< Narrated >

I wonder how will this going back and forth end? It looks like Hunter goes from this woman and hear their side of the story then go to another one to confirm. The poor man is going to grow grey hair. The last time he was with Claire she said she wanted nothing to do with him and walked out on him. He is surprised to hear that she was following him to the Seputla Towers. We see Hunter walking out of his car. He went to the door of this small nice apartment. He knocked at the door then stood there waiting. He played with his hair nervous. The door opened. When Claire saw it was Hunter she attempted to close the door Hunter blocked the door.

Claire: I said I wanted nothing to do with you ! __

Hunter: And i don't remember saying okay  :)

Claire left the door. She walked back in

Claire: I am done with You! Hunter you cheated! I don't know why you're following me ! :( _

She was speaking and walking fast crying

Hunter: No You're the one who is following me  :(

Claire stopped walking. She looked surprised by that.

Claire: What are you talking about? __

Hunter walked to her. He touched her. Claire slapped his hand.

Hunter: I know you followed me to the Seputla Towers

Claire: One fight we had you ran back to her ! __

Hunter shook his head. He sat on the couch

Hunter: I really don't know what the hell is wrong with you Claire :(

Claire looked at him

Claire: Excuse me ? You go back to your ex wife and sleep with her now you say you don't know what is wrong with me ? What's up with you men? __

Hunter: Claire I told you I was gonna go confront Sonia for what she did to you and you didn't have a problem with that ! I went and she had company. I told you I was gonna go back. What I do not understand is why you're acting like I hide this from you. You knew I was going there ! :(

Claire: I didn't know you slept with her! I didn't know you were gonna sleep with her ! _

Hunter: I regret it. I did it once. She got upset when she found out I was in a relationship. Sonia didn't know i was in a relationship with you. She wouldn't have let me do that if she knew so please if you want to be mad at anyone be mad at me! I am the one who never told her about you :(

Claire: It's so cute how you defend her ! __

Hunter: I am not defending her! I am just trying to tell you that it's not right to lie about Sonia just because you don't like her! :(

Claire: What did I lie about? :( _

Hunter: I saw the clips. You are the one who started the fight and threw water first ! :(

She looked down. Hunter stood up

Hunter: You're not going to deny it ? :(

Claire: I went there to confront her for telling you about my personal life. I didn't go there to smile at that fake bitch! :(

Hunter: So you initiated the altercation ? :(

Claire: Yes! and she is not innocent! She attacked me! She was more pychical! :( _

Hunter sat down.

Hunter: I didn't see clips. I wanted to find out what really happened  :(

Claire: So you tricked me! ___

Hunter: My love you did the same. I learnt this trick from you  :)

Claire walked to the door. She opened it wide

Claire: Get out of my house ! __

Hunter: Not until we talk about you stalking me! it has to stop I feel like I am dating a woman I don't know. I don't know ! You're dangerous. How can I trust you with my kids. What if you take your unccessary anger and hate out on my kids ?

Claire couldn't believe this. She put her hands on her mouth.

Claire: Oh My God ___

Claire ran to her cell phone.

Hunter: What are you doing? _

Claire: Calling security! __

Hunter: What the..... ? _

Hunter attempted to snatch the telephone. Claire hit his forehead with it

Hunter: __

Claire threw the telephone on the floor

Claire: I am sorry baby ___

Hunter put his hand where she hit him. He looked at his hand. He was shocked to see blood. When he saw blood.  He walked to the door furious

Claire: Please don't g.... ___

Hunter slammed the door behind him closing it in Claire's face. Claire went down with the door. She broke down. Her phone was on the floor. She took it then made a phone call.

Claire: Please come to my house I need you ___

She hung up. Outside we see Hunter get in his car. He took a tissue and tried to clean his wound. He took his phone and texted


Hunter: sent _

He started the engine and drove out.


It's after the meeting. We see King Zwelicacile  and Prince Nomgcwabe in the car driving home talking.  Prince Nomgcwabe was the one driving. It looks like things went well judging by the look on King Zwelicacile's face. He looked excited.

Nomgcwabe: I can't believe they will start next week :)

Masixole: The sooner the better  :D

Nomgcwabe: I was gonna be fit if I lived here

Masixole looked at him

Masixole: There is no gym at Alice ?

Nomgcwabe smiled then focused on the wheel

Nomgcwabe: They are not owned by my cousin. I can't go in and out as I please

Masixole: Yeah.....  _

Masixole's phone rang. He looked at it

Masixole: Let me answer this

Nomgcwabe: Sure

Masixole: Ms Refilwe :) _

Refilwe: Son in law when are you coming back?

Masixole: Wednesday with Priscella ma'am why?  __

Refilwe: We need to advertise your old position

Masixole: I think we should also inform the workers. There are people who are qualified for that position. I don't want us to employ a stronger. But we can advertise it as long we will let the guys at the company apply as well :) _

Refilwe: Get here first we will talk about this further

Masixole: Okay ma'am  :) _

Refilwe: GoodBye now

Masixole: Bye ma'am :) _

The King hung up the phone and then dialled a number. He was calling his friend in Johannesburg

Aaron: Your highness

Masixole: Don't start with that bro :( _

Aaron: ha ha ha What's up?

Masixole: Look man I want you to apply for my position. You're very good at your job :)_

Aaron: As the COO ?

Masixole: You sound surprised. You are good man and I want you to work closely with my wife. I don't want a strange man joining the company and spend more time with my woman :( _

Nomgcwabe: :) _

Prince Nomgcwabe looked at the king and smiled. He focused on the road..

Aaron: Wow i never thought of this. Now that you suggested it I think I want that position and you bastard got paid a lot. I want that kinda money as well

Masixole: Dude what are you gonna do with money you're not even married :D _

Aaron: Dude my son's school fees is expensive and his crazy mother demands money every hour

Masixole: See? You need this position bro :D_

Aaron: Thanks bro I appreciate your confidence in me

Masixole: Remember you can't tell anyone this.  We will annouce it when I am back on thursday or after Christmas _

Aaron: Sure bro

Masixole: Sharp man later ! :) _

Aaron: Later

Masixole hung up

Masixole: Laugh at me Now You will see how it feels like when you found the one :D

Nomgcwabe laughed then started thinking.  He shook his head trying not to think about it

Nomgcwabe: _

At Seputla towers in the house we see Elton running down the stairs wearing a jacket. Ms Refilwe stood up. So did Priscella. Elton ran to the elevator.

Priscella: You don't ask permission now you just leave? _

Refilwe: Where are you going? :(

Eoton: If i answer you guys I will end up leaving the building.... :(

He got in

Elton: I want to find her downstairs and apologise for your behaviour  :(

Priscella: Our behaviour? _

The elevator closed. Priscella shook her head.

Priscella: I need to go take off these heels ! :(

Refilwe: _

Downstairs. We see Tasha walk out of the elevator.  She started talking to someone who seemed to know her. The elevator opened. She turned around. She saw Elton She attempted to leave .

Elton: Tasha please come sit with me on that table! :(

Tasha: Why EJ? What's The use ? :( _

Elton went to her.

Elton: Are you really gonna do this in public? :(

Tasha looked around. She wiped her tears. Elton pulled out a chair for her. She sat down. Elton went to his chair

Elton: How are you feeling ? _

Tasha looked at him

Tasha: Why are you so nice to me after everything I have done to you? __

Elton: I said this before. I don't want to talk about what you did ! :(

Elton took her hands

Elton: Talk to me. How do you feel ? _

Elton: Ashamed I feel like how I felt when i was leaving Brendan's will reading :(

Elton: You went to his will reading ? _

Tasha looked down

Tasha: I wish I didn't go. Sonia lied to me. She said the lawyer asked for me. She wanted me to go there so she could Humiliate me and she did __

Elton:What did she do ? _

Tasha: She denied calling me. I looked like a fool. I was called a gold digger __

Elton started laughing. Tasha stood up

Tasha: Wow you're laughing? :( _

Elton: I am sorry. It's just that I didn't think Sonia had it in her. I am impressed  :D

Tasha: Elton what do you want to talk about? :(

Elton: Oh so who is the father ? _

Tasha: This baby has no father. I am going to abort it. The only reason i haven't done it was because i thought it was yours :( _

Elton: I am sorry but the baby doesn't change any thing. We can still work on our relationship

Tasha looked at Elton. She couldn't believe what He said.

Elton: Look I love you and i want us to work okay

Tasha smiled. She took his hands

Tasha: EJ I am so sorry for everything. I want us to be the way we were but first I have to get rid of this problem  :) __

Elton: So you're coming to the trip? :) _

Tasha: I am coming to the trip :) __

Elton: Thank you :)

He stood up then kissed her cheek. Tasha stood up smiling

Elton: Are you gonna be alright? :) _

Tasha: If you unblock me :)

Elton: It's dark do you want me to ask the driver to take you home ? :)

Tasha: Would love that __

He raised his hand. A guy in suit came to them

Elton: Please take her home :)

Guy: Okay Mr Elton :)

Elton kissed Tasha then said his goodbyes

< Sonia De Villiers >

Finally I just finished working. I have never been left behind by Priscella. I love my job and I take it very seriously that is why even when i have a busy day out of the office I make sure when I get to the office I work a lot. I am just glad I finished all I had to do today. Right now I just need to get home. Relax then later get ready to go to the mall with Priscella. I don't think i can go fetch my kids. I will go fetch them tomorrow around midday when i am taking two hours off work to go shoot my reality show with them. I did speak with the producer and He loved the idea. I feel like we will work very well together. I like the fact that he respects my decisions and my ideas.

Anyway while I was busy putting my laptop in it's bag I heard a soft knock at the door. I looked up then smiled. It's Isaiah

Me: Come in :D

He smiled then Opened the door.

Me: You know even when i hated you I always wanted to be your friend. I remember being so desperate for your number from Brendan. He refused to give it to me. I told him now that I will be on that reality show I need friends like you :D

Isaiah: Look what happened few weeks later :D

Me: I am happy we got over our issues :D

Isaiah: Me too. It's true what they say. Get to know the person before hating or judging them :)

Me: True :D

Isaiah: I am here to update you  :)

Me: Update me ? :) _

I am lost. I really don't know what he is talking about.

Isaiah: Betty said I should....

Me: Go to them yes ! :D

Isaiah: Well I got there. Your mother in law and father in law told me that the right thing to do is for them to take the SUV R250.000 from my money and leave me with R200 000 and the Lamborghini  :)

Me: The nerve! so they were not asking they were telling you ? :(

Isaiah: Yep

Me: What did you say ?

Isaiah: I said that will never happen. They are getting nothing from me ! :(

Me: Good! wow i can't believe them. This has Betty written all over it! :(

Isaiah: I know right! That's what I said but I didn't say it in their faces of course :(

Me: Wow :D _

Isaiah: I left them there after I told you that

Me: I can.....

My phone rang. I looked at it

Me: Excuse me it's Priscella :)

Isaiah: Okay _

I answered

Me: Sis ? :D _

Priscella: Tasha was here. She says she is pregnant with Elton's child

Oh my God! I put her speaker

Me: Friend you're on speaker. I hope you don't mind I am with Isaiah __

Priscella: Hey Isaiah

Isaiah: What's up :D

Priscella: So this girl shows up here with my brother. She says she is pregnant with my brother's kid

Isaiah: What was Brendan and Hungani doing with her? how does she know he is the father ?

Me: Exactly! this girl is a gold digger. She failed to get Brendan inheritance now she wants to do this to Us ? :( __

Priscella: Well my our family is a stop. Remember that healer from Masixole's family?

Me: Yes ! that guy is good. You told me what he did _ _

Priscella: Ms Refilwe called him. That man didn't wait for us to explain anything. He told us Elton is not the father of that baby

Me: Oh My God :D _

Isaiah: Things are not going her way :D

Me: What did she say? :D __

Priscella: She ran out ! my idiot brother ran after her

Me: You must be kidding me! :( __

Priscella: I am telling you. Anyway later I need to take a little nap

Me: Bye friend

I hung up

Me: Wow :D

I took My handbag and laptop.

Isaiah: That girl is just a pretty face. I can't believe she came to this building after she did what she did! :(

Me: Crazy! let's go :(

We walked out and walked to the elevator.  I saw Algebra locking Priscella's office. He walked to us.

Algebra: What are you doing here ? I thought I was seeing you later ? _

I didn't know they meet up ? the last time i checked he was mad at Isaiah. It looks like Isaiah made amends with everyone.

Me: And you two ? :D

Isaiah: We ar...... :) _

Algebra: Going out for drinks :D _

Me: Nice :)

Algebra smiled at me then looked at Isaiah

Algebra: What are you doing here ? :) _

Me: he came to see me but I don't think he will leave you here to take a taxi. He is a gentleman. He will take you home :)

I said looked at Isaiah. He looked at Algebra

Isaiah: I think that is a good idea. I am in my holiday already. I am starting work in January. I have to enjoy every minute of it  :)

Me: Lucky you. Can you believe we gonna let go few workers Wednesday some thursday. There is just a lot of work around here :)

I pressed the elevator..

Isaiah: Well at least you give them bonuses :)

Algebra: :D

Me: Every year they get bonuses :D

We got to the elevator. It took us down

Me: Guys goodbye :)

Isaiah: Bye  :)

Algebra: Don't forget about the interviews tomorrow

Me: I won't thanks babe :)

I walked to the parking lot. I got to my car. I heard My phone rings. I took it. It's my step mom

Me: Hey mom :) _

Her: The kids are asking about you. I told them you were fetching them

Oh God. Tonight I am going to Priscella's meeting with a designer. I feel like I am what Claire said I am. A bad mother who doesn't make time for her kids. I felt a tear.

Me: Tell them They must get ready we are going shopping at the mall tonight ___

Mom: Okay they can hear you. They are excited

Me: Great see you in few minutes  :) __

I hung up then started the engine. I won't let Claire make me feel like I am a bad mother. I am not. I love my kids. They live with me all their school terms. I am always home with them and picking them up at school. I won't let that bitch break me.

Me: :( _

< Judge Makhosazana >

The reason i took this long to ask Prince Phonqa about this was because i knew I had a lot of things going on. I knew I wouldn't like it and I was right. I can't believe this girl did this. Why didn't my son tell us about it ? Was he embarrassed to tell us ? I really haven't had time to sit with him alone and talk. I feel like maybe he was waiting for His wife to leave so that he could tell us or me. I am really disappointed in Notiniphu. I am angry and I pray she has a good explanation for her actions. How can she sleep with the king. What the hell was she doing in his room when we were not around. I hate to think she is not the person i thought she was. I would really be disappointed. A part of me wants to know what happened a part of me fears the truth. What if it was my son's idea. Could this boy do this to his fiance ? Is he capable of cheating? is he even ready to get married? A lot is in my mind right now. I don't know what to do or think but what I know is I need to get to the truth so that I can find a way to deal with this matter immediately! This could ruin everything for my son. I pray that boy didn't do this but this girl had both her eyes and they could see. How could she ? I remember Priscella telling me about what Notiniphu told her. How could she stab her in the back? I just asked her a question. She is not going to act like a saint now not after everything I have learnt about her today. Firstly she took break and went to have sex on my time. The time i pay her for. Now I find out she slept with my son ?

Me: Notiniphu what did you do to my son! _

Notiniphu: My Queen please let me explain! ___

I looked at the door. I went and closed it  I am not telling this anyone even Nomahelele and my sister in law

Me: I am listening

speak  ! _

Notiniphu: Okay ! So before you went to the river Queen Priscella asked me to go fetch her dirty sheets from the bedroom and wash them. She said she left him sleeping so I shouldn't knock I should just walk in and take the sheets __

Me: What did you do ? did you jump on bed ?  :(

Notiniphu: No! On my way to his room. I heard him crying. He was having a bad dream. I ran in and called his name...... __

She walked passed me

Notiniphu: I was trying to shake him. I finally woke him up When i did he grabbed me and pulled me closer. He kissed me  __

Me: He was blind why didn't you stop him ? :(

Notiniphu: I tried my Queen. When i called his name I said My king. I thought he knew who I was. When i pulled out from the kiss he didn't let me. He kissed me...... __

She started crying hard.

Notiniphu: I am sorry my Queen i was weak. I let him __

Me: __

Notiniphu: My Queen I swear i thought he knew who I was __

Me: When did you realise he didn't know who you are  ? :(

Notiniphu: When we were done. He said I love you Priscella  __

Me: Oh My God! he thought you were her! why didn't you try harder to stop him! why! ___

Notiniphu: Because........ __

She was looking around then at me

Me: Because what ? :(

She walked to her bed. She sat on the edge of her bed.

Notiniphu: Because I wanted it ___

Oh My God. She didn't just say that to my face. I was out of words. Who is this girl?

Me: __

She stood up

Notiniphu: My Queen I respect you with my life and i cannot lie to you. I can't make up a lie to justify what I did. I am incapable of lying to you __

I pulled a chair. I sat down. I have always had something to say but today I am speechless. I don't know what to say.

Me: How long have you been feeling this for my son? :( _

She wiped her tears

Notiniphu: As you know when I got here he was not here. I fell in love with the photo on the wall. I know it's wrong my Queen __

Me: It's very wrong and your heart is lying to you! it's messing with you. Honey it is leading you to the wrong direction! :( _

She stood up .

Notiniphu: I know my Queen. I am so sorry. Queen Priscella is a good person. I shouldn't have done that to her. She gave me a brand new perfume. That same perfume is the one that confused my king. He thought I was her __

Me: Oh My God.  I smelt it from you and I don't know why I forgot to ask  _

She looked at me

Notiniphu: My Queen I did something else _

Me: You slept with him again ? :( _

Notiniphu: No! The king doesn't know that was me because when I realised he thought I was his wife I ran out. __

Me: What else happened ? _

Notiniphu looked at me nervous.

Notiniphu: I bought a morning after Pill. I got it yesterday. I went to the bathroom to take it and....   __

Me: And ? _

Notiniphu: I couldn't do it __

Me: Why ? Ain't you afraid of what might happen if you were to get pregnant. Notiniphu do you know how many lives you're going to destroy? :(

Notiniphu: I know... __

Me: Where is the pill take it! it's not yet 72 hours :( _

Notiniphu: I flushed it! I know my intentions for flushing it were wrong _

Me: What were you hoping to achieve?

Notiniphu: I am sorry __

On second thought I don't wanna know. I took my phone. I called the driver

Driver: My Queen I am about to leave Mthatha. I promise i....

Me: Go to the pharmacy and buy morning after pill :( _

Notiniphu: __

Driver: a what my Queen

Me: Ask for a morning after pill :( _

Driver: Okay my Queen

I hung up

Me: We are going to do it again :(

Notiniphu: My Queen I am doing everything I can to get over these feelings. I found a boyfriend and I am in love with him __

Me: Congratulations! don't let Ngejiwe ruin things for you. She doesn't deserve the boy :(

Notiniphu: Thank you My Queen  __

I stood up then walked out. I am sorry but this is not going to happen. This girl is not having my son's child No. As for Ngejiwe I apologise. I don't want to be part of her lies. If Notiniphu is in love with that man then good for her. As long she will forget about my son.

< Tasha >

How do you think i must be feeling right now? I just found out that one man I hate so much is the father of my unborn child. Everyone knows I hate Hungani. I hate him with every fibre of my being. That man hates me. He finds happiness and pleasure in making fun of me. How can i be happy to carry a child of a man like that ? How can i be happy to give him a child when every time he looks at me he sees a joke? I am not a joke. I am a young woman who made mistakes and mistakes that I am still paying for. I knew going to face Elton's family was going to be hard and I was right. I knew Priscella was gonna be the hardest and the most harsh and I was right.  Priscella hates me. She will never forgive me I know she won't. I don't know what i should do to show her that I am sorry and I regret what I did to Elton. EJ is nice to me. He is trying to forgive me. He just gave us a chance Why can't she? I know I disrespected her in front of her ex. Yes she is right about everything. I was mean and confident when i said the things i said to her about both she and Elton. I didn't know how life could turn out to be. I didn't know things could turn around and I could be the one on my knees begging for forgiveness. Now here I am crying and hoping to be with a man I wanted nothing to do with. I understand where Priscella is coming from.

I know I am white and I am clueless about traditional stuff but what Mrs Seputla did was very surprising. She didn't know i was pregnant. We just told them at that instant. There was no way She could've told that man. I believe this child is not Eltons child. I can't believe I started believing in traditional healers today. Anyway I was very shocked when Elton said he still wanna be part of my life. I thought he'd hate me I mean I got pregnant the night I drugged him. That should upset him but it doesn't and that doesn't sit well with me. I feel like Elton is a ticking time bomb and that scares me to death. All i need to do right now is show him love. Show him how important he is in my life. I love him. I hope he will see that very soon. The reason i didn't tell him and his family about my job was because i don't want to say it then it doesn't happen. I have to make sure I keep this a secret until I start shooting and see that the directors love my work. To Elton I just said it's a job. I didn't tell him what job it is and I am planning to keep it that way.

Anyway I am going to see Hungani now. EJ asked a driver to take me home. I asked him to take me to Hungani's house after that I am going straight home. I just hope Elton won't have a problem when he finds out that I went to see Hungani. That bastard is the father of this baby. I want to make things clear though. I am not having this baby. I am going there to tell him that I am not going to have this baby. The plan is to hurt his feelings. I want him to see how much i hate him. I just hope this works because it will break my heart if he told me he didn't want to have a baby with me anyway.

Me: Please stop the car here :)

Driver: Please be fast ma'am Mr EJ thinks I am taking you home. I don't want to get in trouble _

I looked at him.

Me: Don't worry I won't take long :)

I said fixing my make up. I made sure I look good. I took out the doctor's papers.

Me: I am delivering these to him I will be right back  :)

Driver: Okay ma'am

I walked out of the car with my handbag. I put the papers in my handbag. I catwalked to his house. I hate that someone who is in the living room can see you walking to the door. I got to the door. I knocked. A girl came to the door. Oh no. I didn't think I would find these girls here. I know when I see one the other is somewhere in the house. I wonder when are they working? I wonder if they even have homes. I don't understand why they live here with him. What kinda man who lives with two girls at the same time ? Even if I was keeping this baby I don't think i was gonna want him to be part of it. Anyway this girl opened the door. She looked at me then looked behind her

Model: Oh My God Briana look sho decided to pay us a visit after such a long time :D

Oh so the other one's Name is Brianna. Finally they have names

Me: Don't exaggerate. It's been just three weeks :(

Model: Oh it feels like such a long time ! :D

I saw the Brianna girl coming from the bedroom

Brianna: _

Why is she so angry to see me?

Me: Where is Hunga...... :( _

Brianna: What do you want here? :(

I saw Hungani coming from the bedroom

Hungani: Tasha? :( _

Brianna: Brendan is dead now she is here to bother us again? this girl has no shame! :(

I looked at her. I shook my head

Brianna: For a supermodel you have a low self esteem. Stop being so insecure. I don't want your man ! :(

I saw her nose moving That's how angry she was. She is so angry. She need to go see a therapist for her anger issues

Brianna: _

Hungani: I thought you said I should leave you alone. What do you want here ? :(

Brianna looked at him

Brianna: What were you doing with her for her to say that ? :( _

Hungani ignored her. He was looking at me.

Me: Trust me this is the last place I wanna be I wouldn't be here if it wasn't important. Can I speak to you in private? :(

I looked at the ladies

Me: Go I don't want him :(

Hungani: You can say whatever you want to say infront of them :(

They both smiled and put their hands on their waists. I rolled my eyes

Me: Great then :D

They looked at me curious to hear what I am here to say. I took out the paper.

Me: I am three weeks pregnant.... :)

He started laughing and the girls joined in. They think this is funny

Hungani: You were Sle..... :D _

I am not going to let him insult me. I got enough insults from his ex girlfriend. I myself suspected that this might be Brendan's baby and I was wrong. Priscilla did as well not her ex too!  I won't let him say this.

Me: I thought it was Brendan's baby but I was with Brendan a week ago and I am three weeks pregnant ! :(

Brianna: _

Hungani: You were..... :( _

Me: The first person i thought of when I was told I am three weeks Pregnant was Elton. I would have his baby in a heartbeat. I was excited thinking he is the father and I was like I wouldn't mind having a child for him because he is decent and mature unlike all men I have been with and I feel bad that I got to see that after I drugged him :( _

They were looking at me with their eyes widened. Now they see this is no joke.

Me: I went running to him. He was willing to be a father to my child until it was confirmed that he is not the father guess who else I slept with three weeks ago?  :(

I looked at him from head to toe. I put my hand on my forehead pretending to be thinking

Me: Then I thought I slept with you :(

Hungani: _

Me: Do you know the first thing that came to mind when I thought of that ? __

Brianna: _

I looked at Hungani. I want him to hear this.

Me: It was disgust __

Hungani swallowed hard

Hungani: _

Me: I wanted to vomit right there and then __

Hungani sat on the couch. I looked at his girls then at him.

Me: This.....__

I said pointing at girls then at him shaking my head. I threw the paper at the supermodels

Me: My child will never have a father who lives this kinda life. I came here to tell you that I am having an abortion. Have a good life with your little bugs here __

Hungani: _

Me: Excuse me ___

Hungani: Tasha! _‍♂️_

I could hear the footsteps behind me while I was running out. He was running after me. I made sure he doesn't catch up with me. I ran to the car

Me: ___

I don't want to hear anything he has to say. I hate Hungani so much. He will never be a man. My child will never have a man so irresponsible as a father. I cannot believe I thought he was a man. Now I see Elton is a man. Hungani is not even half a man Elton is. I got in the car.

Hungani: Tasha please wait _‍♂️_

I looked at my chauffeur

Me: Drive!!! __

He started the engine and drove off. I saw Hungani with his hands on his head Standing watching us. My decision is final. He will have to forgive me.

Me: __

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