< Tasha >

I don’t know why when I am supposed to be happy I Have to go through the things I am going through. I am having an abortion. I am taking my power back. Tomorrow I want to start my life afresh. I need to do this abortion after my meeting with Mandy and the producers of the soapie I will be acting on. I cannot have Hungani’s child. I really can’t. I don’t like that man. I hate him. I don’t want anything to do with him. At his house I just couldn’t wait for him to say whatever he wanted to say. That man treated me like I was a slut. He kept doing it every chance he got even when I left him alone. I cannot carry a child for a man I despise so much. I cannot have his baby I am sorry. This is best for both of us. I need to call the doctor and make an appointment. I am terminating the pregnancy. I am sorry if my decision is selfish but I think this is what is best for me at this moment. I made a lot of mistakes in the past. I pray that this one is not one of them. I cannot afford to lose this gig. I am not sure EJ and I will work. I know his family will crucify him for dating a pregnant girl. That is One of the reasons I cannot have this baby. Right now I am choosing my career over anything. Elton and I will go through so much. I know it. The fact that he doesn’t want to talk about what I did shows that when he does there will be fireworks. I don’t think I am in a good state of mind for that. I am just scared that when he is ready to talk about it things will go wrong. I can’t take another heartbreak. Elton is distant. He is not All over me like he used to. It’s not like I expect him to but I just feel like something is wrong. I am prepared to just take things slow. Talk to him when he wants to and see him when he wants to. My focus right now will be my job.

Anyway I just got home. I am emotional. I guess what just happened few minutes ago made me angry and it broke my heart. Taking away the only chance Hungani has to be a dad is never my intentions but at this point I feel like he doesn’t deserve to have child with me besides I am not sure whether he was running after me to say I shouldn’t do it or to just apologise and support my decision. I don’t even need his support though. The car stopped next to my building. I got out of the car

Me: Thank you for driving me to Hungani’s house and to my home J

Chauffeur: You’re welcome ma’am J 

I closed the door then went in. I got to the house. I Opened the door.  Laila was about to walk out. Where is she going?

Me: Where are you going? 

Laila: Tasha hi :D 

Me: Where are you going ? 

Laila: I got a call from Claire. She sounded sad like she was crying

Me: And you’re running to her? How stupid can you be ? L

Laila: Tasha I don’t appreciate you raising your voice at me you’re not my mother! L

Me: Yes I am not your mother but I know how that girl hurt you! She is trying to manipulate you again. Dude you need to find a lesbian girl not that confused bitch! L

Laila looked down. She can’t go back and let that girl hurt her again. We can’t all go through something. She must support me or find another girl

Me: Friend I need you. My afternoon was a mess. I need a friend please don’t go 

Laila: What happened?

Me: Hungani is the bloody father ! 

I said walking in

Laila: What !?  ️

She closed the door .

Me: I am having an abortion. We have to call the doctor and schedule an appointment 

Laila: Oh My God friend but how did you find out? 

Me: Elton family called a sangoma who didn’t even ask what was the matter. That man just told us he is not the father L 

Laila: I am so sorry 

Me: Friend I was a fool again. I ran out of the Seputla penthouse like I was a mad woman. I was humiliated once again. Why nothing goes my way ? why do I have to go through so much. Is it because of what I did to EJ?

She hugged me. I cried so hard in her arms. God must have mercy on me. I was young. I am young and after everything that happened I am learning.

Laila: I am so sorry friend

Me: At least Ej is still supportive 

She quickly broke the hug

Laila: Even when he knows he is not the father? J 

Me: Yes he wants us to try again  J 

I stood up

Laila: That’s great right? 

I need to tell her about his behavior and about her being invited to the trip And about going to Hungani.

Laila: What is wrong friend? 

I turned around and looked at her


Laila: What is it ? 

Me: He didn’t want to talk about what I did. When I kept bringing it up He said he will get angry I decided to stop 

I walked passed Laila with both my hands on the sides of my face

Me: He was nice to me but he was not like his usual self not like I expected him to be……

I sat on the chair next to the window.

Me: Something is strange about him. He treated me like a friend yet he wants us to start all over. He didn’t hug me when he saw me. He just pulled out a chair for me. Even when I was leaving he kissed my cheek that was it 

Laila: One day at a time right? I mean this guy is not the father but he wants to be part of your life  J 

Me: Yeah. That surprised me a lot but something is not right. I can feel it 

Laila: Give it time  J 

Me: Anyway on the 27th we are going to Mozambique with him. He invited you and he said bring a girl J

Laila smiled

Laila: I didn’t plan to go anywhere this festive and I don’t have that kinda mone…. J 

Me: Everything is paid for. We will be in a cruiseship J

Laila: Wow I want to go :D 

Me: Great then  :D

Laila: So ain’t you gonna tell Hungani ? 

I lost my smile. I stood up

Me: I went and told him I am having an abortion  L

Laila: That was not a good move though. Friend you shouldn’t have told him. You should’ve went there to tell him only if you were keeping the baby  

Me: The plan was the hurt him Laila and I hope I did L

Laila: what happened after you told him? What was his reaction ?  

Me: I didn’t wait for him to say anything I was pissed after he and those girls laughed at me L

Laila: The models were there? 

Me: Yes! He will never change Laila. I am not about to be a single mother. I will have children when I am ready with my husband  L

Laila: I hear you 

I need to do this abortion ASAP.

< Judge Makhosazana >

I am not going to feel bad for fixing my family and I am not going to sit and watch things go wrong when I know I would’ve done something to prevent the damage from happening. Notiniphu is not pregnant. She had sex with my son Saturday now it’s Monday. Anything less than 72 hours is not a baby. This girl has to take this pill and stop playing. I am not going to let her ruin my son’s life and when I was speaking to her I told myself I will tell the king what happened but I have changed my mind. Only me Notiniphu Deliwe and Prince Phonqa know about this. It has to stay that way. I am not going to tell Masixole. I don’t trust my son. I feel like he’d call Priscella and tell her. This could be too much for her and I can’t let that happen. She is pregnant she can’t be upset. If she were to find out about this she wouldn’t sleep tonight and I don’t know what would happen to their relationship. If putting the pill myself inside Notiniphu’s mouth and force her to swallow will make her do it then so be it. I am going to do this. I decided not to tell my son about this I am not going to tell my cousin. I am not telling my sister in law either. This never happened. Notiniphu is a young person. I know young people and how they behave when they see good looking men. They have crush on everyone. I am not going to punish her for that but

I am not going to tell my cousin. I am not telling my sister in law either. This never happened. Notiniphu is a young person. I know young people and how they behave when they see good looking men. They have crush on everyone. I am not going to punish her for that but She must forget any dream she has of becoming my daughter in law because it is not going to happen. She must take the pill and forget it ever happened. I know hour 72 is today but She still has hours close to 12 tIll the end of the day. I am counting estimating the time she had sex with the king while we were at the river. I don’t know what is wrong with Masixole. We were doing his thing. He should’ve forgotten sex that day. I don’t even wanna think about it. I can’t have my son’s sexual life in my head. It doesn’t sound good at all.

Anyway finally the PI is here. I was starting to get worried. He told me he had a problem with his car but he fixed it.

Me: I am glad you made it. If you told me I was gonna go take the information from you J

PI: I am sorry I should’ve called J

Nomahelele: What do you have for us ? J

I looked at her. I wonder what is this woman up to.

PI: Malingene is a mine worker who works at Seputla mine in Johannesburg……

Me: We know that part J

PI: He just arrived back from Johannesburg  J

I looked at my cousin

Me: He is probably back to be there for his girlfriend how sweet ?  J

Nomahelele didn’t look pleased when I said that

Nomahelele: I hope not  L

I looked at her Why does my cousin have a problem with Nomaxabiso and Malingene being together ? She should be happy because that girl will leave her nephew alone. Anyway I didn’t ask why she says “she hopes not”. Remember I don’t know her plan.

PI: Judge Did you just say a girlfriend? 

Me: Yes he is in a relationship with a royal princess from his village J

The pi looked at his report

Him: That’s strange……. ? 

Me: What ? 

Him: Because Malingene is married and his wife is not royalty J 

Me: Shut up! He is married? :D 

I saw Nomahelele stands up She looked excited

Nomahelele: That innocent girl was sleeping with a married man ? :D 

PI: Yes ma’am it looks that way well in that village they didn’t tell me that. I guess they don’t know  

Me: It was a secret. Only my family knows about it :D

PI: So Malingene’s wife’s name is Ntombencinci. They call her Ncinci. She has a best friend. Her best friend is royalty I am surprised that you say he was dating a royal girl

I sat down. Oh My GoD this is shocking

Me: Please don’t tell me the best friend’s name is Nomaxabiso Zidenge ? :D 

He looked at his paper then looked at us

PI: Unfortunately It’s her :D 

Nomahelele came to me. She kissed my cheek

Me: And now ? :D

Nomahelele: I will be right back. This is all I wanted to know   J

She walked away. No! She ran away

Me: Where are you going ? :D 

She opened the door. She walked out. I was laughing looking at her. At least she left her handbag she is not going to kill anyone. I shook my head then looked at the PI

Me: Thank you So much for this information. It’s late go home. I will transfer your money right now J

He stood up. We shook hands

Him: See you soon judge J

Me: See you soon J

I walked to the door and opened for him. He walked out. I did too. We walked to the front door. I opened for him. He walked out

Me: Bye J

I closed the door. I saw Masixole walking down.

Masixole: We don’t eat dinner tonight ? J

Me: My chauffeur went to buy pizza. He was at Ntibani 20 minutes ago coming home J

Masixole looked out the window

Masixole: He must be close right now J

Me: Yes maybe he is at Ntshilini J

Masixole: Yeah

Me: Did you know Malingene is married and to Nomaxabiso’s friend ? :D

Masixole: What? :D 

Me: I am telling yo…. :D

My phone rang.

Me: Sorry I have to take this J

Masixole: Okay mom

I don’t know what May wants this time.

Me: Cuz 

May: Sorry I hung up I was driving….

Me: Oh  J 

May: My nephew is not married yet to that girl already you call her mother for help when you have me? Your sister !

I exhaled. How did May find out about this.

Me: May I called Refilwe to share what happen. I didn’t ask her to help us anyway how do you know ? 

May: You didn’t tell her you have a sister in Centurion why ? Is it because your sister is an ex convict ? Are you ashamed of me Queen?

Me: I am not ashamed of you! I thought I was gonna introduce you guys at the wedding! You know I love you L 

May: I had a meeting with my lawyer next to the building. I thought why not go and introduce myself. She is a nice lady. She welcomed me with open arms!

I don’t know if I am okay with her going there without me. I don’t know what is wrong with all my cousin. They are too forward. Look at Nomahelele for example. She is taking over. What does she wants with Malingene ?

Me: She is a very kind woman J 

May: She told me she gave you money that was supposed to help the family business. How much was it ?

Me: R1440000 rands L 

May: I am not going to watch someone help you when I do have money also. I just sold my late husband’s house in Johannesburg. That is why I was meeting my lawyer there. I will bring you a cheque of that money on the day of the wedding. I don’t want that son of a bitch money here L

Me: May that’s a lot of money. We are okay. The business is doing well the clients came back….

May: So you won’t accept my money ?

Me: I will take it only if I won’t owe you nothing  L 

May: You sound like a thug now! So paranoid! I don’t collect from family. I just want you to be happy and live a good life in that dumb place you chose to live in. I have so much money and it feels good to give it away. Cuz this will help you with Lobola. Your son is marrying the richest girl in the country

She is right about that. Why didn’t I think of this. My son is building a gym with his money. We just took money from trust and paid Lobola for Nomahelele. We can’t take another money no. This money will help..

Me: Thank you Cuz.  Thank you so much   J 

May: I am going to ask again. What else do you want me to do for you ?

Me: Nothing :D 

May: Mmhmm …… ( Tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu)

She hung up. Okay ? Why is this woman doing this? Why does she keep asking me the same question? What am I suppose to ask help for ? She is worrying me now

Me: …………? 

< Priscella >

It’s hard to be friends with Sonia. These cameras of hers show up everywhere but I understand why she is doing this. She wants the country to see she is a good mother. She brought the kids to the mall to do shopping with them. I guess that is why she brought these people. She did shopping and finished. We didn’t wanna bother their quality time. We were at the boutique waiting for her. We can’t be part of mother and kids moment. We sat here waiting for her. She took the kids to the car after then came to join us. That also gave us time to wait for the designer because he was not here when we arrived. They said he went to a venue where he will have fashion show tomorrow. I hope we won’t have to wait for long. We haven’t had dinner yet. I am hungry and I am not prepared to eat at a restaurant not when we asked the chef to cook.

Anyway Sonia just got in.

Sonia: He is not here yet ? L 

Me: He is here. He just Went to fetch something to use to take measurements with  J

Sonia: Great :D

I looked at the time then at Sonia

Me: It was a good idea you first went shopping for the little ones look at the time J

Sonia: I know and I made sure we did everything fast J

Refilwe: They are so adorable Sonia J

Sonia: Someone accused me of neglecting them :D

Refilwe: Prissy just told me :D

Me: It’s a good thing you brought the cameras with us so that people can see how amazing you are with them J

Sonia: Yeah. I hope they will see it besides I am not worried. They will see how rude Claire was. They won’t take her side L

Me: Yeah

Sonia: Oh I got a call from her boyfriend asking for Laila’s number  L

Me: Hunter wants Laila’s number? What for? 

Sonia: I don’t know Maybe he wants to speak to her about Claire  L

Me: Give him J

Sonia: No you need to call Laila. You’re the one close to her  J

Me: We not close but we do talk. Let me call her  J

I took out my phone. I called her. She answered on third ring

Leila: Hello Priscella

Me: Hey I am sorry to bother you…. J 


Laila: No it’s okay what’s up?

Me: This will sound weird. Sonia’s ex husband is dating your ex 

Laila: Claire?

Me: Yes. My friend just got a call from her ex asking for your number. We didn’t wanna give him we wanted to know you’re okay with it first  

Laila: No it’s fine you can give him

Me: Thanks J 

Laila: Sharp

I hung up

Me: She is fine with it

Sonia: Let me send him

The designer walked out

Him: Hey Sonia How are you? :D

They hugged

Sonia: I am great how are you ? J

Him: Fantastic ! I am sorry for your loss ️

Sonia: Don’t worry about it I am great. When he died we were not together J

Him: Oh and congratulations! I saw the teaser of your reality show I am excited  :D

Sonia: I am excited as well thank you J

He looked at me

Designer: I see you’re pregnant. What kinda dress do you want. I have to start right away. The date is not far at all  :D

Ms Refilwe and Sonia looked at me

Me: I want a dress that is more like a maternity wedding dress. I want it to be traditional because I am a royal princess marrying a royal king.  I want a traditional yet classy and a little dramatic dress and it must look expensive. I want you to get those expensive fabrics  J

Designer: We will try to create all these elements in this dress. You will be beautiful that day  J

Me: Thank you  J

Designer: Let me take your measurement  :D

He took all the measurement.

Him: When we are already started with the dress you will get my call asking you to come fit it once in a while   J

Me: okay  J

He looked at Sonia

Designer: Sonia I need a favour from you  :D

Sonia: Okay ? J 

Designer: I am going to a showcase at Sandton I have my new collection ready but I have one small problem J

Sonia: Okay ? J 

She exhaled then threw himself on the couch. He is so dramatic. I love his work none the less

Designer: I don’t have a great model to wear the show stopper dress so I was like. This woman is in a reality show that is causing buzz already. How about she comes to the show and wear the show stopper dress  :D

Refilwe: Sonia says yes! :D

Sonia: :D 

Me: Friend you’re a celebrity now. This could be good for you. Everyone think you must be hiding after what happened. You need to show everyone that you keep winning. Go and silence the haters  :D

Sonia looked at him

Sonia: Send the driver to fetch me from my house when the show is about to start J

Designer: Excellent! You were a model before and you were good. I am very proud of your decision though. You two ladies are the best business woman in this country :D

Me: Thank you J

Sonia: Thanks dear J

He looked at mom then bowed

Designer: I can’t even start with you ma’am you’re amazing  :D

Refilwe: Ahh stop ! :D

We laughed mom took her handbag

Mom: You’re amazing as well. I once saw something saying you were showcasing in new York. Well done :D

Him: I try ma’am  :D

Me: Let’s leave you dinner is waiting for us at home  :D

Him: I will see you soon ! :D

We said out goodbyes. I am so curious to find out what he will do for me. I am excited to see my dress. I hope he does what I want.

< Nomahelele >

I love it when I always get what I want. I don’t know what came to my mind when I decided to do an investigation on that Malengelenge man. I didn’t know what might come but one thing I knew was no one is clean. I knew I would find dirt Something that I could use to neutralise him and boy did I get everything I wanted. Nomaxabiso has been a naughty little girl. I cannot believe she was bouncing on top of her friend’s husband. Wow she is my kinda girl. She loves taking risks and that’s my language as well. I am a risk taker and sometimes I feel like I would end up in trouble. Take what happened with Shosholoza for example. What if Shosholoza shot me the second I walked out of the car thinking I was my cousin sister? I would be dead right now but I am glad I am not and he didn’t do it. Now my plan is in motion. I just love when things go exactly how I want them to. God is amazing isn’t he ? He brought me a greedy man and I am just as greedy. My husband is hungry for power but He has no guts to stand up and start something of his own. Since he has no desire to start his own thing I am prepared to feed his needs. I will do what he always wanted to do for so long.

I am sure you’re asking where I ran to when I walked out of the palace. I went straight to find my man. I am not yet introduced to the kids so I am trying by all means to show less of me at this house that is why I asked to speak to him in his car. I am in his yard but not in the house. We are sitting in his car.

Hlohlesakhe: Sweetheart what couldn’t wait for me to come sleep at the royal house? J

I leaned for a kiss. I kissed him

Me: Do you want to spend a night? I thought we would do a quicky here then you go back. Darling those kids are alone. They need a parent  J

Hlohlesakhe: In the car my love no! I am too big to do that in the car :D

Me: We are going to the royal house then. After we had sex you’re coming home to your kids J

Hlohlesakhe: I can do that J

I kissed him.

Me: Great :D

He unlocked the door

Me: What are you doing ? J

Him: I thought we were going to the royal house? :D

Me: Not until I say what I came here to say J

Him: Okay? :D 

I exhaled. I hope he agrees to this.

Me: Darling tomorrow we are going to the Zidenge family. Are you ready ? J

Him: Yes I am ready. I just hope they will stop with their nonsense. My Queen would never kill anyone L

Me: I know right? Darling they have some nerve to accuse such an honourable woman ! my cousin sister is a badass when it comes to this royalty thing. I got more into it because of her. Even the house of traditional healers admire her. She would never do anything to jeopardize that ! L

Hlohlesakhe: At least the police closed the case

Me: Yes. Nomaxabiso has been through a lot don’t you think? J

Hlohlesakhe: Poor girl. Everything happening so fast. She was confident and happy to be part of this family. I could tell how happy she was to be part of this family now all that is taken away then both her parents died. This is sad. It must be so hard for her ️

Me: Such a beautiful girl with so many problems. I wish we could do something to support her  L

Hlohlesakhe: That’s what tomorrow is about J

Me: No darling I don’t know…… L

He looked at me

Me: I feel like we could do more you know? L

Him: What do you have in mind ? J 

I looked at him for like 30 seconds

Hin: What ? :D

Me: How about we make her dreams come true? J

Hlohlesakhe: Dreams? What dreams? J

I took both his hands

Me: How about we make sure she gets married to the royal family  :D

Hlohlesakhe: But I don’t think The King wants her and my Queen. She wouldn’t accept that L 

Me: My nephew is not the only Prince of this family Darling J

Him: Who Nomgcwabe ? No! Nomaxabiso was older than the kind. She is way older than Nomgcwab….. L  

Me: Darling you’re going to marry Nomaxabiso J

Hlohlesakhe: what ? 

He started laughng so hard. I switched on the light then looked at him


Hlohlesakhe: River you’re not….. 

Me: I am very serious about this darling! Let’s make Nomaxabiso our third wife 

Hlohlesakhe: I can’t keep up. I can’t satisfy three woma…..  

I put my index finger on his lips

Me: Darling that’s what Men’s clinic is for! I already made calls tomorrow they are delivering your things :D

Hlohlesakhe: I don’t know… How will….. 

Me: Darling did you forget that she owns a supermarket and a hardware now ? Don’t you want to be her right hand man who is going to help her run that business? J

He looked at me and got excited

Hlohlesakhe: :D 

Me: Exactly! Now make me proud! Show me why I feel in love with you. What is the plan ? J

He sat back thinking

Hlohlesakhe: I am going to get there. Talk to the family then ask to speak to Nomaxabiso in private and ask about her feeling J

Me: Yes! I am loving everything I am hearing. Continue darling :D

Hlohlesakhe: I know that will end in tears. I am going to comfort her. I will get very close to her sweetheart J

Me: Unlock the doors my job is done here J

He pulled me closer and kissed me. He broke the kiss

Him: You know having two sister wives won’t be easy right? J

I hugged him

Me: Lonely cold nights…… J

I broke the hug then looked at him

Me: I am ready darling 

Hlohlesakhe: I love you 

I hit his belly playfully

Me: I know Darling :D

< Narrated >

At Seputla house. We see Priscella and Ms Refilwe sitting across the table. They kept looking at the stairs. It looks like they are waiting for Elton to walk down and join them for dinner. We saw Cleopetra running down the stairs looking terrified. Ms Refilwe and Priscella stood up

Refilwe: Is everything okay Cleo ? 

Cleopetra looked terrified. She had glasses in her eyes. She was looking at them not saying anything


Priscella threw the table cloth on the table and moved out of the chair

Priscella: Cleopatra what happened to my baby brother? 

Cleopatra: I wasn’t eavesdropping but I heard Mr EJ speaking to someone on the phone 

Ms Refilwe moved out of the table as well

Refilwe: And ? 

Cleopatra: He said he made you and Ms Priscella believe that he still loves Tasha. He said his plan is to go with her to the trip then shoot her from the ship and throw her body in the sea  

Refilwe: Oh My God! 



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