< Hungani Oliphant >

I don’t know what to think or feel right now. Yesterday I got in my car. I followed Tasha. I saw she went to her friend’s house where she lives. I stayed at their parking lot for a while. I had to make sure she doesn’t go to the doctor. I left around 8pm and came home when I made sure she didn’t go to the doctor. I mean there are no doctors who open till 8pm. Tasha cannot kill my child. I need to stop her from making this mistake. I know we don’t get along but she cannot do this to me. I was abandoned by my biological parents when I was a baby. Such things are very serious and hit home to me. All I ever dreamt of was to have a child and give it the love I never got from my parents. This changes everything for me. I need to speak to Tasha. I need to do whatever it takes to win her back. She is very angry with me and it’s understandable. I kind of messed her up. It’s amazing how God works. How can the one person I don’t get along with be the mother of my child? Believe me I don’t hate Tasha If anyone remember clearly the morning we woke up together we were cool. I was happy and I wanted to be with her because she is a gorgeous girl. Even when Priscella was at my house I was like what the hell. I will stand by my girl then when she showed us the paper everything changed. I got to see someone I didn’t like at all. I hated what she did to Elton but I didn’t care about taking her from him. I mean you take someone from someone. It happens everyday. I knew being with Tasha was either gonna make me forget Priscella or make Priscella jealous and want me back but none of that happened. Tasha messed up something beautiful we were starting. I need to leave this place now and head to Tasha’s house. I have to stop her.

Anyway I am having coffee. I saw Brianna coming to me.

Brianna: Oh hi :D

Me: What’s up? J  

She kissed me

Brianna: I missed you last night  L

Me: Sorry I wasn’t in the mood to join you ladies in bed. I wanted to sleep alone  L

Brianna: You should’ve called me when you arrived. I am sure having only me in bed wouldn’t be that bad J

She came to me. I wish I was in the mood but I am not. I wish she could just Stop. I don’t know why she wants to be all over me. I put my cup down.

Me: I need to go somewhere L

Brianna: Where are you going? 

Me: To work  L

Brianna: And last night ? Where were you ?

Me: I went to see my mom then came home late  L

Brianna: What are you gonna do with this Tasha girl. Let her do the abortion. She just came here to blackmail you. If she wanted to kill that baby she would’ve done it. She didn’t need to come here and talk to you about it. I think she wants you L

Me: Well I can’t let her kill my child L

Brianna: You sure it’s yours. That girl is slut who sleeps around with any man who smiles at her L

Me: I am not sure it’s not mine but I cannot just sit here and Wait for her to kill the child L

Brianna: You ran to the car and ran after her. I don’t understand why you lied about going to your mom. I know you followed that girl

Me: I went to tell mom about Tasha that’s it. I needed advice L

Brianna: So what’s her advice? L

I looked at her

Me: I have to go L

Brianna: Fine! We are leaving in an hour going to rehearsal and we will stay there til the show. Hope to see you later J

Me: Sure maybe J

I headed to the door. I don’t like her acting like my wife. They are just my friends. I don’t want them to confuse what we have for anything. I lost a lot because of them.

< Princess Ngejiwe >

My aunt asked for a day off at work. We are going to see mom but we have to go see uncle first. We have to tell him about what his sister done to my family. I am sure he wants to know the real truth. I am sure he doesn’t know where she got all the money they used to build that house. From there we are going to Ngqeleni police station and see mother. Aunt has to ask if mom has money to pay the lawyer before she hires one. I like Siqalo’s advise to his wife. They are not going to pay so much money for someone who knew what she was doing. What did she do with that million? I am sure she has money hidden somewhere. My mother is not an embarrassment to only herself. She is an embarrassment to her kids as well. I am glad that my sisters don’t know what is going on. I hope they never finds out. Mother don’t think about us when she does the things she does. The only person she looks out for is herself. She doesn’t care about us and that is not fair. Today I am ready to confront her. I will tell her what I think of her. She is really a disappointment in my eyes. I love her she is my mother but I am not going to support her. She must learn the hard way. If I keep helping her I will end up just like her.

Me: You know aunt I won’t be surprised if uncle knew about this. L

Sabonkolo: My brother is more like Nontorotyi. They never wanted me to marry Siqalo because he is a royal servant.  To them you have to marry someone rich. I don’t know why my brother didn’t marry a rich girl L

Ngejiwe: Uncle is so lazy. I can’t believe he has never worked in his life  L

Sabonkolo: That one must find a job. He has children. He can’t depend on my sister just because you guys get money from many people in your family L

Anyway we arrived. I parked the car. We walked out.

Me: Look at how beautiful this house is 

Sabonkolo: I have been here. Wait until we get inside J

We walked to the door. My uncle walked out

Uncle: My niece. Sisi :D

Me: Hello Uncle  J

Him: You left plastics in the car ? :D

Me: What plastics ? L 

Uncle: You can’t visit your uncle Empty handed :D

Sabonkolo: Do you know where Nontorotyi got the money to build this house? L

He smiled

Him: Sisi our sister is married to a chief. Unlike you decided to Marry a servant. She married into a family that is rich. Money is not a problem in that family. I heard they don’t use tissue anymore when they go to the toilet. They use money :D

I shook my head. He is more stupid than a 6 year old

Me: That is why you and mom decided to steal from us? L :’(

He looked at aunt Sabonkolo

Him: steal ? 

Aunt walked in  I did too. God it’s beautiful here

Sabonkolo: Nontorotyi stole One million four hundred and fourty thousand rands from that family! L

Him: So much money Where is She? Did she go to Dubai? Why did she leave me and family behind.  We could start a new life with that kinda money! :D

Me: Yeah you did start a new life. Look at this house! It was built with it ! L

Him: What ? 

Sabonkolo: Bhuti our sister was arrested yesteday for fraud! L

Me: She is going to spend most of her life in prison! L

Uncle: Your mother can’t be in jail. What are we gonna eat? 

Me: Sorry uncle I don’t mean to disrespect you but at your age shouldn’t you be working? You can’t depend on your older sister when you are married with children L

Uncle: Be careful little brat 

Me: No uncle ! I just told you my mother is arrested one thing that came to mind to you was her money. Don’t you feel guilty that maybe she did what she did because of the pressure you put her through ? L

Uncle: She promised to take care of us. Right sisi ? L

He was asking aunt Sabonkolo. I shook my head in disbelief.

Sabonkolo: BhutI this child is right. You need to find a job. Nontorotyi won’t send you money anymore. She is in prison for fraud. She could spend a lot of time in there ! L

Uncle sat down putting his hands on his head

Uncle: Eish what are we gonna do this coming month. January is the toughest and the longest month  ‍️

Me: Uncle your sister is in jail. Ain’t you worried about her? L 

He looked at me

Uncle: I am sure her cards have money. Didn’t she leave….. 

Me: Oh My God! I am done here ! L

I walked out furiously and headed to my car. That man is crazy! He is just like mom. What an opportunist. I can’t believe mom did all this for that ungrateful man.

< Tasha >

I am so excited about the trip to Mozambique. I want us to work on our relationship. I want Elton and I to work and I am planning to tell him I went to see Hungani yesterday so that He can see that I am a changed woman. I don’t want any fights between us. I want this to work. I am aborting this child so that we can start afresh. I have a busy day today. I have to go to my meeting then go to see a doctor. I tried calling the doctor yesterday but it was too late. I had to call in the morning and make an appointment. I am going there at Eleven. I don’t know how long my meeting with Mandy will take that is why I chose 11am for my doctor’s appointment. I feel like I achieved what I want to achieve with my visit to see Hungani. He thought it would be like before. He thought he was gonna do what he always does when he sees me. It felt so good to see him running after me. He will see how much I hate him.

Anyway Laila told me Sonia’s husband wants to see her. I am curious to know why Maybe Laila has an idea why that man wanna see her.

Me: So what do you think Sonia’s ex husband wants from you ? 

Laila: We have one thing in common Claire! L

Me: Do you think she started with her jealous ways again ?  

Laila: I hope not. If that’s the case then I feel sorry for the poor guy. Claire is always controlling Acting crazy and forever apologising for it L

Me: But you kept going back. Even yesterday I stopped you from making the biggest mistake of your life. That girl hurt you. She messed with your mind then dumped you! L

She took her coffee mug then sipped on it

Laila: L 

Me: I don’t want to make you feel bad friend it’s jus…. 

Laila: I dumped Claire! She didn’t dump me L 

I looked at her. What is she talking about? This woman was broken not allowing anyone to see her in this flat. She was heartbroken now she is telling me she didn’t get dumped?

Me: I don’t understand? 

She put her cup down then stood up.  I stood up to. I want to know because I am confused right now. This girl is my friend. We share everything. I can’t believe she lied to me.

Laila: Tasha I was ashamed  L

Me: Ashamed  ? 

Laila: You kept saying she wasn’t right for me I kept making excuses for her. Claire and I relationship was toxic. She was violant L

Me: Violant how ? 

She walked around the kitchen. I could see she was re-living that experience. She got angry

Me: You’re scaring me now 

Laila: Whenever we argued she always threw whatever she had in her hand at me L

Me: What? 

Laila: Yep. The day we broke up Well we didn’t really break up we just stopped talking. I threatened her she stayed away L

Me: Tell me what happened that day ?

Laila: We were arguing about some girl I was talking to. She was drinking milk It was in a glass. I kept saying I was sorry. Yeah I was flirting with that girl but I knew I wouldn’t persue anything with her but you know Claire She just got mad. She threw the glass at me and it hit me right here  L

She said pointing at a mark in her forehead

Me: When I saw this it was already healed. You said you were walking out of your car then hit your forehead on the door  

Laila: I lied. That girl hit me with that glass. I passed out. When I woke up I was cold on the floor she was gone with all her clothes  

Me: What ? 

Laila: Yeah. I woke up. I went to the clinic. I texted her telling her if I ever see her again I would kill her L

Me: Oh My God. So she thought you were dead ? 

Laila: I think so She thought I was dead that is why She left me lying on the floor  L

Me: And yesterday? Why did you even think of going to her after what she did to you ? L

Laila: I don’t want her if that’s what you think. I forgave her. I thought since she sounded like she needed my help I should go and find out what is wrong at least she is not mad at me and I know how she is. I wanted to talk to her and remind her of her actions J

Me: You need to stay away from that crazy girl! We need to find you a girl for the trip :D

Laila: I am talking to someone so I am sorted on that department J

Me: Great :D

My phone rang..

Me: Excuse me J

Laila: Sure J

I answered. I saw Laila answering her phone as well

Me: Hello ? 

Caller: Tasha it’s Refilwe EJ’s mother

What is this woman want? Is she calling me to ask me to stay away from her son like Sonia and her daughter did?

Me: Oh Hi Mrs Seputla 


I saw Laila coming back. She looked shocked to hear who I am speaking to

Refilwe: Can we meet please ?

Me: I have a meeting at 9:30

Refilwe: It won’t be long. Send me your address. I will be there now

Me: Ma’am is this about Elton? I wou…..

Refilwe: Actually I would prefer if my son don’t know about this meeting but this has nothing to do with you being with him. It’s something else. Something way important

Me: Oh okay I think I have few minutes 

Refilwe: You can tell anyone that I am coming there but not Elton please promise me !

Me: I promise 

She hung up. I sent her my address. Laila looked at me.

Laila: What is going on ? 

Me: Mrs Seputla wants to see me. What I don’t understand is why she doesn’t want me to tell her son…… 

Laila: That’s weird…. 

Me: I know right? She said I can tell anyone else but his son. What if she kills me ? 

Laila: I doubt she will kill you if she said that. I mean I know you’re meeting her. If something happens to you I will know who did it  J

Me: Yeah. So who called you ? J

Laila: Oh Hunter wants to see me at his office  J 

Me: Who is Hunter? 

Laila: Sonia’s ex husband J

She took her bag

Me: And work ? 

Laila: I am going in at two J

Me: Okay bye. I will wai….. 

We heard a knock at the door

Laila: I will get it on my way out  J

Me: Okay  J

She went to the door. She opened the door.  I heard someone asking for me. I stood up and looked at the door. Hungani ran in

Hungani: Thank God you’re still here ‍️

He ran to me

Me: Hungani 

He got to me. He went down on his knees. This is crazy. Is he proposing?

Hungani: I am sorry about everything. Please forgive me. Don’t kill our baby because you hate me 

Me: I don’t have time for this L

Hungani: Please Tasha. We will be best parents. We will love this child and give it the best life please don’t do this I beg you 

Me: I don’t want to be a single mother. I will have a baby when I am in a relationship L

Hungani stood up. He took both my hands


Me: There is nothing you can do That can stop me. We can’t stand each other. Please let’s not make things worse! I don’t want anything that will make me doubt my decisio…. 

He kissed me. Oh My God what is he doing now. I tried to break the kiss. He hold my waist and pulled me closer. I got weak. I kissed him. I felt shivers down my spin. His think soft lips and his warm body betrayed my body and soul.

Laila: My Queue! ‍️

I heard the door shut. When I paid attention to Hungani I realised I already took off his shirt. He carried me and put me on the couch. He kissed my neck. I felt his beard on my neck. I let out a moan

Me: Oh Yeah  J :p

He pulled up my dress. I grabbed his belt. I unzipped his pants We did all this fast breathing Heavily and kissing each other hard…………

< Judge Makhosazana >

Oh my God I cannot believe this. Who could’ve done something like this. Who sent people to attack Nontorotyi in a holding cell? She is not only beat. She hospitalised. I called Swana again. He told me that. How can this be happening. We don’t need this. How are we going to look at this woman’s children. What are we gonna say to them when she is fighting for her life in hospital? This is too much. What are we gonna do ? We were just about to leave for the Zidenge family now we have to change our plans and go see her at hospital in Mthatha. I hope she doesn’t die because if she dies those poor children will never forgive us for this. I know I shouldn’t be thinking what I am thinking because this woman is my cousin sister. What if Nomahelele sent people from the police station to beat up Nontorotyi? I love Nomahelele she is my cousin sister. We are loyal to each other. We got each other’s backs and she trusts me. She tells me everything. I don’t think she did this but anything is possible with her. You just never know what Nomahelele is up to. She is unpredictable.

Anyway I just hung up. My sister in law and cuz looked at me. I can’t believe this. Who did this ? I believe Nomahelele didn’t do this. If she did I know she would’ve told me.

Nomagampompo: Sisi what did Detective say ? 

I started pacing up and down. What do I tell them? The detective didn’t tell me the details.


Nomahelele: You’re scaring us right ! L 

Siqalo walked in

Siqalo: I apologise to Interrupt my Queen. The chief just arrived 

Nomagampompo: Send him in! L

They looked at me. I got a runny nose in a second.

Nomahelele: Cuz! L

I sat on the couch. Chief Khabalandile walked in. I looked at him

Hlohlesakhe: My Queen you’re crying is everything okay ? 

Me: Nontorotyi was attacked in a holding cell. I don’t know how bad it is. She is in hospital  

Nomahelele: No! 

Nomagampompo: Oh My God 

The princess looked at Nomahelele

Nomagampompo: I am sorry to ask….  

Nomahelele: What? L 

Nomagampompo: Did you have something to do with this ? L  

Hlohlesakhe: River would never do something like this! L

Nomahelele looked at me

Nomahelele: Speak to your sister in law ! 

I looked at princess Nomagampompo

Me: My Cousin was here with us all night and she doesn’t know anyone around here! L

Nomahelele: Tell her sister! Tell her. To think I wanted to have a meeting to talk about my sister wife now I am accused of having her beat? How upsurd !  L

Nomagampompo: I am sorry I….. 

Nomahelele gave her a hand.

Nomahelele: I came here to be in a polygamy marriage and I intend to keep it that way! I am going to show you all how it’s like to be a royal Queen! I am going to make this work! But first I have a request for you all L


Hlohlesakhe: What is that sweetheart ? 

Nomahelele: I want us all to first go to the Zidenge family then after that go see Her in Hospital no…… 

We were looking at her

Nomahelele: The clients have been paid. It’s us the family who laid charges against Nontorotyi. I don’t mean no disrespect to anyone. But I beg of you guys to drop the charges against my sister wife  L


Me: But how is she gonna learn her lesson when we always rescue her ? L 

She came to me.

Nomahelele: I love you. You’re my family and you know we always got each other’s backs but wasn’t it you who was crying a minute ago because she got beat ? 

I swallowed hard.


She looked at all of us

Nomahelele: We don’t know who sent people to beat her. They said she is in hospital that means she is alive now tell me. Do you want her to go back to prison so that whoever did that finish the job ? L

Princess Nomagampompo folded her arms and looked at me.

Me: You can’t suggest this if you don’t have a plan to put her in line so tell us! What do you have in mind ? L

Nomahelele smiled at me

Nomahelele: Of course I have a plan.I hope all Of you will like it J

Hlohlesakhe: What is that?  

Nomahelele: Nontorotyi will recover Go back to work and this time She won’t have an executive position….. J

We looked at each other

Nomahelele: With her salary I mean all her salary will pay that money She stole from the family. She is going to live by the allowance my darling will give us as his wives  L

Me: I like this J

Nomagampompo: That is a good lesson to learn. She won’t have a lot of money to go shopping  J

Nomahelele: Exactly but first I think we need to go see her and tell her this before We drop the charges  L

Me: No! We have to drop the charges first. She will never have a nerve to say no to us 

Hlohlesakhe: So My Queen do we all agree with my sweetheart plan ? J 

He looked at me.

Me: I love it  J

He looked at his sister

Nomagampompo: Perfect plan  J

Nomahelele: I knew you’d love it but we can’t ignore what happened. Someone was sent to attack her. I wonder who? 

Me: Yeah me too…… 

My phone rang. I looked at it. This woman’s timing is always bad. I looked at everyone.

Me: I don’t know this number. Excuse me I need to take it  :D 

Nomahelele: Okay J

I walked away then answered

Me: Hello L 

May: You’re welcome

Me: Welcome ? 

May: You think I was gonna let that ratchet woman mess with my baby cousin sister and get away with it?

Oh My God! It was her. I put my hand on My mouth. I turned around and quicky removed the hand so that they don’t suspect a thing. They looked at me and smiled. I did too then looked away

Me: It was you ? 

May: I know you guys love that woman. I thought let me just bruise her around a little just to teach her a lesson

I wiped my tears then turned around. They are still looking at me. I walked to them

Me: Hihihihi no thanks! I don’t need this insurance sorry  :D 

May: I am impressed You’re getting better at this. What is it ? Is our little cousin With you ?

Me: Yes bye J 

I hung up then looked at the guys

Me: Let’s go! :D

Chief Khabalandile and princess Nomagampompo led the way. I was walking with My cousin.

Nomahelele: Who was it ? J

Me: Insurance  :D

Nomahelele chuckled

Nomahelele: Tell insurance we don’t need her thug ways to punish one of us J

My eyes popped out. I stopped walking. I looked at her


She put her hand on my shoulder

Nomahelele: Don’t worry about it. I don’t expect you to stop talking to May. She is our cousin but as long She does her things far away from the palace L

Me: I am glad you understand I can’t hate her just because you do J  

Nomahelele: She must stay in Centurion. We all have big personalities. This place is too small for the three of us L

She walked away leaving me standing

Me: You’re right about that one :D

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