< Nomahelele >

God knows I have been so kind when it came to my sister wife. Everyone has been saying nasty things about her and I understand their frustration and I know she deserves that but I thought as a sister wife I should have her back. That is what is expected of a sister wife but right now I feel like she is throwing all my effort in my face. When Nontorotyi asked me if I did all this. I thought she was gonna thank me because she is a free woman but no This woman asked me how do I sleep at night? How dare she throw my kindness in my face? I am not going to give up on her though. I know she is trouble and I am not gonna be this woman She and My sister in law think I came here to be. Nomagampompo do not trust me and it’s just clear. I don’t know why she doesn’t trust me though because I have shown nothing but respect for her and everyone else. I don’t know why she doesn’t trust me. When I got to the car. I didn’t say anything. I wasn’t in the mood. We just arrived at The palace. I need to speak to my husband about something. Gedleza thinks I should tell him about the pregnancy and that’s what I am gonna do.

Nomakhosazana: You haven’t said anything ever since you spoke to Nontorotyi  

Nomagampompo: Yeah what happened? 

I looked at Princess Nomagampompo

Me: I didn’t kill her if that’s what you are trying to find out  L

Nomagampompo: I wasn’t goi…. 

Me: You don’t trust me though! L

Nomagampompo: I trust you L 

Me: Oh come on! L

I looked at my cousin

Me: Anyway She asked me if I was behind all the things we said to her I said yes She asked how do I sleep at night  L

Nomagampompo: What ? 

Me: Yes. She says I am taking over her family and I am making decisions about her life. She asked how do I sleep at night after all I have done  L

Nomakhosazana: Don’t mind her. Nontorotyi is never appreciative of anything we do for her. Don’t be upset. You’re a good person and you’re trying to make sure we live peacefully in this family and I appreciate that  L

Me: Thanks sis J

Hlohlesakhe: The Queen is right sweetheart. Don’t let that crazy woman get to you J

Me: Guys you can go inside. I need to speak to my darling before he goes to work  J

They left

Hlohlesakhe: What is going on ? 

I walked to the car.

Me: Let’s get inside J

We walked in then sat down.

Me: Firstly I just want to say you were amazing. I am very proud of you with this Nomaxabiso plan but I have good and bad news  J

Him: I want bad news first J

I exhaled

Me: She is pregnant with that moron’s child L

Hlohlesakhe: What !? 

Me: Relax baby. It’s okay. Remember why we did this ? J 

Him: Yeah besides it’s not like I have never been with a pregnant before Well that’s if she agrees……. J

Me: Exactly! :D

Him: Good news ? J 

Me: She agreed darling! She agreed! :D

Him: That’s great news when do we tell family ? :D

Me: Not yet…..

I looked down

Him: What is it ? 

Me: Baby I can have ideas and all that but first we have to know if ancestors approve or not. Let’s hear from them if I made a good choice. So I want you to go see Gedleza now  J 

Hlohlesakhe: Damn it feels so good to have such a beautiful and a smart woman by my side :D

Me: And you better find a way to deal with the two others. They are crazy  :D

Him: With you by my side I will find a way :D

Me: Good now go 

I opened the door. I kissed him then walked out.

Me: Good luck J

Hlohlesakhe: Thank you baby J

I waved at him. I am nervous to find out what the ancestors think of me. What if they think I am messing up his life


< Priscella >

I haven’t told Sonia about what Elton has been planning. I feel like I will forget if I don’t do it right now. My mother just left I am so happy Tasha is going to talk to my brother. I hope she ends things God I don’t want her in our lives. She is poison. I was kicking her out just yesterday. My brother was defending her but still She went on and slept with the same man who brought us where we are today. Do you now see why I hate Hungani? He would do anything for sex. I don’t know what happened and why He went to Tasha’s place. He acted like he hated what he did to my brother Well he did only when he learnt that she drugged him otherwise that man knew what he was doing when he was sleeping with her and I know he doesn’t regret it and him going back to her shows it. I wish mom didn’t tell his mother. Hungani does not deserve any kindness from our family.  He and Tasha are the reason my brother is turning into a monster. I am the only one who lives here. My mom lives in the US. What am I gonna do when his hate worsens? I don’t know this boy. I don’t know who he is anymore and I am afraid If this trip fails he will find other alternatives to use to get Tasha and thinking about that scares the hell out of me. Elton is a man I cannot tell him what to do.

Anyway I just got to Sonia’s office to tell her about Elton then decide on her PA. To be honest they were all good I am still confused. Those guys looked like they all need this job.

Sonia: Girl :D

Me: How was the shooting ? Girl you shoot a lot lately :D

Sonia: I know right and I am glad my boss is my best friend. Thank you for allowing me to go :D

Me: No problem. You never neglect your job I don’t see why I wouldn’t let you go J

Sonia: Thank you babe. It was good. I missed that lady. She is so classy and I was in my work attire :D

Me: They must know you work girl ! hey friend enough about your fleshy life we have serious problems 

Sonia: Yes what’s up ? 

Me: I told you I was gonna speak to my mom 

Sonia: Yes what was that about ? 

Me: Yesterday when we came back from the mall. The dinner was ready. We asked Cleo to go fetch Elton upstairs….  

Sonia: And ? 

Me: About a minute waiting for We saw Cleo running down looking terrified

Sonia: What happened ? 

Me: She overheard Elton speaking to someone and bragging about how he fooled us in the Eastern cape and made us believe he was in love with that girl 

Sonia: You say what? Those tears were all a fake?  

Me: You reality tv stars are also referred to as actors. My brother gave us an Oscar winning performance  L

Sonia: So he doesn’t love that bitch ? :D 

I shook my head no then looked down. I can’t look Sonia in the eyes when I tell her this

Me: He is planning to take her to the Cruiseship.Take her God knows where in that ship when they get to where no one could see them The plan is he is going to shoot her then throw her in the sea L 

I looked up. I saw Sonia with both her hands on her mouth. She got teary. She wiped her tear

Sonia: I cannot believe I am crying for a bitch who slept with my husband 

Me: You’re not the only one who shed a tear Sonia. How can Elton plan something so evil? 

Sonia: Oh My God did you tell Mrs R this ? 

Me: I was with her ! L

Sonia: Oh My God. I hate that girl so much but we have to save her from him. Even if we wanted him to kill her We’d end up regretting if when he goes to jail 

Me: Exactly! Mom and I decided not to confront him. We decided that we’d talk to Tasha and ask her to cancel 

Sonia: That’s a good idea so ? 

Me: You know I can’t stand that girl. I asked Ms Refilwe to go see her L

Sonia: And? 

Me: Mom walked in on that girl naked with Hungani L

Sonia: What !? 

Me: I am telling you L

Sonia: Oh My Gosh! Maybe we should persuade her to go! She deserves to die!  

Me: Sonia! 

Sonia looked at me

Her: What ? Just Yesterday you told me that girl went to your house claiming to be carrying Elton’s baby. When it turned out it wasn’t.  Elton accepted her with the baby now she betrays him again with that same beard fat face brat Hungani?  

Me: Friend you need to calm down. Both you and I know Elton didn’t mean that 

Sonia: But that bitch didn’t know that! Tell me what if Elton meant it what then ?! 

Me: I know ️

Sonia: This is still a betrayal! L

She looked at me .

Sonia: What does that make you feel ? 

Me: What? L 

Sonia: I am sure they got naked because maybe they are giving each other a second chance now tell me how you feel about them being together ? 

I smiled. I wonder why I should feel anything

Me: I don’t care :D

Sonia: Friend you had so many dreams with This man. You thought he was your soulmate.. 

Me: And I was wrong! Sonia it was over 3 years ago. I am so happy right now  L

Sonia: I know you’re no longer in love with him but you still care …… 

Me: You’re wrong ! I do not give a Damn!  L


She looked shocked. I don’t know why it’s surprising to her to hear this

Me: Do you remember when we talked about the Brianna thing?  L

Sonia: Yeah 

Me: I meant it when I said I wish he could get burnt L


Me: Sis you know this. You mess with my family I am done with you. That man messed with my family. Nobody crosses that line and still stick around my circle ! L

Sonia: I understand that you’re upset 

Me: Ain’t you? L

Sonia: I am but I wanna hear your opinion on something 

Me: I am Listening  L

Sonia: Do you think Tasha is good for him? 

Me: Tasha is not good for any man. I just wish she could change now that she got what she wanted. I mean she risked a lot for Hungani. That girl is a gold digging opportunist. She would never have betrayed my brother if she didn’t love Hungani. I believe in her love for him but the Question is…. L 

Sonia: Does Hungani feel the same? 

Me: That’s a big question L

Sonia: I guess we have to wait and see 

Me: Can I ask you a question? 

Sonia: Yes? 

Me: I got a kinda similar question from mom regarding my history with Hungani. Why do you guys think somehow I still care for that man? L

Sonia: We know how you cared about each other. Even after over 3 years it’s hard to accept that you don’t care anymore. Friend you were together for a long time and he is a good looking man Famous I mean he mingles with world renowned superstars. I wouldn’t get over such a hunk so easily J

Me: Well you would if you found someone you love. Masixole cannot be a celebrity and he simple but he is very attractive and I thank God everyday for him. I have never felt the way I do about a guy. Masixole is the man he is because he has to look after his image. He is a very important man a king. I wasn’t happy with Hungani when he was not around. I always thought he was with a girl. I cannot be with a guy who makes me feel less of myself like I am not enough. With Masixole I am confident. I feel sexy and loved I don’t worry when he is not around 

Sonia: And she is blushing. I am never doubting you anymore. I hope that boy get over his feelings for you J

Me: He better. He is way below my level now. Isn’t it amazing though ? J

Sonia: What ? :D

I flipped my hair

Me: I am expecting my first child he is as well :D

Sonia rolled her eyes

Sonia: Expecting a child with Tasha God 

Me: I wish they work out. They are both attractive. I can’t wait to see their child  :D

Sonia: I hope it lasts I really do 

Me: There is Brianna :D

Sonia: Oh My GoD 

Me: Yep :D

I fear for Tasha’s life and the baby. I really pray God protects them from that Brianna.

< Tasha >

After meeting Laila reality sank in. I have to face Elton and he is going to be angry. I know he was trying to hide his real agenda but when he sees it’s not gonna work

Famous I mean he mingles with world renowned superstars. I wouldn’t get over such a hunk so easily J

Me: Well you would if you found someone you love. Masixole cannot be a celebrity and he simple but he is very attractive and I thank God everyday for him. I have never felt the way I do about a guy. Masixole is the man he is because he has to look after his image. He is a very important man a king. I wasn’t happy with Hungani when he was not around. I always thought he was with a girl. I cannot be with a guy who makes me feel less of myself like I am not enough. With Masixole I am confident. I feel sexy and loved I don’t worry when he is not around 

Sonia: And she is blushing. I am never doubting you anymore. I hope that boy get over his feelings for you J

Me: He better. He is way below my level now. Isn’t it amazing though ? J

Sonia: What ? :D

I flipped my hair

Me: I am expecting my first child he is as well :D

Sonia rolled her eyes

Sonia: Expecting a child with Tasha God 

Me: I wish they work out. They are both attractive. I can’t wait to see their child  :D

Sonia: I hope it lasts I really do 

Me: There is Brianna :D

Sonia: Oh My GoD 

Me: Yep :D

I fear for Tasha’s life and the baby. I really pray God protects them from that Brianna.

< Tasha >

After meeting Laila reality sank in. I have to face Elton and he is going to be angry. I know he was trying to hide his real agenda but when he sees it’s not gonna work He is going to show his true colours. Another thing that was stressing me was Hungani. I had so many what ifs in my head. He promised to see me later but I am worried because I haven’t heard from him. What if Hungani is not gonna come? This would break me because I feel like I need assurance. I feel like I need confidence when I go see Elton. I must be sure that Hungani and I are an item. If I don’t know that I don’t think I could go to Elton and dump him before knowing what is going on between Hungani and I. I had so many plans weeks ago. I didn’t achieve any of them. I don’t want the same thing that happened before happen again. I need to be careful with how I make decisions.

Anyway I heard a knock at the door. Laila and I never get visits. I hope this is not Claire. Laila told me what happened at Hunter’s office. That girl is crazy. Anyway I opened the door. Oh My God Hungani is here. He brought me flowers. I feel so special

Me: Wow flowers  :D 

Hungani: I hope you like them ? 

I took them

Me: I do they are beautiful. I thought you were no longer coming please come in  J 

Hungani: I am sorry. I had to go home to pack the girls clothes. I don’t want them to live in my house anymore  J

Music to my ears. I put the flowers on the coffee table. I sat down

Me: Did you tell them? J

Hungani: I will text them when the driver tells me he is at that fashion show

Me: They won’t be happy about this 

Him: I know…… let’s go to the restaurant across the road  J

Me: Oh a date ? :D 

Hungani: Will you say yes ? J

I took keys

Me: Let’s go J

He took my hand we walked out. I locked. We walked down the stairs. We got down stairs. He actually walked down first and help me walk down. Well I am in a dress and heels. I was hoping he was taking me out and he is. I am so happy. I feel like I am the luckiest girl on earth

Me: Thank you J

Him: You’re welcome J

We walked out. We crossed the road.

Hungani: They are everywhere J

I flipped my hair with my other hand. The one he is not holding

Me: Who ? :D

Hungani: Paparrazi. They are taking pictures :D

I looked down.

Me: Oh God another headline :D

Him: They never say anything positive about you and I. We are going to shut them up pretty soon  :D

Me: :D

He opened the door of the restaurant. I walked in

Me: Thank you J

He walked in. He pulled out a chair for me. I sat down. He walked to the waitress

Me: J

I am so happy right now. The fact that he is not afraid to hold hands with me in public makes me so happy. I cannot even hide my excitement. I saw him coming back

Me: :D

Him: The night we were together you told Me about your favorite meal I ordered it I hope you will like it J

Me: Oh My God you still remember? :D

Him: I do J

Me: Thank you :D

Hungani: So tell me what was Mrs Seputla doing there? 

I exhaled. I don’t know where to start.

Hungani: She went to confront you about what happened ? 

Me: Not really….Mrs Seputla didn’t confront me but I can tell She is angry and disappointed in me as expected. The only person who confronted me and wanted to beat me up was…. 

Hungani: Priscella? J

Me: Yeah that one……

Hungani: She is not a bad person. She just don’t like nonsense… J 

Me: Well I know she is not a bad person because apparently she is the one who sent her mother to warn me 

Hungani: Warn you about what? 

Me: I don’t know. It seems like Elton wants to harm me. He invited me to a trip in Mozambique. I agreed. Mrs Seputla begged me not to go to the trip. She was serious and nervous. She even got teary. She said when I see Elton again I should see him in public or in her house. Even there I shouldn’t stand with him next to an open window or balcony. She is afraid that he might kill me 

Hungani: That’s crazy. I didn’t know you guys were speaking 

Me: He said he was willing to give us a chance. I was a fool to believe him. I should’ve noticed he was planning something I mean he even agreed to love me with My baby. Now I found out he wanted to kill me 

Hungani: That’s crazy. I know that boy. He is very arrogant and proud. He would never forgive you for all you did 

Me: Now I see that and I am going to go to his house at 5pm to end things with him  

Hungani: Let me go with you L 

They brought our food.

Me: Thank you  J

Hungani: Thank you

Me: I don’t think that’s a good idea. They will get mad and it would make things worse. I will go there with Laila J

Hungani: Okay fine. Now that I am getting rid of the models. Do you mind moving in with me. I feel like Elton will find another plan. That boy can’t know where you live L

Oh My God. I was speaking about that earlier now he wants it to happen? This is a dream. I can’t say no. I want to raise my child with his father. This is gonna be an amazing pregnancy

Me: Are you sure you don’t mind me moving in with you ? 

Hungani: Yes I want us to live together J

Me: I would love to move in with you  :D

Hungani: Really? :D 

His phone rang.  He looked at it

Him: Mandy my manager

Me: He is my manager as well. I Signed a contract today  :D

Hungani: What ? let me put her on speaker :D

He answered

Hungani: Mandy  J 

Mandy: Hungani what is this I just saw on Twitter! Don’t corrupt that girl! I know she is trouble but I am trying to fix her life ! She just got an acting gig! She can’t lose focus!

Oh Boy they are talking about us  already. My eyes popped out.


Hungani looked shocked when mandy mentioned my job

Hungani: Wait Mandy are you saying I should abandon a woman who is carrying my child ? L 

Oh My God I wanted to tell Mandy myself. I hope this won’t ruin things for me.

Mandy: She is pregnant ? Oh My God I didn’t know! So are you guys an item?

My eyes widened. I looked at Hungani. I want to hear this too.

Hungani: I think we are  J 

He said smiling at me. Oh My God my heart melted

Mandy: Don’t think! You need to do the right thing!


Hungani: We are dating later Mandy ! :D 

He hung up

Me: Did you mean what you said ? 

Hungani: I wanna do right by you guys. Let’s eat J

Me: J

I am so happy right now.  I can’t even help myself. I am moving in with him. He just said we are dating. Now I know what to say to Elton. I cannot wait to see what the future holds

< Nomahelele >

I am waiting for Hlohlesakhe to come back so that we can tell the family. I am dying to tell my cousin sister but I can’t. I want to tell her when I am sure that this is happening. If the ancestors don’t approve we stop everything and forget about it. The Queen always told me about these ancestors. They are the reason I am here so I have to respect them no matter what and I do respect them that is why I asked my husband to go there. I just hope everything goes well. My mind is not here. It is there with my man and Gedleza. A part of me feels like if there was something wrong with the plan the minute Gedleza came to open my eyes he would’ve told me if I crossed the line. I am a royalty. I know how it goes. My father and Nomakhosazana’s father are bothers. May’s mother is their sister. That is why May is a Ndamase and we are Dlungane. May’s mother got married to a Ndamase family. My father had three wives. I grew up in a big home fool of children and wives.  My mother and her sister wives were like sisters. What is wrong with me for wanting what I grew up seeing in my home? The Ndengana family is a big Influencial and royal family but one thing that was missing was Polygamy and I brought it. I am here to remind them and Show them what is expected of a royal family.

Anyway I am sitting with my cousin and our sister in law. I feel like there is a tension between me and my sister in law. I was looking forward to being friends with her but it looks like it is never happening any time soon. This woman does not trust me at all and that is offensive to me I won’t lie and what kills me is the fact that I know she has a reason to distrust me even though she doesn’t know what I did.

Nomakhosazana: Cuz you’re awfully quiet J 

I smiled at her then Raised my glass of wine

Me: This wine is Going exactly where I want it to go J 

Her: Are you sure You’re okay? 

I sipped on my wine

Me: Yes I am fantastic J 

Nomakhosazana: Okay then J 

She looked at her sister in law

Nomakhosazana: Sisi I know I didn’t tell you more about the Royal MBIZO tomorrow. As you all know Priscella can’t live here permanently She wants to do something that will help women around here and create jobs for them J 

Nomagampompo: That’s wonderful  :D

Nomakhosazana: I know. So tomorrow she will tell people about her business and the jobs that will be created by it J 

Me: I am excited for him and my nephew. They are very smart and I feel like this village will be a better place when their businesses go off  J 

Nomagampompo: I am excited as well. This will keep the village talking and they will respect us a lot :D

Nomakhosazana: It’s exciting :D

Siqalo walked in

Siqalo: Your highness I am sorry to interrupt 

Nomakhosazana: What is it Siqalo ? J 

Siqalo: Ms Nomaxabiso Zidenge is here 

The devil is a liar! I jumped up

Me: What? 

Nomakhosazana: Let her in 

Nomakhosazana stood up and looked at me

Nomakhosazana: I wonder what is this woman doing here? L 

Me: Me too 

I said sipping on my drink.

Nomagampompo: My son told me she was all over the king the last time she was here  L 

Nomakhosazana: not my son! 

What the hell is this fool doing at the palace. Nomaxabiso walked in smiling from ear to ear. She was dressed so decent like a royal wife. She had her handbag hanged in her arm

Nomaxabiso: Royal family afternoon! :D

We looked at each other. She looked at Queen

Nomaxabiso: My almost mother in law don’t look pleased to see me. Well you can keep your son My Queen I don’t want him :D

Me: Nomaxabiso shouldn’t you be sitting on your mattress mourning King and Queen Zidenge? 

Nomaxabiso: I should but I was thinking why don’t I come and share the news with everyone? :D 

Me: Nomaxabiso Zidenge! 

Nomakhosazana: What News Nomaxabiso? 

She said looking at Me giving me deathstare. She knows me very well. I looked down

Nomaxabiso: That I am marrying Chief Khabalandile just after Sister Nomahelele’s wedding :D 

She didn’t just do that!


Nomakhosazana: What !? 

Nomaxabiso: You didn’t tell them sister wife ? :D 

Nomakhosazana: This was all you River wasn’t it!? 

Princess Nomagampompo shook her head in disbelief looking at me.

Me: Why don’t you ask her how we got to that decision? 

Nomaxabiso swallowed hard


Me: Tell them!! 

Nomakhosazana: What is going on River ? 

I looked at Nomaxabiso giving her death stare

Me: At her home when I went to check on her and my darling I found her having sex with my darling in her room! 

Nomakhosazana looked at her then at Nomaxabiso

Nomagampompo: What? 

Me: Deny it! 

Nomakhosazana: Actually I don’t want to hear it! This does look like her ! L


Nomaxabiso didn’t like that comment.  She looked angry. Nomakhosazana looked at me.

Nomakhosazana: And who suggested that they get married?  You? L 

I walked passed my cousin sister

Me: Cuz….  L 

Nomakhosazana turned with me

Nomakhosazana: Oh My God River!!! 

I turned around fast

Me: No Cuz! L  ️

I gave her a finger. I looked at Nomagampompo oh the look on her face says it all. She is judging me. I looked at The Queen.

Me: What did you expect me to do Cuz? 

Nomakhosazana: You know….. 

Me: You expected me to do to him what I did to Peter? 


She swallowed hard. Princess Nomagampompo looked at her

Nomagampompo: Who is Peter and what did she do to him? 

Nomakhosazana: Pe…. 

Me: Peter is my ex boyfriend. He cheated on me I killed him! 

Nomagampompo: Oh Lord 

Princess Nomagampompo sipped on her drink

Me: The two of you say I should’ve killed my darling ? 

Nomagampompo: No! 

I slowly walked to my sister in law and looked at her in the eye

Me: I love your brother and this young woman…… L 

I said looking at Nomaxabiso

Me: She has a bright future ahead of her. I told my darling he should marry her if he is attracted to her because the next time they sleep together one of them is gonna die  L 

Nomaxabiso smiled then looked at The Queen

Nomaxabiso: And he said he will marry me. Isn’t that great?  :D 

Nomagampompo: No! this is…..  

“ Amazing! “ Said a tiny voice up the stairs. We all looked up. This Phonqa boy. The Elders are talking

Nomagampompo: Yo….. 

Phonqa: I love my half sister’s new attitude….. :D ‍️

Phonqa ran down and to Nomaxabiso

Phonqa: Way to go sis! :D 

He gave her a high five. Nomaxabiso looked excited. Nomagampompo was livid

Nomagampompo: Nomaxabiso go home and mourn your parents! 

Nomaxabiso: Shouldn’t you be sitting there with me Princess? J 


Nomaxabiso: He was your man J 

Nomakhosazana: Nomaxabiso Leave!  

Nomaxabiso: I will leave but after you answered this next question Queen of Sdabadabeni  J 


Nomaxabiso: I thought today you were gonna tell my family about this dirty secret my father and your sister in law have been keeping?  J 

My Cousin started breathing heavily.  She walked closer to Nontorotyi

Nomakhosazana: Elinyundululu lel’ika Yihlo uShosholoza ! ufeleni engalibhencanga?   ( This is your father Shosholoza’s dirty secret. Why did he die before telling everyone? )

Me: J 

Nomaxabiso swallowed hard

Nomaxabiso: Get out of my house before I throw you out! 

Phonqa: Easy my Queen 

Nomagampompo: Shut up wena Phonqa!  

Phonqa: Sorry your highness 

Nomaxabiso smiled looking at my cousin

Nomaxabiso: Almost mother in law J 

She said that then walked out. I tapped my cousin sister’s shoulder Then looked at Princess Nomagampompo

Me: My darling had to go talk to ancestors first before telling you this but my so not stable soon to be sister wife ruined all that �

I gulped my drink I gave Nomakhosazana my glass. I furiously walked out. I found her before she entered her car. I guess she heard my footsteps because I saw her turn around smiling

Nomaxabiso: Sister wife  :D 

Me: What the hell was that? L

She pointed at the palace

Nomaxabiso: oh That?   :D 

She opened the door then threw her handbag inside. She looked at me

Nomaxabiso: After you left I fell asleep and I am sure that says a lot about the sex I had with our husband :D

Me: Answer the question! 

Nomaxabiso: While I was sleeping. My father visited me :D

I swallowed hard oh My God I hope he didn’t tell her what I did. I got teary. I looked down

Me: Yes ?  

Nomaxabiso: My father said…. :D

She chuckled. I am so angry right now. This is no way to announce things. How can she betray me and my husband like this!


Nomaxabiso: “ Don’t trust that woman who just left your room “ J

Oh My God


Nomaxabiso: In case you are wondering who is that Well it’s you J


Nomaxabiso: So I thought I should do things my way….. Nomaxabiso’s way :D


Nomaxabiso: I like the idea of us being sister wives. I think it’s exciting because it helps me and my reputation  but if you’re trying to use me…..   :D

Me: I am no….. 

She got in her car. She shut the door then lowered the window

Nomaxabiso: You’ve been used as well Sister wife. I can’t wait to be officially his  :D

She drove off so fast. I kicked thin air heading to the door

Me: Stay calm River stay calm! 

< Nontorotyi >

Why? Why didn’t they mention that they are taking a third wife? All they did was act all perfect and made me feel bad about myself. They are cowards. They had to send that annoying woman to tell me this? I thought I was losing my husband and that was worse but I don’t know how to describe sharing my husband with two other women. Why is Nomahelele happy about this? Did this woman marry my husband just to hurt me? She doesn’t love my man and he is so stupid to believe that she loves him. The only purpose of this marriage is to hurt me. She and Nomakhosazana planned this! They planned it. They act like they care about me when all they do is make my life miserable. What is working if you don’t get paid. Why can’t they take Five thousand rands at least. Why do they have to take all my salary? I made up my mind. I am going to continue looking for my job. I am a nurse and that is what I want to do. They can’t take all my money. I feel like they are trying to ruin my life. One thing I am grateful for though is to be free. I am happy for that but I have no one to thank for it. Those horrible women paid those thugs to beat me up. Now that they achieved that with the punishment they gave me. They are setting me free.

Me: Evil women! 

I am the only person who has morals in that family and the worst part they don’t see it because I am not a royalty.

Anyway Who is this woman Who is marrying my husband? Will I be important as a the first wife in that family? My husband became a chief. I was never called the Queen. I was never treated like the Queen. I was the only person who had to leave a job because of a husband’s new position. No one else made the sacrifices I made. I am very interested to know if Nomakhosazana’s cousin will quit Medicine because she is married to my husband. She must not work as a doctor anymore. It makes sense though. They did the same to me. I wonder if my input in anything will be recognised since I am the first wife. Nomahelele decided to find a third wife Shouldn’t that be my duty as the first wife ?

Me: This is not fair

“ Oh stop it!” I looked up oh thank God Zinyovile is here .

Me: How can she sleep at night when she did the things she did to our family? 

Zinyovile: They came through for you again but you’re still mad ? L

Me: Zinyovile how could she do this ? How could she do this to me? I won’t have money anymore now she comes to my home and make such a big decision without me? That stupid Nomahelele is gonna marry my man ? 

Zinyovile: Why are you crying ? L

Me: I just told you ! 

Zinyovile: I remember a while I ago I said you’ll have lonely cold nights didn’t I? L

I didn’t say anything. I am just angry that I didn’t pay attention to that. I remember her saying this but I didn’t think she meant a third wife

Zinyovile: I was talking about this. I remember two days ago I said you should just burn your qualifications because they won’t be in use. I meant that you are going to be working for the family with no pay L

Me: How am I gonna survive without money Zinyovile? How is my brother going to live ? 

Zinyovile pulled a chair. She sat next to my bed.

Zinyovile: Your brother is old! He must stand up and start looking for a job! L

Me: He won’t do it! 

Zinyovile: You know when the police took you. I asked myself why would Nontorotyi do something so stupid ! 

She stood up and walked around the ward. I was just looking at her crying


Zinyovile: I thought I should consult my ancestors. I was shocked to find out why. How can your blood do this to you! Now the family knows Ngejiwe is not their child. Why don’t you tell your brother how to get off? 

Me: Ngejiwe don’t know and that factor is the only reason I am worried about money right now. I know him. He will find out the family didn’t tell her. He will keep blackmailing me 

Zinyovile: The family was here. Why didn’t you tell them why you did this ?  

Me: What’s the use Zinyovile? They won’t believe me! Those people hate me! Nomakhosazana and Nomahelele did this to me that is why I am here 

Zinyovile: I will probably regret saying this 

Me: What ? 

She came and sat again.

Zinyovile: The Queen cares about you ! L

Me: I don’t believe that ! 

Zinyovile: Well let me put it this way. She hates you for everything you’ve done to her but she loves your children more to harm you and hurt them in the process 

Me: Are you saying it wasn’t her ? 

Zinyovile: She didn’t do it ! 

Me: Then her…..

Zinyovile: She didn’t do it either. Nomahelele is excited to be a second wife. She is an adventurous woman. She loves trying new things. She wants this to work ! L

Me: Then if it’s not her then who? 

Zinyovile: She will come clean to you when she is ready 

Me: So it’s a She? Who is she ? I am going to kill her with my bare hands! 

Zinyovile stood up

Zinyovile: That’s cute Nontorotyi! You have a real problem here and that problem is your own flesh and blood! You have financial crisis right now. How are you going to deal with this? 

Oh My God I don’t know. Maybe he will feel sorry for me?

Me: When he sees what happened to me he will feel sorry for me…  

Zinyovile: That man don’t give a Damn about you. All he wants is his Five thousand rands monthly!  

Me: What am I gonna go Zinyovile? 

She looked away

Zinyovile: I do not know but……

She looked at me

Zinyovile: Why don’t you ask your sister wife? J

Me: What? 

Zinyovile: To kill him 

Me: What ? 

Zinyovile: Think about it J

Me: Why would I ask Nomahelele to do that ? 

Zinyovile: Because she is done it before since she is trying to be a good sister wife….. J

She came to me

Zinyovile: Why don’t she prove her loyalty to you by helping you get rid of this crisis  :D

Me: But it’s my brother ! 

Zinyovile: A brother Who is ready to make your life hell and wouldn’t even think twice to push you under a running bus! ? 

I swallowed hard


Zinyovile: Think about it ! 

She dropped my phone on my bed. Oh My God I missed it

Zinyovile: I thought I should bring this  L

Me: Thank you 

Zinyovile: Think about it! That boy brother of yours has to go! 

She disappeared. Oh My God what am I gonna do ? I saw Zinyovile reappears again

Zinyovile: I thought I should come back and say this 

Me: Yes ? 

Zinyovile: You could set Nomahelele up and have your husband all to yourself so consider killing your brother  J

I looked at her

Zinyovile: He is a problem for you! Just get rid of him J

I looked away. I really have to think hard about this

Me: ………… ? 

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