< Nontorotyi >

What is going on? How can I not be paranoid when I see my husband walking out of Nomakhosazana’s SUV with Nomagampompo. My husband was at work. He promised me that he would wait till tomorrow then go to Gedleza. Don’t tell me he took those two women and went to see Gedleza. I know I said we can go as soon as we can because I don’t want to delay things and get punished but I can’t help how scared I am. Do you know the fear of the unknown? I don’t know how fast this second wife can get here when Gedleza finally tells him he needs her. I feel like I need to breath a little bit. I feel like I am not ready for this woman. I don’t know who it is and I don’t know how she will be like when she is living in my house. I am so scared. I am stressing about a second wife on the other hand I am worried about Zinyovile who decided to abondan me when I needed her the most. This woman said I hate the woman who is going to marry my husband. How can She vanish before telling me who it is? It looks like I am going to live in a mad house and I am not looking forward to it. The only woman I can’t stand and I know can’t stand me is The Queen and I highly doubt that she’d marry my husband and be a second wife.

Me: Oh no one wanna live my life. No one wanna be me 

I tried to stand up. Oh my God. I am drunk. I have been sitting here for more than two hours drinking. Trust wine for going exactly where you want it to go. I gulped my glass. I tried to stand up and reach for my bottle. I sat back down. The door opened. Deliwe walked in..

Me: Oh Thank God refill ! L 

I said raising my glass

Deliwe: My Queen don’t you think you’ve had enough for the day? 

Me: Excuse me? L 

She took my glass.

Deliwe: I am sorry my Queen. I just don’t want to clean another glass. Your glasses are expensive my Queen. I would hate to see another one break 

I looked down. She has been counting just like I have been. My expensive glasses have been breaking and it all thanks to my friend.

Me: A friend who just abondaned me 

Deliwe: My Queen? 

I looked at her

Me: Wine please ! L

Her: Oh yes! 

Where are you Zinyovile. I need you. I can’t travel to your house alone. My sister hung up on me. She doesn’t want to travel with me. I am scared to cross the bridge alone. And I cannot be driving around a village I am not familiar with. I am so desperate.

Deliwe: Here you go my Queen 

Me: Leave the bottle next to me L

Deliwe: Okay my queen. Let me go finish cooking J 

I raised glass for her indicating that She could leave.  She walked away. I sipped. The door opened. My husband walked in. I chuckled then sipped

Me: ️

Hlohlesakhe: My love I have never seen you sitting on a chair What is going on? 

Me: Strange right ? J 

Hlohlesakhe: Yes it is wait Are you dru….. 

Me: Well so is seeing you walking out of the Queen’s car with them! L 

Hlohlesakhe: Nontorotyi don’t tell me that is the reason you’re drinking your life away. Really ? L 

I shook my head. I gulped my wine. I attempted to pour another one. He snatched the bottle and the glass from me

Hlohlesakhe: It’s 5:30 pm on a Monday! You can’t keep skipping work. Tomorrow you’re going to work Nontorotyi! L

Me: Hlohlesakhe are you stabbing me in the back ? 

Hlohlesakhe: Is that your way of asking where we went ? L

Me: I am dying already! Please tell me 

He poured himself wine in my glass. He sat on the couch.

Hlohlesakhe: I got a call from the Queen telling me that Gedleza has to be sent to Mozambique to see his teacher. It was a request from the Ancestors. So we went to give him the news J 

Me: That’s all ? 

Hlohlesakhe: Yes so the Queen organised a Helicopter to take him to Mozambique J 

I stood up and fell on the floor.

Hlohlesakhe: Hey careful! ‍️

He ran to me. He helped me up. We went to the couch

Me: You said a Heli What? 

Hlohlesakhe: A helicopter my love

Me: My Love the Queen has a lover ? 

He laughed.

Hlohlesakhe: No The King’s work owns a Helicopter so we called him. He organised it :D

Me: Wow that dirty chubby man is flying now ? 

Hlohlesakhe: That chubby dirty man is going to come back more powerful than ever J 

I attempted to stand up again

Hlohlesakhe: Hey sit! :D

I sat back

Me: More powerful ? 

Hlohlesakhe: Yes. More than ever ! J

I looked down. Oh Zinyovile. Switch on your phone. I don’t like what I just heard and I am sure you won’t like it as well. Gedleza is going to expose everything we discuss. I am more scared now.


Hlohlesakhe: It’s a good thing right my love ? J

I looked at him. I faked a smile.

Me: It is I mean lies and secrets are not good and he is going to protect us J 

Hlohlesakhe: Exactly my love

I looked away

Me: Oh I meant the opposite… 

You think I said that out loud? No I wouldn’t dare. I said that between my lips. When it comes to my secrets I get sober in a second. I know I am the only person with lies and secrets here and I don’t want them to come to light.


< Priscella >

We heared a knock at the door. We looked at each other and laughed. It’s amazing how normal things are even though he is blind. The reason we are laughing is because we just had sex and a minute later someone knocks at the door.

Me: Thank God :D

I kissed Masixole then stood up.

Masixole: Did you lock the door ? :D

Me: I didn’t! just imagine if they walked in on us :D

I took my gown. I went to the door. I opened the door

Sonia: In a gown already and we haven’t had dinner yet?:girl you missed your man :D

Me: You’re back :D

Sonia: Yes and Cleo said I should tell you dinner will be ready in 30 minutes J

Me: Okay we will shower and go down J

Sonia: Okay I am also going to the guest room to wear something comfortable J

Me: Okay babe J

I closed the door.

Me: Baby we have to shower and go down have dinner J

Masixole: Come here. I want us to talk about something

Me: What’s that ? 

Masixole: I know this will change your mood bu…. 

Me: What is it? I don’t want anymore secrets between us L 

Masixole: It’s about the girl… 

Me: Masixole I am not going to be in a polygamy marriage. I don’t want that girl in your life! L

Masixole: We won’t have her in our lives J 

I looked at him..

Me: What ? 

Masixole: The day you kicked me out. I was going to the suite with EJ. We saw her here booking herself a room 

Me: She followed you! How desperate this bitch ca….? 

Masixole: Baby calm down. She didn’t come here for me .

Me: She knows someone here ? 

Masixole exhaled

Masixole: Baby I noticed that the girl was not a virgin. I confronted her. She was supposed to be a virgin when I marry her. She said she used a vibrator

Me: That’s a lie. Who introduced her to a vibrator? She is lying! She slept with a man L

Masixole: I think the ancestors saw through her that’s why they wanted her gone. Yes she lied. She has a boyfriend who works for us here

Me: Who is He? 

Masixole: I don’t think you’d know him. EJ and I heard Nomaxabiso saying she will be staying with her boyfriend Malingene Gubhu. I called the Queen and told her. She said I am not going to marry her.  That’s what I wanted to tell you J

Me: Well boyfriend or no boyfriend she was not going to marry my man Anyway  L

Masixole smiled. I went to him.

Me: Stand up let’s bath together to save time J

Nomaxabiso: Am I getting another one in the shower ? :p

Me: No! you’re going to kill me :D 

Masixole: I guess a second wife is not a bad idea then :D

Me: You’re not funny Masixole!!!  :D

Him: I am sorry my love :D

I don’t see myself sharing a man with another woman. I am not being difficult like I usually am. It’s just that we are talking about Masixole Ndengana. He is my man. I want him all to myself. Anyway we took a shower together. We finished. We walked out. We helped each other lotion. He is such a gently man. Even when he is blind he wanna apply lotion on my back.

< Narrated >

In Hlalwini village at The Zidenge house. We see Shosholoza looking around for his wife. He didn’t see her anywhere. He made a phone call. Everyone knows who he is calling. He expect Princess Nomagampompo to take him out of his mess No He expects princess to be against her family and support him even after he spoke to her the way he did. There is nothing for Mahala. Everyone has a price or Maybe He knows Princess Nomagampompo He knows she won’t give up even after that insult. Maybe Mr Shosholoza doesn’t know the say that says everyone has a price. No one does things out of goodness of their heart then again we are talking about Princess here who is so in law. Maybe she has no price. Let’s see if Nomagampompo will continue trying to help him when he made it clear that he wants nothing to do with her.

Nomagampompo: Zidenge ?

Shosholoza looked around again.

Him: And? Did you speak some sense into Sgaqa’s wife ? L 

Nomagampompo exhaled

Him: Nomagampompo please don’t tell me you didn’t manage to convince her ! L 

Nomagampompo: You know how my sister in law is. I tried Zidenge I really did

Shosholoza: Dammit you didn’t try enough! If you did you’d be saying you managed to made her stop this nonsense!  L 

Nomagampompo: I tried I really did. You know I would do anything for you Zidenge

Shosholoza: Ahhh nonsense ! you’re a useless woman ! L 

Nomagampompo: I….

Shosholoza hung up then kicked thin air

Shosholoza: Stupid woman ! L

He turned around. He saw his wife walking in.

Shosholoza: My wife  :D 

Nomfunzelo: Who were you shouting at like that ? L 

Shosholoza: That Gubhu boy! Can you believe he says he doesn’t know where our daughter is ? L

Nomfunzelo folded her arms. She looked into space.

Nomfunzelo: I wonder where that immoral girl is. She is not taking my calls. How can we plan her future for her only for her to do us like this!  

Shosholoza started thinking about his shares. He wasn’t paying attention to his wife.


Nomfunzelo looked at him..

Nomfunzelo: Can you believe this girl ruined her own future! We built a future for her she decided to ruin it! Who do you think told Nomakhosazana about Malingene if Nomaxabiso didn’t tell the king ? 

Shosholoza: Okay  

Nomfunzelo looked at him

Nomfunzelo: Okay? Okay what? Are you even listening to me ? L

Shosholoza looked at his wife..

Shosholoza: Sorry my wife.This upsets me. You were saying ? 

Nomfunzelo: Your daughter left here saying she waS planning to tell the King on her own then spend a few days with him. Two days ago I called her. She said she was with him now it turns the King left last week Tuesday for Johanesburg L

Shosholoza: I was surprised to see him in the news speaking in Johanesburg. I thought maybe he left my daughter at the royal house L  

Nomfunzelo: Now who do you think told the Queen about Malingene if Nomaxabiso didn’t tell the king?

Shosholoza: I don’t know now. Maybe ancestors revealed it? 

Nomfunzelo: That explains how angry that vicious woman wa….. L 

Shosholoza’s phone rang. He looked at his phone.

Shosholoza: It’s the deputy principal I will go take this in my study  J

Nomfunzelo: Okay L

Shosholoza walked fast to his study. He walked in the locked. He answered

Shosholoza: Chief Khabalandile J 

Hlohlesakhe: Tomorrow we will be waiting for you for a handover of shares

Shosholoza: Bu….. L 

Hlohlesakhe: No buts Shosholoza! You come straight here after work. If you don’t do that your wife will know your secret…..! ( tu tu tu tu )

Hlohlesakhe hung up after He said that. Shosholoza sat down looking defeated.


Zinyovile ran away from where she was staying she is now staying in a village A village everyone is familiar with. She decided to go stay at Nowaitile’s home

A village everyone is familiar with. She decided to go stay at Nowaitile’s home Her sister in law’s house. She is scared to be killed by The Queen. After what happened to that Journalist no one can blame Zinyovile for being scared. The Queen removes the problems that is blocking her from moving forward. Zinyovile is one of those people who manage to make the Queen lose it. Zinyovile knows The Queen wouldn’t say no to an opportunity to murder her that is why she didn’t think twice about moving. I guess She should thank Princess Nomagampompo for telling her what the Queen was planning.

Anyway inside the house. We see Zinyovile lying on her bed. We see a shadow of a man standing next to her bed. Zinyovile had her eyes closed. Something fell She jumped and sat up straight. She looked at the person who was standing next to the window.

Zinyovile: :D 

We see her excited. She put her hands on her head.

Zinyovile: I knew it! I knew what that woman said wasn’t true. I knew you didn’t abondan me my Chief :D

The man wasn’t looking at her. How does Zinyovile know who is this person because she only could see His back.

Zinyovile: Come ! come my Chief :D

We see Zinyovile lying on her back. Pulling up her dress. She was butt naked. The man turned around.

Zinyovile: Its been a long time Nkosesizwe it’s been a long time :D 

Chief Nkosesizwe walked to her. He was at the end of the bed. He hold both Zinyovile’s legs He pulled them. He dragged her body closer to him. Zinyovile was giggling. Chief Nkosesizwe part her legs. Zinyovile was smiling. She looked really happy to finally have her soul mate visit her after a long time. Remember what the Queen Said was true. Ever since Zinyovile left Sdabadabeni The chief never visited her even in a dream.

Nkosesizwe: Soon 


It looks like The Chief isn’t here on a friendly visit .

Nkosesizwe: Very soon….. 

His voice had echoes. Zinyovile was looking around. She tried to close her legs the chief was holding them. One leg was on the other side of the bad The other on the other side.

Nkosesizwe: Gedleza is going to expose all the lies you told my family and what you did to me !!! 

Zinyovile: What are you talking…… 

Out of no where Chief Nkosesizwe raised a sword.


He stabbed Zinyovile right through her private part.

Zinyovile: Yooohhhh!!!! 

Zinyovile jumped up

Zinyovile: Oh My God ! thank God it was a dream ! it was a dream 

She had her hand on her chest. Zinyovile felt like it was wet on her bed. She stood up and switched on the lights. She looked at her bed. When she saw blood she put both her hands on her mouth

Zinyovile: I haven’t been menstruating in such a long time 

She looked around.  She was scared. The weather outside started changing. It was very windy. The windows opened. The curtains were flying around.  Zinyovile ran to the window. She closed it then leaned under the window.

Zinyovile: It was a dream but what you Said was true Sgaqa 

She thought of Nontorotyi. She ran to her spells. She wanted to connect with Nontorotyi. She wanted her soul to visit Nontorotyi like she usually does.

Zinyovile: Come on! Why can’t I do it 

She tried so many times to Visit Nontorotyi but nothing worked. She ran to her phone. She called Nontorotyi. Her phone sent her to voicemail.

Nontorotyi: Hi I am the Queen of Sdabadabeni. I am not available right now You know how busy I am as the Queen so please kindly leave a message I will get back to you

Zinyovile: Nontorotyi it’s happening! I lost it….. I lost my gift. Give me a call when you get this. We have to talk! 

Zinyovile sat down under the window with her arms hugging her knees. She looked like a child in a naughty corner.


< Judge Nomakhosazana >

I never thought I would have a evening like this. I thought right now I wouldn’t even know my name. It’s really amazing how everything in this family needs my attention But honestly I am not complaining. I haven’t had a single flesh back of what I did today. It has been one thing after another. I really want to know what is it that Gedleza is going to reveal when he comes back. I have a bad feeling that there is hell to come. This whole thing is confusing. Gedleza was there at the cemetery agreeing to everything Nontsingizi said and that alone made me question him. It’s like he was really under her spell. I remember I hated Gedleza for what he did. I didn’t want to speak to him only to find out the poor man was Nontsingizi’s victim. I cannot wait for him to come back. Now more than ever I want to know if my father in law is my soul mate or not. If he is not I will have to apologise to him for calling him names but I feel like he understands. Nontsingizi was trying to mess with my head.

Anyway we just had dinner. My fear right now is going to bed and dream about that young man I murdered. This is my first time killing someone. I never thought I would ever kill in my life. I am mad at that boy for doing what he did. He was a good journalist him finding out about this just shows that. It is unfortunate that he is gone now. What a waste of life. Why did he target me. Why did he do this to me? He made me kill. I am a killer now. I was never gonna kill him if he didn’t come to me. Right now I wish he just ran with the story I don’t understand why journalists need to verify some information. Anyway it was a blessing for me because I feel like I escaped trouble. I feel bad for his family because it’s a great loss for them.


Nomgcwabe: My mother left us eating now you my Queen are crying what is Wrong? 

Oh my God I am crying? I quickly wiped my tears

Me: Boy ? J 

Nomgcwabe: What is Wrong my Queen. Did you and mom have another fight ? I thought you guys were doing….  

Me: Me and sisi are good J 

Nomgcwabe: But she looked upset and you’re crying  

I smiled at him.

Me: My late sister finally got justice today. Her killer was sentenced to 50 years in prison. It’s just an emotional day for me J 


Nomgcwabe: Oh I am sorry to hear that auntie at least she is found guilty. It’s something to celebrate  :D

I started thinking about the dead boy. I quickly snapped out of it then looked at Nomgcwabe

Me: That is true J 

Nomgcwabe: J 

Phonqa: Volume!! That’s Mthatha! 

Oh no! That is the exact spot I killed that young man at. We are watching the news.

Anchor: Nolwandle I see a lot of police officers walking around there on that long grass can you tell us what is happening? 


The reporter started talking.

Reporter: The police you see walking around here are busy looking for something or Maybe the bullets that were used to shoot this young journalist who was brutally murdered midday today

Phonqa: People are cruel 

I saw people who looked like his family crying behind

Me: Oh My God 

I stood up. I couldn’t control my tears. I put my hand on my mouth.

Phonqa: My Queen did you know that Journalist? 


What do I tell this boy? Do I tell him I am the cruel person who killed that Journalist. I didn’t answer his question. I ran to the stairs


I walked up the stairs. When I was two steps before getting to the top my phone rang. I took it out. It fell. I picked it up and I answered

Me: May? 

May: My daughter is in Mthatha now.

Me: I just saw the news now. They are investigating 

May: I did too that is why I called. The name in his ID helped because she was able to allocate his friend but we have a problem.

I looked downstairs. The kids are watching. They are not paying attention to me. I ran up. I opened the first door I got to. I walked in then closed the door. I leaned at the door. She says we have a problem?

Me: No! What problem is that May? 

May: That boy’s friend thinks he has some information that could help the police find out what happened

Me: What information is that? 

May: Nomakhosazana that boy knows about the supposedly  “ Tomorrow headlines “

Oh My God. I didn’t feel my lower body. I fell down on my bum leaning on the door

Me: My life is over 

May: Your life is not over until I say it is! I want you to tighten up your balls and act like a woMAN! Remember we smile even when we hurt……

Me: How can I smile when I am going to jai… 

May: Your highness! If you do something stupid and end up in jail I swear I am going to hire one of the prisoners to beat you up!

Me: What do you want me to do!? 

May: I want you to stay calm and wait for my next instruction! Can you do that !?

I stood up wiping my tears.

Me: Yes I can 

May: You’re not going to jail and you’re the one who is going to make sure of that!

Me: How ? 

May: …….. ( Tu tu tu tu tu )

She hung up on me? How could she say that and hung up on me. How am I gonna save myself while I am here scared and falling apart?. Police can walk in any minute from now and arrest me.

Me: I am going to make sure I won’t get arrested…..?  

I put my hand on the door handle

Me: I wonder how will I do that May…..? 


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