< Nomaxabiso >

It looks like I am busted. The reason I left home was because I couldn’t take the look on my parents faces when they found out the things I have been keeping. They didn’t hide what they thought of me. They showed me how disappointed they were. What did they expect? They expected me to stay and take all the ill treatment from them? They must know and recognise their part in all this mess. They had so many expectations. They put me under so much pressure and stress. I disappointed them and I am ashamed that I did but I couldn’t take this. Let me tell you about my family role in royalty. My father is not a chief. His father was then after him it was my uncle. My father’s older brother. My father is like Hlohlesakhe. He has no claim to the throne. The only difference between My father and Hlohlesakhe is that my father grew up knowing he had no part in royalty and that made him work hard. He made something of himself. He went to school. He started businesses and continued with teaching. My mother is focusing in my father’s businesses. I was also helping around after matric. I feel like my father should never had done what he did. I would understand if he was a chief. He was never one. Why did he sell me? Why did he do this? Now I fell for Masixole. Even though I am still with Malingenge I strongly love Masixole. More especially now that we had sex. The reason I went to Gauteng was because I wanted Malingene to think of a plan to use to make sure mom and my father don’t expose us. My friend cannot know about this. She can’t know I have been sleeping with her husband. She would kill me. I know she is not okay upstairs. She is unstable and the village’s hooligan

Anyway I just got to my village. Yes last night I left. I left Johannesburg the minute I realised I am so close to being seen by Masixole. Speaking of him I am going to call him later but right now. I want to talk to my parents. I really need to think of something. I don’t know what but I will make sure they don’t know I was with Malingene. It is still early. I don’t think my parents are home. Anyway I just got dropped by a taxi. I pulled my travel bag then entered my yard. I walked to the house. I took out my key. I put it in it’s not locked


Does this mean someone is home? I didn’t think I would find my parents here. I don’t want to talk to them now. I know mom is going to shout at me. I can’t take the shouting. I stood there at the door. Trust me I don’t want to go in. I saw the door open I looked up.

Mom: Scared to walk in? L

I quickly put my key in my bag

Me: Of course not mom. I just realized it’s not locked that’s why I am putting in my key L

Mom chuckled then walked in leaving me at the door. I opened the door. I walked in. I saw her sitting down. She had paperwork in front of her.

Me: Mom I think we need to talk

Mom: I don’t want to talk to You! There is nothing we can say to each other at this point L


She stood up Then looked at me.

Mom: Nomaxabiso I never thought I would look my child in the eye and say this L

What is she wanna say now? That she is disappointed? I know that. Their actions show it. I know and she doesn’t have to repeat it.


Mom: You’re a disappointment in this family!! 

Me: I know that’s why I left L

I took my bag then attempted to walk away

Mom: You lied! You said you were going to spend a few days with the King and tell him about your lies did you do that? 

I stopped walking. I put down my travel bag down. Maybe we should do this now.

Me: No mom I didn’t do it L

Mom folded her arms

Mom: You’re a grown up woman! You need to stop acting like a child !!! why didn’t you see the King ? L

She was shouting at me. My mom is angry I understand but I wish they could also understand me and where I am coming from.

Me: Firstly King Zwelicacile has a wife and he has to ask for a permission to be with Me! Secondly I called him and asked to meet that day. He said he was leaving to be with his wife so that’s why we didn’t meet L

I am lying. I didn’t call Zwelicacile. I had a plan the day I left home. I knew I was going to My boyfriend

Mom: Where have you been then? L

Me: I had to stay away for a bit L

Mom: Then why are you back here? L

I looked at her

Me: Because you’re harrasssing Malingene mother ! I told you him and I are over. I wasn’t with him. He called me telling me you guys are calling him  L

Mom: He didn’t know we knew about you two why didn’t he take the call? Do you think we are stupid? We know you were there with him ! L

Me: I wasn’t. I called him telling him about the damages you want. I had to tell him Mom! L

Mom: Where were you? L

Me: I was at a friend’s place in Town L

Mom: Nomaxabiso Zidenge you’re a royal princess you don’t stay with friends!! L

Me: Mom I couldn’t stay here! You guys were giving Me silence treatment what did you expect? L

Mom: Do you blame us? L

Me: Yes!!! L

Her eyes popped out. I could tell she couldn’t wait to hear this and I cannot wait to pour my heart at her. They must know how I feel.

Me: I blame you for making your own decisions about my life. I blame you for everything! You put me in so much pressure. Mom How old were you when you broke your virginity? L

Mom looked away

Me: Answer me! I am almost in my late 30s and you guys expected me to wait that long to be intimidate with a man ? L

Mom: You knew what was expected of you ! Nomaxabiso tell me ? L

I looked at her.

Me:  L

Mom: Since you broke every promise you gave us about our plans….. L


Mom: Tell me? If you were this smart at making your own decisions why didn’t you go to university behind our backs? 

I looked down

Mom: Yes answer me! Clearly you’re not a proud princess. You couldn’t stand everything that was expected of you then why didn’t you get education for yourself ? 

Me: You said King Zwelicacile was gonna take care of me and even if I was working I would quit 

Mom shook her head in disbelief.

Mom: Do you know what I see when I am looking at you ? L


Mom: I see a middle age woman who is lazy and stupid!!!


Mom: You didn’t listen to everything we wanted you to do. You decided to choose that one because you don’t want to go to school! You just want people to support you. Who is going to want you without education ? L

Me: But you said I don’t have to go to school 

Mom: That was when you were going to marry the King ! We said that to our virgin girl ! I don’t know this disgraceful woman standing in front of me ! 


I grabbed my bag. I ran to my room. I cannot believe she said that to me. I got to my room. I threw my travel bag on the floor. I took out my phone. I have to call King Zwelicacile. I need to know his wife’s decision. I need to go back to the royal house and be a wife. I want mom to swallow her words. His phone rang. After 5th ring he answered thank God. I thought he was avoiding me.

Masixole: Masixole’s phone Priscella speaking

Bitch! Why can’t she give him the phone. I don’t know her. Is she the wife ?


Priscella: Are you there ? Hello

Me: Give him the phone why did you answer someone else’s phone ?! L 

Priscella: Simple. Because he is my man and he asked me to come to work with his phone and take his calls who You?

I quickly hung up.

Me: Bitch ! Whore!! City slut with an accent!!! 

I sat on my bed crying. My door opened it’s mom

Mom: Is everything okay? 

Me: Get out !!! 

I said throwing my shoe at the door. She slammed it behind her.


< Nontorotyi >

I cannot get Eight thousand rands anywhere at Sdabadabeni village. We don’t have Atm here. A close by ATM is in Mqanduli. You just cross the Mthatha Dam River and drive 20 minutes to get to the supermarket. I wanted to send it to her bank card using my phone. She showed me her bank card. It is expired. So I had to do what I was avoiding to do since yesterday. Going to Ngqeleni Town is just not gonna happen. It’s far so I had to go to the supermarket with Zinyovile. I want to help her so bad I really do. Zinyovile helps me a lot. It’s good to know what is going to happen in your life before hand. I cannot stand surprises. You saw me yesterday.  When I saw my husband walking out of Nomakhosazana’s SUV I was a mess. I had a lot to drink. That is what I do when I get a surprise. I hate surprises. I am just happy the ancestors are willing to keep my secret. I am grateful to them even though I know they are not doing this for me. I know they are doing this for my husband. They want to protect him.

Anyway I am here at this supermarket. Unfortunately because of my R3 000 daily limit I got only 3k. She is going to town to do her card then leave today but first I am going to ask her a few questions. What is it that she did to the royal house that she doesn’t want them to know.

Me: It’s still early I mean we bought your ticket here at the supermarket. Your bus is leaving at 2:30 pm. You will get a chance to renew your card J

Zinyovile: Thank you so much Nontorotyi. I really appreciate you for doing this for me 

Me: You helped me so many times. When I had no one.  When I was crying alone you always came and put me out of my misery. I want that Zinyovile back J

Zinyovile: She will be back J

Me: Before you take a Taxi can you tell me What you don’t want them to find? 

She looked at me.  She opened the door

Me: Come on now! You know All my secrets 

Zinyovile: I am telling you this because I know We are on the same page…. 

Me: J

I smiled. She looks really worried. This must be big. I can’t wait to find out.

Zinyovile: As you know Nkosesizwe was just a village man. He was a simple man. He didn’t care about anyone else but me then again I think it’s because there was only me. He never saw any women from the city. His father forced him to break up with me. My parents were working for the royal house. They also wanted us to break up. They sent me to live far away from Sdabadabeni. He came to visit me once

Me: Why is that? 

Zinyovile: Because he didn’t know the woman who was chosen for him When he finally met her 

She started crying


Zinyovile: He saw this beautiful light skin girl from the city then to him I was useless. I was an embarrassment. He didn’t even want her to know about me 

Me: That’s bad I am so sorry 

She wiped her tears.

Zinyovile: I knew I would never win him back with his father alive L

I put my hand on my chest.

Me: You killed my father in law ? 

Zinyovile: No!!!  How do you kill a royalty man? I couldn’t do it but he died When he died that’s when I decided to use a love spell on him In fact to his entire family so….. 

Me: So? 

Zinyovile: Last night I had a dream. Your brother in law visited me. He was so angry. He said Zinza-Zenja’s son is about to discover what I did so I ran to where I buried my muti….. 

Me: And ? 

She put her hand on her mouth.

Zinyovile: I got lost. Nontorotyi believe me I know the spot but whenever I go there I get lost 

Me: You think the ancestors are trying to make sure Gedleza gets there first? 

She nodded her head yes.

Zinyovile: Yes that is why I need to go now 

Me: One more thing before you go ….. L 

She looked at me

Zinyovile: Yes ? 

Me: So Chief Nkosesizwe loved Nomakhosazana? 

She looked up crying

Zinyovile: With all his heart 

I stepped in my accelerator hard! I speed off. I hit the steering wheel hard.

Me: Damn it !!! 

This Explains everything. This Explains her status as the Queen. You’d swear she is Queen Elizabeth. She is very important not only to the royal house. She is important to the people of this village at large. My husband is a chief what about me ? Why can’t I get the same respect ? I am a Queen. I am married to the chief!

Me: Is it because I am a commoner ? 

< Sonia De Villiers >

I decided to go see Brendan. I hope everyone don’t think this is a stupid decision. I feel like I need to see Brendan. My fear is hearing that he left town or even worse left the country. I need to find this man And get his signature. I cannot stay married to him. I want to free him. I want him to go be with a man. I am a beautiful woman. I am everything a man want but clearly this man don’t want a woman. He wants men. This is his chance to be with one. I am tired of being treated like a fool. When he looked at me he saw a fool. Brendan took me for grunted. He never saw anything smart in me. He was arrogant and he thought I would do anything he wanted with me and I hate myself for falling for it. I did everything this man wanted. I was too blind to see I was being played. I will hate myself for the rest of my life for that but you know what? This might have ruined me but all this experience with him gave me a good lesson. Do not let a man tell you what to do. Never change who you are because you want to accommodate people in your life. It’s your life live it. Don’t let someone live it for you. I learned that if someone is not happy with the person you are then that person don’t deserve you. Someone should love you for who you are not what they want you to be. If he is not happy with who you are let him go find that person they want because it is not you. These days it’s hard to keep a relationship. Relationships don’t last. So that shows you cannot make life decisions for someone who might leave you messed up to a point where no other men will want you. I feel like this whole thing made me stronger. I am better than I was before. This might sound crazy but I am grateful for the pain he gave me because it made me a better person. I am stronger than I was before. I see a lot of changes in my life. When I was happy with Brendan or should I say when I thought I was happy? Well I was a different person. I was arrogant and judgemental. When things started going south I realised that this man was changing me. His arromance made me arrogant as well and I didn’t even see it because I was brainwashed.

Anyway I called the show crew. I know this might sound too much well it is. This is a scandal. They will want me to relive it that is why I wanna deal with it now. The plan is to Humiliate Brendan the same way he humiliated me when he made me look like a fool..This man made me look like a backstabbing ffriend to Priscella. Who does that to his wife? I don’t know the man I married. I am glad I am divorcing him right now. Anyway the producer told us they were in front of the hotel with journalists. We just arrived. Priscella’s Chauffeur and bodyguards accompanied me. I have divorce papers in my hand. I was reading them on the way. I am just glad we had a pre-nup. Anyway I walked out of the car. Journalists and my show came to me with cameras and micro phones on top of me. I put on glasses.

J1: Mrs O’Neal what is your say about what just came out about your husband? 

Me: I am shocked. I didn’t expect this…. Well I was kinda expecting something but I didn’t think it was this L

J2: What did you expect? 

J1: Did Brendan act differently is that why you say that ?

Me: Brendan was being blackmailed by someone L

J2: Did you know what the blackmail about ?

Me: My husband refused to tell me and I think you all know why now And to be honest. I wouldn’t tell my wife as well If I was him L 

J3: Are you justifying your husband’s infertility ? Are you telling us you’re staying and supporting him

Me: No. I don’t support it. I feel betrayed by him. I feel like he should’ve told me about his sexuality and I don’t think I would’ve married him I guess that is why he didn’t tell me L

J1: How do you feel about both cheating scandals? What is the status of your marriage.  Are you still married or you’re separated?

I took off my shades. I wiped my tears

Me: I don’t want to talk about those two. Isaiah Norman has been obsessed to destroy me now I know why and as for Tasha. We all know what kinda girl she is. All we can do right now is just wait for her next victin L

J1: What’s happening in your marriage right now? Why are you here? 

Me: I am here because I heard he is inside that building. I am divorcing him these are divorce papers 

J2: Are you divorcing him because he is bisexual or because of the infertility? 

I paused. I have to think about the answer to that question

Me: All the things you said and more 

J1: What is more?

I breath in and out.

Me: Few days ago I was hospitalised because the blackmailer contacted me. I got scared and lost the baby I was carrying 

I saw how shocked the journalists were. For a change they had no words to say till after a long 30 seconds of quietness. I heard a question from the back

J4: Sonia blackmail Is a serious case. Why didn’t you go to the police? Clearly he didn’t because he was scared of what he knew but you….. you didn’t know anything and I think you should’ve went to the police 

Me: Maybe if my husband told me he was being blackmailed I was gonna do that. I got a message then I had a miscarriage. Saving a man who didn’t wanna be saved was the last thing in my mind. You guys saw him walking around with Tasha two days after I lost our child! Excuse me !!! 

I took my body guard hand. I walked fast to the hotel entrance leaving the journalists shocked. They didn’t even run after me which was surprising. My phone rang. I looked at it. Priscella is calling

Me: Friend? ️

Priscella: That was amazing I feel like you really made the right call.. I know we wanted you to talk about the miscarriage with a magazine but that That was amazing. Public sympathy is better than trolls throwing insults at you

Me: Thanks I feel better as well ️

Priscella: Good luck with that animal

Me: I just walked in. All I need is his hotel room L

Priscella: Let’s hope he signs

I looked around. People looked at me because I was followed by cameras.

Me: That is why I want you on standby with the video  

Priscella: Just give me a ring

I hung up. I stood there waiting for the producer speaking with a lady at front desk. We need the room number.


< Narrated >

The Queen was left with words ringing in her head. “ You have to finish what you started” She wished Gedleza could’ve been more specific. The Queen is asking herself what could be more important than what she wants to do. She doesn’t know anything she started. We see her walking around the house. She had a glass of wine in her hand. Chief Khabalandile Is still at the royal house. I swear Phonqa will regret going to the beach. Things are intense at the royal house right now. The Queen was pacing up and down. The Princess and the chief were just standing. They didn’t know what to do. The Queen is angry at two women and she wants to confront both of them. She hates the fact that she has to wait for whatever she has to finish. She is dying to touch Nomfunzelo with her bare hands. We see the Princess looks at her brother .

Princess: Hlohlesakhe I am the last person the Queen could listen to right now. She is angry I don’t know what to do with her looking like this ! 

Notiniphu went to them with two cups of tea.

Princess: Thank you Notiniphu L 

She took her cup Notiniphu smiled then went to the chief. She bowed then gave him his

Hlohlesakhe: Thank you J 

Notiniphu: You’re welcome my Chief J

She walked out of the living room. The Princess looked at her brother

Hlohlesakhe: What got into Nomfunzelo? 

Princess: Who knows what’s in that wicked woman’s head? L 

Hlohlesakhe: Let’s go to the Queen and ask her what really happened 

They walked to her

Hlohlesakhe: My Queen we want to understand something. What did you say when you got to the Zidenge family for That woman to want you dead ? 

The Queen looked at Hlohlesakhe

Hlohlesakhe: I know you didn’t do something out of…. 

Nomakhosazana: I asked for their daughter. They said She was with my son. I told them she is not then I asked why they didn’t come back to us. They started questioning me about my sons marriage.  I asked them who Malingene is. That’s when that woman ran out pretending to offer me a glass of “ My favorite wine!” 

Princess: We need to get to the bottom of this how could she do this to you ! L

Nomakhosazana: No don’t worry Sisi. That woman I can handle on my own! 


Hlohlesakhe: I cannot believe she wanted to kill you because we found out what their daughter have been up to. Did she think maybe the family don’t know and you went there before telling us ? L 

The Queen looked at Chief Khabalandile

Nomakhosazana: No She is just a witch. She can’t help herself  

We see Siqalo walks in they all looked at him.

Siqalo: My Queen Gedleza is here to see you. 

Nomakhosazana: Let him in 

Siqalo bowed then walked out. The Queen looked at her in laws

Nomakhosazana: I wonder what he wants now. He left few minutes ago and nothing is changed. I don’t know what he meant by what…..  

The Queen stopped talking when she saw Gedleza walks in. Gedleza went down on his knees

Gedleza: I am sorry my Queen. I had to come back Aiiii……  

He cried hitting his head on the floor. The Queen looked at Princess and the Chief.


Hlohlesakhe: What is it Gedleza ? 

Gedleza: I am sorry My Chief you might not like one of the things I am going to say 

The Queen looked at Chief and Princess then at Gedleza

Nomakhosazana: Your job is to tell us everything that is a threat to us. If one of us is in danger we have to know L

Gedleza: When I was here I said you won’t find Zinyovile at her house but I didn’t tell you where she went  

The Queen’s face changed. She looked angry

Nomakhosazana: Where is that woman? 

Gedleza: She is going to her teacher in Swaziland. She wants to get to her muti before us. She knows if we get there and break the tie no one will like her in this family. She knows I exposed her now she doesn’t want us to get to that Muti

Nomakhosazana: Gedleza we have to cut whatever is binding her with this family right now! Saturday is far ! 

Gedleza: It will take her the whole night to get to Swaziland. Tonight we are going to do it 

Nomakhosazana: Good ! 

He looked at Chief. You could tell he was nervous.  He didn’t want to say this but he felt like he had to.

Nomakhosazana: What is it Gedleza and don’t tell me it’s nothing!!! 

Gedleza swallowed hard.

Princess: What did my brother do? What do you feel about him. The ancestors are telling you something? 

Gedleza: My chief where is your wife ? 

Hlohlesakhe: She is at work…..

He looked at The Queen then his sister

Hlohlesakhe: We all left her there right ? 

Nomakhosazana: She offered to look on things while sisi and my brother in law came to take care of family matters  

Gedleza: She left after you. She got a call from Zinyovile She was at your house My chief 

Nomakhosazana: In my Village ? That woman came here? 

Gedleza: My Queen Mrs Ndengana is the one who helped Zinyovile with money to go to Swaziland 

The Queen gulped her drink. She threw the glass on the wall It broke and made so much noise. We see Chief Khabalandile walking around kicking thin air with his hand on his forhead

Princess: What is Wrong with my sister in law! Chief what is Wrong with your wife !? 

Nomakhosazana: I swear…… 

The chief took out his phone. He called her and put her on speaker then put his cup of tea on the table.

Nontorotyi: Hello my love

The Queen shook her head. She was breathing fire. The way she was so angry you could tell she wanted to beat Nontorotyi through the phone.

Hlohlesakhe: Where are you Nontorotyi? L 

Nontorotyi: I am around My love. Sorry I had to leave work. It was my lunch time but I am on my way bac…….

Hlohlesakhe hung up. He sat down.

Hlohlesakhe: I don’t know what is Wrong with this woman! I really don’t L

Nomakhosazana: I thought The punishment I gave her would put her in line but it’s clear that woman don’t want to respect any of us ! 

Princess: She must be summoned to the Royal house ! 

Nomakhosazana: I am done punishing her. The first time I didn’t give the chief a chance to deal with his wife and now this is the time 

The Queen looked at Chief

Nomakhosazana: But I must tell you one thing Chief Khabalandile….  


Nomakhosazana: The only reason your wife is still alive is because she has children 

The Chief and the Princess didn’t expect this. Their eyes widened. They were shocked to hear the Queen say this

Nomakhosazana: but I promise all of you. If I find out Nontorotyi is plannig to kill me again I swear this time I will kill her 


Hlohlesakhe: I will speak to her my Quee…. 

The Queen looked away

Nomakhosazana: I am sure the ancestors would applaud me for killing the enemy 

Hlohlesakhe: My Queen let’s not talk like that. I am going to punish her my own way please let me 

The Queen turned around

Nomakhosazana: One last chance Chief. One last chance 

Siqalo walked in again.

Siqalo: My Queen Mr Zidenge is here to see you 

Princess Nomagampompo smiled then started fixing herself. The Queen and the chief looked at her. She looked down embarrassed.


They looked at each other then shook their heads

Nomakhosazana: Send him in L

The Queen looked at Gedleza

Nomakhosazana: Oh this is the visitor I was stopped from leaving for ?  L

Gedleza: No 

The Queen’s eyes popped out

Nomakhosazana: Someone else is coming? L 

Gedleza looked down nodding his head. The Queen seemed uncomfortable about this. She can’t think of anyone who could visit her. She looked at her brother in law

Nomakhosazana: We need to get the contract  L

Hlohlesakhe: Where is it ?

Nomakhosazana: Your brother’s study in a drawer. Also take a pen on the table L

Hlohlesakhe walked to the study. Shosholoza walked in.

Princess:  J


He is in a foul mood and no one can blame him. He is going to lose the profit from the project. Anyone could feel that way.

Nomakhosazana: We are glad you’re here Mr Zidenge. Can we offer you anything? J

Shosholoza: I don’t want anything from you L

The chief came with the contract. The door opened. Phonqa and Nomgcwabe walked in. They all looked at them nervous. Their timing is so bad. It was awkward for a second till the Queen spoke to them

Nomakhosazana: Boys can you go upstairs for a second? J 

Phonqa: I am a little bit hungry how about I go sit in the kitche….. J 

Princess: You’re not doing no such thing!! Up you go ! L

Phonqa looked sad. He walked up the stairs with his brother. The Queen went next to her sister in law

Nomakhosazana: You didn’t have to be so harsh 

Princess: That boy eavesdrops a lot! After you and I talked yesterday he asked me who is my lover ! L

We see The Queen put her hand on her mouth

Nomakhosazana: He didn’t? 

Princess: Oh yes he di…. L 

Shosholoza: I don’t have the entire day!! 

Nomakhosazana: Then what are you waiting for ? Sign those papers L

The chief gave him the papers. He signed all of the papers. He looked at The Queen.

Shosholoza: I regret doing business with this family! If Chief Nkosesizwe was here he was never gonna allow this! L

The Queen went closer to Shosholoza. She whispered in his ear.

Nomakhosazana: Do you think he was gonna be happy to learn that you were sleeping with his sister…. 

ShShosholoza swallowed hard

Nomakhosazana: Do you think he was gonna be happy to see how you look at my sister in law right now ? 


Every time the Queen was talking she was getting more closer to Shosholoza. He was moving back. Princess was so curious because she couldn’t hear what they were talking about

Nomakhosazana: You’re disgusted by her ain’t you ? 

Shosholoza: L 

Nomakhosazana: Get out before I make you 

Shosholoza: You’re disrespectful Nkosesizwe’s wife! I am not your friend. I am way older than you !  L 

Nomakhosazana: And I am way stronger. Do you really want me to Humiliate you infront of your ex and children? 

He shook his head in disbilef

Nomakhosazana: You think I wouldn’t? 

The Queen said forming a fist. He was against the wall.

Nomakhosazana: I will count down from 3. If I get to one and see your face inside this palace I swear you will walk out a corpse 

The Queen said pulling up her jacket revealing the gun. Shosholoza looked at it then turned around

Shosholoza: ‍️

He ran out. The Queen was looking at him running out .


Siqalo closed the door. The Queen turned around and walked back .

Nomakhosazana: Phonqa you can come out now  

Princess and the chief looked up the stairs. They didn’t see anyone.

Nomakhosazana: My boy I know you were listening but unfortunately you heard nothing this time. Come out before I get mad ! 

Phonqa appeared up the stairs

Princess: I can’t believe this child! L

Phonqa: Actually I was not alone. Come out brother! 

Nomgcwabe also came out..They did the walk of shame walking down. The Queen sat down and whispered at chief Khabalandile and the Princess

Nomakhosazana: Can you believe that imbecile didn’t even look at his sons? 

Hlohlesakhe: Exactly what I notice! I thought I was the only one who saw it  L 

The kids got down.

Princess: Phonqa you said you’re hungry go to the kitchen then L

Phonqa: I lied mom 

The elders looked at each other.

Nomgcwabe: I want to apologize for eavesdropping. It won’t happ…… 

Siqalo walked in running. He was running behind a  beautiful young lady.

Siqalo: I am sorry my Queen this lady didn’t want to listen to me. I told her I have to announce her first before letting her in ‍️

Girl: Aunt tell him we don’t follow orders we maif them J

The Queen put her hands on her mouth

Nomakhosazana: Universe? Oh My God I haven’t seen you in so many years :D 

They hugged. Nomgcwabe looked at Universe. They broke the hug. Universe looked Nomgcwabe.

Nomgcwabe: J 

Universe: Don’t look at me boy I am married L


Universe looked at The Queen

Nomakhosazana: Universe this is my brother in law and th…. :D 

Universe didn’t wait for the Queen to finish talking

Universe: Follow me L


Universe walked out. The Queen looked at Chief Khabalandile and Princess

Nomakhosazana: I am sorry about that J 

She ran after Universe. She saw Universe leaving her car walking out of the yard.

Nomakhosazana: Where are we going? 


There was no smile in Universe face. She was livid. She was going straight to abondaned houses behind the royal house. She got to one of the rooms. She opened the door then looked at The Queen

Universe: Get in Auntie 

Nomakhosazana: What is going on? We could’ve talked in your car why did we have to come here ? 

Universe gently pushed the Queen in. She got in as well. She closed the door. The room was so dark. Universe used a torch then pointed it at someone who was sitting on a chair tied up.

Nomakhosazana: What The……? 

Universe: So you wanted me to give you this package in front of everyone auntie ? 

Nomakhosazana: Is he dead? 

Universe checked her wrist watch

Universe: No. He will wake up in few….. J

Nomakhosazana looked at the guy. Universe tapped the Queen’s shoulder The Queen looked at her. Univese smiled

Universe: You’re going to kill him J

The Queen’s eyes popped out. She thought universe was bluffing

Nomakhosazana: What ? 

Universe took out a gun..She cocked it four times. She took something and put it in front of the gun

Universe: This is a sound protector. We are going to wait for him to wake up so that you can enjoy murdering him alive 

We see the Queen put her hand on her chest. She went down and sat down crying



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