< Narrated >

What is this? Are we dreaming ? The view in the house is perfect. We see Tasha and Hungani lying on the couch naked. Tasha was on top of him lying on his chest. This looked like a perfect couple believe it or not. Two people who hated each other just made up and all is forgotten? Talk about the power of make up sex. Does this mean Hungani’s plan to make Tasha change her mind worked? Was this a plan or we are looking at the most unlikely couple ? It looks like these two are not just cuddling. They fell asleep. We hear a knock at the door. It went on for a minute. The door opened. Ms Refilwe opened the door. She walked in then headed to the living room.

Refilwe: Is someone home ? 

Tasha jumped up. Hungani jumped up. His penis was hanging around his thighs. Ms Refilwe put her hands on her mouth shocked.

Refilwe: Oh My God!!!! 

Ms Refilwe ran to the door. Hungani covered his private part isn’t he a little bit too late? His machine gun doesn’t look like someone explained it. Was it bitterness talking or what? I mean it made Ms Refilwe run for her life. Anyway we see both of them getting dressed fast. They looked embarrassed. Anyway Ms Refilwe didn’t walk out. She was just looking at the door.


We see Hungani kiss Tasha then hold her from the back of her head.

Hungani: I will see you later promise me you won’t do this  J

Tasha: J

Hungani: Promise me J

Tasha: I promise  J

Hungani: I will see you later 

He kissed her then walked away leaving Tasha biting her lower lip but She looked embarrassed. Hungani got next to Ms Refilwe. He looked down.

Refilwe: Hungani  L 

Hungani: Mrs Seputla  

Ms Refilwe shook her head then walked to the living room. Hungani bit his lower lip embarrassed. He looked like he hated what just happened. He opened the door then walked out.

Tasha: I am sorry about that but you should’ve knocked 

Refilwe: I did but I was not gonna mess my fingers. So does this mean you’re done with my son ? L

Tasha swallowed hard. She didn’t atar a word.


Earlier Laila opened up to her friend about what really happened between her and Claire. Now the Question is will she be honest with Hunter? When Laila received a call earlier it was from Hunter asking her to come to his work place. What will Hunter do after he learns about the kinda person Claire is ? He is already experiencing abuse from her. Maybe he wants to speak to Laila just to find out if hitting a partner is what she does or she was really angry.

Anyway we see Hunter going to the door. He opened the door. Laila was at the door.

Hunter: Come in thank you for coming  J

Laila: No problem J 

Laila was looking at a plaster in Hunter’s forehead. She looked more concerned.

Hunter: Please take a sit :D 

Laila: Thank you J 

She sat down. Hunter went to his chair and sat down.

Hunter: I hope I didn’t mess up your day by asking you to come here. It’s jus….. J 

The door opened. They both looked at the door.

Claire: :D

What is Claire doing here? The last time she was with Hunter she hit the poor man. They didn’t speak since now she walks in like everything is okay. Laila looked nervous when she was Claire smiling at the door.


Hunter: Claire what are you doing here? L

Claire: I came to see my boyfriend. What is Laila doing here ? :D 

Laila stood up

Hunter: She came to see Mr Kobus. I just told here he is not in today. I am sure he is at Seputla mine :D 

Laila: I am Sorry to bother you….. 

Hunter: Hunter :D

Laila: Mr Hunter. I should’ve called Mr De Villiers  J 

Hunter: Give him a call :D

Laila smiled and looked at Claire

Laila: Claire  J 

Claire: Bye :D

Laila walked out and closed the door. Claire turned around smiling

Hunter: Are you still stalking me ? L

Claire: Come on baby. I was just around the corner I thought I should come and tell you that I am going to the rehearsals for the fashion show at Sandton J

Hunter: Just like that ? To hell with what happened yesterday L

Claire: Baby I apologised. Please forgive me I was so angry. You can’t blame me. You cheated on me 

Hunter: When are you going to forgive Me? It looks like we will fight about this all the time! L

Claire flipped her hair. She smiled then put her arms around Hunter’s neck. She kissed him. Hunter kissed her back. Claire broke the kiss

Claire: I forgive you J

She said putting her finger on Hunter’s lips

Claire: And you will never hear me talk about it ever again J

Hunter: Really ? J 

Claire kissed him

Claire: I give you my word  J

Hunter kissed her. They kissed for a while. Claire unbuttoned Hunter’s first button. A knock came at the door. They stopped kissing

Claire: Am I seeing you at the fashion show tonight? J

Hunter went to the door.  He opened the door

Lady: Sir your meating starts in 15 minutes  J 

Hunter: Thank you I will be ready

The lady walked away. Hunter looked at Claire

Hunter: I will be there J

Claire kissed him

Claire: Thanks baby. I have to go I am late :D

Hunter: bye babe ;)

Claire walked out. Hunter closed the door. Claire lost her smile. She took out her phone and made a phone call. She is calling Laila.

Laila: He….

Claire: What business do you have with my boyfriend because I know all What he said was a lie! 

Laila: I didn’t get to hear what he called me there for and you’re to blame for that

Claire: Who gave him your number ? 

Laila: Ask him…. ( Tu tu tu tu tu )

Claire looked at her phone. She noticed She hung up

Claire: Bitch 

< Tasha >

Oh My God I just had sex with Hungani. I am so embarrassed by what happened because it made me swallow my words and don’t get me started with what just happened with Mrs Seputla walking in on us naked all over each other. She just asked me if I am done with her son. I didn’t think of Elton at all. Everything happened so fast. I can’t make any conclusions right now. I don’t know what is going on and I am looking forward to our date later afternoon. I have to many decisions to make. I need to know Hungani’s intentions with us. I want to know what was the sex about because I enjoyed it. I just feel bad for betraying Elton again with this man and I know this woman is gonna run to her son and tell him about what she saw because She wants us to break up. I feel like I am playing with fire. Elton gave me a pass after everything I have done to him. Now I am doing the very same thing. If things go well when I meet Hungani later I will have to go tell Elton I cannot be with him. He deserves to know the truth but I have to tell him after the trip. I can’t miss out on this opportunity. I am going to Mozambique. Who knows? His reality show crew might be there. It boosted my following. Being on that show again will help my career.

Refilwe: I asked you a question Tasha. Are you done with my son ? L

I showed her the couch. Ms Refilwe looked at the couch. Oh rich people. She doesn’t see sperm there now does she ?

Refilwe: I would rather stand. Can you please open the windows  L

I did the walk of shame to the windows and opened them then turned around.

Me: I thought you said you’re not here to talk about EJ L

Refilwe: I didn’t say that. I said I am not coming here to say break up with my son but I think right I should! L

Me: Oh My God that’s what you’re here to do I knew it L 

Refilwe: You don’t know me. You just know I am your boyfriend’s mother so please don’t call me a liar! L

I looked  looked down. I didn’t call her a liar. I just don’t understand what she wanna talk about if it’s not about EJ because he is a common denominator in this

Me: I am sorry ️

Refilwe: Good! I am here to beg you to change your mind about going to the trip 

I looked at her. Is she kidding ? I am looking forward to going to that trip. I am even planning to dump Elton after the trip. How can she say this? I looked away. I don’t think I like this. Why would she go against her son and come here to ask me this ?

Me: L

I don’t like this at all. I looked away angry

Refilwe: Tasha Please do not go to this trip  I beg you! L 

Me: I am sorry ma’am I know you and your daughter don’t like me but I didn’t think you’d stoop this low! L 

Refilwe: Tasha I don’t have a problem with you dating my son L

She thinks I believe that? Let me hear why she doesn’t have a problem with me dating her son after what I did to him. I am not being ungrateful. Every decision a person makes they have a reason to make it I wanna hear hers

Me: Why? L

Refilwe: Why !? L 

Me: I drugged him why don’t you have a problem?  

Her: I am angry yes but I can’t tell my son what to do. All I am asking of you is for you to make up an excuse and cancel from him. I don’t care what happens after the trip. I give you my blessing. You can date him but do not go to that drip  L

I walked around. No man. I don’t know I feel like she is planning to break us up. It’s her plan with her daughter. She knows if I cancel Elton will be angry and take back his forgiveness

Refilwe: Are you trying to tell me you believe my son forgave you just like that? Girl open your eyes. I don’t trust him. I feel like he is angry. I don’t want him to do something to you in another country L 

Okay…… She has my undivided attention now. I have to hear her out. I notinced how he is but I still can’t trust this woman.

Refilwe: Tasha come on You noticed this! My son is not the same person. He is just not the EJ we know didn’t you notice something? Anything ? L 

I noticed something yes but how do I trust her ? All she wants is for her son to date someone else not me. She can make things up just to scare me off

Me: No! I noticed he is acting really weird but at the same time I cannot trust what you tell me because you don’t think I am good for your son after what I did 

She got frustrated.  I saw her walking up and down pacing up

Refilwe: I took my time. I came here. Do you really think I would waste my time and come here if I didn’t see something is off with him? I am trying to save you here. I just told you to be careful. Don’t go there! When he comes back I give you guys my blessings. Date him when he comes back! L 

She came closer to me

Refilwe: Tasha I am scared for you. I am scared of what my son might do. I don’t want my son to mess up. If you not there he won’t do somethin….. 

Me: What is it that EJ planned? L 


Her eyes widened. She looked down

Me: I can’t just take your word when you don’t wanna tell me what he wants to do to me 

I saw a tear drop. This is serious

Refilwe: Promise me you won’t go 


Refilwe: Promise me you won’t meet him in a private place. Promise me you will only meet him at my house or in public  and when you’re in my house make sure you don’t stand next to the window that is open or the balcony. He might throw you out the window or balcony please listen to me! 

Oh my God this is serious. What is EJ planning to do to me. This woman is not playing now. If Hungani and I are going to be in a relationship. I will have to move in with him. I am not safe now I believe this woman. She definitely knows something but she doesn’t wanna tell me. She is protecting her son.

Refilwe: I don’t care about you and you know that but one thing you need to know is that I care about my son. I love him and I don’t want him to get into trouble 

I nodded my head yes

Refilwe: You promise you will be careful? 

Me: Yes. I know what I will tell him when I see him 

She smiled

Her: Thank you. Thank you so much J 

She hugged me. This is serious. I never thought I would even get a hug from her again


Maybe this is a perfect idea. I haven’t thought of how I was gonna fix the situation. I just had sex with Hungani. I am alive again. I feel so happy. I am happy that we had sex. I am in love with Hungani. I love him so much and I was hurt that he didn’t treat me well. I am going to tell Elton that I am raising my child with my baby daddy. I smiled while hugging Mrs Seputla. I am glad she came. This made things easy for me. I know what I will do.

Me: J

< Nontorotyi >

Me: Where am I! ouch!  

Oh My God. My head is in pain. I tried to touch my head I saw a chain in my wrist. Oh Lord I am in hospital and I am still under arrest. They are treating me like I am a con artist

Me: Help!!! 

I saw a nurse coming in.

Nurse: Is everything okay ma’am? 

Me: Call my husband!! Call my husband 

Nurse: Ma’am you need to calm down. I don’t know your husband! L

An officer walked in. Nurse looked at him

Nurse: Did anyone call her family ? 

Officer: Yes her family knows 

Oh My God they don’t care. How can I wake up with no one here. I know I wronged the family but I am injuried here. They should be here now.

Me: Nurse what happened to me ? 

Nurse looked at the officer

Officer: You were attacked by other in mates

Me: I can’t go back there! Do something. Release me. I am not safe there 

Officer: Now you’re being dramatic. You think charges against you will just be forgotten because you got beat in a holding cell? It happens all the time :D

Me: I am not safe there! 

My daughter walked in

Me: Ngeji! Ngejiwe My baby ! :D. 

She folded her arms on her chest. She gave me death stare. Don’t tell me She is angry as well. My sister walked in

Sabonkolo: Oh My god 

Me: Sister 

She ran to me. She hugged me. I felt so much pain.

Me: Ouch 

Sabonkolo: Oh I am so sorry 

I looked at Ngejiwe. She gave me death stare again. I know she is angry. I always humiliate my house. Sabonkolo looked at the nurse

Sabonkolo: Nurse how serious are her injuries? 

Nurse: She has one at the back of her head. One rib was almost broken

Me: No! 

Sabonkolo: Oh My God 

Ngejiwe: L 

That is why I feel a pain in my right rib.  Oh My God Nomakhosazana did this. She goes a lot to police stations as a judge. She paid people to do this to me

Sabonkolo: Why were you attacked ? 

Me: I don’t know. They hit me from behind. I remember a heavy thing hit me from behind  

Nurse: I will give you 15 minutes with her I will be back

Ngejiwe: Thanks nurse L

She walked out. Ngejiwe looked at me

Ngejiwe: How could you ? 

Me: I am sorry. I never thought this….  

Ngejiwe: I am not talking about that! Why you lied to me last year? L 

I am confused. What is she talking about?

Me: Last year ? 

Ngejiwe: Mother you asked me to send an email from the Queen’s computer! 

Me: Oh My God. I hope you didn’t tell them it was you 

Ngejiwe: I didn’t have to! The Queen always finds out every time I help you. She is smart and it’s probably why you hate her L

I looked down. My baby girl is going through a lot because of me.

Ngejiwe: Tell me mother

When you used the Queen’s email Did you think everything was gonna be traced back to her? L

Me: I have a headache please call the doctor. They must sedate me 

I am lying. I can’t face Ngejiwe right now. She is causing me more migraines. She came to me..

Ngejiwe: Mother you need to stop being dramatic or I am going to punch your rib! 

Sabonkolo: Ngejiwe she is your mother! L 


She was breathing heavily. She means business. She will punch me

Me: Please Don’t  

Ngejiwe: Then stop making noise!

Me: Okay 

Ngejiwe: You messed up mom. You’re going to spend so many years in prison. What should I tell Notumata and Nontwana? L 

Oh My poor babies. I closed My eyes and broke down. I miss them


Ngejiwe: Should I tell them that their mother is a thief and she is behind bars for fraud? 

Me: No! 

She shook her head. I can see she hates Me. I am her mother. She can’t hate me.

Ngejiwe: If you didn’t betray me I was gonna represent you and win this case but I am done with you! L

Me: Please baby help me ! 

Sabonkolo: Ngejiwe Fraud is a serious case. What were you gonna do! You’re still a student 

Ngejiwe: This is nothing to me. I was gonna walk out of court victorious but she is not gonna get that from me L

Me: Please 

Sabonkolo: Tell me what were you gonna say to the judge? 

Ngejiwe: Mom was a senior nurse. She was getting paid a lot. They asked her to quit her job and paid her money that is not even half of her salary. I was gonna tell the judge that she felt unappreciated. She did that because she was not used to being paid peanuts every month. She felt like the family owed her. I was gonna take it from there but I am not interested. I don’t want to look stupid again to my family L

Me: Please help Me! I swear I will change ! 

Sabonkolo: Ngejiwe we can’t pay a lawyer when you can do something  ! L 

Ngejiwe: Auntie you will find me in the car. Don’t keep me waiting  L

She walked out. I looked at my sister

Me: She hates me 

Sabonkolo: Don’t worry I will speak to her. She will come around but if she doesn’t then I am going to make sure I use the information she told us and tell the lawyer. Speaking of the lawyer…. 

Me: Yes! Did you find me a lawyer ? 

Sabonkolo: I cannot hire a lawyer until I know you have money to pay him 

Me: No! I am unemployed. Help me 

Sabonkolo: Sisi I don’t have money I am sorry 

Me: Go beg my husband. I am sure he will feel sorry for me now that I am here 

Sabonkolo: I doubt that. We had to go to the police station to find out you’re here. They didn’t tell us and Detective Swana says he told them. They just don’t care. Let’s use the state lawyer. We will tell him what your daughter told us 

Me: I am a royal Queen and You’re telling me that I will use a state lawyer? How awful 

Sabonkolo: Sis I think right now status should be the last thing in your mind. You’re a royal Queen and that didn’t stop you from stealing ! L

Me: You’re my sister. You should be by my side! L 

Sabonkolo: I will come see you soon L

Me: That’s if I am not dead by then 

Sabonkolo: Don’t say that! L 

Me: The person who did this to me is out there. What if she comes and finish me off ?  

Sabonkolo: You even know it’s a She? 

Me: Nomakhosazana and that sister of hers did this to me but God didn’t approve. He fought for me. I am sure they thought I am dead 

Her phone rang. She said waving her phone at me

Sabonkolo: Your daughter is gonna leave me bye!! 

She ran out.

Me: God keep protecting me 

< Narrated >

The Ndengana royal family just arrived at Zidenge royal family. It looks like they all moved to Nomaxabiso’s house. They are no longer at the royal house. They walked in. Immediately when they walked in. The Queen thought of Nomfunzelo and how she was begging her to call an ambulance. The Queen shook her head trying to shake it off. The Queen was having a conversation with herself. She kept telling herself that she was gonna die anyway. She was never gonna make it alive to the hospital. It was her fault She died. This poison was hers and it killed her.

Nomakhosazana: It was either her or me ️

Nomahelele: Are you saying something cuz? 

Nomakhosazana snapped out of it. She smiled

Nomakhosazana: No! :D  


The families did a short prayer. Nomaxabiso was part of the prayer. She looked embarrassed. Since the Ndengana family arrived she hasn’t looked up. She feels embarrassed and you cannot blame her after what happened the last time she was at the royal palace.

Mr Zidenge: So who is this lady I have been to the royal palace a few times and I have never seen her J

He said looking at Nomahelele. The Queen smiled.

Nomakhosazana: This is The chief’s second wife :D

Mr Zidenge: Oh Khalandile you don’t say?  J 

Hlohlesakhe: We just paid Lobola. There hasn’t been a wedding yet as you know we are planning King Zwelicacile’s wedding J

Chief Zidenge looked at Nomaxabiso. He knew this wouldn’t sit well with her

Mr Zidenge: Nomaxabiso are you okay ? 

Nomaxabiso stood up

Nomaxabiso: I am fine uncle ! L

She stood Up then walked away. Nomahelele pinched Chief Khabalandile asking him to follow her. Chief Zidenge looked at his wife

Him: Honey follow her 

Chief Khabalandile stood up

Hlohlesakhe: No! I got this ! I will follow her J 

Queen Nomakhosazana looked at Chief Khabalandile

Nomakhosaza: Are you sure? 

Hlohlesakhe: Yes. She needs to speak to someone who is not family. Someone She will be able to speak her feelings to J 

Nomahelele: Absolutely darling! Go after her J 

Chief Khabalandile walked to the bedroom. Nomahelele smiled looking down. Chief Khabalandile knocked at the door then opened the door.

Nomaxabiso: I don’t want to see anyone!!! 

Hlohlesakhe: I hope you want to see me 

Nomaxabiso wiped her tears. She looked up When she saw who it was She stood up.

Nomaxabiso: Chief Khabalandile what are you doing in my bed room ? 

Hlohlesakhe: I lost both my parents as well. I know it has been a long time but when they died I was younger. I felt like I had nothing to live for anymore. I didn’t know how I was gonna carry on with life without them but I cannot imagine how it’s like to lose both of them in one day 

Nomaxabiso: I am all alone. I am all alone chief Khabalandile. I don’t know what I am going to do. I have So many responsibilities that I am not even ready for. I never prepared myself for this 

Hlohlesakhe: Nomaxabiso you need someone you can trust. Someone who is going to look out for you and help you with these responsibilities 

He walked closer to her .

Hlohlesakhe: Nomaxabiso if you need anything I am here for you. I can do anything to take that pain away from you. You were almost our daughter in law. We still care about you and for the record. I think my nephew is very stupid to let go of a beautiful woman like you J

Nomaxabiso: I don’t know. I am going through a lot right now. A man I thought was gonna be my soulmate hates me. I…. 

She walked passed the chief

Nomaxabiso: I lost my parents. The only thing I feel is pain  

The chief grabbed her wrist. Nomaxabiso turned around


Hlohlesakhe: A hug can take all that pain away. Come here J 

He pulled her and hugged her tight. Nomaxabiso cried so hard on his chest. The chief hugged her tight brushing her back

Hlohlesakhe: I am going to be here everyday for you. I am going to take care of you. You’re a very special woman and Smart. The only thing you need is a man who cares and sees your beauty

Nomaxabiso: Thank you my chief 

Hlohlesakhe: Let it all out My Princess Let it all out J 

It’s over thirty minutes Nomaxabiso and the chief went to the bedroom. We see Nomahelele stands up. The Queen looked at her so did the Zidenge family.

Nomahele: I need to go check on them. My darling forgot we have to be somewhere in an hour J

Nomakhosazana: And we have to leave L 

Nomahelele: I will be right back  J

Queen Nomahelele walked to the bedroom. She had a smirk in her face.

Nomahelele: I hope you’re done Hlohlesakhe L   

She got to the door. She breath in and out “ My chief you need to dress up before someone walks in”  Said Nomaxabiso inside. Nomahelele smiled then turned the door handle

Nomahelele: I am so sorry to interrupt its jus…..  

Nomahelele put her hand on her mouth acting shocked. Nomaxabiso stood up

Nomaxabiso: I am….please I… 

Hlohlesakhe: Sweetheart this not what….. 

Nomahelele: Hlohlesakhe leave us!!! 

Hlohlesakhe: Sweetheart I didn’t mean for this to happen  

Nomaxabiso: Please forgive him he was trying to help me. It’s my fault. I kissed him first 

Hlohlesakhe: I am so sorry swee….. 

Nomahelele: I said leave!! 

Chief Khabalandile looked at her for the last time. He said sorry then walked out and closed the door. Nomahelele turned around..

Nomahelele: I understand the fact that you’re hurting and you lost your parents but….  

Nomaxabiso: Please forgive me. Don’t tell people. Your Fiancé will be humiliated and I will be humiliated as well please I beg of you 

Nomahelele: I can’t stand a woman who sleeps with my man 

Nomaxabiso: It’s not going to happen again I swear 

Nomahelele: How was it? 

Nomaxabiso: Huh? 

Nomahelele: You heard me how was the sex? Did you enjoy it I hate lies. I want you to be honest with me  

Nomaxabiso looked away

Nomahelele: Don’t lie to me Nomaxabiso L

Nomaxabiso: Okay it was unexpected. I was emotional. I didn’t think straight. I went for it 

Nomahelele: Why didn’t you stop him ? L

Nomaxabiso turned around.

Nomaxabiso: I couldn’t please stop asking I can’t have this conversation with you. I just slept with the man you’re going to marry 

Nomahelele: You loved it L

Nomaxabiso: I don’t know but I didn’t hate it 

Nomahelele: I love Hlohlesakhe. I killed my two other boyfriends because they cheated on me 

Nomaxabiso got scared. She was shocked.


Nomahelele: I am not going to let this push me to the edge. I love that man. He is royalty. My dream is to marry him. You also have a dream of being a royal wife right ? L

Nomaxabiso: That dream died. I am sure You know why 

Nomahelele: Girl you slept with my Fiancé. To avoid a conflict because the next time you sleep with him…… J

Nomahelele walked closer to her smiling

Nomahelele: I am not going to kill him I am gonna kill you :D

Nomaxabiso: It won’t happen again 

Nomahelele: You’re right it won’t happen again because The next time it happens you will be his third wife J

Nomaxabiso: What ? 

Nomahelele: Come on girl! You’re pregnant with with a married man’s child :D

Nomaxabiso sat on the edge of her bed shocked to hear this


Nomahelele: And the worst thing is you’re friends with his wife J

Nomaxabiso: How many people know this? 

Nomahelele: I am a 36 years old woman. You and I have 3 year age gap. If I can marry him I don’t know why can’t you. I am a royal princess. My mother shared a wife with three women. I love having sister wives. You and my husband slept together. Why don’t you just marry him. I am sure you don’t wanna be a side bitch all Your life? J 

Nomaxabiso: But you know I am pregnant with another man’s child. How is this gonna work ? 

Nomahelele: We don’t have to tell my husband anything ! J

“ So…… “ Said a voice behind them. It came from the closet. It was a male voice. Nomahelele looked scared she got teary. The person didn’t reveal himself.


Nomaxabiso ran to the closet

Nomaxabiso: Daddy is that you !? 

She opened the door of the closet. A man stood up. It’s not him it’s Gedleza

Nomaxabiso: Gedleza? 

Gedleza ignored her. He walked out of the closet

Gedleza: Thank you for opening for me. It’s really hot in there J


Nomahelele: Gedleza what are you doing here. Do you know you almost gave me a heart attack? L

Gedleza: My Queen I am here to see you 

Queen Nomahelele looked nervous

Nomahelele: Is everything okay ? 

Gedleza looked at Nomaxabiso then at Queen Nomahelele

Gedleza: If I heard you correctly My Queen you said…… J

He looked at Nomaxabiso’s belly

Gedleza: This baby is going to be Chief Khabalandile’s heir 

Nomaxabiso: That wouldn’t be a bad thing I mean I am a royal…. :D 

Nomahelele gave her a hand Nomaxabiso stopped talking. Queen Nomahelele looked at Gedleza

Nomahelele: I am the chosen one! 

Gedleza: Princess Nomaxabiso is carrying a baby boy…..

Nomaxabiso got excited. She put her hand on her mouth

Nomaxabiso: Oh My God 

Gedleza: Now if you gonna make the chief believe he is the father of this baby He is choosing his first born son L

Nomaxabiso: What do you say sister wife? Isn’t this amazing? :D

Nomahelele smiled. She put her hand on Nomaxabiso’s shoulder

Nomahelele: I know right ! :D

Nomaxabiso clapped hands

Nomaxabiso: Oh my God my baby boy is going to be an… :D 

Nomahelele: It’s amazing that Gedleza showed up and opened my eyes! I almost made a big mistake :D

Nomaxabiso lost her smile

Nomaxabiso: I don’t understand ? 

Nomahelele: You sweety need to grow up. I don’t want to have a sister wife who is behaving like She has lost a few screws in her head  :D


Nomahelele: Your child is nothing but a bastard but we will love him as our own okay ? J


Me: Now let me go tell Our husband that you’re pregnant. I am going to give my husband an heir…….. :D

Nomaxabiso:  ️

Queen Nomahelele fixed Nomaxabiso’s hair

Me: Not you sweety :D

Nomaxabiso: ️

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