< Princess Nomaxabiso >

I have to have this conversation with Malingene. I need to tell him I am carrying his baby. I am so stressed out. I am angry at myself and heartbroken that I lost my parents the way I did. And the fact that they died before seeing their grandchild kills me. How can they leave me like this ? My parents loved me. After everything I did to them they were willing to help me marry The King which was just amazing for me. I know I blackmailed them when I said I would kill myself but they didn’t give up on me. They showed me they love me. I could see the effort they made to make sure that I marry Masixole. Now they are gone before they could see me happy with the king. Right now I need to find another man. I need to forget Masixole. He doesn’t look at me the same way. I lied to him. He doesn’t think I am a good mannered person anymore. I gave him the idea that I was a respectful girl. I am sure seeing me in Johannesburg made him hate me a lot.  I feel like if he were to find out that I was even pregnant years ago he would hate me even more. I lied to that family a lot. I feel like the reason they didn’t want to see me again was disappointment. They loved and respected me. I need to take responsibility. I made a mistake that caused my parents so much pain and a few were disappointed. That is why the Queen didn’t want to see or talk to me. I am ashamed but that chapter is closed. The dream of marrying Masixole went out the window. I have to wait for the humiliation and people judging me when they find out I will never marry him. But you know what ? I am ready for them. I will make up an excuse and tell them I couldn’t marry because of my family business. I just hope they will buy it. I don’t want to go through the humiliation of them finding out that I slept with a man before marriage but again there is a baby growing in my stomach. They will find out that I am not pure. How am I gonna find a man now ? I need to find a man that will accept the baby Or I won’t tell him that I am pregnant. He will believe the baby is his. The Ndengana family thought they got rid of me. They don’t know that we will see each other very soon. We are business partners. I have 20% shares in that company. Right now I need to have a smart man who is going to help me run these businesses. I hope I will find him sooner because this man infront of me right now is just a sperm donor and he knows it. We will never be official. I am with Malingene.  I asked to see him here at my house. He came. I am glad he did without his wife. He said he would come without her. I am surprised he did. I guess maybe it’s because it’s late and no one saw him That’s why He was comfortable to come.

Me: What did you tell your wife? L

Malingene: I told her I was visiting my friend J

Me: Oh okay

Him: I am sorry for what happened to your parents. I really am

Me: Thank you please sit  L

He sat down

Him: I am sorry about what I said. It was insensitive of me to think about me when your parents died like that 

Me: For your information my parents were willing to keep this from your family.  I talked to dad He said he’d talk to mom and I am sure mom was gonna agree L 

Him: Like I said I am sorry

Me: Its fine. Please hug Me 

He moved backwards

Me: What? You don’t want me now ? L 

Malingene: Nomaxabiso we are not in Johannesburg here. Do you want me to go home smelling your perfume? L

He is right. His wife is my friend and she knows the smell of my perfume

Me: It’s fine I understand. I think this should be the last time we see each other  L

Him: What ? Is that what you wanted to talk to me about? 

Me: No L

Him: What did you wanna talk toe about ? 

I stood up then looked away

Malingene: Nomaxabiso you can’t just call me to spend time with you! We are at Hlalwi…. L 

Me: I wanted to talk about my pregnancy  L

Malingene stood up. I was looking away. I assumed he stood up because I heard the noise of the couch

Malingene: Pregnancy?

I turned around

Me: Yes Malingene. I am pregnant again with your child 

He put his hands on his head scratching it

Malingene: What is wrong with us! We should’ve been careful! Why didn’t we use condom. My wife….

Me: Would kill us both. She can’t know about this !  

He looked at me. I know his wife. She is no woman to mess with. She’d kill us

Malingene: I am glad we agree on that one thing. My wife cannot find out about this 

Me: Ncinci would squash me like a mosquito. No one can know the father of my baby  

Malingene: Yeah…. Are you keeping the baby Don’t you think people will ask who the father is ?

Me: I am having this baby and you’re not gonna be part of it don’t worry and please don’t worry about what people will say. I will deal with this on my own L 

I sat down

Me: I never thought I would be a single mother  

He came and sat next to me.  He brushed my back

Malingene: I am sorry Nomaxabiso 

I stood up

Me: And I can’t have a second abortion I just can’t.  What if this is my last baby? 

Malingene: Whatever decision you make I am with you 

How can my life be so complicated? I am pregnant. No royal prince is marrying me. I lost both my parents the same day. What will happen to me ? How am I gonna find a man who is going to be the father of my child ?


< Princess Ngejiwe >

Yesterday I was very scared. I thought I was going to jail. I don’t know why I was scared though. I know my family always protect their own and they were never gonna traumatise me and send me to jail. I feel bad and stupid for thinking the worst of them. I know they protect the kids. They love us. But I thought of how many times I wronged the family because of mom then I thought maybe they’ve had enough and I wouldn’t blame them. I am just stupid when it comes to my mother. She just knows how to manipulate me and I keep falling for it but no more. If she does come out of jail she will never I mean ever get any favours from me. She is on her own and today is the only time I will be visiting her. When I leave prison she will never see me again but first

I need to speak to Velezantsi. I know it’s over between us I am just here for closure. Believe it or not I loved and I still love this man. But the fact that he lied and slept with my family maid drives me crazy. That was it when I heard that woman moan in his room. I knew I lost him for good. I can never sleep with a man who slept with my helper I am not stupid. How is she gonna respect me when we shared the same man? I am not going to fight for him any more. I just want to tell him what I think of him and leave.  He doesn’t know the pressure you go through to impress family when you’re a royal princess. I expected him to understand why I did what I did. I mean this man almost peed on his pants when I told him I was gonna tell daddy about us. He was scared. He thought his family was gonna be banned from the village. Does he realise the pressure I go through or he just cares about himself and his family.  I never thought he was this selfish.

Anyway I need to get this over and done with. I came here very early in the morning because I wanted to see him before he goes to work but by the look of things he is not going to work. Maybe he is off and I am sure Notiniphu knows that and I don’t.

Velezantsi: What are you doing here Ngejiwe? L

Me: To tell you I came here yesterday around mid day L

I walked in uninvited. I looked at him

Me: I couldn’t come in you know why right ? L

He walked to his bed

Him: Are you gonna tell me or not ? L

Me: You were having sex with another woman  L

He looked shocked. I could see he didn’t want me to know that.

Velezantsi: So what if I was having sex? It’s not like you and I are dating  L

Me: You lied to me Velezantsi! You said she came here to help us get back together. How can you make me a fool like that ? L

Velezantsi: You did the sa….. L 

Me: A woman who works for my family really? ( 

Velezantsi: There you go again looking down on people who work for your family ! Notiniphu is a beautiful and smart woman L

Me: That’s why you’re sleeping with her ? L

Velezantsi: I am better that someone who tried to trick a man into a marriage. How can you be so desperate ? L

Me: How dare you judge me!  L 

Velezantsi: What? L

Me: When you started dating that maid you didn’t know what I did so now tell me? What does that make you ? L

Velezantsi: I started dating Notiniphu yesteday and I love her. Do you know how great it feels to date someone you feel like you’re in the same level ? I don’t have to try so hard to fit in anywhere. Notiniphu loves me for me not what I have! L

He went to the door.

Him: Get out of my house and find a man who has money L

Me: Velezantsi you know I loved you. I was trying to protect you from my father that is why I thought marrying EJ was the best thing ! L 

Velezantsi: What did you think was gonna happen to us? Was our relationship not important to you ? L

Me: I was doing what I thought was best for…. L 

Velezantsi pushed me out. .

Velezantsi: That was best for you and your mother. If you dare touch Notiniphu again I swear I will go to jail for doing something to you 


He slammed the door in my face. How can he act like a victim when he lied to me when I found them together. I loved him. I was prepared to pay my own damages because I loved him. Why can’t he see that? If he thinks I am gonna beg him he is too late. He slept with her already I am not interested. I will find a man who is in my same level. He is right. I did him a favour. He was not my type anyway. What an ungrateful bastard. I have to go home and get ready to go visit mom. When I got to my house I noticed my dad was speaking to someone inside. I opened the door then walked in. I saw him with Nomahelele. It looks like they are ready for their jog again. I wonder what happened to that meeting they said we were gonna have at the royal house yesterday?

Nomahelele: Ngejiwe you come home at 6:45 when you spent a night with a man ? 

Me: Morning auntie J

Yesterday I fell because of this woman. I can’t be mad at her though. I feel like I shouldn’t have left until we were done talking

Dad: She left few minutes ago. She slept here

Nomahelele: Oh sorry honey I thought you went to a man  :D

Me: No! I had to go to a friend J

Nomahelele: I hope you don’t hate me for What I did. Honey I cannot stand lies and manipulation L

Me: Mom lied to me I did….. 

Nomahelele: I know it’s not your fault. One piece of advice though. In future Whenever Your mother ask you to do something speak with one of the elders they will tell you if it’s a right or a wrong thing to do  J

Me: Well she is in jail now. She won’t manipulate me anymore L


Nomahelele: Are you cross with the family for making the decision they made ? 

I looked around.

Dad: Don’t worry I just checked them They are still asleep J

Me: My mother stole money that is over a million from the clients. That couldn’t ruined the family’s relationship with clients. She committed fraud. In order for her to learn she must be punished and I think jail is perfect punishment  L

Nomahelele: Don’t stop loving your mother honey. She is your mother 

Me: She doesn’t think that when she put me in trouble. I am going to take a shower and go see her and please don’t try and stop me. I need answers from mom L

Nomahelele raised her hands

Nomahelele: Trust me things will be fine. Your mother will change J

I chuckled

Me: I doubt that L

Dad: We will see you later we have to go jog J

Me: Okay dad J

They ran out. I was watching them. I hope This woman has good intentions with my father. She looks fancy and she is from a big city. She could have any man she wants. I am wondering why she was still single for this long? Or she was still having an affair with my dad ?


Anyway I need to get ready and go see that woman. She must tell me why she used me.

< Priscella >

I can’t believe this! I cannot believe Elton is planning this! No wonder my brother was acting so stupid. I knew this wasn’t my brother. Yes Elton is not the smartest person but I know my brother. He is proud. He doesn’t take nonsense from anyone.  He doesn’t crawl back to anyone. He can have any girl he wants and he is very arrogant. I didn’t understand his sudden behavior. Because it’s Elton and he is unpredictable I didn’t think he was faking all this. I thought he wanted to be with her. I don’t know whether I should be happy about this news. Yes I am happy that my brother is not stupid. I am happy that he is not in love with Tasha anymore but am I happy that he is going to kill a person ? Absolutely not. He can’t ruin his life like that. He has a bright future ahead of him. He can’t mess that up because of this bitch. He cannot ruin his life because of Tasha. She is not worth it. Last night when Cleopatra came down telling us this I lost my appetite and so did mom. She stood up and left. We didn’t want to face Elton.  I asked her to keep quiet till we find a perfect time to talk about it. We were both tired we went to bed and slept. Today we have to talk about it. At nine I have to sit for the interviews. I am glad mom is up so early. I guess she wanted to talk to me before I leave for work.

Mom: Morning honey J

Me: Morning mom J

She kissed my cheek then pulled a chair. She sat down we are about to have breakfast. Mom took a plate then dished for herself

Mom: Before your brother comes down we need to have a talk about Tasha 

I exhaled. I looked up

Mom: You know your brother don’t wake up so early more especially when he is not going anywhere

Me: What are we gonna do mom? 

Mom: I really don’t know. I feel like if we confront him he will find another way to punish that girl. I know what I am gonna say will sound evil but it’s better he does that on that ship. Imagine if we confront him then he goes and shoot that girl in her house. He would be arrested. I can’t have a child of mine locked up. Imagine what would happen to this company! L 

Me: I know what you mean mom. We just have to find a plan and I think I know what we should do 

Mom put her fork down

Mom: What is it ? 

Me: Mom you know I can’t stand Tasha but I don’t wish her to die  L 

Mom: I know that 

Me: And you know that if she hears about this from me she will not listen. She will think it’s my way of trying to separate them 

Mom: Tasha can’t know the exact details of why she….. 

Me: Mom I think you should tell her. Tell that girl what my brother is planning. She cannot go to that trip 

Mom: Is your morning busy?

Me: Yes I have to interview people who applied for a secretary position. Mom I told you I can’t be part of this L

Mom: I will go see that girl

Me: She doesn’t live with her parents any more. She lives with Laila. I will give you Tasha’s number though  

Mom: Okay baby thank you  

Mom looked up then looked at me and smiled

Mom: Tell me ain’t you relieved that He doesn’t love her?  :D 

Me: I am so happy mom. I was to disappointed and I didn’t understand this so forgiving EJ. He almost fooled us J

Mom: You’re still saying almost? That boy fooled us. If it wasn’t for Cleo I don’t know what would’ve happened 

Me: I know right 

I heard EJ whistles upstairs

Mom: He is up let’s change the topic! 

Me: Yeah 

I saw him coming down. I stood up. He was angry with me yesteday. I need to apologise for how I got so angry when I saw Tasha.

Elton: Dumelang J ( hello)

I stood up

Me: Morning :D

I ran to him then hugged him tight. He broke the hug. He looked at me

Elton: What are you doing Prissy? 

Me: I just wanna tell you that I love you and I am sorry for what I did yesterday  J 

He walked to the table.  He started eating from my plate.

Elton: How can I not know how much you love me when you go extra miles and even disrespect my guests just because “ You love me “ 

He said that creating brackets in the air

Me: Now I feel bad ️

Mom: Come on Ej. She is your older sister. You guys live together. She is protective of you and there is nothing wrong with that but you can’t blame us. You know what that girl did  J 

Elton: I get that. But the heart wants what it wants. You can’t change that L

I looked at mom

Me: Right J


Elton looked at me. I quicky stopped smiling

Elton: Does that mean you forgive her and you accept her as my girl? J 

Me: Do you Ej? L

Elton: huh? 

He looked surprised

Me: Do you forgive her and accept her as your girlfriend for real ? L

Mom: Of course he does! What are you talking about ? My baby is ready to be a daddy to Hungani’s child :D

Mom gave me a death stare. I am sorry mom I hate pretending. This boy is such a good actor. He is making us believe that he loves Tasha when all he wants is to put a bullet in her head. I cannot believe this is my brother. My little brother wanna kill a person. This is too much.  Anyway he stood up after mother mentioned the baby. He looked angry.

Elton: I lost my appetite  L

Me: But you took one bite ? 

He walked up the stairs. Mom looked at me.

Mom: If you had doubt of what Cleo said then here is your answer 

Me: He is disgusted by the whole thing. He hates her and this pregnancy makes him even more angry 

Mom: Exactly. I mentioned that because I wanted to see his reaction. I know when he is with you and I he is more comfortable. This is a safe space he can’t act like superman anymore because Tasha is not here  L 

Me: Exactly. I feel like when you do find a therapist they must not only discuss the addiction. They must talk about what happened  

Mom: Honey the cause of addiction was caused by what happened so obviously the therapist will start there !

Me: Yeah….. 

Mom: Are you going to the fashion show with Sonia tonight? J

Me: No I can’t. I am pregnant. I can’t go out at night J

Mom: You’re right J

Me: I will just get flowers delivered there tonight J

Mom: She will love that  J

Me: I know. Ms Refilwe Let me go get dressed  J

Mom: Okay don’t forget to give me the girl’s number J

Me: Let me send you now  J

I hope Tasha believes us for my brother’s sake. Tasha’s death would give EJ so many problems and it would affect the family and business as well.

< Judge Makhosazana >

It is a beautiful Tuesday morning. We have a busy morning. We have to go see the Zidenge family. I am really worried about that I won’t lie. I am not only worried. I am guilty as well. Both deaths could’ve been avoided and I am to blame for all this but I don’t know which death should I feel worse for because both of them wanted my head. They wanted to kill me. They are dead because of what they wanted to do to me. I just protected myself. I don’t think I want to see their family crying for them. I will feel really bad but because I am a big girl I will wear my big girl pants and go cry with them.

Anyway I am up and about. I saw my cousin sister walking in. She is wet. It looks like she went for her jog again.

Me: I am glad you’re back. Can you come to my study. We need to talk L

Nomahelele: Oh hello good morning family. How are you? :D

Me: L

I don’t have time to play with her. I need to know her plan. Why did she run out last night after she spoke to the PI. What is she up to? Last night when I went to bed She was not in the house. She was with Chief Khabalandile

Nomagampompo: We are good how are you? J

Nomahelele: I feel fantastic. You two should join me and my darling. You will see the difference. Running boost your confidence  :D

Me: I was born confident. Now can we go talk? L

Nomahelele: I need to go take a shower. I can see you’re ready to leave but you know you can’t leave without me and my darling right? J

Me: L

Nomahelele walked up the stairs. I hate being kept on the dark. I saw The King and Prince Nomgcwabe walking down.

Nomahelele: Morning boys. You look smart J

Masixole: Thanks aunt :D

They walked passed her then came down to us.

Me: You have another meeting ? :D

Masixole: The whole family is going to Hlalwini. The chief asked us to go help at work

Me: But Prince Nomgcwabe we….

He gave me a hand.

Nomgcwabe: I am not going there my Queen. I am not ready to be introduced and smile like everything is okay when it’s not  L


He looked at Princess Nomagampompo

Nomgcwabe: I am sorry mom but we have company to run. Let’s go my King L

Masixole looked at us then shrugged his shoulders. He followed after Prince Nomgcwabe.

Me: We can’t force them 

Nomagampompo: No we can’t. Let’s sit I want to talk to you about something   

Me: Okay? 

I sat down. She sat as well

Nomagampompo: What was the PI doing here yesterday ? 

I exhaled

Me: That is the reason I am angry and wanna speak to your sister in law. Nomahelele wanted me to do a background investigation on Malingene Gubhu and report to her. The PI came back with information. After the PI told us what he found She left and went to see your brother. I don’t know what those two are up to  L

Nomagampompo: Malingenene is that boy who is…..

Me: Nomaxabiso’s boyfriend 

Nomagampompo: I wonder what is she up to and I can see she is being Mysterious about it  J

Me: I hope they tell us soon L

Nomagampompo: I hope so as well…. I wonder what makes her so interested to know something about that boy…. 

Me: I would be lying if I said I knew  

We saw Nomahelele walking down humming a song wearing a white morning gown.

Nomahelele: Notiniphu darling bring my breakfast.  I need to eat before I get dressed  :D

Nontiniphu: Okay my Queen!!!

She shouted from the kitchen.

Me: Ready to talk ? We don’t have to go to the study now. Princess Nomagampompo saw the PI and she needs answers  L

Nomahelele: I will tell you when we come back from the Zidenge house. Hopefully it will be great news  :D 

I looked at Princess Nomagampompo

Me: Your brother keeps attracting mysterious women L

Nomagampompo: And I am scared 

Nomahelele: J

My cousin just smiled. I heard my phone ring. What is Detective Swana wants ?

Nomahelele: Who is it ? 

Me: The detective 

The princess stood up

Her: Answer! 

I answered

Me: Detective Swana ? 

Swana: Judy Nomakhosazana I am sorry to tell you this…..

Me: What? L 

Swana: Nontorotyi Dimbaza was attacked by her cellmates at Ngqeleni police station

Oh My God no! I removed my phone from my ear and put my hand on my mouth

Nomagampompo: What is it Sisi? 


Nomahelele looked at me worried. I put my phone next to my ear

Me: Is she alive ? 


Me: Detective Swana? 

Swana: ………… ( Tu tu tu tu tu  )

Nomagampompo: What did he say  ? 


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