< Priscella >

We just finished interviewing the guys. The process for Sonia’s secretary was a little bit harder than mine. For me I called Algebra. He came I interviewed him then gave him the job at that instant. We just interviewed 13 people who wanna be her secretary. This just shows how scarce job opportunities are in this country. If it was for me we were gonna hire all of them but unfortunately we need one person only. We don’t have jobs for all of them. Our company is probably the only business in this city with thousands of employees but we cannot hire everyone sometimes even a person with a good heart has to accept the reality and follow the budget of the company.

Anyway we are walking from the boardroom to her office.

Sonia: I have my favourites already :D

Me: Me too :D

Sonia: Do you want us to choose someone and call them now ? J

Me: Let’s choose someone at lunch time and call them tomorrow. We cannot act desperate. Yes you’re desperate for an assistant but we are a big company we have to do things the right way. It was different with Algebra because he was the only one. We just interviewed 13 people and We cannot look like we didn’t even brainstorm L

Sonia: You’re right. I think I told you yesterday that I will have to go to my house at lunch time and come back to work after shooting. So let’s do it then J

Me: Okay no problem J

She opened the door and walked in. I did too

Sonia: Thank you for helping me J

Me: You’re welcome let me go to work. Tell me are you ready for tonight? :D

Sonia: I think I am. I wanted to have an early night tonight with my kids. I am sad that I have to leave but it’s a great opportunity  J

Me: Yeah J

Her phone rang.

Sonia: Excuse me J

Me: Let me go t….

She raised her finger asking me to wait a moment. She answered I stood there and waited for her to finish

Sonia: Oh hi Mandy  :D 


Sonia: Come around 3pm  :D 

She hung up

Sonia: Mandy wanna see me I wonder why ? 

Me: Maybe she wants to be your manager  J

Sonia: I don’t need a manager. I am a business woman. I only do The housewives and that’s the only thing I am interested in when it comes to entertaiment so I am really not interested  L

Me: Okay Later :D

Sonia: Bye friend :D

I walked out. I saw Algebra lying his head on his desk.

Me: And now!? :D

He looked up.

Algebra: I am sorry ma’am do you need something? 

Me: You look like a mess 

He looked down.

Him: I know Isaiah and I had one crazy night. Hangover is killing me 

Me: He is selfish. He is only working in January but He makes you drink Monday night when you have to wake up and come to work :D

Algebra: I know right?  

Me: Go make yourself black coffee or go drink a drop of whisky in Sonia’s office remember don’t drink to be drunk :D

He stood up

Algebra: Thanks boss :D

Me: Sure :D

I got a text. I looked at it. It’s from mom.


I texted her back

Me: I have few minutes.

I walked to my office. I wonder how it went with Tasha.

< Tasha >

I was in a meeting but my mind wasn’t there. My mind was all over the place. A man I have been intimate with for few years wants to kill me. I know Elton is planning something and that is to kill me. Mrs Seputla gave me all the clues that show her son wants to kill me. I saw the signs but I ignored them. I cannot believe I almost died. I can’t believe I didn’t trust my instincts. I should have seen that coming. I wronged this man. I said this I knew Elton was a ticking timebomb. I saw it and it looked like a dream and The only thing I needed was a wake up call and I feel like his mother was my eye opener. She opened my eyes. I am sure now. I don’t think I want to see Elton In private. I want to see Elton with my best friend and I am going to his home and I will sit in their living room. I am not going to his bedroom. I am going there to end things but first I need to tell my friend about my meeting with Mrs Seputla and my meeting with my producers which I don’t even remember. I know I won’t find her at the house. I need to go to her work place. It’s almost 2pm and she is starting work at 2. I am rushing to get there before she starts working. I am also waiting for Hungani’s call. I am praying that he calls. He has been texting me though asking how I am doing. I feel sexy all over again. I am falling in love with him more. I know I didn’t stop loving him. I just hated him for what he did to me.

Anyway the taxi just dropped me at Luxury Hotel. I need to call Laila and ask where she is. I took out my phone and dialled her number.

Laila: Hey !

Me: Hey where are you ? J 

Laila: In the hotel parking lot. I just arrived actually

Me: Do you have few minutes? J 

Laila: I have like twenty minutes. I am coming to the tables outside

Me: Thanks J

I walked to the tables. I wonder what I will do when I am working ? I will have to borrow Laila’s car and help with petrol. I can’t take a taxi when I am on t.v. You know I miss my parents and it breaks my heart that they haven’t reached out to me.They kicked me out I feel like it’s them who should reach out  I don’t wanna go there and get my heart broken all over again. Anyway I saw Laila. I sat down. She saw me then came to me.

Laila: Hey :D

Me: Friend  J

I know that big smile. She saw me kissing Hungani now she wants to know all the details.

Me: What a day I am having God and I feel like it’s getting worse 

Tasha: Don’t tell me the producers didn’t like you 

Me: They love me. They said We start shooting tomorrow which is Wednesday and Thursday is our last day. We will go to Christmas then on the 27th We are at it again. They say they are running out of episodes since Brendan missed lot of work they had to change the storyline. I am just so excited. Oh by the way Mandy surprised me with a lawyer. I signed all my contracts. I signed hers and the soap opera contract so I am employeed :D

Laila: Congratulations! So how did it go with The other meeting? Dude I Ieft you guys making out. What was that all about? :D

Me: I actually I don’t know. If that was his way to manipulate me to stop what I was gonna do he succeeded J

Laila: You’re not terminating the pregnancy? :D 

Me: Nope  J

Her: And you two? And what About Elton? 

Me: I am actually here to talk about Elton. But let’s finish this first. Friend I had a very touching conversation with Hungani…. 

Laila: Before or after sex? :D 

I smiled then looked down

Laila: Oh My God you had to give the baby vitamins :D

Me: Yes we had sex We talked after. He told me about how he was adopted and how he wants to have a baby and be part of it’s life J

Laila: Wow so :D

Me: I don’t know friend I just can’t do it  L

Laila: Well it does sound selfish when a girl wanna terminate a child when a father wants it. So many girls don’t get a chance to raise children with their fathers. I pray he doesn’t just give you words. He must show with action L

Me: I know what you mean. Well I told him I am not prepared to be a single mother he didn’t back down. I hope he knows what he is doing because pi meant what I said  L

Laila: ain’t you worried about Elton though? You’re betraying this man for the second time 

Me: His mother walked in on us naked on the couch. We didn’t hear her knock. After sex with talked then fell asleep J 

Laila: Friend she is going to tell Elton! L 

I looked down

Laila: what ? 

I looked at her.

Me: Friend Elton didn’t forgive me. I was right when I said something is off about him L 

Laila: what happened? 

Me: Friend that woman came to beg me not to go to the trip. She even cried begging me. When I asked what is going on she kept saying she is begging me not to go. She asked if I haven’t noticed Elton isn’t himself and she is right about that friend …. 


Me: I didn’t believe her at first because she and her daughter don’t like me L

Laila: I was about to say that 

Me: Well When I saw her cry and heard her say She doesn’t care if I continue dating him but one thing she doesn’t want is me going to the trip. She went on and say I should only see him in public or at her house. Friend she said if I am at her house I should make sure I am not next to an open window or balcony

Laila: she thinks he’d push you down that tall building? 

Me: Yes friend that’s when I noticed this is serious  L 

Laila: So what are you going to do ? 

Me: when is your lunch time when you started working at 2pm? 

Her: 5pm  why ? 

Me: At your lunch time you will accompany me to his home. I want to dump him friend 

Laila: Oh My God this is gonna be awkward because I was begging him to forgive you 

Me: well he had other plans. Something tells me there is more Mrs Seputla don’t wanna tell me. She said she doesn’t care about me. She is doing this because she doesn’t want her son getting into trouble 

Laila: Do you think he wanted to leave you in Mozambique or humiliate you there in front of his friends ? 

Me: Or kill me. Friend no one would find out 

Laila: Thank God I haven’t told this chick about the trip 

Me: yeah 

She stood up

Her: Friend let me go get my knives and start working J

Me: Thank you for listening J

She looked at me

Her: did you tell Mandy about your pregnancy and ask what will happen to your job ? 

Me: I was nervous. I couldn’t ruin that moment. I will tell her soon though  

Laila: Later J

Me: Bye J

I want to meet Mandy sometime and tell her about my pregnancy. I hope it won’t mess up things for me. I am so nervous about meeting Elton. Now that I know he wants to hurt me I am really scared of him. I need to tell Hungani about this. I don’t know why everytime I feel like things are getting better I put myself into more trouble. I am pregnant. I am carrying a child of a man my parents didn’t approve of. Even if they forgive me. When I tell them about this things will go back. I don’t know what to do. This pressure is too much for me and it is not good for the baby. I need to call Mrs Seputla and tell her I am meeting Elton today. I pray she is there when I see him. I am scared of her son.


< Priscella >

When my mother asked to talk to me I agreed then there was a crisis so I had to postpone. I am free now. I want to know how it went with Tasha. I hope this girl is not stupid because if she is I am afraid she is going to die. I don’t care whether Tasha is going or not. Everyone who goes to that trip must be searched. No weapon is getting on that ship. I am not going to let my brother do something he will regret. I will take this request to my mother. I want her to surprise them with the search. I don’t want him to know because he will be careful. We have him right now. Whatever he planned will fail but the only time I will be happy is when I hear that Tasha is not going to the trip.

Anyway mom is coming to my office. She doesn’t want us to talk at home and I understand. If Elton would find out that that we have been talking to Tasha he would be angry. I don’t want to make him angry. I just don’t know the Elton who wants to kill people. My little brother wouldn’t do that. My telephone rang. I looked at it then at Sonia’s office. Oh she is back. I answered

Me: Hey J 

Sonia: Would it be a problem if you come here. I am back we need to choose my PA

Me: I am having a meeting with Ms Refilwe in…. 

She walked out of the elevator

Me: She is here friend  J 

Sonia: Okay I will wait

Me: Okay J 

I put the telephone down. The door opened.

Me: Mom :D

Mom: I am glad I am the one who went to see Tasha. I don’t know what would’ve happened if you were the one walking in on what I walked in on :D

Me: What happened? J  

Mom exhaled

Mom: I found Hungani and Tasha passed out on the couch naked  :D

Me: What !? She is cheating on my brother with him again? L 

Mom: I was surprised as well. I asked what does what I saw mean. She kind of dodged the question

Me: Hungani don’t love himself and I hate the fact that he uses women like…… I don’t know  L

Mom: He doesn’t force them though but I hope what I saw in there was because of my conversation with Hungani’s mom J

Me: You spoke to her ? 

Mom: At the mall I left you for few minutes remember ? I got a call from her I went and told her about the pregnancy  J

Me: Do you think Maybe they will become an item ? 

Mom: I hope so. That will make Tasha leave your brother L

Me: You’re right. So did she believe you ? 

Mom: At first she thought it was you and I plan to break them up but when I explained she believed me. She said she suspected it

Me: So she doesn’t wanna go to the trip ? :D

Mom: Yes and she said she is going to…. 

Mom’s phone rang

Mom: It’s her  J

Me: Put her on speaker :D

She did

Mom: Tasha ? 

Tasha: I will come to your home to speak to Elton at 5. Please be there I am scared of him

Me: J 

Mom: We will be there. Me and Priscella will be there J 

Tasha: Please speak to your daughter. I don’t want to fight

Mom: She won’t fight you. She wants to protect you. She is the one who forced me to go see you J 

Tasha: I see. I will see you at 5

Mom: Bye J 

Mom hung up

Me: I don’t understand this girl. How does she do it? She is switching her feelings on and off. I don’t think I would sleep with different men in one month  L

Mom: She doesn’t deserve my son. I am happy their relationship won’t last L

Me: And your son? Since when he is a killer ? Where did he take all this from? L


Mom looked down

Me: Mom I want us to make sure the day they are leaving we are in Durban with them. I want us to search all of them. They can’t leave with any weapon L

Mom: You’re right 

Me: Don’t tell him. I want it to be a surprise  L

Mom: Of course. I also wanna test him. I have to know if I could trust him to go be in public and still not crave drugs L

Me: Yeah J 

I am really worried about the day Mom will be leaving the country. I don’t trust Elton. I feel like he will get into trouble more. I wish he could start working while he is studying so that he can keep his mind busy but he is not interested to be in the office.

< Narrated >

At the royal house. We see Ngejiwe walking in. It looks like she always goes there when the Queen is not around. She doesn’t look happy at all and judging by how she just passed her biological father without saying “ Hello “ shows it. All we can think about is Notiniphu. How is it gonna go this time ? Now Princess Ngejiwe knows for sure that Notiniphu is sleeping with Velezantsi. Are they gonna fight again?

Anyway we see her greet Siqalo

Siqalo: How did it go with your mom ? 

Ngejiwe: She was assaulted in jail L

Siqalo looked down

Ngejiwe: So you knew and decided not to tell us ? L

Siqalo: You know the Queen. She is all about protecting you guys. She thought she should see her first before telling you 

Ngejiwe: I get it  L

Siqalo: So how is she? 

Ngejiwe: Still her manipulative self! She can’t change in one day in a holding cell right? L

Siqalo: I was asking about her injuries 

Ngejiwe shuruggled her shoulders then walked in. She saw Notiniphu in the living room.

Ngejiwe: You! L

Notiniphu stood up

Notiniphu: Hi L

Ngejiwe: Yesterday I came here to apologise to you  L

Notiniphu continued with what she was doing. She didn’t respond at all

Ngejiwe: You were not here where were you ? L

She stopped dusting the furniture

Notiniphu: I don’t remember  L

Ngejiwe chuckled then shook her head

Ngejiwe: How can you not remember when you were moaning so loud in Someone’s house! L

Notiniphu walked away

Notiniphu: Why did you ask if you know where I was L

Ngejiwe: You back chat now ? What do you think you are ? because you sleep with a man who was my boyfriend you think you have a right to disrespect your princess! What if I tell my Queen what you’ve been up to? L

She looked at me.

Notiniphu: I told the Queen about my boyfriend and she knows he is your ex. You made sure you come here and tell them I was having sex with Velezantsi but that didn’t get you the man now did it ? L

Ngejiwe: I knew this was gonna happen. You speak to me with so much disrespect because we shared the same man now you think I am your equal ? L

Notiniphu shook her head.

Notiniphu: Maybe you are L

Ngjiwe: What did you just say ? L

Notiniphu: I am tired of being disrespect by You! I am older than you and I am no Servant! I am a chef of this house. You heard me! I am not going to repeat myself  L

Ngejiwe: You won’t last here sweetheart with that attitude L

Notiniphu: The Queen is not happy with you so I wonder why would she even listen to anything you have to say PRINCESS  L

Ngejiwe: Remender I am family. I can tell the Quee….. 

Notiniphu: I told her you attacked me. So maybe the only person who should be worried about seeing her in the palace is you. She is not pleased at all with what you did Princess  L

Ngejiwe gave her death stare then walked out of the kitchen. She went to the door. She opened and walked out. Siqalo closed the door.

Notiniphu: Garden boy’s daughter! L

She said that between her lips then clicked her tongue.


The Ndengana royal family just arrived at the hospital. We see them walk in at Nontorotyi’s ward. Nontorotyi broke into tears when she saw the whole family here to see her. She didn’t think they would come She knows this could mean bad news but seeing them here means a lot to her. She misses home. Remember she got arrested living in Mqanduli. She hasn’t seen them in days. Chief Khabalandile doesn’t look like someone who feels sorry for this woman. He didn’t even look at her. Nontorotyi was crying looking at him.

Nontorotyi: You guys don’t know how sorry I am 

Nomakhosazana: Officer ! L

Nontorotyi looked nervous


The officer walked in

Officer: My Lord ? 

Nomakhosazana: Take those things off  L

Officer: My lord that…..  

The Queen took out her phone. She made a phone call and put it on speaker.

Swana: My Lord

Nomakhosazana: I am with your officer here tell him  L 

Swana: The charges against Ms Nontorotyi Dimbaza have been dropped come back to work

Nontorotyi put her hand on her mouth tears streaming down her cheeks. The Queen hung up

Nomagampompo: Nontorotyi this is The last chance! 

Nomakhosazana: And it comes with lots of conditions 

Nontorotyi: I can do anything as long I am back home with my husband I am happy 


The chief gave his wife a death stare.

Nontorotyi: Forgive me my love. I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness but please try for the sake of our children

The chief looked at Queen Nomakhosazan.

Hlohlesakhe: Tell her what’s gonna happen my Queen  L

Nomakhosazana: You’re going to work for the project without getting paid til all the money you owe us is paid 

Nontorotyi was shooked by this but she didn’t show it

Hlohlesakhe: We told the police we can reopen the case anytime so if you do anything to disrespect our family again you’re going straight to prison! 

Nomakhosazana: And I will be the judge in court 

Nontorotyi: Anything you want your highness. I bow….. ️

She looked at Nomahelele then at Princess

tell him  L 

Swana: The charges against Ms Nontorotyi Dimbaza have been dropped come back to work

Nontorotyi put her hand on her mouth tears streaming down her cheeks. The Queen hung up

Nomagampompo: Nontorotyi this is The last chance! 

Nomakhosazana: And it comes with lots of conditions 

Nontorotyi: I can do anything as long I am back home with my husband I am happy 


The chief gave his wife a death stare.

Nontorotyi: Forgive me my love. I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness but please try for the sake of our children

The chief looked at Queen Nomakhosazan.

Hlohlesakhe: Tell her what’s gonna happen my Queen  L

Nomakhosazana: You’re going to work for the project without getting paid til all the money you owe us is paid 

Nontorotyi was shooked by this but she didn’t show it

Hlohlesakhe: We told the police we can reopen the case anytime so if you do anything to disrespect our family again you’re going straight to prison! 

Nomakhosazana: And I will be the judge in court 

Nontorotyi: Anything you want your highness. I bow….. ️

She looked at Nomahelele then at Princess Chief and the Queen

Nontorotyi: I bow to the three of you 

She didn’t mention Nomahelele. Queen Nomahelele just smiled and shook her head.

Nomagampompo: You need to be a good mother to your children. I hope you learnt your lesson and I wish you luck in gaining your daughter’s trust. She hates you right now L

Nontorotyi: I know she was here 

Nomakhosazana: She was here ? We didn’t tell her because we didn’t want to worry her. How did they find out? 

Hlohlesakhe: I am sure she went to the police with Sabonkolo and they heard from there L

Nontorotyi: I am so sorry My Queen for everything I have done. I am on my knees begging for your forgiveness 

Nomakhosazana: We’ve been hear before. You don’t have to prove anything to me. You have to prove it to yourself that you can be a better person. Hopefully your sister wife will put you in line L

Nontorotyi looked away

Nomagampompo: Whether you like it or not She is your sister wife. At least my brother deserve a dignified wife Someone who will not always humiliate the family! L

The door opened

Nurse: You guys have 15 minutes. The patient has to eat and take her pills 

Nomakhosazana: We are leaving  J

The Queen looked at Nontorotyi

Nomakhosazana: When you recover you come home. Someone will fetch you. The chief revoked your punishment. I hope you won’t make him regret this L

Nontorotyi looked at Chief Khabalandile

Nontorotyi: You won’t regret it my love 

Chief Khabalandile took Nomahelele’s hand They walked out so did The princess and the Queen. Outside Nomahelele turned around

Nomahelele: Can I have two minutes with my sister in law ? J


Nomagampompo: No! why didn’t you say what you wanted to say when we were there ? 

Nomahelele: Because you guys are not my sister in law and this is between the two of us L

Hlohlesakhe: Are you sure about this sweetheart ? 

Nomahelele: Yes darling. You guys wait in the car  J

She walked to the door.


After the family left Nomahelele asked to speak to Nontorotyi alone. Princess Nomagampompo doesn’t trust Nomahelele. She wasn’t comfortable with this. It looks like it will take a long time for the princess to trust her. It’s like she knows Nomahelele killed her lover. She just doesn’t fully accept her. Maybe something inside of her tells her Nomahelele did something to betray her and whatever that is she is spot on. She is responsible for Shosholoza’s death. Anyway Nomahelele walked in. Nontorotyi looked up

Nomahelele: S’ntoro-ntoro :D

Nontorotyi: Why are you back? Are you back to laugh at me or to finish me off ? 

Nomahelele put her hand on her chest acting shocked and offended by what Nontorotyi said

Nomahelele: S’ntoro-ntoro I am offended how can you think that of me ? 

Nontorotyi: Did you send those people to beat me ? 

Nomahelele: I came to this town to be a second wife. You’re a first wife. You call the rules and I am okay with that wait…. ? J

Nomahelele walked closer to her

Nomahelele: Did I just say you call the shots? J


Nontorotyi was just crying looking at Nomahelele with so much hate

Nomahelele: If I and our sister in law would take orders from you God This family would be done with 

Nontorotyi: Sister wife? What sister wife ? 

Nomahelele put her hand on her mouth.

Nomahelele: Oh My big mouth 

Nontorotyi: What sister wife? L 

Nomahelele: Our husband is taking a third wife and I gave him my blessings 

Nontorotyi: What ? 

Nomahelele: Isn’t that amazing? :D

Nontorotyi: How can that be amazing when another bitch is coming ? 

Nomahelele: When you say another bitch you mean I am the other bitch ? 

Nontorotyi: You’re destroying my family 

Nomahelele: Let me go before I get mad L

Nomahelele walked to the door

Nontorotyi: Nomahelele! L 

Nomahelele smiled looking at the door. She turned around and looked at Nontorotyi

Nomahelele: Yes ? J

Nontorotyi: Was it you who suggested all these things to the family ? 

Nomahelele: What things? J

Nontorotyi: The third wife and not getting paid!? 

Nomahele: Yes How did you know? :D

Nontorotyi: You come to my family. It’s been a day already you’re taking over. How do you sleep at night ? 

Nomahelele opened the door. She walked out then looked at Nontorotyi

Nomahelele: Like a baby J


Nomahelele closed the door then leaned on it

Nomahelele: Ungrateful bitch 

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