< Narrated >

Brendan’s passing came as a shock to everyone even those who hated him. No one understands how it feels like to lose someone who has been part of important moments in your life. It doesn’t matter how much you hate them when you hear that they passed it just click that this is final. You will never see or talk to this person. You can imagine how Sonia feels. She is angry. She wanted to shout at Brendan so that she could start with healing process but she didn’t get that chance. She just found out the man who caused her so much pain is dead. She is beating herself up for it. She regrets the things she was saying when she was waiting for him to open the door. She feels like she is partly the reason of this man’s suicide. She is scared. It is like he is going to haunt her for the rest of her life.

Anyway we see Sonia running out of the hotel with her bodyguards. The reporters ran after her.

J1: Sonia did you talk to him? Did you give him the papers ! ‍️for


She was crying walking fast to the car.

J2: Do you think he killed himself because you divorced him ? ‍️

The chauffeur opened the door. Sonia Walked in. The chauffeur closed the door.

Bodyguard: Do you guys have no shame at all? She just lost her husband. Just move away ! L

He ran to another car. Sonia’s chauffeur drove off.

We have to find out how Tasha feels. Sonia was not the only woman who felt like she was betrayed by Brendan. They were both mad at the guy. It’s clear Sonia feels sorry for Brendan. She feels like she could turn the times and bring him back and do things differently.  How does Tasha feel? Does she feel the same way Sonia is feeling? We see Tasha sitting on the couch with Laila. She was looking at her phone. She was shocked to see this. She kept playing the video that was taken of Brendan falling.

Laila: I am so sorry friend. This is so awful  

Tasha stood up. She did not say anything. We see her friend stands up as well.


Laila: It must be sad. A man you just slept with him last night now he is dead 


Tasha didn’t respond to that too. She was just standing looking into thin air thinking. Laila walked closer to her. She hugged Tasha

Laila: I am so so…. 

Tasha removed Laila’s hands from her. She walked away flipping her hair leaving Laila floored


Tasha stopped walking..

Tasha: I should’ve stayed L

Laila walked to her

Laila: Oh friend no You didn’t know he was gonna die 

Tasha turned around. She looked at Laila.

Tasha: If I stayed maybe I was gonna be able to comfort him. Make him feel better L 

Tasha: Friend you can’t blam…. 

Tasha: That would’ve saved him. Think about it friend. I dated him when I felt nothing for him L

Laila was a little confused. She didn’t know where she was going with this


Tasha looked At Laila

Tasha: Think about this If I was able to pretend to love him what was gonna stop me from pretending after finding out about his sexuality? If I can be with someone I don’t love because I want something from them I don’t see why I can’t be with them when they are gay. I just ruined an opportunity to be a housewife just like that L

Laila: Wait…… 

Tasha looked at Laila.

Laila: Here I was thinking that you were hurting ?  L 

Tasha: I am hurting!! L

Laila: No! you’re hurting because you lost an opportunity to become a housewife on tv L 

Tasha: What else would I be hurting for ? L 

Laila: A dead man maybe ? L 

Tasha carried her trash plastics.

Tasha: I couldn’t careless about the man L

Laila put her hands on her mouth

Tasha: Brendan O’Neal made a fool of me. He didn’t tell me he fuck boys! I mean look at me! A beautiful woman like myself sleeping with a gay boy! That’s so gross ! L


She looked at Laila

Tasha: Where am I gonna sleep friend ? J

Laila: That room 

She said pointing at it. She was still shocked.

Tasha: Thank you darling. We should go out drinking later ;)

Laila: J 

Laila just faked a smile. Tasha walked to the room humming a song

Laila: Wow 

< Priscella >

I couldn’t stay at work. That phone call really made me worried. What if it’s not that Nomaxabiso girl. What if it is another girl who wants my husband. I have to be prepared for such things. I needed to speak to Masixole about it and I was also hoping to find Sonia back at home but I don’t think she is here. I think I am the first person she’d have called and told me she was back. Another thing that made me leave is that phone call from Rehab. How can my mother do this? It’s not even two weeks yet. How could she do this. Elton is not ready to come out of rehab. I am sorry she will have to forgive me. He is not getting out of there. If I am the person who is supposed to fetch him then he must forget it. Things at the penthouse are better without him. When my brother is around I have to worry about him. He is in a better place. Him wanting to come out after a week shows he doesn’t want to be there and he doesn’t see why he was sent there in the first place. That shows he is still an addict. He is manipulating mother and she is falling for it. She didn’t even tell me she was coming home today. I am glad Algebra decided to leave today. Mom was gonna question his stay here and cause drama.

Anyway I walked out of the elevator. I saw my man sitting on the couch.

Me: Hey baby J

He looked at my direction .

Him: Is it 4 pm already? J

Me: What? You didn’t miss me ? J

Him: No I am just surprised to see you baby J

I Kissed him then sat next to him

Me: Who helped you come down here ? J

Him: Aaron stopped by he helped me  J

Me: Okay you received a call J

Him: From ? 

Me: A number. You don’t have it saved in your phone. It’s A woman who got mad when I answered. She wanted to speak to you L

Masixole: It was not the Queen right?

Me: No I know her voice besides your mom knows me. She was not gonna be that rude L

Masixole: I deleted Nomaxabiso’s number from my phone when I came here but I have it in my diary maybe it was her 

Me: She must stop calling my man ! how dare she speak to me like that. I am your wife! L

Masixole: Why don’t we call the number and tell her that ? J

Me: Tell her what? :D 

Masixole: That you’re my wife and she shouldn’t speak to you in that manner J

I laughed. I took his phone. Don’t judge me He suggested it. I dialled the woman’s number. Her phone rang. She answered

Nomaxabiso: Thank God you came back to me my king

I looked at Zwelicacile then remembered he can’t see me.

Me: I….. 

Masixole: What do you want Nomaxabiso? L

Nomaxabiso: wow that’s rude. We haven’t talked since I left the royal house. Remember you said you will ask permission to marry me. What did that woman say ?

Me: That woman said no! You will never marry my husband ! L 

Nomaxabiso: He was mine first! He is my husband our families mad…….

Me: Oh spare me that nonsense! Why did you lose him? Masixole is my husband. I am his first wife and I say you’re not going to be his wife! L

Nomaxabiso: It’s not up to you sweetheart. You will never go against what the ancestors want !

I chuckled

Me: You mean the same ancestors who kicked your ass out of The royal house? 

Nomaxabiso: You’re a real commoner! I can hear it from your voice

Me: :D

I hung up. I don’t have time for ratchet rural girls. She will never be my sister wife ever.

Me: I don’t have time to be fighting with this bitch. Who said I was a commoner to her ? :D

Masixole: I guess She assumed :D

Me: Like you did? L

He touched me. He pulled me closer to him.

Masixole: People don’t think there are royal people living in the city. I didn’t think you were a royal princess but I feel like I was sent to you by ancestors. They knew and I am glad they did J

I Kissed him. My phone disturbed us. I looked at it


What does Hungani want from me ? I stood up

Me: Baby I have to take this   

I answered

Me: Hello ? L 

Hungani: I saw what happened to Brendan. It’s sad….

Me: Sad? That man is responsible for the lies that were written about me and my Man! L 


Hungani: Priscella I know he was a jerk but you can’t say that about someone who is dead

Me: Dead? 

Masixole looked at me curious just as I am. What does this man mean when he says “ someone who is dead” ?

Hungani: You don’t know ?

Me: Know what? L 

The Elevator opened. Sonia walked in.

Hungani: Priscella Brendan jumped off the building. Check the news

Me: Oh My God 

I threw my phone on the couch

Me: Brendan is dead ? 

Masixole: What? 

Sonia ran to me and threw herself at me. I hugged her tight. She was crying so hard. I looked at Bodyguards then nodded my head. They walked back to the elevator and left.

Me: Friend what happened? 

Sonia: I couldn’t see him. He didn’t want to open the door. It’s my fault.  It’s my fault he is dea….. 

I broke the hug

Me: This is not your fault!!! L

Sonia: Priscella He couldn’t take the humiliation.  He took his own life and it’s all becau…. 

Me: Sonia shut up!!! 

She is crying and scared. She can’t do this to herself. This man didn’t love her. He didn’t give a damn about her. Yes it is sad he is dead but this is all his fault not hers!


Me: You didn’t lie to a partner he did! He slept with other men and women. Now he was caught and it is not your fault! Do you hear me ? 

Sonia: But……

Me: Sonia!!!! 

I Snapped. She is making me angry. I was shaking her face holding her cheeks


Me: Listen to me! You didn’t push that man off that building. He humiliated you! He cheated on you !! 


Me: None of this is your fault and I don’t ever wanna hear you say it is your fault do you hear me ? 

Sonia: Maybe if we di…… 

I gave her death stare then looked at my husband.

Me: Baby we will be back  L

I pulled her to the balcony. I closed the door Then looked at her.

Me: Sonia don’t you dare do this to us!!! 

Sonia: He was a human Prissy 

Me: A horrible human!. He hurt you! All we did was expose his cheating. He was not the first man exposed for his cheating in the papers. Hell that man didn’t care who sees him cheating. Look at his bitch Tasha! He was with her in public while married to you ! while you were in hospital lost a child and hurting !! L

Sonia sat down. I sat next to her. I took her hands

Me: Brendan did not respect you. He did not love you. All he saw in you was his toy. Someone he could use so he could cover his sexuality and he used you to get respect from public. Can’t you see that? 

Sonia: Why does it hurt so much. I can’t help the guilt I have 

I stood up. I opened the balcony

Me: Notiniphu please make sweet water and put a bit of salt and bring it here ! L

Notiniphu: Okay ma’am!

Masixole looked at my direction

Him: Is she okay ?

Me: She will be. I will be there with you shortly babe

I closed the balcony. I went and sat next to her.

Me: You need to remember the reasons you did what you did. You found out he betrayed us all to the papers. You also found out he was sleeping with men. You even lost your child for it! Did he care at all?  

Sonia wiped her tears. She was thinking about it

Me: He didn’t give a damn.  He was going up and down the city with Tasha. He didn’t think it was important to be with You do you know why? L

“ Because he didn’t care or love you ! “ I looked at the door. It’s uncle

Sonia: Daddy 

She ran to him and hugged him. He came with Hunter

Hunter: Hey Prissy J

Me: Hello Hunter  J 

Uncle: That man died there because he couldn’t handle his sins. It was too much. He humiliated you Priscella and Masixole to the papers and he couldn’t take the humiliation. He was a coward 

Me: And a disgusting cheat 

They broke the hug. She looked at Hunter. They hugged. Uncle came to me. I whispered at him.

Me: She is falling apart and She regrets blackmailing him  L 

Uncle: Sonia needs to be strong. The…… 

The door opened. Notiniphu brought water.

Notiniphu: Ma’am the police are downstairs. They are here to see Ms Sonia 

Oh Boy this can’t be good. This can’t be good at all. Sonia looked scared when she heard the police are here to see her. I took the glass I went to Sonia

Me: Drink up! You need to be calm and think about every answer you give the police 


She took the water and drank it.

Uncle: Let’s go attend to them. I just heard the elevator L

We walked out. We saw them walking out of the elevator.

Officer: Good afternoon I am detective Danger J

He looked at his two colleagues

Him: This is Officer Molefe and this is detective Conan

Uncle: Welcome please take a sit 

They sat down. We sat as well. Detective Danger looked at Sonia.

Danger: I am sorry for your loss and I am sorry for doing this now at this difficult time 

I looked at Sonia. She better be strong and not rat  us. I have a company to run. I have a baby growing in my stomach. I cannot go to jail.

Sonia: Thank you 

Danger: We’d like to do this at the police station but we understand how you might be feeling. We just have a few questions for you 

Sonia: Okay ? 

Danger: Obviousy Mr O’Neal took his own life but we have to do something and we cannot ignore what led to his death…… 


We were just sitting there. I looked at Uncle. He looked guilty. I looked at Sonia same thing. I am sure I look the same because I feel guilty.

Danger: Ma’am We saw your video speaking to the press. You said he was blackmailed  

Uncle and I looked at each other then at Sonia. She better be careful

Sonia: My husband was acting strange. He didn’t tell me he was being blackmailed til I got the message in my phone.That is when I found out about the blackmail 

Danger: Ma’am can you show us the message 

Oh no! Sonia looked at me. She got more teary and nervous. I quickly chuckled taking attention from her. I made sure she doesn’t say anything I was thinking what to say. The officers looked at me.

Me: I am sure she doesn’t know what happened to the message :D 

I was shaking my head smiling.  Sonia was looking at me with Questioning eyes


Danger: Why is that ? 

Me: Because I was at the hospital when Sonia had a miscarriage. She was heavily sedated when Brendan arrived. I confronted him because I has Sonia’s phone. He got angry and deleted the message. He said he was gonna fix this L 

Uncle smiled

Danger: So there is no message ? 

Me: Nope unless you check Brendan’s phone maybe you might find the message or messages there 

Uncle: Yes you should talk to the people of that hotel. He wasn’t staying with my daughter anymore L

Detective Danger stood up

Him: Thank you for your time. We will look at his belongings and also We have to go to the journalist who wrote today’s paper  

We looked at each other then smiled at him

Uncle: Good luck detective and keep us updated here is my card J 

They walked to the elevator. I went and stood next to Uncle while looking at them walking into the elevator

Me: Should we be worried? 

Uncle: No I called the journalist with a burner phone. When she went to fetch the information it was there with no one. She doesn’t know who gave her the information L

I felt someone put her arms around my shoulders. It’s Sonia

Sonia: Thank you for saving me with that SMS question. I didn’t know what to say 

Me: We are not going to jail because of that man 

< Judge Nomakhosazana >

I killed two people with in two days. What kinda person am i? I am a monster. I cannot believe the ancestors encourage this. I am saying they encourage this because if they didn’t want me to do this they should’ve let Gedleza allow me to go see Nomfunzelo. They didn’t. They wanted me to finish what I started. Did I finish it though ? did I? another person is out there and she knows about me. What is going to happen? Do I have to kill her as well? I am tired of this. This is not me. I am not a killer. I am not like my cousin sister. I am a woman who do things by the books Well I used to. It looks like after Monday I am no longer that person anymore. I just killed in two consecutive days. I am a horrible person. I don’t even want my son to know this. It is just too much.

Anyway few minutes ago Universe went to fetch her car from My property leaving me with this dead man. I still cannot believe it. I can’t believe I took another innocent life. Who am I ? Why did I do this. I know it was something I had to do but I wish there was another way not murder. Anyway she brought the car to the door. This girl put This body in this body bag. She put the man on her shoulders and carried him to the car.

Universe: Let’s go I want to say hi to your family then leave  J


I got in the car. She drove. We went to my house.

Me: Please park the car outside my property  L

I don’t want a dead person in My house.  She walked out of the car. My family walked out. My phone rang

Me: Go say your goodbyes while I am speaking to your mom L

She smiled at me then walked to them. She was hugging them. I saw a smile in my sister in law’s face. At least she is smiling. That shows she forgives her for earlier. I answered the call.

Me: NoDolly was this necessary? 

May: What?

I looked around then leaned on the car then remembered there’s a dead man in it. I moved away from it.

Me: send that man here alive for me to kill? May I am not a murderer ! 

May: He he he he. Cuz can you say that again ?

I lowered my voice breathing heavily

Me: I am no murderer! 

May: What happened to the journalist your highness?


She is making me angry. I hate what I did.

May: You need to relax. You will never see jail. We will make sure of it.

Me: I hope you’re telling the truth 

May: My daughter is very smart. I know she will make sure the police have no lead

I looked around

Me: May she wants to deliver the body to the man’s girlfriend. This is risky! What if she gets caught then tell on me 

May: She gets caught she takes the blame. My daughter and I love taking risks. She is going to love running away being chased by the people of that city

Me: It’s risky! 

May: And fun

I hung up

Me: Oh aunt Florence you had no daughter in her 

I said tears streaming down my cheeks. I leaned on the car then remembered again. It has a dead man in there. I saw Universe leaving them walking to me. I looked away. I wiped my tears.

Universe: Auntie I am leaving  J

I turned around with a big smile in my face

Me: Have a safe trip and be careful  :D 

She hugged me then whispered.

Universe: I am going to set me up. They will turn their attention to me not you. Believe me you’re not going to jail

I broke the hug fast

Me: No! you can’t go to jail for something I did. You told me you’re a mother of twins and Your mother would kill me  

Universe: This is what she would love. I am doing this for her J

Me: I am sorry 

Universe: You might never see me again goodbye J


She kissed my cheek then got in the car. She drove away. I was just watching the car drinking away.  She is going to set herself up ? I can’t forgive myself if she goes to jail.


< Priscella >

I am not going to jail because of Brendan. He can’t make our lives miserable when he was alive and do the same when he is dead. I am going to make an example with a few individuals in a second. I can’t lie and say I wasn’t scared when the police came to my house. I was scared because Sonia was falling apart. I understand why she felt the way she did. She was married to that man. Some of The decisions we made led to his suicide but we didn’t push him. Call Me cold but I am not going to feel bad for anything I suggested regarding Brendan. He deserved everything he got. That man never liked me. He hated me. I was his wife’s best friend but he never tried to get along with me. He was a bastard. A useless human being. I hate him. I hate him for everything he put us through and I am afraid a few individuals are going to pay for it. In few days I am going to the Eastern Cape. When I come back I want this chapter closed. I don’t want anything or anyone who will talk about Brendan.

Anyway I left Uncle Kobus at my house. He Hunter and my Man are with Sonia. For me it is business as usual.  I had a meeting in town. I came with Algebra and my chauffeur. The meeting went well. Now we are driving back. The chauffeur stopped next to Isaiah’s publication offices. Algebra looked at me

Him: And now? 

Me: Let’s walk to that building L

He didn’t ask. He put down his bag. The chauffeur opened the door for us we walked to the offices. We were welcomed with open arms. If I was them I wouldn’t. They won’t like what I have to say. We were directed to a boardroom. They say there is a meeting. We got to the boardroom. Their boss was talking. We stood at the door.

Her: Okay now that we are done discussing tomorrow’s paper. There is something I want to talk to you about ……

They all looked at her

Her:  Isaiah Norman is no longer working for this publication . We can’t be associated with such…..

I looked at Algebra I smiled. Good they did the right thing. Some of them saw us. The boss looked at us.

Her: Priscella Seputla! What an honour :D 

I looked at Everyone

Me: Hello everyone. I am glad I found all of you here  L

They all looked at me..

Me: I am sure you know why I am here right ? L

Boss: I am not sure? J 

Me: Weeks ago you published lies about me My fiancé and my friend Sonia 

Boss: That was Isaiah Norman. I fired him. We want nothing to do with him L 

Me: What about us ? L

Boss: You ? What do you mean what about you ? 

Me: Someone who works for you slept with my friend’s husband for a story. He wrote all kind of lies about us. And you ma’am didn’t even reach out to us to find out if all that was true L

Boss: He was my editor. I trusted him. I do… L 

Me: Look what happened ! I don’t know how things work here but I know business. Everything goes through the boss before it is finalised! L

Boss: What do you want from us I just told you I fired him. I thought that would make you happy and show you that I don’t condone what Norman did L 

Me: Ma’am I want an apology 

Boss: From Isaiah or us ? 

Me: I don’t think I would be discussing this with you if I wanted it from Isaiah. I don’t want to talk to that sick man L

Boss: I am sorry our publication published false news about you. It won’t happen again I swear 

Algebra looked at me. I folded my arms on my chest. I looked at this woman.

Me: That is not good enough ma’am L

Her: Excuse me ? What do you want us to do? L 

Me: Tomorrow’s paper. I want my apology there. I want a piece on the front page if you can’t do that then we will see you in court 

Her: What !? L

Me: I want a public apology from you and I want it out tomorrow 

She chuckled then shook her head in disbelief.  She looked at her workers. They also had the same reaction. I looked at them one by one

Me: Then I guess you’re ready to be sued by powerful business moguls in Johannesburg. I am here on my behalf. I want a million rands from you. I don’t know how much my fiancé will want from you 

Boss lady swallowed hard. I walked to the door. I turned around

Me: Don’t get me started with Sonia. She might charge you a lot of money because she is the one you hurt the most 

I continued with my journey..

Boss: Wait!!!

I smiled. I didn’t turn around. I just put my left leg front of the other with my hands on my waist.

Me: J

Boss: You will get your apology! 

I turned around.

Me: Tomorrow right? 

Boss: Yes. Tomorrow you will get your apology 

Me: Thank you  J

Her:  J 

I looked at Algebra

Me: Let’s go L

< Nomaxabiso >

Earlier after speaking to my mother. I felt so bad. I really felt like a disappointment to my family. My mother made me feel so bad. If that was her plan then she succeeded in it. I feel like hell right now. I am heartbroken. It broke my heart to hear mother say the things she said to me. I guess what makes me more hurt is seeing the damage that is done by my mistakes. An hour ago I got a Call from The King. I was happy and excited that he heard I called and he called me back. I felt so special to him but I wish I didn’t answer. That feeling I felt was great And amazing. I didn’t want to stop feeling like I was loved and cared for by the king. I am beating myself up for answering. I feel like I’d better not know how he feels about his wife. Now I know and it kills me. He answered a Call and put me on speaker for his wife to hear. How can he disrespect me like this ? How can he do me like that? Traditionally I am his first wife and he should respect me more especially in front of his wife. Something tells me that man knows something. It’s either he saw me here or he thinks I am hiding something. Remember Gedleza said I wronged the ancestors in front of his family. They know I did something. That is why Masixole is so rude. I didn’t expect him to ask me what I want. We didn’t have a fight when I left the royal house. I expected him to be nice to me. This man slept with me. I expected him to show me some respect.

Anyway I am walking up and down my room. I am pacing up and down just to clear my head and start thinking of a plan. I need to prove my mother wrong. I am the Ndengana bride. I am going to make sure that happens. I need to go to the Royal house. The Queen loves me. She said I am a Good woman for her son. I saved that woman. I am connected to the ancestors something I can’t say about that city Commoner. I took my phone. I dialled the Queen’s number. Her phone rang. She answered

Nomakhosazana: Yes ?

Yes? Is that the way to answer a call? I saved her from death! Why everyone is so cold ?

Me: My Queen it’s been a while J 

Her: What is it Nomaxabiso?

Something is going on her. Something I don’t know is going on.

Me: My Queen I was calling to ask how far are you with persuadin….. 

“ where is She? Where is this disgraceful girl! Nomaxabiso get out of there !!!” That was my father shouting in the living room coming to the bedrooms. Oh my God I am doomed. I hung up the call then threw my phone on my bed.

Me: Think Nomaxabiso think!!! 

I was pacing up and down my room My father is coming here and he is livid.

Me: Think Nomaxabiso think! 

My bedroom door opened. I quickly wiped my tears. I saw my father at the door.

Dad: What is wrong with you! Why are you doing this to Me!!! Why are you ruining our lives!!! 


I was just standing there looking at my father scared. He is at the door which means if he wanna beat me he can so easily.

Dad: Get out of your room !!! 

I went to the door. My father is furious. He wanna kill me I can tell. I walked out of the door Then stopped and smiled

Me: J

Dad: Don’t just stand there! Your mother and I wanna talk…….. 

Me: Follow me L

I walked passed him and headed to his study. I turned around and looked at him. He is following me. I opened the door. I walked in. In his study There are boxes packed from down up to the roof. I offload each and everyone of them. I put them down. He was just standing looking at me. I am looking for the last box. The one at the bottom. I finally got to it. I opened the box. I took out the books until to the last one. I took it out. I found an envelop. I stood up and looked at father.


Now he knows what is going on. His eyes popped out.

Me: For years I saw these pictures of these little boys. So cute right? L

I said showing my father


Me: Of course they were taken a long time ago. They are very young here but do you know the interesting thing about being your child ? J


Dad was just swallowing hard. He had no words

Me: Your children look just like you :D


He kept swallowing hard. I walked passed him.

Me: Of course I didn’t know who they are or where they come from until….. :D

I looked at dad

Me: Until you married me to the Ndengana family. Guess what daddy ? :D

Dad: L 

Me: They are old but they still look the same way they looked whan they were babies isn’t that amazing? :D


Me: Father you cheated on my mother and she doesn’t know anything about these children! 

Dad: Don’t speak loud !  

Me: Be nice to me daddy! Be kind to me ! 

Dad: Okay. I can do that J 

Me: Finally ! I can feel at home in my own house J

I tapped his shoulder

Me: Can I go back to my room daddy? J

Dad: Yes J 

I walked away smiling leaving the study

Me: J


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