< Narrated >

At the royal house. The Princess was shocked by Univese’s disrespectful behavior. She was left with questions. This girl comes into their home. She was disrespeful She didn’t want to follow orders she just barged in.  What makes The Princess more surprised was the fact that she called the Queen Auntie. She and The chief desperately wanted to know what is going on. The boys were with them in the living room.

Phonqa: Mom who was that ? 

Nomgcwabe: Yeah who was that mom. She called the Queen Auntie. Is she related to us ? 

Princess: I don’t know that girl. There doesn’t even have a stain of royal blood in her body L

Nomgcwabe: J 

We see Nomgcwabe smile when he learned she is not family. It looks like he is taken by Universe. Princess noticed Nomgcwabe’s smile. She looked at him Nomgcwabe looked down.

Princess: And I hope she was telling the truth when she said she was married ! L

She could see her son was taken by her.


Princess: No son of mine will date a woman like that L

Hlohlesakhe laughed. He stood up

Hlohlesakhe: Sisi I have to go home and speak to that woman L

The Princess looked at her sons then at her brother.

Princess: Let me walk you out 

They walked out

Princess: Chief how can Nontorotyi do this though! L

Hlohlesakhe: I really don’t know sisi I really don’t L

Princess: So you know what you will do to her ? L 

Hlohlesakhe: I don’t beat women. I will do what any decent man does to punish his wife L

Princess: What is that ? 

They stood next to his car.

Hlohlesakhe: Silence treatment. Moving out of the main bedroom. That woman need to learn. I don’t know what to do to change her I really don’t! L

Princess: I don’t know too. Your wife is not scared of anything. She take risks that could ruin her life. When someone does that I just don’t know L

I guess the Princess is referring to Nontorotyi’s secret. She thought maybe Nontorotyi knowing that they know about the secret was gonna help them change her but she just keeps getting in trouble. They were now standing next to the car.

Hlohlesakhe: She doesn’t understand the fact that she is only hear because you guys love me. She keeps doing these disrespectful things because she knows I will be on her side. I love her she is my wife and the mother of my three children…. L

Princess Nomagampompo looked down when she heard him say “ Three “

Hlohlesakhe: Everything my wife has done ever since she got here is Wrong. She wronged this family so many times. If she was someone else she’d be long gone but she is my wife. All I need to do right now is show her that she can be banned and there is nothing I can do about it! L

Princess: Brother I am just happy that you see the kinda woman she is and I am tired of always making you feel bad about choosing her as your wife. You have children now and that is why I accepted her but honestly I will keep going back there. Nontorotyi is from a village not so far from here. Marrying her was bad from the start and she did nothing to show us that You didn’t make mistake for marrying her. How can she keep helping the woman who was helping her kill the Queen? L

Hlohlesakhe: L

Princess: She knows we know what she did. If she was remorseful her relationship with Nontsingizi would be done right now. Her helping that woman shows there is more to come and all I can say right now is just prepare ourselves L

The chief opened the door.

Hlohlesakhe: I have to go speak to her L

Princess: Before you go ! 

The chief looked at his sister

Princess: Chief don’t you find it weird that My Queen didn’t confront Shosholoza about what his wife tried to do to her? 

The chief chuckled. He got in the car. He closed the door Then looked at his sister.

Hlohlesakhe: The Queen always attack when you least expect her  J

That made the Princess nervous and a bit uncomfortable


Hlohlesakhe: No one knew she’d go to my house and beat my wife and throw sofas on top of me. I think she wants to give them a visit. She didn’t want him to let his wife know and I hope you won’t call and tell him she knows L

Princess: No of course not ! L 

Hlohlesakhe: Good L

He drove out. The Princess walked back to the house. She dialled a number.

Princess: J 

Shosholoza: What do you want !?

Shosholoza shouted

Princess: I… . J 

Shosholoza: I want nothing to do with you and your family ! just lose my number! Nxa disgusting woman! ….. ( tu tu tu tu tu )


Princess Nomagampompo put her phone on her pocket. She sat down crying. We see Phonqa behind her

Phonqa: Mom are you oka….. 

Princess Nomagampompo jumped up

Princess: Do you have to be everywhere!!!? 

Phonqa: Sor……….. 

His mother ran to the stairs. She walked up. Phonqa sat down

Phonqa:….. ry for caring 

< Nontorotyi >

Oh Thank God my husband is not home. I need him to find me here relaxed. I don’t want him to suspect that I took a long trip. All I want right now is my flat shoes Sit at my living room and enjoy a glass of my wine and pray that everything goes well with Zinyovile. I wish her a safe trip. If I had a plane I was gonna fly her like Nomakhosazana flew Gedleza. I wish she could get here soon before they ruin things for us. I just love the fact that Zinyovile ruined The Queen’s life. I want her to believe what she believes. I want her to stay believing that her husband loved Zinyovile. I want her to see that her beauty is useless. It will never get her any man. Speaking of men. That woman has never been with any man or maybe she has. She is doing this behind our backs. That woman killed a person. She carries on with her life like nothing happened. I thought when I see her I would see a woman who is feeling guilty of something she’s done. That woman is her old self. She shows no remorse at all of her sins. I have never seen a woman so cold hearted in my life. What I said at the project was to test her conscience but nothing. She didn’t seem bothered at all. But I believe God will punish her. Her time is coming. We are so unlucky that God give us punishments while we are alive. People like Nomakhosazana are lucky.

Anyway first thing I want to do when Zinyovile comes back is to find out who is marrying my husband. After that we work on a plan to eliminate the bitch permanently. She told me I don’t like the woman. I don’t think I would hesitate to kill her and the fact that she said I won’t have to kill anyone else in order for me to kill her is just a bonus. I just got home. I saw my kids watching tv

Me: Hey guys :D

They greeted me back. I went to my room. My feet are burning. I just remember how I kicked out my sister in my husband’s office.. I need to apologize to her. I took off my heels. I took my phone and called her. She didn’t take my call. She is so proud. I don’t really care. I have Zinyovile by my side. I don’t need her at all. I don’t want to be close to someone who will keep stopping me when I want to do something.  I saw the bedroom door open. It’s my husband. I walked to him

Me: My love :D 

I attempted to hug him he gently pushed me away

Me: My love ? 

Hlohlesakhe: Where were you ? L

Me: I was just driving around my lov….. J 

Hlohlesakhe: You’re lying !!!! 

I walked passed him. What is going on? Why is my husband so mad.

Me: Are you following me around my love ? 

Hlohlesakhe: Nontorotyi!!! L

He snapped at me. I turned around and looked at him. Oh My God he is livid. What did Deliwe tell this man?

Me: My love you raised your voice at me? 

Hlohlesakhe: Do you regret trying to kill the Queen? 

I looked down. Why is this man asking me that? L thought we were done with this. Why is he bringing it up now?

Me: Of course I regret and I apologised to you my love 

Hlohlesakhe: If you regret it what was Zinyovile  doing here ? 

I walked to the other side. I took my sleeping shoes. Now he knows she was here?

Me: I am going fire Deliwe for telling you  about everything I do ! L

Hlohlesakhe: What was that woman doing here ? L

I looked at him. Why do I feel like he won’t believe a word I say. Why do I feel like he is asking me something he knows?

Me: What woman baby  J 

Hlohlesakhe: Nontorotyi Dimbaza What was Zinyovile doing in my house ? 

Me: Oh her :D 

I attempted to walk pass He grabbed my wrist

Hlohlesakhe: Yes her! You think I am a fool don’t you ? 

Me: Baby don’t be angry. I asked her to leave. I told her I want nothing to do with her! I told her that L

Hlohlesakhe: Was that before or after you gave her money to go to Swaziland? 

Oh no. Hlohlesakhe knows every detail. I sat down

Me: I felt bad. She was desperate 

Hlohlesakhe: So you went behind our backs and gave a woman who has been working against my family for years ? 

Me: Baby she once helped me. I was rertuning a favour 

Hlohlesakhe: You betrayed the family. You know that woman is a witch. She helped you try kill the Queen How do you think she feels now knowing what you did? 

Me: Please don’t tell her. Zinyovile came here. She said she needs money to visit a friend in Swaziland. She didn’t give me any details. I don’t know how I betrayed The Queen I really don’t!  

Hlohlesakhe: I am not going to repeat the same thing to you. You got help from her to kill the Queen. How do you think everyone feels? 


Hlohlesakhe: I am going to call the elders on you. You’re out of control L

I ran to him. I tried to take his hands. I was crying now. I might be out of control but I cannot stand being the centre of attention. I could be in front of those old men and women. I know they’d leave the royal house and go around telling people about it. I don’t want people to hate me or disrespect me even more. This is not happening to me. How can I be so stupid. How can I not think of Gedleza. Why did I help Zinyovile but how could I not ? Everyone knows how great that woman has been to me. I couldn’t let her go without what she wanted. Having her by my side is better than sitting here like a fool waiting for people to take advantage of me. I have to know everything that is to happen. I mean one of my nephews know Ngejiwe is not my husband’s daughter. I need Zinyovile. I need to know every move the royal house make.

Me: I am sorry baby she was so sad and crying for help. I had to help her. I really had to 

Hlohlesakhe: Nontorotyi that woman used Muti to all of us and my late brother. She lied about my father! The first chief of this village. What do you think my father feels about you right now ? 

I looked up. I put my hands together on my chest then looked up.

Me: Ahhhhh Dubulingqanga. Forgive me my chief. Forgive me 

Hlohlesakhe: Nontorotyi a daughter in law is not allowed to call her father in law by his name. You’re not fit to be my wife and I cannot believe I see it after almost 22 years of our marriage ! 

That cut my heart deep. I never thought I would hear him say that.

Me: My love don’t say that 

Hlohlesakhe: How can you do this to my family? How could you!? 

Me: Baby I am sorry please forgive me. You know I am a good person. I was just helping her because she was there for me. I don’t have any friends! You know that. That woman is the only person who sees me as a human being 

Hlohlesakhe: Nontorotyi don’t lie you’re not a good person ! 

Oh my God What? Did my husband say that ? Did this man say this to me? I put my hand on my chest. This can’t be happening to me not when He is about to marry another woman. He can’t hate me!

Me: My love 

Hlohlesakhe: And it is your fault that you don’t have any friends! 


I was just crying with my hand on my mouth. Who is this? This is not my husband. He attempted to walk away. I grabbed his wrist

Me: My bab….. 

He yanked his arm. I fell next to the bed. He walked to the door then opened



We both were shocked to see Who was at the door when he opened.

Hlohlesakhe: Gedleza are you eavesdropping on your chief? 

Gedleza: No my chief. I am sent by the ancestors. I am glad I found you two together 

I jumped up wiping my tears. What is this about now? I hope that is not a punishment for me.

Hlohlesakhe: What is it? L 

Gedleza: I am ready to talk an heir 

I ran to the door

Me: You are? Do you agree to the surrogacy?  :D 

Gedleza looked at me. He didn’t say anything. He turned his attention to My husband.

Gedleza: Come see my after The King’s ceremony 

Me: :D 

Gedleza looked at me then at my husband

Gedleza: Alone 

I swallowed hard. I thought he said it was good that we are here together. How could he say this?

Hlohlesakhe: I will be there 

Gedleza vanished.

Me: My lo….. J 

Hlohlesakhe gave me a hand then walked out. Things are not going well for me. Why me? What have I done to this family to be treated like this ?


< Priscella >

Wow I am so proud of my friend. She is my role model. I was worried about her but what I see online is amazing. Brendan and Isaiah are trashed even more. They were trashed in the morning but what is happening right now is worse. This is amazing. Everyone is on Sonia’s side. I love this. When we were planning this we never thought the results were gonna be exactly as we wished. I am satisfied. I love this. I am so happy for myself. I really am. I cannot wait for her to come home so I could give her a hug. I hope she stops by work because I wanna see her and I can’t go home now. I need to work. Anyway forgive me for being too excited. You cannot blame me. Brendan also wronged me. That man insulted me. That first article had my name and my husband’s name on it. He aired our dirty laundry to Isaiah and the country. I didn’t forget that. I hate him for what he did to me. Let’s talk about the phone call I just got. A woman called my man’s phone demanding to speak to him. I can’t wait to get home and talk to him about it. The woman’s number is not saved that’s probably why I was rude. Well she was rude as well because I answered telling her who I was. She should’ve nicely asked me to give my husband then I was gonna tell her nicely that I have it at work. Now that he was announced as a king I know these girls will go after him. I am ready for them all. I am tired of gold digging women going around seducing men for their money.

Anyway I heard my office telephone rings. I took it and answered

Me: Priscella  J 

Caller: Ma’am there’s someone who is here to see you

It’s algebra

Me: Who is it ? 

Algebra: Celebrity manager Mandy

Me: Send her in L 

I hung up. I stood up. I wonder what is this woman doing here. She is Brendan and Isaiah’s manager. I don’t like both those men. And I don’t see anything that can involve me in that. I can’t stand them. I heard a knock. I walked to the door. I opened

Me: Hi J

Her: Hi Priscella. I have been waiting for you call ! L

She said walking in. This woman is so rude..

Me: Do you want anything to drink ? L

Her: I am very busy these days. My clients are just messed up! L

How is that my problem?


Her: Speaking of my clients. Why do I have to hear That EJ is in rehab from Rich Kids producer? L

I don’t think we understand each other. I feel like she should’ve come and spoke to me nicely. She is assuming things now and I don’t like it. I walked to my desk

Me: Why woul I tell you that about my brother! I asked that man to keep it to himself! L

Mandy chuckled

Mandy: What about his manager? L

I looked at her. She is my brother’s manager?

Me: You’re my brother’s mother? L  

Mandy: You did…

Me: I didn’t even know my brother had a manager. I don’t understand why you came here shouting because you and I never sat on a table have drink with my brother. You come here shouting and so sure that I know you’re his manager  L

Mandy: I am so sorry. I thought you knew 

Me: I didn’t know and I don’t think I would’ve approved of you working together no offense L

Mandy: Why ? I said I was wrong 

Me: It’s not That It’s about your other clients. Those two men don’t respect my brother. I don’t want him to be connected with any of them L

Mandy: I am just their manager there is no connection between them 

Me: I was just saying L

Mandy: I am sorry. Those two men you’re talking about are out of control. So when is EJ coming out?

Me: I don’t know. I wanted him to stay there for months but he has school and he will be shooting that show January. So Maybe in January

Mandy: Can you give me his address. I need to go see him. I care about my clients

I took my handbag. I attemped to open it and take out a card. My cell phone rang

Me: Sorry L

Mandy: Okay J 

I took my phone. It’s rehab. I answered.

Me: Priscella ? 

Receptionist: Hello Ms Priscella. I was calling to find out what time are you picking up your brother

Me: Why ? My brother is not coming out today as far as I know…. L 


Receptionist: Ma’am your mother is coming back from USA today. She said he must be released today

I cannot believe this. I sat on my chair

Me: Listen here lady. My fiancè and I paid for his stay there. I say no

It’s about your other clients. Those two men don’t respect my brother. I don’t want him to be connected with any of them L

Mandy: I am just their manager there is no connection between them 

Me: I was just saying L

Mandy: I am sorry. Those two men you’re talking about are out of control. So when is EJ coming out?

Me: I don’t know. I wanted him to stay there for months but he has school and he will be shooting that show January. So Maybe in January

Mandy: Can you give me his address. I need to go see him. I care about my clients

I took my handbag. I attemped to open it and take out a card. My cell phone rang

Me: Sorry L

Mandy: Okay J 

I took my phone. It’s rehab. I answered.

Me: Priscella ? 

Receptionist: Hello Ms Priscella. I was calling to find out what time are you picking up your brother

Me: Why ? My brother is not coming out today as far as I know…. L 


Receptionist: Ma’am your mother is coming back from USA today. She said he must be released today

I cannot believe this. I sat on my chair

Me: Listen here lady. My fiancè and I paid for his stay there. I say no He is not going anywhere ! 

Her: Okay ma’am

I hung up

Me: I cannot believe this ! 

Mandy: He is coming out ? 

Me: That’s what I was just told L

I took My handbag again. I took out the card

Me: Go see him. He is not going anywhere L

Mandy: Thank you J

She walked out. I stood up. I don’t even have the energy to call that woman. I don’t know how my mother thinks. That woman don’t use her brains for important things. Business is all she is has brains for and I am afraid business is not important more than my brother’s life. She must understand that. I am not gonna call her. I made the call. I hope the centre will respect my wishes.

Me: Mom you’re going to kill My brother L 

< Judge Nomakhosazana >

I cannot believe this. I cannot believe what May created in this child. She was very young when I last saw her. I remember her husband’s ex left Univese when she was very young. I am really shocked to see this man here. I am more than shocked to hear that I have to kill this young man. I cannot do this. I cannot kill anyone at Sdabadabeni. What will I do with the body. Did she have to bring this body here?  Did she have to bring that man here. She should’ve done this herself. I appreciate that they are helping me hide what I did but this is too much. I am a royalty Queen. I cannot kill again. I killed that Journalist by mistake and I will regret it for the rest of my life but another murder? I don’t think I can do this. I cannot kill this man. I pray he doesn’t wake up. What got into them. Why are they so determined to get me arrested? Why this mean so much to them. I wish they stayed and minded their business. He wouldn’t be here now if he shut his mouth.

Anyway I was sitting on the floor crying. I looked at Universe.  It’s dark I don’t see her clearly. I stood up then wiped my tears.

Me: Why did you bring this man here ? 

Universe: Do you know the risk I took to get this man here ? Auntie I found him infront of the police station. He went there to report you. I ran after him. I pretended to be a detective. That is how I got him to come with me to the car L

Me: How did you get him sleep?

Universe walked across the room. She picked up something

Universe: I injected him with a strong sedatives L

Me: Why didn’t you kill him ? 

She looked at me

Universe: Because this is your mess. My mother said I should make sure you’re not going to jail but she also said I shouldn’t kill anyone L

I walked away

Me: May is trying to traumatize me ! L 

Universe: No! she is trying to show you that sometimes you don’t want to kill You are just forced by the situation. She says you used to judge her. She wants you to see how she got to this life L

Me: We are at Sdabadabeni! What am I going do with his body? 

She got a message notification.  She took the phone.l then raised it

Universe: It’s his phone  L 


She read out loud.


Me: Oh my God someone else knows ? 

Universe: It looks that way. That’s why I want you to kill this man ! 

Me: No! 

“ Who are you? Where am I ? “ said a voice behind us. Universe pointed a torch at him

Universe: He is awake kill him! 

Man: No! please don’t kill me! Please I swear I won’t say anything 

Universe gave me a gun

Universe: He is lying ! I don’t know how many people said that and betrayed mom and I. Kill him aunt! 

Me: No I can’t! 

Univese: Kill him! 

She forced me to take the gun. I took the gun. I looked at this boy. His eyes were wide open like a cat in the dark. He looked scared

Him: Please don’t kill me I am begging you 

Universe looked away

Universe: If it was my mother she’d have long done th………

If this is the only way to stay out of jail then forgive me God. I didn’t wait for her to finish. I pulled the trigger

Me:  -------à ( BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! )

I shot at him for times. When I pressed the trigger for the fifth time nothing came out. I was crying looking at this boy dead and bleedy on that chair. Universe turned around smiling

Universe: J

Me: What are we going to do with his body….

Univese: This is a body bag. I am going to put him in this bag then take him to his girlfriend 

She said untying him and putting him in the body bag

Me: Ain’t you gonna be arrested ? 

Universe: I am going to kill her before she does 

Me: No!! please don’t kill her ! 

Universe looked at me. May created a monster in this girl. She is cold. She was fuming with anger

Universe: I am not going to kill her 

Me: Do you promise? She is just a young girl. I don’t want anyone who kill women please 

Universe: Oh Auntie……. 

She tapped my shoulder then walked passed me. She didn’t remove her hand. She looked at me

Universe: You thought that journalist was the first and the last right? L


Thinking about him makes me so guilty. I looked down. I saw her looking at that body bag

Universe: What is in that body bag? Someone’s body! Don’t say never. Women are the most provoking ones. They are stubborn. They don’t take no for an answer so please don’t say you won’t kill any woman. Tell me who is causing problems in your life? Is it men or women? 


When she asked that question Nontsingizi Nontorotyi and Nomfunzelo came to mind


Universe: It’s women right? L

Me: Please don’t kill that girl! L

Universe: I won’t kill her. I am going to put a note inside her boyfriend’s mouth. In that letter there will be a message 

Me: What message is that? 

Universe: She opens her mouth she dies the same way her boyfriend died 


< Sonia De Villiers >

Haven’t this man hurt me enough? God haven’t I suffered enough? Why did you make this man so selfish! What I expected was for him to understand me and want to free me from all the pain he put me through but no. This man is prepared to keep hurting me. He doesn’t feel anything for me. Like always all that matters is himself. He doesn’t care about me and my feelings. He makes me sick. I hate him. I am not leaving this place until I get what I want. I have been standing at this door for thirty minutes now. Brendan don’t want to open the door. I thought maybe it was because he looked through the door and saw cameras but no. He doesn’t want to speak to me. I really don’t know what to do. I don’t want to speak to him either. All I want is his signature on this papers. That is all I want. I am so happy that I am not losing anything and I have to thank my father for that. He didn’t trust Brendan. He said the only time he will accept him is when we both agree to sign a pre-nup. Brendan was not happy obviously. He said I didn’t trust him but he had to sign because I am wealthy because of my father. I couldn’t share his wealth with someone he doesn’t like. He believed that we’d never last and now I see what he saw. My father was always right. All along he saw something I could not see.

Anyway I am knocking here. The producer said I should give up but no Like I said. I am not leaving without this Signature.

Me: I had a miscarriage! You saw me at hospital. What did you do ? You went and slept with Elton’s ex girlfriend. What kinda man are you ? 

I said hitting the door hard

Me: Open up you coward!!! 


He never said a word to me. I don’t know why he can’t even say one word. I hate him. I swear I do. I don’t know what I will do to him when he finally opens this door. I swear I will kill him for everything he did to me not only for making me stand here for over thirty minutes.

Producer: Sonia we have to leave. He is not going to open up

Me: He will!!! 

I looked at the door

Me: Do you hear me Brendan? You will sign these papers! 

Bodyguard: Ms De Villiers Why don’t we all Go and speak to the manager and ask for the master key. You’re this man’s wife. You’re allowed to get in his hotel room

Me: You’re right ! 

We walked down the passage. We got to the elevator. It opened

Bodyguard: After you ma’am 

I walked in. They all walked in. We went downstairs. They walked out I followed. We walked to the front desk. While walking there. We heard people crying. Journalists who were outside running behind the building. The crew ran out to check. I was left with bodyguards. I walked to the lady

Me: My husband is here…..

I took off my shades

Me: You know my husband. The actor right? L

Her: Yes ma’am. Mr Brendan O’Neal. He is all over the papers everyone knows him 

Me: Well I am here to see him. He doesn’t want to open up for me. I am his wife. So can you help me open his hotel room ? 

Lady: Ma’am he is our client. We can’t do that to him. If he doesn’t want to be disturbed. As the hotel we should respect that 

Me: What about me!!!!? 

I shouted. She was frightened. I looked around then at her

Me: I am sorry. It’s just that I need to se….. 

I felt someone tap my shoulder. I looked at him. It’s the bodyguard. Once I looked at him. He used his head pointing behind me. I turned around. I saw a lot of people standing looking at me. They were so many. Even the journalists. Some were crying some just had their eyes popped out with hands on their mouth. What is it? Do I have blood running down my legs? I looked down my legs. “ Sorry ma’am “ someone said. I looked up. It was a man in a suit

Him: I am the hotel manager 

Me: I need to see my husband. Please give me the keys to his roo….  L 

Manager: Ma’am 

He looked so nervous

Me: What is it ? 

Manager: I am sorry ma’am 

Me: Sorry ? What are you sorry for? He is my husband! 

Manager: Ma’am your husband jumped off The window from 5th floor 

Oh My God no


Manager: The people you saw running were going there. He passed on 

Me: Oh My God 

I looked behind me. I almost fell. What are they talking about? Brendan fell off the building?. My bodyguards held me nor fall

Bodyguard: Are you okay ma’am?  

Me: Get me out of here! 


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