< Judge Makhosazana >

I cannot believe this girl just admitted that She invaded my privacy to help her mother steal from us! What the hell is wrong with Ngejiwe? How could she be so stupid. Nontorotyi knows her children. She knows them well and she doesn’t even think twice when it comes to using them. She uses her children to get what she wants ajd she doesn’t care about the damage it would cause to a child. I have never met such a selfish woman like this. I cannot wait to find out if they were working together or she manipulated her like she always does. I know how to deal with Ngejiwe. She can’t lie to me. When I asked this girl if she did this I wasn’t sure. She was the last person I expected to do this then I had to think that the email might have been formal And I doubt Nontorotyi can do that and it turns out I was right. She asked this child to do this. I could see the look on Chief Khabalandile when Ngejiwe started apologising. He looked really angry and annoyed. The fact that she is not his child will make him see that she is really nothing like us and it confirms she is a commoner just like her mother.

Me: How could you?  

Ngejiwe: My Queen I……

Nomagampompo: Ngejiwe you committed fraud!!!!! 

Ngejiwe: Fraud ? 

She is asking ? She didn’t know stealing money from a company or from clients is fraud ? She is making me so angry. My phone rang

Me: Excuse me! 

I wiped my tears. I walked away answering

Me: Detective Swana ? 

Swana: We have her. We found her at that witch doctor’s house

Me: Good! 

I hung up then turned around and found everyone looking at me.

Me: They arrested Nontorotyi. They found her at Zinyovile’s house 

Ngejiwe: Oh My God 

Ngejiwe ran. She was running to the front door leaving. Nomahelele ran after her. Shee kicked her from behind. Ngejiwe fell. My cousin Grabbed her washing She pulled her up and looked at her in the eyes


Nomahelele: Not yet! 

She pushed her to us

Me: Why did you do this ? 

Ngejiwe: Mom used me 

Me: I don’t know how many times I heard you say that ! why don’t you learn that your mother is master manipulator! What did she say? 

Ngejiwe: It was June holidays last year. Mom came to me desperate. You were in court. She said you asked her to write an email and alert the clients about the prices. She said you asked her a week before and she forgot. When I offered to send with my email she said you said she should use yours at your study and I believed her 

Nomagampompo: Oh My God 

Hlohlesakhe: Ngejiwe the Queen never asked your mama to do that. Everyone knows the Queen don’t trust your mother with her personal stuff and no one can blame her! The family has to pay R1440 000 rands your mother stole from those clients 

Ngejiwe: Oh My God! 

Hlohlesakhe: Go home! You know the Queen would never ask your mother to touch her personal stuff!  

Ngejiwe: I am so sorry 

Nomahelele: What do you think your mother did with the money? 

Ngejiwe: She….. oh My God 

She just realised something. We all looked at her

Me: Are you gonna tell us ? 

Ngejiwe: She built Eight rooms house for my uncle and she said it is fully furnished 

Nomagampompo: Oh My God  

Hlohlesakhe: Ngejiwe how could you betray the Queen like this ? 

Ngejiwe: I was trying to help my mother. She was desperate! I didn’t know she was lying to me 

I went to her fuming with anger. I pulled her closer

Me: Maybe joining your mother in prison is the best lesson so that you start listening to me when I say don’t listen to that woman!!! 

She covered her face thinking I will slap her


Me: What did I say to you when I found out you were investigating your king ? 

Ngejiwe: You said I shouldn’t listen to my mother  

Me: Why did you sleep with Elton? Why did you try to pin your disgraceful act on that little boy ? 

Ngejiwe: I was desperate 

Me: Why didn’t you think about what will your father say when you slept with whoever you slept with ? 

Ngejiwe: Please forgive me ! 

Nomagampompo: I remember those same words when you were caught with that investigation you did on my nephew! You committed fraud with your mother! You have to join her! 

Ngejiwe: Oh My God ‍️

She ran out

Hlohlesakhe: Ngejiwe get back here ! ‍️

Ngwjiwe: I can’t go to jail ‍️

Me: Chief Let her go!!! 

The chief turned around.

Me: All I wanted was for her to feel bad for what she did! 

Nomagampompo: And you think you achieved that ? 

I looked at her

Me: I hope she learnt her lesson  L

Princess Nomagampompo sat down

Princess: I doubt that little girl learns anything! She comes here crying angry for a boy! She is telling us that her boyfriend is sleeping with someone. That is not the kinda behavior we want to teach our children!  

The chief sat down

Hlohlesakhe: I raised her. Why doesn’t she follow the right path? I mean she grew up into this culture she knows what is expected of her why? Why she is doing this? L

Nomahelele: You all know Why! When a child is suppose to find out about her background She behaves like her ! L

Me: Oh We are not ready to do that 

Nomahelele: She is a commoner. It’s in her blood whatever you do she will always be hooligan L

Hlohlesakhe: I don’t know right now L

I looked at the kitchen. Notiniphu is not back yet. I don’t know what is wrong with her. I don’t care who she dates but you cannot go sleep with a man while on duty. That is disgusting! She is not going to cook for us today.

< Narrated >

Prince Nomgcwabe left the elders in the living room. He was upset. He didn’t go to his room. He went straight to his brother’s room. He opened the door. Prince Phonqa looked up..

Phonqa: Don’t you knock ? L

Nomgcwabe: You heard? 

Phonqa: Yeah L 

He said pointing at a glass that was in a plastic. Princes Nomgcwabe looked at the glass

Nomgcwabe: What are you gonna do with that ? 

Phonqa: When Princess Nomaxabiso was here I gave her water then took that glass. I wanted to know if she was our sister  L

Nomgcwabe: How did you know she could be our sister? 

Phonqa: I told you I would find my mother’s lover with or without your help and I did

Nomgcwabe: Who helped you ? 

Phonqa: That’s not important. That man is dead anyway L

Nomgcwabe: Can you believe he never looked at us? What kinda father does that ?

Phonqa: He just threw shares at us 

Nomgcwabe: What? Those shares were his ? 

Phonqa: They didn’t tell you downstairs? 

Prince Nomgcwabe sat on the edge of Prince Phonqa’s bed

Nomgcwabe: I didn’t give them a chance to I left now it makes sense. That family owned 20 %...... 

Phonqa: He thought money is love L

Nomgcwabe: Rich people think money can fix anything 

Phonqa looked at his brother.

Phonqa: Yeah L

Nomgcwabe: Do you think she knew we were her half brothers?

Phonqa: Yeah. They say she hid it from her mom because she is a bitch

Nomgcwabe: Don’t you find it strange that they died the same day ? 

Phonqa: Did you call Geograph…  I mean Geometry ? J 

Prince Nomgcwabe stood up

Nomgcwabe: Nice chat talk later L

He walked to the door

Phonqa: He looked jealous when mom said you’re getting a wife 

Phonqa laughed and threw himself on his bed. Nomgcwabe shook his head then walked out. Phonqa’s phone rang. He looked at it and smiled.

Phonqa: Princess Ngeji  :D  

Ngejiwe: Who do you think you are !?

Prince removed the phone from his ear. He sat up straight Then listened

Phonqa: I know who I am J 

Ngejiwe: Why did you lie! Why did you say you told Velezantsi!?

Phonqa: Do you want me to go downstairs and tell everyone what I walked in on ? 

Ngejiwe Paused. She started breathing heavily

Phonqa: Do you ? 

Ngejiwe: Of course not!

Phonqa: I did that because I didn’t want you to harm her and get in trouble with family. Princess don’t behave like that ! L

Ngejiwe: Phonqa that bitch is sleeping with my boyfriend! Even now she is in his house they are having sex. Do you blame me for being angry at her ?

Phonqa: Wow 

Ngejiwe: ……… ( Tututututu  )

Ngejiwe hung up. Prince Phonqa looked at his phone then smiled.

Phonqa: Notiniphu is having the best December holidays  :D

In Johannesburg at Seputla Towers we see Ms Refilwe saying goobye to someone who just walked into the elevator. Elton came down. His mother turned around.

Refilwe: Boy J

Elton: Mom who just walked out. I know your friends but I have never seen her around?  

Refilwe: Who does she look like ? J

Elton started thinking

Elton: I don’t know……. Even though she is older. She does look like the lady who got at royal house Sunday then a little like the Queen  J 

Refilwe: That family has so many ladies. Powerful ladies. That one is a well known doctor and a business woman in Pretoria. They are cousins. I didn’t even bother to call the Queen and confirm because she looks just like them. I just talked to her and We really vibed :D

The elevator opened. Priscella walked in. I looked at the time.

Priscella: I just came for a file Ms Refilwe it’s not time! :D

Refilwe: I was surprised. Is Sonia back ? :D

Priscella: Oh yes  :D

Refilwe: And? :D

Priscella exhaled.

Priscella: He left everything to his boyfriend  J

Refilwe: Oh My God.  Is Sonia okay ? 

Priscella: She is handling it well and the boyfriend gave Sonia the other car J

Refilwe: That’s insulting! You’re married to this man then he dies and you have to sit back and accept handouts from his bitch ? L

Elton: Is that Isaiah? 

Priscella: Yes. Isaiah is a good person. Apparently Sonia took Brendan from him in a way so I understand why my friend is okay J

Refilwe: I never liked that tall white man. He was somehow Mysterious L

Priscella: Yeah you and uncle Kobus didn’t hide how you felt anyway let me go get the file J

She attempted to go to the stairs

Refilwe: I signed the cheques they are in a safe upstairs. I don’t know I don’t trust this one in such a public space here  J

Priscella: Well father made sure we had this one so that whoever is here to Rob would think this is the only safe and besides only documents and some old phones are here

Refilwe: Yes J

Priscella: Mom You gave away so Much money to the Ndengana family. I thought maybe you’d support the project after a year because you already lost two point five million rands….. 

Elton: Okay when you talking money and business… 

He raised his hands and walked up the stairs. They just laughed at him. Ms Refilwe looked at Priscella

Refilwe: I spent a lot of time overseas That I didn’t even donate money to some charities so I took some of the money from that money. It’s not from our budget don’t worry sweet. Charities accept what you give them. Next week I have to go to Ethopia to donate some money and gifts in some orphanage there. I wouldn’t sit back when my in laws need my  help J

Priscella: I appreciate what you did mom. I wasn’t questioning you because I am ungrateful….

Refilwe: I know sweety! Let me go make some calls :D

Priscella: Okay let me…. 

Elton came down running

Elton: Mom can I go downstairs in an hour. I need to see someone  J

Refilwe: You know I have to watch you right?

Elton: I won’t do anything stupid. I will go to the restaurant and that’s it  :D 

Priscella: Who are you taking out Elton? 

Elton: No one just meeting some of the guys I am taking to Mozambique. I want us to discuss what we will do when we get there  J 

Priscella: I thought you were not going L

Elton: Come on sis I haven’t done anything wrong lately

Priscella gave him the look

Elton: Okay fine except the drama at the royal house

Priscella smiled

Priscella: Mom I need to go get this file J

Refilwe: Okay baby J

Priscella walked away. Elton looked at Ms Refilwe

Elton: So….. J 

Refilwe: Go

Elton: Than….. :D 

Refilwe: But! L 

Elton: Oh boy 

Refilwe: A doctor is coming tomorrow to check if you’ve taken any kinda drug since you come out. If you’re not clean the trip will be cancelled and you will go back to rehab  L

Elton: Sounds good to me :D 

He kissed his mom’s cheek then ran up the stairs. Ms Refilwe shook her head in disbelief

< Sonia De Villiers >

I said I do not want to speak to Hunter again and I meant it but what happened at my house has to be addressed. I don’t understand why Hunter is angry with me. What did I do wrong to his girlfriend? Wasn’t I the one who called Hunter telling him that Claire wanted to meet me? He thought I told him that because I enjoy talking to him on the phone ? No! I do not enjoy talking to him. I told him that so that he could stop her but clearly that woman wears the pants in that relationship or He didn’t even stop her. I called Hunter and told him I am in my office if he wants to see me and talk he should come. He agreed and it looks like he didn’t waste time. He came as fast as he could. I just saw him speaking to Algebra. I took my handbag. I took a mirror. I fixed myself. No don’t get it twisted. I do this when I am meeting people. I don’t like looking ugly. I want to look good all the time. He knocked then opened the door. I closed my laptop then stood up.

Me: Insult me I am waiting. Then when you done tell me so I can tell you what really happened  L

Hunter: Sonia I am not here to fight but first let’s talk about your dad. Why is he angry with me? I noticed how cold he was the day you left town  

I walked out of my desk. I flipped my hair

Me: When I left your office that day I called dad asking him to come fetch the kids because I was leaving L

Hunter: And ?

Me: I was upset. He noticed that and asked why. I told him that I slept with you thinking you were single! Hunter my dad was shocked like I was when he found out you’re in a relationship L

Hunter looked down

Hunter: You didn’t expect me to stay all these years single!

Me: All We wanted was for you to tell us! L

Hunter: Did you tell me about Brendan? L

I chuckled. Here we go again.

Me: I never slept with you when I started dating Brendan. I told you everything that’s why we divorced wasn’t it ? L

Hunter looked down

Me: Anyway it’s fine. You made it clear you were getting your revenge L

Hunter: I never said that Sonia

Me: I think you did when you called me ! L

Hunter: I didn’t!

Me: Anyway you didn’t have to. Your actions showed your true colours. And the reason my father is angry I think he was hoping that you and I could get back together. I confronted him about it. I told him you and I would never work because we will keep reminding each other of the past. My dad is angry that you used me L

Hunter: I didn’t use you! L

Me: Whatever. Why are you here ? L

Hunter: How can you attack girlfriend the minute she walked in?  Sonia this is real life. Your show is changing you! L

Me: Did you just say I attacked her? L  

Hunter: Her hair was all over the place. She lost an ear ring

I walked passed him. Firstly she didn’t lose earings in my office Secondly yes I grabbed her hair and threw her on my table but when she walked out her hair was still flawless. This girl is playing mind games. She is trying to make us fight. She did that to her hair

Me: She is lying. They cleaned  the water she first threw at me and they didn’t find ear ring  L

Hunter: So you also threw water at her ?  L 

Me: I should’ve folded my arms? 

Hunter: L

Me: Let me tell you what happened! L

Hunter: What happened is you called the crew on her L

Okay I am tired of shouting. I am going to be polite

Me: Hunter that girl walked in. I welcomed her. Of course She had a problem with cameras. I said this is my job and those guys were coming here anyway with or without her. I said my kids talk a lot about her. They love her. Do you know what she said to me? L

Hunter: what ? L

Me: She said when did my kids tell me that because I never spend time with them. I am a bad mother. Do you see I was trying to be kind

That girl called me names. She said I am a granny and fake! 

Hunter shook his head oh he doesn’t believe me ?

Me: How about after work you and I go to the studios and I am going to show you the clips. They are there unedited at all. You will see everything I said to that woman! L

Hunter: No need for that L

Me: What do you mean? 

Hunter: She feels threatened by you and sleeping with you made things worse that’s why she came here. She was angry it’s my fault L

Me: And accusing me of some things I didn’t do what’s gonna happen about that ? L

Hunter: She was angry. Maybe she wanted me to hate you

Me: Of course she does! That girl is crazy! The only insulting word I said to her was when we were fighting. I said they should drag her broke ass out! L

Hunter: That was mean

Me: What do you call what she said to me ? L

The door opened. Priscella walked in

Priscella: Sorry to interrupt 

Me: Friend L

Priscella: I just saw Claire wearing shades walking out of the building. Was she here ? 


Me: No! Oh my God she is following you now? 

Hunter: Where is she ? 

PrisceLla: She walked to the parking lot. Hunter please leave my friend alone. That girl is a psychopath! 

Hunter: Excuse me! ‍️

Hunter ran out. I looked at Priscella.

Me: Oh My God Prissy! 

Priscella: Stay away from that man! I have a Briana woman I can’t figure out. You can’t have your own Briana also! L


Priscella: Get back to work sis L

She walked out. I sat down. Oh My God she is really nuts


< Judge Makhosazana >

What is going on now? I see my son walking down looking all smart in formal While I was looking at that I saw Prince Nomgcwabe also walking down wearing his famous black suit. I stood up

Me: And now ? :D 

I went to Prince Nomgcwabe and fixed his blazer

Me: I am glad you’re up and about my boy. I am really sorry  

Nomgcwabe: I am doing what he did to us all these years L


Princess Nomagampompo looked down

Nomgcwabe: He pretended like he didn’t see or know us. Now I am pretending like he never existed! L

Nomagampompo: He loved you 

Nomgcwabe: Mom I know we are rich okay but we are from rural areas okay ? We still people and have humanity! L

Me: Of course we are people. Good people ! :D 

Nomgcwabe: Love is not about throwing money at me. Love is caring and ask how I feel! He didn’t do that. He just threw 10 % shares at me! L

I looked down. Oh boy How I wish I could tell you how I got those shares from that animal.

Nomagampompo: I know baby he was scar….

Nomgcwabe: Sorry My Princess but that excuse is pathetic just like he was ! 

“ Pathetic ! pathetic ! pathetic!” We looked up. It was Phonqa memorizing the word running up. It looks like he doesn’t wanna forget it. He turned around and looked down .

Phonqa: I am sorry! I just wanna go check the word in my ddictionary ‍️

He said that then ran up. We laughed at him

Me: Boy pathetic he was! But you can’t stay angry at him. He doesn’t deserve that! L

Nomagampompo: My Queen! L 

Me: No! I am tired of making him look like a good guy.  He was not! L

Nomahelele: Amen sister J

Nomagampompo: Nomahelele you have never met him! L 

Nomahelele sat down

Nomahelele: You’re right sister in law. I don’t know the man but one thing I know is that if….. L

She looked at the chief

Nomahelele: Darling here would never wanna be part of my kids He would be cancelled and that is something you didn’t do sister in law! L

Princess Nomagampompo looked down.

Me: Anyway where are you two going? :D 

Masixole: Aunty and uncle you wanted to sell my great grandfather’s land I told you I wanted that land and you gave it to me J

He looked at me

Masixole: To answer your Question my Queen I am meeting the CEO of a construction company that will help me build my Gym in that land  J

Me: Where are you meeting? J 

Masixole: Mthatha Mouth  J

Me: Okay good luck gentlemen J

Chief Khabalandile stood up

Hlohlesakhe: So how many shares am I getting from that Gym? 

Masixole: Nice try uncle  ;)

He walked out followed by his cousin. Chief Khabalandile looked at me and Princess Nomagampompo

Hlohlesakhe: It’s a family land 

Nomahelele: And he is family! He spent years in Johannesburg why didn’t you think of starting business from that land darling? L

Hlohlesakhe: Well 

Nomahelele: Masixole went to Johannesburg and worked for three years. He didn’t ask anyone for money he is doing it on is own that tells you a lot about the leader he will be. He is not even 30 yet. Darling you must think of starting your own business and stop always trying to benefit from what was built by others. Don’t follow your name okay ? J

Hlohlesakhe: Well I was joking my l…. sweetheart  :D

He was not joking. I am glad someone else who is not me said that. Anyway The front door opened. Notiniphu walked in. We looked at each other

Notiniphu: My Queen 

Nomahelele: Somebody go order us pizzas in Mthatha I just cannot! Not today L

She stood up then walked up the stairs


Me: Where were you ? L

Notiniphu: My Queen I went to have lunch and I am sorry it took longer. It’s just that I finished all I had to do today and it’s not yet time to prepare dinner I didn’t think you’d have a problem  

Me: I am giving you an afternoon off. Don’t give us anything today. Just sit and relax okay ? J

Notiniphu: Yes my Queen thank you  J 

I smiled. She walked to her room

Nomagampompo: You’re letting her lie like that to us ? 

Me: I don’t have the energy sis. Can you call the driver with your cell and ask him to come in J

Nomagampompo: Okay L

I attempted to go upstairs. I saw my cousin walking down with my hand bag

Me: And now ? :D 

Nomahelele: I am officially unemployed! So that means I am not buying anything in this palace. This is your handbag. Give someone a card and send them to Mthatha we got to eat right? J

Me: I was actually going to fetch it thank you J

I took my handbag bag. The driver walked in

Me: Oh you’re here :D

Driver: Yes My Queen

Me: It’s just after two. But make sure whatever you do in Mthatha 6pm we are having dinner L

Nomahelele: We want you to go buy pizza for us J

Driver: I will be back before you know it my Queen :D

I gave him the card

Me: Buy six you know how we want it right? J

Driver: Yes My Queen if I forget I will call Siqalo  :D

Me: Drive safely  J

He bowed then walked out. My phone rang. I looked at my phone. My eyes popped out. I looked at Nomahelele then smiled

Me: Guys I will be right back I have to take this J

I walked away and hid by the stairs.

Me: May ? 

May: How are you Your highness ?

Me: Are you driving ? 

May: Yes had a meeting in Johannesburg I am driving to Centurion

Me: Oh okay I am good how are you ? J 

May: I am great. Don’t you need my help with anything ?

Me: No! I don’t need your help I am good thank you very much J 

May: If you say so…… ( tu tu tu tu tu tu tu)

She hung up after she said that. I looked at my phone.

Me: O-kay…..? 

I looked into space

Me: That was weird….. ? 

My phone rang again. I looked at it then answered quicky

Me: Talk to me L 

PI: I got the information you need

Me: Come to the palace J

PI: On My way

I hung up then turned around


How long has she been standing there? Nomahelele is standing by the stairs looking at me. .

Nomahelele: Why are you nervous. What was that about ?  

I walked passed her

Me: It was the PI. I am just worried  

Nomahelele: About ? 

I turned around then looked at her

Me: How you gonna use the information he got ! L

Nomahelele smiled

Her: So he has something for me ? J 

Me: Yes so what’s the plan? 

She tapped my shoulder than walked passed me

Nomahelele: Patience My dear cuz patience J 

She walked away shaking her behind

Me: At least you didn’t hear that I was talking to your cousin  

I walked back to them

< Isaiah Norman >

One thing I did when I left Sonia’s house was drive to a good friend of mine. I took him to the police station. We took my car He drive it to my house. I cannot go to my house. I have to speak to Brendan’s parents. Betty asked me to come. I know they might be ready to go home since things didn’t go as they expected. The reason I gave Sonia the things I gave her even though She didn’t take them all was she was married to that man. I am really angry at him for doing that to Sonia. The poor woman didn’t know the marriage was fake only Brendan did. How could he leave her with nothing ? I wanted the money as well but I thought It would be wrong of me to take it. I am glad she gave it to me. I am going to invest it into property. I love it where I live. Now that I know I still got my job I feel like I have everything and with my salary I still can afford rent. I am not ready to buy a house yet.

Anyway I just got here. I knocked then waited. I wonder what they want from me. I feel bad for them but I am glad they find out what kinda man Brendan was the hard way. At least they got money even though it’s not much. The door opened. Mr O was The one who opened the door. Me: Hello J 

Mr O: Come in son J

I walked in.The bed is nicely made. They are leaving. I thought they’d spend a night. I see their lluggage next to Betty. Mr O closed the door.

Betty: We are glad you’re here. We are going to talk about the things our son left you J 

What ? I don’t think it’s any of their business though… anyway I am listening. This doesn’t seem like it’s gonna go well. She looked at Mr O’Neal. I looked at him as well

Mr O: We made a decision son J 

He looked at his wife. I did too

Betty: We are taking the big car. SUV and R300 000 from that money. You’re going to be left with the flashy Lamborghini and R250 000 rands how is that? :D


What the he’ll? I had my eyes popped out

Mr O: We are being generous. I mean my son was a man. You’re a man you shouldn’t be proud to take anything from another man and leave his parents with nothing. What do you say ? :D

I looked at him. He was smiling like he didn’t just insult and offended me. I looked at his wife

Betty: :D

She is a snake. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that this was all her idea. She can wipe her big smile I am not interested.

Me: You have some nerve don’t you ? 

They both stood up shocked

Mr O: Excuse me ? L 

Betty: How can you speak like that to us ? 

Me: How dare you make a decision with things that do not belong to you ? 

Betty: But it’s only fair ! 

Mr O: I hated this thing you were doing with my son but I respected him and I had to accept you… 

Me: What does this have anything to do with my inheritance? L 

Betty: The nerve! How can you rip everything from us? We just lost our son. Have you no shame ? 

Me: The only people who should feel ashamed is you two! L

Their eyes popped out.

Me: Your son ruined that woman’s life then left her with nothing! What life lessons did you teach Brendan? Did you teach him to be conniving just like you ? L

Betty: Oh My God 

Mr O: 

Betty had her hand on her mouth. Mr O’Neal looked so angry

Me: The SUV you want has been my dream car for a long time and it’s mine! L


Me: I need that money for myself. It’s for the humiliation your son put me through forcing me to dress like a woman! 

Mr O: 

Me: As for the Lamborghini….. ? 

I walked to the door. I opened it them looked at them. They were just standing there looking at me floored by the things I just said. They thought I am some little push over naïve boy didn’t they ?

Me: I gave it to Sonia… 


Me: She deserves it ! L

Mr O: You boy……… 

Me: Goodbye 

I looked at Betty

Betty: How could you ? 

Me: See you no more! 

I slammed the door hard then leaned on it breathing heavily. I put my hand on my chest breathing uncuncontrollable

Me: You did well Isaiah. You did well 

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