< Judge Nomakhosazana >

I have no words for my brother in law’s wife. I don’t know what that woman wants from me. I beat her up. I thought that was a lesson little did I know she would see that as a motivation to keep fighting against us. Does this woman know what is at stake here? The ancestors are preventing the truth from coming out. She should be happy that we can’t tell The chief about Ngejiwe. Why does this woman keep upsetting the dead? Does she realise that they can change their mind ? Does she even value her marriage? Maybe she knows one day it is going to come out that is why she is doing this. I must say she is brave. My mind is all over the place. I am not going to think about Nontorotyi.  That woman is a fly that I would just squash in a second. I have so many things to worry about. Right now we are waiting for Gedleza to come here. He went to fetch his things at home. My brother in law is here. We are all going to that place to dig up that poison Nontsingizi buried.

Anyway I was surprised to get a Call from Nomaxabiso. That girl has no shame. She will never get married to my family ever! She is a disgraceful woman who has no morals at all. I am not even surprised I mean who raised her ? Her witch mother and her cheating father. Nothing good can come out of that. They are a messed up family.

Princess: That was quick? J 

Me: She hug up on me. Can you believe She is acting like everything is okay ? L

Princess: I really believed in her. She really disappointed me L

Me: I am glad we found out about this before she married my son  L

Hlohlesakhe: She disappointed all of us even the ancestors L

Princess Nomagampompo stood up

Princess: I am sure Gedleza is close. Let me go wear a jacket J

Me: Okay sisi

She walked up the stairs. My brother in law looked at me

Him: I am glad we got a chance to be together 

Me: Yes ? 

Him: When are we telling the boys about their shares?  J 

Me: I forgot let’s do it tomorrow or when we come back J

Hlohlesakhe: I was also thinking we should do now. I think one of us should be the boys’ proxy to their shares not my sister. I am afraid she might take the shares back to that man L

Me: Don’t worry. When Shosholoza signed my signature was already in that paper  J

Hlohlesakhe: Oh you? 

I looked at him. This man said one of us. I just told him I am the boys proxy why do I feel like he doesn’t like that ?

Me: Like you said one of us. I am one of us right? :D

I said standing up. I walked to the bottle of whisky.

Hlohlesakhe: Of course my Queen  J 

I poured myself a drink .

Me: My chief I am the one who came up with this plan and I feel like it’s my responsibility to look out for them  J 

Hlohlesakhe: You’re right my Queen  J 

Princess Nomagampompo walked down. Siqalo walked in

Siqalo: Your highness Gedleza is here  

Me: Send him in Siqalo L

He walked out

Princess: I expected you to confront Shosholoza about what his wife wanted to do  J 

Me: I am just waiting for the right moment  

I gulped my whisky

Princess looked at Chief Khabalandile

Me: What ? L 

Hlohlesakhe: I told my sister why you didn’t confront him and it looks like I was right J 

Me: And I haven’t forgotten Zinyovile. She is going to pay 

Gedleza walked in..

Princess: Gedleza are we gonna need to buy alcohol for Saturday or it will be Mqombothi only? 

Gedleza: You have to buy alcohol. The ancestors will want to drink red and white brandy  

Me: Siqalo you heard that ? L

Him: Yes your highness. I will come to you when you come back. I need to know what to buy 

Me: Okay. Let’s go guys. Let me take my car keys  L

Gedleza: My Queen it’s in this property 

Me: That woman buried a Muti In my property? 

Gedleza: Yes my Queen. I want you to bring a knife

I walked to the kitchen

Me: How is the dinner coming along Notiniphu? L

Notiniphu: It will be ready in 30 minutes my Queen J 

Me: Good L

I took the big knife in my kitchen



I walked out.

Me: This is perfect to stab Nontsingizi  

I said looking at the knife.


Me: Where is the chief and Gedleza? 

Princess: Digging behind let’s go J

We walked to the back. We saw them digging. I looked at them then at my house.

Me: Do you see what I see? L

Gedleza: She made sure she did this under the window of your bed room My Queen 

Me: She doesn’t know who I am 

Gedleza took out a skin that was folded

Me: What is that ? 

Gedleza: It is inside here L

He unfolded the python skin It revealed a plastic inside.

Gedleza: cut this into pieces with a knife

I started cutting it off. I saw red powder in it. I stabbed the plastic and cut it into pieces. He took out something.

Gedleza: This is the tie. The symbol of that strong bond you had with her my princess…. 

Princess: That witch 

Gedleza: My Queen I want you to cut this tie L

I didn’t waste time. I cut it. I saw Nomgcwabe coming with paraffin and matches

Gedleza: Thank you Nomgcwabe  L

He set everything we took out on fire. I looked at that fire and The smoke. This feels like a heavy load has taken off my shoulders

Me: He loved me not you bitch 

I said watching the smoke going up.

Princess: All evil must go ! L

Gedleza: From now on. Zinyovile will never be able to do anything to this family. No member of this family will be caused any harm by her. Whoever is connected to this family be by blood or marriage her evil won’t work  

Princess looked at me. She touched my hand. I smiled. What is left now is for me to meet Zinyovile and Nomfunzelo.

Princess: What is this Saturday Ceremony about Gedleza? 

He looked at me. I also wanna know

Gedleza: We are going to apologise to the ancestors. They kept their promise. The King got  his punishment

Me: What punishment is that ? 

Gedleza: Let’s wait for the king my Queen 

What is Wrong with my son ? Is he hurt? What no one is telling me Anything?


< Priscella >

I can’t believe Brendan is no more. What a coward. What a useless man he is. How could he choose the easy way out. He should’ve taken the humiliation like a man. I am going to say this once again. I am not going to jail because of that man. Hell is yet to come for Isaiah. What I just did going there demanding apology will make his ex colleagues and boss hate him even more. No one will hire him. The country knows about his unprofessionalism. They know he would do any dirty thing to get a story even of it means humiliating the publication. Isaiah will regret messing with us.

Anyway I am downstairs. We just got back. I just told Algebra to go up and take his clothes. He must get home early. It is almost 4 anyway. We went up to the penthouse. The elevator opened. We got to the dining room.

Uncle: Hey come over here J

It’s him Masixole Hunter and Sonia

Me: Hey what’s up you guys? J

Uncle: The detective called J

Me: Detective Danger ? 

Him: Yes. He says the journalist don’t know who gave her the information J

Me: It looks like they should focus on the suicide and stop investigating someone that is not even relevant to what is going on. I also have news

Algebra: I am sorry let me go take my bags

Me: Okay

Masixole: What news babe ?

Me: I went to Isaiah Norman publication. They told me they fired him J

Sonia: Good ! L

Me: I told them I want public apology from them for lying to people about me my fiancé and Sonia L

Sonia: They agreed? 

Me: They didn’t want to do it but I reminded them how powerful we are. I said each of us will sue them they got scared agreed  J

Sonia: Pity the person who did this won’t see the paper tomorrow L

Uncle: Brendan was a coward. He didn’t want to face this. He took the easy way out. I cannot believe he’d rather kill himself than facing people. The thought of people knowing what he does behind closed doors scared him L

Sonia: I didn’t even get a chance to confront him for everything he is done to me. I wish he could come to me in my sleep I feel like I won’t be okay til I speak to him L 

We heard the elevator beep. We all looked at the elevator.  Elton walked in

Me: The hell L 

I said standing up.

Elton: What’s up sis :D

Everyone stood up

Masixole: Is that EJ ? 

Mom walked in. I shook my head

Me: You did it again Mom L

Mom: Hello family  :D

She went to uncle Kobus. She hugged him. She looked at Sonia. Mom put both her hands on her mouth. She got emotional

Mom: Oh My poor girl  

Mom hugged Sonia. I breath in and out. I have to stay calm.

Mom: It’s gonna be okay. I want to know everything. I feel like I missed a lot of things 

She broke the hug then looked at me

Mom: No one is telling me anything L

She looked at Sonia brushing her face

Mom: Are you okay ? 

Sonia: I will be fine Ms R J 

Mom: Oh honey  

She walked passed her going to my husband. Elton went to Sonia and hugged her.

Elton: I am so sorry about your loss

Sonia: Thank you EJ J

Mom opened her arms. Masixole didn’t hug her

Mom: Son in law I thought I apologised for the things I said? 

Masixole: Mrs Se….. J 

Me: Mom Masixole is blind he can’t see you  L 

Mom: What ? ️

She looked at me..

Me: It’s been few days. He is blind he can’t see anything L 

Mom went to him. She hugged him. Elton looked at me

Elton: That’s crazy. What happened ?  

Me: He did mention he was gonna be punished I think that is what’s going on right now

Mom broke The hug

Mom: I have to call in Specialists. Did he see a doctor ? L 

Me: No. He doesn’t want to 

Mom looked at him

Mom: What? Masixole this is serious 

Masixole: Only my family can fix me.

Mom: Did you call them? 

Me: No I didn’t want him to call them because they’d take him from me. I wanted to go with him Friday  

Mom: Priscella that is selfish! L 

Me: Mom can we go speak at balcony  L

I walked away. She followed me. We got to the Elevator .

Me: Mom I am not selfish. You think I would be able to work knowing he is out there blind. I should be the one taking care of him L

Mom: Priscella you’re selfish my daughter 

Me: I did this so I can’t neglect the business! What do you say about what you just did ? It has barely been two weeks already your drug addict son is out of Rehab! Why are you doing this to your Son?  L

Mom: I called a doctor. They took the drugs out of his system besides I will be here for the whole month. He will be with me day and night L

Mom put her hand on my cheek

Mom: He is okay honey J

Me: You’re ruining his life 

Mom: Priscella please! L

She pulled me into a hug

Mom: He is my baby boy. He still needs me. He begged me to take him out of there.  I did it because I knew I would take care of him. I am the mother here okay? J

She broke the hug.

Mom: And I love you as well. That is why we are all going to the Royal family together to support you J

Me: Really? You’re coming with us ? J 

Mom: I would never let my baby go meet her in-laws alone :D

Me: Thanks mom and promise me we are taking EJ with us J 

Mom: Don’t worry he is going to be my handbag all month  ;)

Me: Thank you for supporting me :D 

Mom: You’re welcome honey now let’s go support your friend J

I smiled. I don’t know how long will this go on until EJ is tired of being followed everywhere. He is home now. He has all the freedom. I hope mother knows what she is doing. I am just happy she is taking me to the Eastern Cape.

Mom: Tonight one of the drivers is going to drive the Bus to the Eastern Cape. It will wait for us there. They might not accommodate all of us. At least one of us will sleep at a hotel or the bus J

Me: J

I won’t say anything. The house I saw on Google will swallow all of us but then the bus will help us when we wanna go around.

< Nontorotyi >

My life is falling apart. I don’t know what to do. My husband hates me. I have never heard this man so nasty to me. He looks disgusted by me. He hates me. This is not good. This is not good for me. I feel like this is the end for me. This cannot be good for me and everyone knows that. When my husband takes a second wife he has to take her when he and I are in good terms so that we can both be treated equally. Now he hates me which means I will be treated like trash in my own house. How can this happen now. How can this happen exactly when he is about to take a second wife? I am so scared. I can’t believe how accurate Zinyovile was about this. When Gedleza asked to speak to my husband alone

I just knew what it’s about. He knows I won’t like to hear it. No one would love to hear a third party telling your husband that he must take a second wife. I need to win my man over. I have to do something to get my husband to forgive me. Saturday is here. It’s around the corner. My husband has to forgive me.

Anyway I was left alone in the bedroom crying. I took my handbag. I went to the door and opened


Ngejiwe is at the door with her hands on her waist

Me: Move I want to walk out ! L 

Ngejiwe: No mom ! L

She pushed me and walked in. She closed the door.

Ngejiwe: Me and my sisters heard you fight with dad. I have never heard my father speak like that to you. What did you do mom? L

Me: You’re a little girl. You should respect us and stop eavesdropping in your parents conversation! L 

Ngejiwe: Mom I am 21 now. I am not a little girl anymore ! We didn’t eavesdrop. Dad was shouting at you. My father never raise his voice to anyone what did you do !? L

I walked passed her

Me: Why do you assume it was my fault? L 

Ngejiwe: Because I know you and I know whenever you fight you did something that involves the royal house ! L

I sat at the edge of my bed.

Me: Am I that predictable? 

Ngejiwe: You ask? L

I stood up. I wiped my tears

Ngejiwe: What did you do mom? L 

Me: I did nothing to the royal house.  All I did was become a friend with their enemy now I am officially the enemy number one ️

Ngejiwe: Why are you always doing everything you can to provoke the royal house? Who is this friend? L

Me: Some healer from Mqanduli L

Ngejiwe looked at me. I could see how disgusted she was

Her: You and a healer are  friend? L

Me: She is good people ️

Her eyes popped out.

Ngejiwe: Oh no! 

Me: What ? 

She is scaring me now. Why is she acting like this. She had her hand on her mouth. She looked at me. I saw her eyes getting teary.

Ngejiwe: Mom don’t tell me you’re still meeting  with the woman who gave you poison to kill the Queen? That’s not what this is right? I mean the royal house would never tell you who to be friends with?  

I looked at My handbag. I picked it up then looked at the door

Ngejiwe: Oh my God mom you’re unbelievable! What do you expect dad to feel about you after doing this ? L

I ran to the door.


Ngejiwe: You’re going to be banned in this village if you keep acting like this! L

She was shouting. I ran out then turned around attempting to close the door.

Ngejiwe: You’re pushing daddy away. Do you want him to find another wife? Would that make you happy? 

Oh My God. I slammed the door. I leaned on the door with my hand on my chest

Me: Oh you don’t know nothing baby 

I continued with My journey. I passed my younger daughters. I ran out. I got to my car. I drove out of my house. I am driving to work to speak to my sister. I got to the Project. I parked my car. I ran to the office. I saw my sister alone.

Me: Sisi 

She looked at me then walked away

Sabonkolo: I am not interested in your drama go away!  

She said furiously walking away

Me: Hlohlesakhe is getting married sooner than we thought! 

She stopped walking. She turned around

Sabonkolo: What are you talking about? 

I walked to her. I took her hand. I walked to the chairs. I sat down She did too

Me: My husband is gonna be told to get a second wife on Saturday and he is going to marry a woman I hate so much 

Sabonkolo: Who is she? The Queen No don’t tell me it’s the Queen ! 

I stood up. I looked away frustrated. I put my head on my forhead. My head is spinning

Me: No I don’t think Nomakhosazana would marry my husband….. 

I looked at her.

Me: What kills me is the fact that I don’t know the Woman and I knowing that I don’t like her already kills me. Sisi Zinyovile said she’d tell me when she comes back from Swaziland 

Sabonkolo: Zinyovile went to Swaziland? 

Me: Yes. She lost her gift. She is going there to see her teacher. She came to me today for money. I gave it to her. I mean sis that woman has been so good to me 

I wiped My tears

Me: I didn’t know my husband would find out that I gave her money 

Sabonkolo: He did ? 

Me: Gedleza told the whole royal house. Nomakhosazana knows I helped that woman to contunue with her witchcraft Now I am in hot mess. My husband is mad at me 

Sabonkolo: Your husband is harmless. You should be worried about The Queen! 

Me: Sisi I am worried that my husband will marry another woman before we fix things. That would be a disaster for me. I can’t watch my husband being in love and lovey dovey with another woman 

Sabonkolo: You need to fix things before that ! 

Me: Yeah. I need a love portion L 

Sabonkolo: Sisi when that thing expires your husband will hate you and beat you up. Please don’t do it! 

She is right. I have another plan. I just love how my mind work. I think on my feet.

Me: I won’t make him eat anything……… 


I smiled then looked away

Mw: I will do it Zinyovile style J

Sabonkolo: How does she do it? 

She doesn’t have to know how. All She has to know is that I will win my man back. I didn’t look at her. I was just smiling looking away. Zinyovile must come back soon.

Me: J

< Narrated >

When Universe left Sdabadabeni village everyone was asking how she will pull this off. Even The Queen was not comfortable with this plan of dropping the body to the girlfriend. The Queen agreed to this because she has no choice. They asked her to trust them and that is what she is doing right now but she can’t help but worry. Anyway back in Mthatha. We see Universe driving her car. The car she is driving is an old car. It doesn’t suit her at all. I guess we will all find out why she is driving a car like that. We see her stops in the middle of no where. She took off her clothes. She was inside the car. She wore Adidas leggings a vest and a jacket. She wore training shows. She took gloves. She put them on. She took her other clothes and put them in a backpack. She went to the body. She took it out of the body bag. She took a pen and a paper. She wrote something.  She folded the paper then opened the mouth of the dead man. She put it in. She then took the guy’s phone. She texted his girlfriend. She drove then stopped at a far distance from the houses. She was at Polar Park. We see a woman walking to the car. Universe took a black Balaclava. She put it on.


She jumped to the back seat where the body was. She pushed the body out of the car. It fell out. She closed the door then went to the drivers seat. The woman who looked like she was in her late 20s got to the car then saw him.

Girl: Oh My God baby 

She ran to him. She shook him crying. Universe  looked around nervous. The girl had the man on her thighs shaking him. The girl looked at Universe

Girl: What did you do to him! Why did you kill him! Who are you ? 

Universe lowered the window

Universe: I am not wworking alone. If you tell the police about what you know regarding the judge Your son! Grandmother! Your mother are going to die 


Universe took out an envelop. She threw it at her

Universe: For funeral preparations 

Girl: No! Why did you kill him! Who are you !! ? 

Universe uncovered her face then flipped her hair then looked at the poor girl. The girl was crying with her hand on her man the other on her mouth


Universe: If you decide to go report me to the police I don’t want you to struggle to describe me so this is me 


Universe: I will say this again Girl. You don’t know anything about the article. You tell the police why they died Your entire family is going to be killed by my partners 

The girl was just crying looking at her. Universe chuckled

Universe: But I don’t think I would do that if I were you. I mean two dead people are enough don’t you think ?  


The girl was just crying. Universe started the engine then drove off fast. The Woman hugged her dead boyfriend. She looked up crying

Girl: Oh My God!! Somebody help me!!!! 

The poor woman was crying asking for help. She was hugging her dead boyfriend crying so painfully. The girl saw a note on that man’s mouth. She took out her phone. She called the police.

Police: Central police station Constable Ngcwele speaking how can I help you?

Girl: Please help Me!!! Come to Zone 14 yes at Slovo next to the river. We are down at Polar Park. I got a message from my boyfriend asking me to meet him. When I got to the place I found my boyfriend dead 

Police: Did you see who did this ma’am  ?

Girl: It’s a girl. There was a note in my boyfriend’s mouth 

Police: Ma’am stay there we will be there with you now but first please tell us what’s in that note ?

The girl opened the note. She read

Girl: It says “ If you want to know who did this to your boyfriend turn around but unfortunately when you turn I will be in ashes  

The girl stood up fast. She looked behind her. She put her hands on her mouth

Girl: Oh My God officer! 

Police: What is it ?

Girl: I see her car. It’s on fire. She burnt herself inside the car!!! 

Officer: What !?

Girl: OH My God 


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