< Priscella >

I am thinking about the trip to Eastern Cape Friday. I know it’s still Monday night. I have a few days To prepare for my trip and I am nervous. I cannot go there alone with Masixole. I need my best friend there with me. I want to ask her. I hope she says yes. I mean from tomorrow there will be chaos for her with the news coming out. I am worried about her so I think she could do with a trip out of the city. I hear rural areas are the most peaceful places. I want to experience that with her. I also want to bring my assistant with me. I work wherever I go and I might not be able to work because everyone will want to talk to me. So having Algebra there will help me a lot.  I can instruct him on what to do and leave him doing it while I do Makoti duties which are kinda making me nervous. I grew up with helpers doing everything for me so being there will be wow I don’t know hectic.

Anyway we are having dinner. This is the perfect time for me to ask them. I hope they agree. I heard my phone rings. I looked at it. I stood up

Me: It’s the rehab J 

They all looked at me. I answered then put them on speaker

Me: Hello 

Nurse: Ms Priscella. I called to tell you that your brother got the things you sent him. He says thank you. Unfortunately phone calls are not allowed this time.

Me: I am glad. Thank you for the call J 

Her: Alright bye

I hung up then sat down

Masixole: What did you send him?

Me: Somethings to eat. Mom wanted me to go visit I didn’t because I had a busy day so I thought the best thing is to just send him food  J

Sonia: That’s sweet J

My phone rang again. I am not going to stand up. I am eating here. I answered. It’s the pilot

Me: Hello J 

Him: Hello ma’am. We have a problem. It turns out this man can’t come back tonight so I wanted to ask if I should leave then come fetch him tomorrow?

Me: What time is he coming back tomorrow? 


Masixole looked at me. Speaking of him. He is struggling with eating. I don’t wanna help him and get him upset. He is used to doing things on his own but at least he is not causing a mess. He is eating pretty fine even though his hand keeps searching for his plate.

Me: Sleep there. You can’t come back tonight only to go back there again in the morning. Book yourself into a hotel J 

Pilot: Alright ma’am

Me: Give me invoice of the money you used tomorrow I will give it to you  J 

Pilot: Alright ma’am

Me: Bye J 

I hung up. I looked at Sonia.

Me: The healer is coming back tomorrow about midday so I asked the pilot to sleep there J

Masixole: Looks like this is hectic. I have to call the Queen before I sleep please remind me honey J

Me: I will do J

Sonia: Oh I was also thinking of not going to work. There is a huge headline coming tomorrow  

Me: Yeah… I think you should stay in doors. You can’t go out there. I know journalists will be sneaking in and out of the office 

Masixole: It’s a good thing this is happening during the holidays. Imagine what was gonna happen to your kids at school.

Sonia: I am also happy and I think I should thank Algebra. I feel like he kinda confirmed everything we only had suspicions and we couldn’t work with that L

Me: True. I am glad he was honest with us

Algebra: J 

Sonia: I feel more calm. I wonder how I will feel tomorrow 

Me: I think the best thing is to switch off your phone  

Sonia: I don’t think I will be able to live without My phone. I will keep my phone on but I am not taking no calls L 

She picked up her juice and drank. She really looks calm and that bothers me because she was like this when we found out about Brendan. She only reacted later and we all know what happened. Algebra cleared his throat. We looked at him.

Algebra: I don’t think Brendan suspects me. If he did I think we’d all know. I mean he wasn’t banned from coming to the building but I didn’t see him coming here to confront me. I just want to thank you all for making sure I was safe but tomorrow I was thinking of going back to my sister’s house after work 

Me: That’s okay as long you promise you will be safe  J

Algebra: I promise  J

Sonia: And talk to us when you need help we will be here. I am just happy you were brave to tell us

Algebra: J 

Me: Okay before we all go to bed I wanted to tell you guys that I am going to meet Masixole’s family Friday and I would like if you Sonia  …… J

I looked at Algebra

Me: And my assistant could come with me to the Eastern Cape. I really need you guys there with me J 

Sonia: I was not gonna let you take a sick man home alone J

Masixole: You make it sound like I am in pain. I am just blind :D

Sonia: Which is not normal because you’re not a blind man J

Me: :D

Masixole: I appreciate the support. I would love for you guys to see my family J

Me: Great so Algebra? J

Him: I can’t say no to my boss. I am in J

Me: Great we leaving Friday and coming back Monday morning J

Sonia: Awesome

Masixole: Bring your swimming costumes there is a bitch there

Sonia: Really ? :D 

Masixole: Yeah Mthatha mouth beach and on the other side of Mthatha Dam River there is a beach called Coffee Bay you will love it there

Sonia: Now I am more excited. Sunday we are going to the beach thank God we are coming back Monday :D

Me: :D 

I am glad Sonia is excited. Honestly if anyone needs a vacation it’s her. She deserves it. She has been through hell.

< Judge Nomakhosazana >

Oh thank God I get to see another day a free woman. I didn’t sleep a wink. I am scared. I don’t know when I will see the police knock at my door. I feel like they will. Every car I heard driving by I stood up and looked through the window all night. I was scared and I still am. I am just grateful that I got to see another day. My son called me last night asking about Gedleza. I told him what happened. He is sure his father loved me. I am sure he did as well. But recently when I was reminded about the affair he had with Nontsingizi I kind of doubted his love. I hope Gedleza comes with something. I really need to know if my husband loved Zinyovile more than me. I have to close this chapter with her. We cannot be fighting for a dead man. She must stop hating me. I understand I met my husband when they were in a relationship which I didn’t know at first because when I got here she was not living with her parents. When my husband met me He focused on me I won’t lie. He started changing when they hired Nontsingizi and I was working a lot.

Let’s talk about the meeting I had with my brother and sister in law yesterday. I know I have such a strong personality that some people always think I want things for myself or I am too controlling but I am not. All I am doing is looking out for this family.  Who made Chief Khabalandile a Chief? It was me. I gave him that job. I didn’t want him to go to his old job that pays less and I didn’t want him to fight with my son. I did all that out of love. Everyone in this family is benefiting from the business. I don’t understand why some think I am selfish or always up to something. I cannot believe my sister in law Nomagampompo thought I took those shares from her lover because I didn’t want to lose the 20% to Hlohlesakhe. When I took the 20%  shares all I had in mind was her children. It’s bad enough that we can’t tell them who their father is. That man is alive. I have never seen him giving us something for them. Even though we all don’t want the villages to know but he should support his children. That man comes here and walk around. He doesn’t even look at his two sons. He has only a daughter with his wife. He should be happy and proud to be a father to these two amazing boys. If Sister in law don’t want to open her eyes I will open them for her. What I am doing is what’s best for her and her children. I am not going to let her manipulate me. She should be happy that’s all I am saying and I am happy Hlohlesakhe is on my side on this one. It means a lot. Nomagampompo is acting like a brat in this house. She is angry. She is not talking to me even the kids noticed. She doesn’t know that I can just tell the kids everything that is going on and I don’t think She wants me to do that.

Anyway it is 6 in the morning. I can’t stay sleeping. I know I had sleepless night and I am tired but I cannot sleep. I am nervous. I am busy mopping the living room. It’s clean but I am doing it. I am just nervous. I have never killed before. Someone is dead because of me. I am a judge. I give sentences to people for breaking the law now it’s me. I don’t know how to deal with this. I feel like I am just like that woman who killed my sister. Anyway my phone rang. I looked at it. It’s Gedleza. I quickly answered

Me: Gedleza   

Gedleza: Hello my Queen

Me: Is everything going well there ? 

Gedleza: My Queen my initiation is not done but I thought I should call before you start your day

Me: Yes ? L

Gedleza: I want you to prepare Umqombothi ( African beer ) for Saturday

Me: What is happening Saturday ? 

Gedleza: I don’t want to tell you now My Queen. I know if I tell you that will ruin things for the King. You will panic. All I can say is it’s gonna be his ceremony

That makes me worried even more. Why didn’t he tell me he was in trouble? I spoke to him last night.

Me: Okay is my son okay ? I talked to him he didn’t seem like someone who has a problem  

Gedleza: He will be fine my Queen

What is Wrong with my son? I am worried now. I need to tell ladies from our village to come and prepare UMQOMBOTHI

Me: Okay. Gedleza I did something and I am scared that I am going to get into trouble. Can you please tell me what’s gonna happen to me. I am really scared 

Gedleza: ………

I looked at my phone

Me: Hello Gedleza? Are you there ? 

Gedleza:………. ( tu tu tu tu)

Oh damn. Did this have to happen now. We had to lose connection when I want to know something very important. Anyway I dialled Chief Khabalandile’s number.

Hlohlesakhe: My Queen

Me: Good Morning. How are you doing? 

Hlohlesakhe: I am good my Queen how are you ?

Me: I am okay. I just received a call from Gedleza. He wants us to prepare UMQOMBOTHI for Saturday and Your sister hasn’t been talking to me since our meeting. Can you call your sister and ask her to get the ladies to prepare it L 

Hlohlesakhe: Let me just come there and speak to her in person

Me: That’s great please do J 

Hlohlesakhe: Okay before I go to work I will start there and please my Queen make sure you call me when Shosholoza comes to handover the shares

Me: That I am looking forward to J 

Hlohlesakhe: Ha ha ha He must do the right thing J

Me: Talk soon J 

I hung up. I was asking myself what makes me excited about today but now I just remembered. My nephews are going to be shareholders of the company. That makes me happy. Even my own son has no shares in the company. I don’t know why Nomagampompo has a problem with what I am doing. I don’t know why she thinks everything I do is about myself. If it was I would make sure my son has shares as well. I want my son to create his own legacy. I know he could do it. He doesn’t need me.

< Narrated >

At a hotel somewhere in Johanesburg in a room. There is a lot of Empty bottles around the room. Two people were sleeping in bed. There was clothes on the floor

Bottles and white sheets. Two people on the bed were not under sheets. It looks like they had a really fun night. A cell phone rang. We see the girl move. She raised her head. It is Tasha.

Tasha: Oh My head

She said putting her hand on her forhead. Her eyes were closed. She touched her phone. It fell on the floor. She stood up from the bed and opened her eyes then yawned. She picked up her phone and answered.

Tasha: Girl why are you calling me so early in the morning! L 

Friend: Tasha where are you ! ?

Tasha looked at Brendan then removed her hair from her face. She focused on the call

Tasha: At a hotel with my boyfriend 

Friend: You’re with that double adaptor!?

Tasha: Double adaptor What are you talking about? 

She said walking to the bathroom.

Friend: Friend it looks like trouble is following you. You’re in the papers again. I think you need to check the news yourself

Tasha: What are they saying about me? 

Friend: Its more about your boyFriend and I promise you. You’re not gonna like it. I just wish you didn’t go public with your relationship so soon. Your boyfriend made headlines on the Daily news check online

Tasha hung up. She couldn’t wait to see. While going through her phone trying to get to the site she was speaking to herself “ Oh My God. I wonder what did he do this time. I hope I am not in trouble. My family cannot be humiliated because of me again” That’s all she was thinking about. She finally got to the site. She put her hand on her mouth shocked. She looked at Brendan who was in deep sleep.

Me: What the Fuck? L 

She saw pictures of Brendan with Isaiah Norman. The words that were written in bold were “ ACTOR BRENDAN O’NEAL HAS A LOVER AND IT IS A MAN!”

Tasha: I can’t believe he is gay! How can he do this to me ?  

We see Tasha running to the sink. She washed her face. She ran out of the bathroom. She started dressing up fast hoping that Brendan won’t wake up. She took her hand bag. She took out shades. She put them on. She pushed back her hair with both her hands. She spotted her cap on the floor. She took it and wore it. She took her heels and her handbag then tiptoed out. She slowly closed the door Then leaned on it. She let out sigh of relief.


She ran to the Elevator and got in. Luckily for her she was alone in the Elevator. Her phone rang. She answered

Tasha: Tasha? 

Caller: Did you know your lover was gay ?

Tasha quickly hung up


She was silently crying and breathing heavily. Her phone rang again. She looked at it. The friend who called her earlier was calling.

Tasha: I saw. How can he do this to me? No wonder Sonia didn’t even bother to call and confront me. Friend he is gay! 

Friend: Well your man is bisexual if it can wake up for a both genders

Tasha: He is not my MAN! Him and I it’s over !! L 

Friend: There are journalists surrounding the hotel

Tasha’s eyes popped out.

Tasha: What ? 

Friend: Yes. When I realised that you knew nothing. I just took my keys and decided to come fetch you. I am here. Please come down.

Tasha: Oh My God! Thank you friend 

The elevator notified her it was about to open. She hung up and put her phone in her bag. She wiped her tears then put her shades on. The elevator opened. She walked out and walked to the exist fast. The second she walked out Journalists went to her running.

J1: Tasha where did you leave your boyfriend ? ‍️

Tasha stood there looking around for her friend’s car

J2: Tasha do you sometimes sleep with Isaiah and Brendan at the same time ?


J1: Did you know he was sleeping with drag Queens ? ‍️

Tadha: No comment ! L 

J3: So you want to tell us you knew but you went on and dated him ?

Tasha: Do you thin… 

She decided again at it. She didn’t want to say anything to them.

Tasha: no comment!  L 

J2: What were you doing with a married man? Weren’t you close with the Seputla and De Villiers families? Well it’s not the first time you screwed them over :D 

She saw her friend’s car

Tasha: I said no comment!!! ‍️

She ran to her friend’s car. She got in.

Tasha: Drive!!! 

Friend didn’t ask why. She drive off


Back in a hotel room. Brendan’s phone is ringing non stop. He is still sleeping. We see him move. He was not wearing anything Not even underwear. It looks like they had a long night with Tasha because she herself was butt naked when she woke up. Anyway we see Brendan searching for his phone with his eyes closed. He just laid back on the pillow when it stopped ringing. The phone started again

Brendan: Baby pass me my phone

He has no idea he is alone. Tasha is long gone. He opened his eyes

Brendan: Where is this girl?

He picked up his phone then looked at the caller id

Brendan: Damn what does Mandy want? I said I’d call her when I am ready to talk L

He said that then answered.

Brendan: Hey Mandy? 

Mandy: Don’t hey Mandy me! I asked you yesterday to tell me what is going on…..

She was shouting on his ear. Brendan removed the phone from his ear. He put her on speak then laid on his back

Mandy: Did you want me to see this on the papers before you tell me ?

Me: I will tell you today I will come by…..

Mandy: You don’t have to! It’s in the front page of today’s paper!!!

Brendan jumped up then ran to the towel that was on the floor

Brendan: What? 

Mandy: Your private life is all over the papers! The affair with Isaiah Norman! Really Brendan? How can you be so stupid and sleep with that heartless journalist anyway since when do you sleep with men?

Brendan went down on his knees he let go of his phone. It fell on the floor. He put both his hands on his mouth .


Words couldn’t come out of his mouth. He looked really scared. Tears running down his cheeks. He knows his life is over. He knows he is losing everything He fought so hard to have. Right now he just reached rock bottom. The look on his face The way he is on his knees shows he is given up on life.

It looks like Isaiah is taking this better than Tasha and Brendan As we see him busy in his kitchen making breakfast. He is alone. Brendan didn’t sleep at home again. He doesn’t like that. He hoped that they could have something serious when he and Sonia separated but it looks like Brendan had other plans and Isaiah unfortunately is not part of those plans. We see Isaiah eating a sandwich walking to the counter. He took his phone then made a phone call. The person answered.

Him: Hello

Isaiah: I have a job for you L 

Guy: I am listening

Isaiah: I haven’t wrote a juicy story in a while. I want you to dig some dirt on that girl Tasha. I want something that will make headlines and sell for my publication J 

Guy: That’s if you still have a job

Isaiah: What are you talking about ? :D 

Guy: Check the Daily

Isaiah quickly hung up. He looked at the door for a paper

Isaiah: No! let me use my phone 

He switched on his data. Messages came in from all his social networks. He went on Twitter. He opened a tweet then saw pictures of him in drag

Isaiah: No! This can’t be happening! 

He dialled Brendan’s phone. It took him straight to voicemail

Isaiah: Great! Just great!!! 

He started pacing up and down. It’s amazing how scared he is. This man write about people everyday. Now he is getting a taste of his own medicine and by the look of things he doesn’t like it one bit. He heard the door bell His eyes popped out looking at the door.


The person rang the bell again.

Isaiah: Go away !!! 

Isaiah went down and sat down. He leaned on his kitchen counter “ It’s your boss “ He quickly jumped up When he heard his boss talking outside the door. He wiped his tears.


Boss: I came to tell you that you ruined our publication. People are not buying our paper because you don’t work for us. Instead you make headlines in other papers! And you sleep with people to get gossip. How could you!!

Brendan: Ma’am I can explain. That is not true ‍️ 

He said running to the door.

Boss: It’s too late. Open the door and take your box. I cleared your desk. You’re fired!

The boss left. Brendan cried so hard. He opened the door. He was welcomed by his box at the door. The boss was no where to be seen. Isaiah ran out to the driveway. He found His boss driving away. He put his hands in his head

Isaiah: ‍️

He heard footsteps of people running his way. He looked at them. It was reporters with cameras

Isaiah: ‍️

We see Isaiah running back to his house. He walked in and slammed The door locked then leaned on it. He put his hand on his chest. Tears were falling hard


In Mthatha In front of central police station. We see a woman walking out of the car. She was wearing a blue shirt tight blue jeans and and black high heels. She was wearing a WIG.  She stood next to her car. She looked at a picture in her hand. She chuckled then threw the picture in the car then folded her arms on her chest and rested on her car.


A taxi stopped by next to her. A man walked out of the taxi then fixed his blazer. The taxi left. The man looked at the police staton. The woman took the picture and looked at it one more time. She looked at the man who was now walking to the police station. She quickly threw the picture at the back of her car.

Woman: Hello ! ‍️ :D

The woman ran after the young man. He turned around. He looked at this beautiful woman.


Woman: Hello I am detective Ziyamkhonkotha you look terrified or rather kinda disturbed is everything okay? :D 

Man: Detective Thank God J 

Detective: Are you okay ? 

Man looked around then at Detective Ziyamkhonkotha

Man: I have some information that I think can help with the journalist who was brutally murdered yesterday…….. 

Detective’s eyes popped out and She smiled. She looked excited.

Man: He was my friend 

The detective looked at the police station then at the man.

Detective: I was just appointed to handle the case why don’t we get in my car and talk more before I take your statement inside? :D 

Man: Okay Detective J 

The detective walked to the car followed by the man

Detective: J

She opened her door. The man opened his. They walked in and closed the doors. Inside the car We see the Detective look at her door. We see a syringe put nicely at the door pocket. It already had a yellowish liquid in it. She didn’t pull it up. She just touched it and hold on to it. She smiled at the man.

Detective: So tell me….. ? :D

Man: So my friend was working on this story about a judge…..  

The detective shook her head looking out the window of the man’s side

Detective: Just look at that…. J 

The man looked out his window. The detective quickly took out the injection and injected him on his neck and covered his mouth so he couldn’t screen. The injection worked so quickily. He was out in few seconds. The detective let out sigh of relief. She grabbed the guy’s neck aggressively pulled him back so he could lean on the car seat so he won’t look like he is unconscious but rather asleep. The detective started the engine. The car didn’t move..

Detective: Ziyamkhonkotha……. J

She chuckled then drove off. While driving her left hand was playing with The poor unconscious man’s hair.

Detective: What a nice surname I gave myself 


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