< Sonia De Villiers >  

I am Sonia De Villiers I am Priscilla's childhood friend. I take her as my sister because she is the only friend I ever had. We went to the same schools and University. Our fathers were business partners but I am lucky my dad is still alive and a share holder in this mine. I am always here looking after his interests because he is busy with other businesses. I may seem like a bad friend or jealous to Priscella believe me I am not I love my friend and i want what is best for her and what is best for her is definitely not her husband. Honestly the reason for their rushed marriage don't sit well with me and it raises so many of suspicions that I squashed because I didn't want to hurt my friend. Masixole has this pretty dark innocent face that is too good to be true. I don't trust him at all. This man said he doesn't have parents and he doesn't go home. I am sure he has family members why he never visited home ? Well he does once in a while but that doesn't take even a week I mean on holidays. Long holidays he is here. Before Masixole Priscella dated my husband's best friend who is also black. His name is Hungani. He is a great guy who was adopted by a white family. He is smart and handsome. He is a tv personality. He has all the good qualities my friend need. One time four years ago when he started working as a tv host they had some braai/ BBQ at his work. They drank alcohol. He hooked up with some girl for a night. He was drunk. He didn't tell my friend. He only told her when the girl told him she was pregnant so he had to tell her everything that's when my friend dumped Hungani. It was a mistake. He was drunk I don't know why he doesn't understand one mistake he made. I felt like she left him unfairly but she is my friend. I am going to support her. I want her to make her own mistakes and i will be there when she cries. I won't tell her I told you so. Hungani was hoping Priscella won't go through with this marriage my heart breaks for him because right now I am here to break his heart. I am here to tell him he lost her for good. Priscella knows I love my man's friend that's why I am against her marriage. I don't understand why she would say I am jealous why would I be jealous of her marriage when I have an amazing man. Brendan is perfect. He has no flaws. He is my soulmate. The only  man I love and i know his heart beats for only me. I am so blessed to 

be in a perfect relationship. I wish my friend could find the same thing as well and i was hoping she'd find it in Hungani not that Masixole man.  

Anyway I found Hungani with my fiance. I wish I had good news for him. I am so sad.  

Brendan: Hey my Angel   

He came to me. He kissed me and put his hands on both my cheeks.  

Hungani stood up  

Brendan: It's bad news isn't it ? _  

I looked at Hungani. He was just looking at me hoping I might say something that would brighten his day .  

Hungani: _  

Me: I am so sorry __  

Brendan took his hands off my face Hungani looked away with his 

hands on his head Me: She married him __  Brendan: Oh Damn! hard luck man _ He said brushing his friend's back.  

Me: __  

I feel so bad for Hungani. They loved each other. Even after they broke up he never stopped loving her. He kept asking for love back.  

After the break up I have never seen him with anyone.  

Hungani: They won't last. She is just 26! I will win my girl back. I don't care when but I will get her back :D  

Me: Hungani she loves him _  

Him: I don't care that moron is going to mess up I know this! :(  

Me: Lets hope he does sooner. I can't stand him :(  

Brendan: Dude just make sure you don't sabotage them. Just let that guy mess up. At the same time you need to make sure you're not getting involved with anyone else. At least not in public _  

Me: My man is right. You need to be discreet _  

Hungani: Yeah. Guys let go to set :)  

I took my handbag. Brendan shook his hand. I hugged Hungani. We walked out  Me: Shame ☹  

Brendan: Maybe he must just move on _  

Me: No! He and Priscella belong together! :(  

Brendan: But she is Mrs somebody now. He can't torture himself like this. Priscella don't love him anymore  :( Me: Honey we don't know that !  :(  

Brendan: We have to wait and see then  

Me: Yes  

I kissed him  

Me: See you tonight honey :)  

Him: See you later baby  ;)  :p  

I walked to my car. He went to his. I drove off first he followed behind me. We don't live together. We will live together when we are married.  

< Priscella >  

This day was supposed to be a joyful day. I understand this is not what everyone expected. We made a decision everyone must respect our decision. I thought when we came back from the Home Affairs it would be positive vibes all around but it looks like everyone has an opinion about our marriage. I am sick of that honestly. I just want to have an early night and go to sleep now. I am sad my mother is leaving tomorrow. She is the only person who has my back. I know all Sonia said was just a big fat lie. She is not on my side. She doesn't care about my happiness. At least I have my husband by my side. I can't count on my brother. He is rude and a brat. He is the one who ruined my day.  

Anyway I am in the living room sitting alone. I am feeling drowsy.  

This is such a boring afternoon. Masixole and Aaron are at work. Masixole take some of my work because he doesn't want me to work hard since I am pregnant worse I am not even three months yet. He is such an amazing man.  

Anyway I decided to stand up and go upstairs. Mom and my brother went up. I guess she went to talk to him about his behaviour earlier. I walked up the stairs. I saw the glass door to the Balcony opened. I  went to close it. When I got there I saw Junior and mom sitting drinking. Mom was drink wine my brother cocktail. Me: Oh you're here :(  

I turned around attempting to leave  Mom: Come here sweetie! :) _ I turned around.  

Me: I don't think Your son wants me next to him so I will just go..... 


Mom: Don't be silly! your brother loves you. He just wants whats best for you :) _  

Me: Are you saying Masixole isn't what is best for me ? :(  

Junior: Correct _  

Mom: Elton!!!! :( _ Junior: Sorry mom :D _ Mom looked at me.  

Mom: I love Masixole and I am glad he is one of us now. He is smart and perfect for you He is a charming handsome dark man :D _  

Junior: Whatever :( _  

I gave Junior deathstare then looked at mom  

Me: Thanks Ms Refilwe :(  

Mom: You're welcome baby sit I want to talk to you and your brother 

:) _  

I sat down next to her.  

Mom: Guys I am leaving tomorrow. I am going back to the US.  

Please take care of yourselves... :) _  

Me: You don't have to tell me that mom. I am always the one taking  care of everything in this family :( _  

Junior: I study that's why :( _  

Me: Funny I have never seen you with a book or go to class :(  

Mom: Enough!! :( _  

Me: :( _  

Junior stood up  

Junior: Wait is this about your joke of a marriage ? I won't apologise  

for shit. what you did was stupid sis! __  

He walked back to the penthouse leaving me and mom  

Me: _☹  

I don't like fighting my brother. I don't know why he is angry. This is my life. He is the one who needs help. He is a drunkard 20 year old Mom: How can I leave you guys when you fight like this? :( _ I wiped my tears .  

Me: Don't worry yourself. Elton and I don't fight when you're not here. In fact we don't speak or see each other at all :( Mom: That's not good Priscella!you guys need to solve your problems! 

:( _  

Me: Mom it's better than being disrespected by him! When you're here he speaks to me however he likes and you do nothing! :( Mom: You're both adults I don't know what to say to you but I am not  

leaving until you fix your problems :( _  

I stood up  

Me: Good luck Ms Refilwe :(  

I walked in leaving her alone. I wish I could have a good relationship with my brother. I love him. he is my only sibling. I know marrying my husband at home affairs wasn't the best decision. I will still have a wedding I don't know why he is overreacting.  

< Narrated >  

At Sdabadabeni village in the Royal house it's just after the meeting everyone is standing Some are having coffee while standing. Maybe it's the family tradition. Everyone was minding their own business Some talking to Nomaxabiso Zidenge the new royal bride. Everyone is excited to see her. They last saw her when she was very young so it's a reunion of some sort. There is only one person who is not happy about this and we all know who that is

Nontorotyi is not happy about or for anyone. She always sees fault in everything everyone does. Maybe she knows this girl's arrival mean removing her husband from being a chief that is why she is not happy. Hlohlesakhe seems happy. It looks like his wife is the only person who don't want him to lose the chieftaincy.  

Anyway we see Hlohlesakhe going to Judge Nomakhosazana smiling his wife followed him  

Hlohlesakhe: You outdone yourself Sister in law :) ☕  

Judge Nomakhosazana smiled looking at them  

Judge: You think? :) ☕  

Nontorotyi looked annoyed. She was rolling her eyes  

Hlohlesakhe: You chose a good girl for my nephew. I can't wait for him to come back and see his bride :D ☕  

Judge: Well that was your brother and I am happy he chose her :) ☕  

Nontorotyi: _  

Judge looked at Nontorotyi trying to annoy her more Judge: Trust me the Chief will be here very soon :) ☕ She said smiling looking at Nontorotyi then she walked away.  Hlohlesakhe looked at his wife  

Him: Why didn't you say anything ? :( ☕  

Nontorotyi: Say what exactly my chief? :( ☕  

Hlohlesakhe: Congratulate her on finding her son a wife :( ☕ Nontorotyi: That girl's presence is our misfortune! Forgive me for thinking for our future ! :( ☕  

She put the her cup of coffee on the stand of a vase  

Princess: Take that cup! we have maids in this house! :(  

Nontorotyi picked it up then gave Princess Nomagampompo the look. Hlohlesakhe: What are you talking about Nontorotyi? How is that girl's presence our misfortune? :( ☕  

Nontorotyi turned around and looked at Nomaxabiso who looked excited greeting everyone in the room  

Nontorotyi: They are marrying her to Zwelicacile so that he could  

become a chief are you blind? :( ☕  

She said that then turned around looking at her husband  

Hlohlesakhe: My dear whether you like it or not I am the last born of this family. I am not supposed to be a chief. My nephew is the real chief! :( ☕  

Nontorotyi looked at her husband  

Nontorotyi: In my eyes you're the best chief this Village has ever had.  

You've been doing so well I don't understand why they...... ☕_  

She couldn't finish. Hlohlesakhe kissed her cheek  

Hlohlesakhe: Thank you for the support but it's over my dear :) ☕ He smiled then walked away. Nontorotyi looked around Then looked at Nomaxabiso Zidenge  

Nontorotyi: Oh it's not over until Nontorotyi says it is :) ☕ She said that then smiled looking at the wall making sure no one noticed. While at that we see Nomaxabiso Zidenge looking around the mansion checking the photos on the wall. Nontorotyi smiled then slowly walked to her. We see Judge Nomakhosazana and Princess Nomagampompo talking.  

Princess: My Queen what do you think about calling the chief? this is the perfect time to tell him his bride is here :) ☕  

Judge: I thought we should do it tomorrow now we are busy and we have to be with the Zidenge royal family all the time just to show them respect and warm welcome. When they leave in the morning I will talk to my son :) ☕ Princess: Okay sister in law :)  Judge: Did you decide on what position will you give Hlohlesakhe when he is removed as the chief? ☕  

Princess: Let's hope he won't want to be the CEO because I filled that position and I am happy in it. I will find something for my brother don't worry about it :) ☕  

Judge: You know your brother don't want to settle for less. Let's hope he takes whatever we give him :) ☕  

Princess: My brother always wanted everything for himself. He is going to fight I know :) ☕  

Judge Nomakhosazana smiled and looked at Princess Nomagampompo.  

Judge: He followed his name didn't he ? :)  Princess: It's worse my queen :) ☕ Judge smiled and sipped her coffee.  

Nontorotyi went to Nomaxabiso She got to her then raised her cup. Nomaxabiso smiled looking all excited .  

Nomaxabiso: Hello you must be uncle's Wif..... :D _☕ She said extending her hand to greet Nontorotyi Nontorotyi didn't shake her hand she just looked at it.  

Nontorotyi: So you want to get married to a chief? :) ☕  

She said with a smile in her face  

Nomaxabiso: Excuse me ? _☕  

Nontorotyi smiled again  

Her: I mean your wish was to marry a chief since you were a kid right  

? :) ☕  

Nomaxabiso: Yes and my dreams came true. I cannot wait for him to come back! I ha.... :D _  

Nontorotyi giggled then tapped Nomaxabiso's shoulder. Nomaxabiso is a bibble girl Always happy and excised for nothing. When Nontorotyi put her hand on her shoulder Nomaxabiso stopped talking. Nontorotyi giggled looking around. It looks like whatever she wants to say she doesn't want anyone else to hear  

Nontorotyi: Hihihi you're aware that my husband is still the chief right? ☕ :D  

Nomaxabiso: Yes! until my Fiancé comes back and take the chieftaincy...... :D _☕  

Nontorotyi laughed with her mouth closed. She didn't want to steal everyone's attention. When she started laughing Nomaxabiso got lost because she doesn't know what is funny about what she just said.  

Nontorotyi: Dream on my dear :) ☕  

Nomaxabiso looked lost. She didn't know what she meant by that. Nontorotyi put her hand on her shoulder and said again with no smile in her face  

Nontorotyi: Dream on ! :( ☕  

She took the only sip that was left in her cup. Then walked away smiling. Nomaxabiso turned around and watched her walk away. While she was looking at Nontorotyi Dimbaza She felt someone tap her shoulder she turned around and looked at the person. It's princess  


Nomaxabiso: Princess Nomagampompo :D ☕  

Princess: Hello my dear. What did that witch say to you ? :) ☕ Nomaxabiso: She laughed at me when I said my Prince will come back and become the chief. She made me feel like I am a fool or something. Tell me I am not being made an imbecile here ? _ :'( ☕ She got teary Princess Nomagampompo brushed her back. She wasn't looking at Nomaxabiso while brushing her. Her eyes were at  

Nontorotyi. She looked mad  

Princess: We wouldn't have called your family here if we didn't know  

What we were talking about :) ☕  

Nomaxabiso smiled. The princess looked at her then smiled  

Princess: Zwelicacile is going to be a chief of Sdabadabeni village :) 


Nomaxabiso smiled. Princess Nomagampompo looked on the wall fuming with anger  

Princess: Judge Nomakhosazana will make sure of it :( ☕ She sipped on her coffe. Nomaxabiso looked away and smiled imagining her wedding day to the chief.  

< Masixole >  

What you saw earlier with Junior throwing the glass on the floor is how I live my life in that house. I hate living at The Seputla  Penthouse but I don't have a choice because my wife lives there. I am employed by these people. I work for them so I have to respect them. That boy was fond of me until I decided to get married at Home Affairs. He knew about Sonia and others hating on me but he didn't care and i think marrying his sister at home affairs kinda raised suspicions and now he thinks Sonia Brendan and Hungane are right about me. They are not right. I love this girl and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I don't know why they don't want to believe me.  

Anyway I finished my work. I want to go be with my wife now. It feels so good to call her that finally. I know it's been a few days married but I still can't believe it. I think more than anything I married her because I was scared to lose her to Hungani. My plan was to get her pregnant. I was hoping that he will back off when she gets pregnant but he doesn't. That bastard still wanna be with my wife. That is why I decided to marry her as quicky as I could I hope that brat will stay away now. I took my briefcase. I walked to The door. I opened the door then attempted to walk out. My phone rang  

Me: Damn It! I can't believe I almost left it here :)  

I walked in leaving the door opened. I went to my desk. I took it then looked at caller ID  

Me: Mother? _  

I looked at the door. I think I am the only one left here so there is no need to close or lock the door.  

Me: My Queen :D __  

Mom: How are you my son ?  

Me: I am great my Queen I just miss you guys. how are you ?  

:D __  

Mom: I am fantastic honey. I have amazing news for you  

Me: Yes :D __  

Mom: Since you're coming home in a week....  

Me: Am I? __  

Mom: Don't you dare mess with me boy! you said this was your last year in varsity and all universities are closing money !!!  

Me: __  

Oh no. This cannot be happening. When you lie you sometimes forget things and see yourself getting in trouble with your lies. My lies caught up with me now. I have never stayed at home ever since I started studying. I remember every December I would lie and say we have an international trip. I forgot I said this year I will be finishing. 

By the way I finished and graduated 3 years ago and started working the same year.  

Mom: Zwelicacile your people are waiting for you! your wife is waiting for you! She moved to the Royal house!  

Me: Mom a wif.... What !? __  

Mom: .... ( tutututu)  

No! no! no! they didn't find me a wife without my approval. They can't do this. I dialled mom's number. She hung up and sent me to voicemail.. I left voicemail  

Me: Mom you need to call me back! how can you guys get me a wife.  

I am capable of getting mysel.....___  

I felt like someone was watching me. I turned around then let go of my phone. Oh boy no!  

Me: How long have you been standing there? __  



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