderful news! We have to welcome him home with a party! I will find someone who is going to take care of everything! :D _  

Princess Nomagampompo attempted to run the Queen stopped her.  

Princess: Is everything okay my queen ? _  

Queen: Sister in law we have to know the exact day he arrives so that you can be able to plan :) ☕  

Princess: You're right! How about you call him and ask? I miss my nephew. He hasn't visited in like...... :D  

Queen: In Five years. The last time I saw him was three years ago when I was invited in Swaziland :) ☕  

Princess: I am happy his varsity trips are over. Now he can be home and lead for his people :D  

Queen: I cannot wait for the day :D ☕ Princess smiled.  

Princess: Let me go tell his wife the good news :D  

Queen: :D ☕  

The Queen gave Nomagampompo a big smile. She walked away. The Queen lost her smile and took her phone. She made a phone call.  

Someone answered the phone. " Hello " The Queen looked around.  

Queen: Hello it's Me Judge Nomakhosazana __ Person: 

Hello Judge. How can I help you ?  

The Queen walked fast and disappeared into a room. She closed the door.  

Queen: You know my son Zwelicacile right ? __  

Him: Yes ma'am I do know King Masixole Zwelicacile Ndengana  The Queen looked so mad when he said The King's name  

Queen: I want you to take a trip to Johannesburg __ Him: I am listening my Queen ?  

Queen: I want to know what my son has been up to the past 7 years until this year! __ Him: I can do that.  

Queen: I called you because I know you're a discreet PI. I hope my son don't find out I want to know about his life in Gauteng __ Him: Don't worry My Queen.  

Queen turned around and looked at the door.  

Queen: Don't leave any tables unturned are we clear ? __  

Him: Yes My Queen  

The Queen hung up her phone. She stood there staring at the door without blinking at all for about 30 seconds then She chuckled and opened the door. She walked out and headed to the living room bumping into Nomaxabiso Masixole's Fiancé.  

Queen: :)  

Nomaxabiso: My Queen I think I am ready to speak to my husband on the phone :) _  

Queen: _  

The Queen eyes popped out. She quickly walked pass Nomaxabiso Queen: That is not allowed. Your fiance has to be surprised. He can't know you're here. I want you to communicate in person :D _ While the Queen was talking. Nomaxabiso was running behind the Queen  

Nomaxabiso: It makes sense my queen. I understand. It's just that I am too excited ! _ :D  

The Queen turned around fast then pointed at the window. She left her cup of coffee there  

Queen: I understand my dear. How about you take that cup to the kitchen while I speak to Princess Nomagampompo ? :)  Nomaxabiso: Of course my queen :D _ Queen: :D  

The Queen faked a smile. Nomaxabiso took the cup to the kitchen.  

Queen: _  

The Queen is not okay. She is thinking about her son. The thought of her son lying to her makes her so mad that she can't hide her anger anymore but again. She wants her son to be the king so she has no choice but to put on the smile even in hard times. Nomagampompo stood up  

Princess: Is everything okay My Queen? _  

The Queen turned around  

Queen: How about you call the family party planner? :) Princess smiled. She thinks maybe the Queen called Zwelicacile again.  

Princess: We have the date already? :D  

Queen: No! I want her to plan the wedding of the year starting today!!! _  

Princess: Nomaxabiso Zidenge and Zwelicacile's wedding ? :D _ Queen: My son can't be a king without a queen next to him. We have to make it official before we get rid of the regent. This village needs a chief not a regent! :(  

Princess: I agree with you my queen :)  

Nomagampompo looked at the door  Princess: Siqalo!!!!  

She called for the servant. He came running  

Siqalo: My Queen! my Princess! you called me ? _♂_ Queen: Your princess wanna be taken to town in 15 minutes ask the driver to bring the car around :)  

Siqalo: My Queen! :) _ He walked out.  

Princess: My Quee.... :) _  

She couldn't say what she wanted to say. The Queen turned around and showed her the stairs upstairs.  

Queen: Sister in law go freshen up and leave :) Princess Nomagampompo turned around.  

Princess: I thought we'd start with the wedding after the biggest case  

is solved. You will be busy going to Mthatha.... _ The Queen looked away .  

Queen: Sister in law. I am a judge. I make a decision based on the information presented by the attorney from both parties! _  

Princess: I don't mean to be disrespectful sist..... _ The Queen turned faster.  

Queen: Then don't be disrespectful Nomagampompo!!!! __ The Queen snapped. She got teary. It looks like this case is personal to Queen Nomakhosazana...... ? .  

Princess: I am so..... _  

Queen: Just go!!! __  

Princess bowed then walked up the stairs. The Queen sat on the couch. She looked up trying to stop tears from coming out unfortunately she failed tears streaming down her cheeks  

Queen: __  

The maid appeared from the kitchen. She was bring the Queen fruit when she saw she was crying. She moved back and turned around. She went back to the kitchen.  

Maid2: And now? _  

Maid1: The Queen is crying _  

Maid2: Is this related to the case ? _  

Maid1 didn't say anything. She just shrugged her shoulders. They both looked at Living room Staring at The Queen. They felt sorry for her.  


< Masixole >  

This all seems like a dream. I knew I was gonna be a king. I knew one day i would have to give this all up and go home and be a king. My father always joked to me about a girl from a royal family in some village. We'd laugh about it. I didn't think it was something I was gonna do. It's 2019. No one is told who to marry. What the hell is wrong with my family. My mother of all people should know this is not what I want. She is well educated and smart. She is old but a modern woman. She knows these things. Why did she do this to me why ? I am already married. If I go home to get married now they will know I am already married and something so precious to my mother will be snatched away from her. My mother don't want to lose the chieftaincy and I can't hurt her. I lied to her for 3 years in fact all these years I have been here. I think I went home once or twice in 8 years. I finished varsity three years ago and started working. They think this was my last year. Three years ago I said I was doing my honours. What makes me more angry is the fact that my mother noticed I had no clue about going home. What if she put two and two together........ Anyway that is the last of my worries. My mother is not the only one I lied to. My friend as well and he was right there at the door while I  was speaking to the Queen.  

Me: Dude how long have you been standing there? _  

Aaron: _  

He was just staring at me not saying a word  Me: Man don't look at me like that please __  

Aaron: Who are you ? _  

I smiled. I am nervous what if he runs out and go tell Pris  

Me: I am Masixole! Masixole Ndengana your friend bro :D _ Aaron: Dude you lied to us! you lied to me and your wife! you have a mother ! :( _  

I sat on the chair with my left hand on my forehead  

Me: I know...... __  

Aaron: And a wife! bro who are you!!!? _  

He snapped. okay he is being dramatic now. I jumped up and snapped as well  

Me: Yes! I have a fuckin mother ! a wife I don't know! and...... __  

Aaron: And what ? _  

I started pacing up and down  

Aaron: It's too late to keep secrets now! _  

I looked at him  

Me: I am a king __  

He put his hand on his mouth shocked. His eyes popped out  

Aaron: _  

Me: Yes I am a king. The reason I lied to you all is because at home they are waiting for me. I am going to be a chief when I get there. Bro they think I was doing my final year this year. I made excuses all these years now I don't know what to do __  

Aaron: Is this the reason you got married at home affairs? _  

I nodded my head yes. He started whistling  

Me: I know Priscella's wedding would be a spectacular show making headlines all over TV. My mom was gonna see it _  

Aaron: Bro you're in trouble. I feel for your woman. She is going to be heartbroken _  

Me: I know man please don't remind me _  

Aaron: Hungani broke her heart she never forgave him........ _  

I stood up and went to the bottle of whisky. I poured myself a glass  

Me: I did worse. This is unforgivable! __  

Aaron: Damn bro _  

Me: I am doomed ! and I have to go home for a wedding __  

I kicked the table  

Aaron: Village people are clueless. How about you go to their wedding They won't find out you're married Legally _  

Me: My mother is a good Damn judge. She knows the law more than anyone in this country! _  

Aaron: What ? so What are you going to do ? _  

Me: I am going to divorce Priscella ☹_  

Aaron: What!? are you crazy? __  

I looked away. There is no other way. I have to divorce my wife Aaron: Masixole you're not thinking straight dude! fuck this Royal  shit! I know you love this girl..... :( _  He came and stood infront of me  

Him: Dude tell me you are going to think about this !!! __  

Me: There is nothing to think about __  

Aaron: _  

Me: I am getting a divorce Talk later! _♂__  

I ran to to the door and walk out before he could say anything.  



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