< Nontorotyi >  

I was breathing heavily with both my hands on the table trying to catch my breath. It's after the Judge just left. How can she come to my house and tell me something like this. This is something I didn't exepect at all. How can this happen now. 8 years seemed to be a long time. I cannot believe in a week 2 weeks or month I will be a nobody. I wonder if Hlohlesakhe knew about this ? I didn't tell my husband because I kind of suspected this. My husband is a chief he calls the meetings at Royal house. It was strange to be summoned by the Queen. I knew she was bringing us bad news that is why I decided not to tell my husband about this. I should trust my instincts more. I was right. The chieftaincy will be taken away. My husband is very weak. All he wants is opportunities but he doesn't know how to stand for himself. He enjoyed getting the money from the Royal farm project but when his brother died he didn't think of being chief until I 

put that idea in his head. The village was ready to put Judge Nomakhosazana in charge. I advised my husband to persuade the elders to ask Judge to resign as a judge so she could be chief. I did that because I knew how important her career is to her and i was right. She chose being a judge and my husband became a chief now we are going back to square one. Zwelicacile is coming back. I need to find a way to delay things and I have no plan right now. I need to call my daughter. She is in University doing Law. Apparently her role model is the "Queen" I don't like that but I don't have a say on what my daughter does. She doesn't take no for an answer and besides Being a lawyer is not a bad career choise so I let her be. Oh by the way I did go to college myself. Judge Nomakhosazana isn't the only educated woman here. I want my daughter to succeed and be better than me. Anyway I took my phone and called my daughter. Her name is Ngejiwe.  

Ngejiwe: Hello mother I am on my way to court for practicals  

Me: Ngeji we have a problem my dear ! __  

I said looking around. I don't want anyone to hear me  

Her: Mom just give me a clue of what you're on about then we will talk about it later  

Me: My dear Zwelicacile is coming back and they want to dethrone your father! we have to stop this! Your father is a chief. He has been a good chief all these years!  _  

Her: Don't worry mom. We will do something  

Me: What is it Ngeji? We have no time. Even now there is a meeting this afternoon. They want us at Royal house and i am not prepared to tell your father !  __  

Ngejiwe: Don't worry mom. I will try and find dirt on my dear cousin I smiled. That's my daughter! I knew I could count on her.  

Me: Good! your father will thank us later _  

I said smiling looking at nothing  

Ngejiwe: Don't tell him anything I am coming home next week  

Me: Okay My dear  _ Ngejiwe: Bye mom!  

Me: Bye Advocate Ndengana  _  

I hung up " I see you're back to your old ways " Oh No

I froze. When did he come in. That is my husband talking behind me. I didn't turn around.  

Hlohlesakhe: When is the meeting I don't want to be late   

I turned around  

Me: Why didn't you tell me that boy is coming back my chief? _☹  

I felt a tear escape my eye  

Hlohlesakhe: I didn't think I had to tell you Nontorityi   

He said going to the fridge. He took out his Savanahs  

I ran to him. He closed the fridge and just looked at me. He could see I wanted to talk. He is so calm. He doesn't look like someone who is about to lose his position.  

Me: My Chief _  

Him: Let it go Nontorotyi   

Me: How can you be so calm! you don't look like someone who is  about to lose something so dear to him !  _  

He took out one bottle. He opened it then sipped from it Hlohlesakhe: The chieftaincy was dear to you not me besides we signed a contract. We were happy to hold on to it for that boy now he is old! I grew up knowing that I will never be a chief because I am a younger son!   

Me: My dear a chief don't go to university and spend lot of time with commoners! A Prince sit on his throne just after he graduates high  

school. That boy don't dese....  _  

Hlohlesakhe: How do you know all these things?   

I mumbled words couldn't come out of my mouth. I don't know anything. I am just saying whatever I can to persuade this man. I am not sure of what I just said at all.  

Him: You're not even from a Royal family Nontorotyi !   

Me: Wow not you too!   

I said throwing a table cloth on the table  

Me: Everyone in this family is insulting me. Why did you marry me  

Hlohlesakhe! ? ☹_  

Him: Because I loved you and not this power hungry woman. We made a deal with family and the people of this village why can't you just give up !   

Me: You're going to lose the money ! _☹_  Him: I have shares in the family projects don't I?  

Me: It won't be the sam.... __  

His phone rang. He looked at it then walked away answering  

Hlohlesakhe: Sister  

My anger boiled when I heard he is speaking to the Queen. I was watching him walk away. I took my phone and texted my daughter. Me: " I know you're in court but this is important! your father is willing to give up without a fight. Ngeji do something!" I ended the text.  

Me: Send __  

I looked at my husband. He is still talking to Makhosazana. I looked out the window to the Royal house.  

Me: I am the Queen of Sdabadabeni village! me!!! __ I started breathing heavily.  

< Priscella >  

It's just hours after I got married. I am happy to be Mrs. He is a great guy. After my break up with Hungani I never thought I would meet a guy like him. He is just amazing. I love him. He is everything I want in a man. I am blessed to have him in my life. My friend Sonia made me so angry earlier. How can your friend hate your husband just because she wants you to get back with a trashy man who cheated on you? I don't care if she doesn't talk to me again. I don't care at this point. I love my man. I want nothing to do with Hungani. He must leave me alone. Can you believe it's been 4 years apart but he is still after me? He wants to tell me he hasn't slept with anyone for four years? He can't fool me. He had me but he went and did me like that. I am with a honest trustworthy man now. I can't break his heart because I know he won't break mine. I don't want to be with a man who don't know what he wants. I don't want to be in a relationship where I can't trust my man. I cant keep asking "I wonder what he is doing" when I am not around. With Masixole it's different. This man loves me. I 

don't even get jealous when I see him talk to our female employees. I  trust him something I cannot say about Hungani.  

" Priscella I am talking to you !!! " I quickly turned around. That was my mother snapping at me. Judging by the tone in her voice I can tell she's been talking to me.  

Me: Sorry mother you were saying? :) _  

I said smiling. She has a bottle of Champagne with her.  

Mom: Are you okay ? : _  

Me: Yes Ms Refilwe  :)  

I saw our maid coming with a few glasses  Me: What are we celebrating mom?  _ She didn't answer me. She attended to the maid.  

Mom: Put them over there dear!  

She said to the maid. The maid put them on the coffee table then walked back to the kitchen.  

Mom: Your new marraige silly! and I am going back to the USA tomorrow so I just want to spend time with you my children   She flipped her hair then gave me a glass  

Me: I am sure your son is drunk wherever he is ☹  

Mom smiled  

Mom: Don't be too hard on the boy. He is sober like a judge. Actually he is coming up with Sonia   

She said excited. What? After the fight I had with Sonia she is coming here ? Mom has no idea I don't want to be in the presence of Junior and Sonia  

Me: Sonia is coming here !? _☹  

Mom: Yes she is like family. I invited her. Aaron and my son in law are coming back from the office also   

The elevator opened. We both turned around looking at it. Junior walked in with Sonia. She looked at me.  

Sonia: Mrs R insisted I come. I hope you don't mind friend?  _  

She said smiling. Mom looked at Sonia  

Mom: Did you guys have a fight ? :) _  

I looked at Sonia and faked a smile. Trust me I love this girl. She is my friend but I hate that she doesn't want to support my marriage. Me: Of course i don't mind! We friends and you're practically family   

I said with a big smile in my face walking to the bottle of champagne that was on the table Mom: Hey!  

I looked at mom  

Mom: Put that down! I asked Lydia to bring you none alcoholic champagne. You can't drink that! :) Me: I am thirsty. Lydia hurry ! ☹  

" Coming ma'am ! " The elevator opened again. My husband and his friend walked in  

Junior: Mom why are we here ? What is this about? :(  

Mom gave everyone glasses. My mother is so excited and that makes me so happy because she is the only person I need approval from. 

Everyone else can go to hell. The maid brought my drink.  

Mom: My daughter just got Married. let's cele...  _  

Her excited was short lived when my brother dropped the glass. It fell on the floor and broke  

Junior: Sorry mom I don't want to be part of this !   

He furiously walked to The stairs. He walked up more like running avoiding anyone who has something to say. I can't believe he just did this. Mom looked at me.  

Me: Mom are you gonna let him do This? Was it really necessary to break that glass?   

Mom: Junior is just a boy. He wants to see a wedding for his sister :D  

Masixole: He will very soon   

I smiled at my husband. I looked at mom  

Me: Mom I don't like how you always let Junior get away with everything! :(  

Mom: I will talk to my baby boy. Let's celebrate guys :D  

Aaron: To a new married couple   

We all rised our glasses. My husband came to me.  

Him: I am sorry for this. I know your brother don't support you because of me but I promise you. I will make it up to you :)  

Me: I know you will :)  

I kissed him then looked at everyone. They smiled. Sonia faked her smile. I know she is not happy. I went and stood at a distance alone. What my brother just did makes me angry. He makes me feel like I am making a mistake which I am not. I don't know why they can't accept my man. He is loyal to this family. He worked for us for three years and they still don't trust him? I saw Sonia coming to me. Sonia: I am sorry about earlier. I will try and be happy for you and i hope I 

am wrong about him :) _  

Me: Of course you're wrong about him. He loves me. and he respects me somethin..... ☹_  

Sonia: Something Hungani never did and I understand my friend but we all make mistakes :) _ Me: This is not the time or place! ☹  

Sonia: Of course. I am sorry again _  

She said with her eyes looking nervous. She must see we won't get along if she keeps doing this.  


< Judge Nomakhosazana >  

It's good to see everyone coming again. I thought they won't come back after the stunt my brother in law's wife pulled this morning. Speaking of her I only see my brother in law. Where is this woman ? Hlohlesakhe arrived here an hour ago. He sat outside with some people. He didn't come in. I thought maybe he was waiting for his wife but she is not here and I see him coming in. I saw my sister in law standing up when she saw her brother. My sister in law's name is Princess Nomagampompo. Nomagampompo is her name but she is a princess so we all call her Princess Nomagampompo. She is younger than my husband but older than Hlohlesakhe.  Princess: Brother I don't like what you did in the morning  Hlohlesakhe: I am sorry Princess I had to go to a Mee..... :) _ Oh here we go again. He always cover for his crazy wife.  

Me: Nontorotyi didn't tell him! I summoned them here !  Hlohlesakhe looked down. My sister in law looked at him. She is angry  

Princess: Is that true ? _  

Hlohlesakhe: She told me. It's all my fault please..._  

Me: Hlohlesakhe stop! stop it brother in law! I went to your house to confront her. She didn't deny it when I confronted her ! _ Hlohlesakhe looked down. Princess Nomagampompo looked at the door and chuckled .  

Princess: I told you this woman is not perfect to be a royal wife! _ Hlohlesakhe: Come on Sister. I have been married to this woman for 25 years. Can't we all move on ?   

Princess: Fine! you want us to accept her !?   

Princess snapped  

Hlohlesakhe: That's all I ever asked ! :(  

Princess Nomagampompo started breathing heavily  

Princess: Ndizomrhuqa ngomnqundu phantsi ndimzise Azozimasa le ntlanganiso!!! _ ( I will drag her ass here to attend this meeting! )  

She said attempting to walk out. Siqalo the servant ran in  

Siqalo: That won't be necessary my princess Que..... _  

He looked at me. I gave him death stare. He looked down brushing his hands  

Siqalo: Mrs Nontorotyi just arrived _  

I smiled. He looked at me  

Siqalo: My Queen your guests just arrived also _ Me: Wonderful!!!   

Hlohlesakhe: What guests? _  

I looked at princess Nomagampompo  

Me: Princess please go welcome them and bring them here to the living room. The girl must stay outside okay ? :)  Hlohlesakhe: What girl? _ His wife walked in.  

Princess: Finally! you decided to show up ! _  

Nontorotyi: Hello Princess :)  

She said with a big smile on her face then looked at me  

Nontorotyi: Judge Nomakhosazana :)  

I looked at her then shook my head walking to the dinning room. We are going to talk there where we will be able to sit across the table and talk. I sat down. I saw the elders stand up from the lounge coming to me. Hlohlesakhe and wife followed  

Hlohlesakhe: Why do you always keep me in the dark? You guys forget that Nkosesizwe Ndengana was my father! this is my home! Well they named my husband after his father. They are both Nkosesizwe.  

Me: That's why I summoned you here this morning! it's because you're family Hlohlesakhe! :(  

Hlohlesakhe: Tell me then? Why am I her.... _  

Nontorotyi: He meant to say why are " We " here ! :D _ Nontorotyi is disrespectful. When my husband was alive I never interrupted him when he spoke. Before I could answer that the family  walked in with Princess Nomagampompo Me: 

Welcome guys please come here !   

They came to us. I looked at the kitchen looking for the maids Me: Notiniphu bring the coffee!!!   

Notiniphu: Yes My Quean :) _  

I smiled at our guests. They sat down. My brother in law was looking at me upset. I stood up. I need to put him out of his misery  

Me: Welcome everyone   

They thanked me for welcoming them  

Me: My husband. The chief of Sdabadabeni village had an agreement with....... :) _ I looked at our guests  

Me: With chief here   

Hlohlesakhe looked at the chief. He knows what I am talking about. Me: My son is done with his education now. He is coming home next week and he needs his wife by his side when he becomes the chief of  

Sdabadabeni village :D  

I saw the look on Nontorotyi's face. She doesn't like this one beat. We borrowed them the chieftaincy I don't understand what is wrong now . 

Me: Chief here brought his daughter. We all know she was my son's Fiancé since She was born   

Hlohlesakhe: She must be so old now! where is she?   

Hlohlesakhe is excited. At least he understands the situation unlike his wife. I looked at Siqalo Me: Bring the princess in   

Siqalo: Right away my queen _  

I smiled. Everyone looked at the door smiling. After few seconds we saw her walk in smiling. We all stood up and smiled at her. I saw Nontorotyi rolling her eyes.  

Chief: My daughter introduce yourself to your new family :) The girl looked at all of us with a big smile in her face.  

Her: Hello Ndengana Royal family. My name is Nomaxabiso  

Zidenge. Prince Zwelicacile's fiance   

Nontorotyi: _  

We all clapped hands except for Nontorotyi. She is so jealous of everything. This woman don't   belong here. Me: Welcome my daughter in law  

Nomaxabiso: Thank you my queen   Nontorotyi: _  


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