< Priscella >

What just happened? I don’t know why I am so excited about this. It is amazing that I was so mad and hating everything Masixole now his mother just called and I cannot stop smiling. I must say I was so nervous speaking to that woman but I am very proud of myself. I handled her so well. I am glad I could help her. We are family now. We have to help each other. I cannot wait to go see where my man grew up but at the same time I am scared. I am the woman Masixole disrespected his family for. What if they are angry with me? But My mother in law didn’t seem angry. Even what she said about me marrying her son without her. I could tell she was joking. I just pray she wasn’t nice because she needed my help. I am a little sceptical about this ancestors thing. It looks like it is a big deal in that family and my son being their child I feel like I will be tied to it as well and that is terrifying. This woman wanted a helicopter to fly a healer to another country. What is that man going to be doing there? We really find love in hopeless places. I never thought I would get married to a family that deals with traditions and stuff.

Anyway I am in my bedroom. Sonia and Algebra went to fetch Sonia’s clothes. I heard a knock. I went to the door. I opened. It’s Masixole and Aaron

Me: J 

Aaron: I am going home. This dude must rest now J

Me: Thank you for keeping him company. Take my hand baby J

I said giving him my hand

Aaron: No problem. See you guys

Masixole: Sure boy

Aaron left.  I closed the door

Me: Guess what baby :D 

Masixole: You’ve decided that we go home now ? J

That is not funny. I feel like he is blackmailing me now. I don’t like when he uses Emotional blackmail. We went to the bed. I sat him down

Masixole: Okay tell me what is it ? J

Me: Baby we agreed that we are leaving together Friday now I feel like you cannot wait to get home and I feel bad that I am the one keeping you here and hiding things from your family L

I saw him trying to reach for me. I gave him my hand

Masixole: I was joking babe. I know Why we have to leave Friday. Even if I didn’t understand I would respect your decision The fact that I am going home with you makes me happy. I am excited baby  J

Me: Your mother called your cell J

Him: Did you answer it ? 

Me: Yes and I handled everything she was nice J

Masixole: Wow my mom nice? What did she want ?

Me: She needed a favour

Masixole: From you ? 

I sat next to him

Me: No baby from you but I lied. I said you’re sleeping. I was afraid you might tell her you’re blind. I asked her to leave a message. She wanted us to lend her the Helicopter J

Masixole: Where is she going ? 

Me: She said she had to take the royal healer to Mozambique ASAP so I sent the Helicopter there. I am sure they are on their way to Mozambique now J

Masixole: Thank you for helping them baby J

Me: We are fami… J 

He lied down then pulled me. I fell on his chest

Me: Baby I am pregnant you’re going to harm the baby :D

Masixole: You’re not even big come on :D

He is so handsome you wouldn’t say he is blind. I swear I am staying with him even if it’s permanent. I love him

Masixole: You’re beautiful J

Me: Baby you can’t see me though :D

Masixole: Remember I know you  J

Me: And you’re the most gorgeous man I have ever met J

He put his hands on my face. I went for a kiss. We kissed so passionately. I love him. I missed him. I am glad he is here with me. I will take care of him. I just hope his ancestors won’t be upset that we are going to stay here for four more days. I hope they understand why I can’t leave now.

< Nontorotyi >

What Zinyovile told me got me scared. I am really worried. That woman cannot lose her gift. That woman has warned and helped me a lot with her gift. She cannot lose it. I am not going to allow it. I won’t. This woman just told me that my secret is safe. They won’t tell my husband. Who will predict everything for me? This woman has to explain to me what she meant when she said she is losing her gift. Anyway right now I am preparing to leave my house. After Zinyovile disappeared. I took a nap. I forgot I was waiting for the Queen to come back so I could leave. I think the reason I was able to sleep was hearing that Nomakhosazana already killed that person. I was less scared. My house is so stuffy. I guess it is because I have locked Windows all day. I stood up. I opened the Windows. I looked at the royal house.

Me: That murderer is home ? 

I saw the driver’s door open. She walked out. On the other side my sister in law walked out.

Me: My husband ?  

What is he doing there? Where are they coming from ? why didn’t he tell me he was going somewhere with the Queen ?

Me: I can’t believe this …. ? 

I ran to the kitchen. I took out water from my fridge I poured it to a glass.

Me: There’s a conspiracy and I am not part of it! What if it’s about me ? 

I sipped the water

Me: Zinyovile take me out of my misery ! 

This woman must appear. She must tell me where did they go and to do What? I have to prepare myself. Zinyovile promised me that my secret will stay hidden forever Or maybe her gift is really gone ?

Me: It can’t be gone. It cannot 

I looked around. I looked up

Me: Zinyovile ! 

I was calling her name looking around. She should be somewhere in the room right now.

Me: Come back! I wanna hear your chuckle or something ! 

I feel like I am losing my mind. I am walking around looking at every corner in my house.

Me: OH you’re in my room again ? 

I said running to my bedroom. I got in

Me: You’re not here ? Come on Zinyovile! What are they up to? 

I took out my phone. I am going to look for her. I know she doesn’t live where she was staying before. She said she stayed at her sister in law’s house. I need to find her. I dialled my sister’s number. She must accompany me back to Mqanduli. Her phone rang. She answered on 4th ring.

Sabonkolo: Sisi?

Me: Sabonkolo we have to go find Zinyovile 

Sabonkolo: What ?

Me: Whenever I call for her she comes. The last time I saw her she said she felt like she was losing her gift. We have to find her. I think the walls are closing up on me 

Sabonkolo: I have a lot going on! Go on your own!

Me: What ? 

Sabonkolo: You remember when I your sister was desperate for your help ? You said the same

Me: This is different! We are talking about my marriage….. 

I looked at my phone then put it next to my ear

Me: Sabonkolo? 

Sabonkolo:………..  ( tu tu tu tu tu )

Me: I cannot believe this. She hung up on me ? 

No! Zinyovile has to come back. I have to see her. I am used to knowing things before hand. I am not good with surprises.

Me: You have to come back my friend 

I sat down.

Me: My own husband turned on me. He turned on his own wife 

< Narrated >

At the Royal house. The kids were asked to leave the living room because the Elders wanted to talk. We see Nomgcwabe and Phonqa stand up. The Queen stood up

Nomakhosazana: Kids sit! We will go to my study L

Princess Nomagampompo looked at Phonqa

Princess: Your study is the perfect place my Queen L

She said giving her eavesdropping son death stare. Phonqa looked down embarrassed. We see the Elders leave the Leaving room. Nomgcwabe looked at Phonqa

Nomgcwabe: It looks like mom knows about what you’ve been up to 

Phonqa smiled then looked at the kitchen.

Phonqa: Bro did you really mean it when you said you’re not curious to know who our father is? 

Nomgcwabe: Not this again man ! L

Phonqa looked At Notiniphu who was busy in the kitchen

Phonqa: I feel like she’d just tell you if you’d ask her J

Nomgcwabe: Fine! I am going to ask her who is mother’s lover but I won’t seduce her L

Phonqa smiled

Phonqa: :D

Nomgcwabe shook his head then stood up. He walked to the kitchen. Phonqa tiptoed then hid in a corner close to the kitchen

Phonqa: J 

Nomgcwabe: What are you doing here ? J

Notiniphu smiled

Notiniphu: I am ready to cook dinner but I feel like it’s still early. I am just waiting for 4pm. That is when I start Mr Nomgcwabe J 

Nomgcwabe: Okay nice. Can I ask you something ? J 

Notiniphu walked to the fridge with a bowl. She took out pieces of chicken one by one. She looked nervous and She knew the question.

Notiniphu: Yes ask anything Mr Nomgcwabe  

Nomgcwabe: Do you know my mother’s lover? If you do who is he? 

Notiniphu closed the fridge. She looked at Nomgcwabe then walked to the kitchen counter

Notiniphu: I have been working for the Royal house for only five years Mr Nomgcwabe. How do you expect me to know your father when you don’t know him yourself ? 

Nomgcwabe’s eyes popped out. He walked close to The counter.

Nomgcwabe: That’s interesting because I didn’t ask about my father….. 

Notiniphu turned around fast nervous

Notiniphu: What did you ask ? 

Nomgcwabe: I asked about her lover… wait a minute ? 

Notiniphu looked down.


Nomgcwabe: The day we were confronting mom asking her about our dad you were listening ? 

Notiniphu walked passed him. She was teary

Notiniphu: I am sorry Mr Nomgcwabe. You and your family speak so loud I can’t help but hear things…  


Notiniphu: The kitchen is not so far from the lounge 

Nomgcwabe looked at the living room

Nomgcwabe: But It’s so far…… This is a mansion Notiniphu. A palace :D

Notiniphu looked down. She put the chicken in a pot then closed the pot. She took off her apron.

Notiniphu: I have 30 minutes before starting cooking. I am meeting Deliwe At the shops excuse me Mr Nomgcwabe 

She walked passed Nomgcwabe. Phonqa ran away Remember He was eavesdropping. Nomgcwabe grabbed NotiNotiniphu’s wrist. Notiniphu turned around and looked at him.


Nomgcwabe: Something tells me you know who our father is 

Notiniphu yanked her hand

Notiniphu: How do you expect me to know him? I am your age! I started working here while you guys are old ! 

She snapped

Nomgcwabe: Hey calm down. I was just asking :D 

Notiniphu ran out of the kitchen to the door.

Siqalo: Is everything okay ? 

He said opening the door

Notiniphu: Ma Deliwe is waiting for me and I was cutting the onion hence the tears ! 

She ran out. Siqalo closed the door then folded his arms looking concerned.

Siqalo: That was a strong onion if you ask me  

We see Phonqa running to Nomgcwabe

Phonqa: And? ‍️

Nomgcwabe: You want me to repeat what you heard ? L

Phonqa looked down

Phonqa: Sorry bro I couldn’t help it 

Nomgcwabe shook his head in disbelief.

Nomgcwabe: She knows something L

Phonqa folded his arms on his chest

Phonqa: She knows a lot. It looks like the eavedropper of the year award goes to her this year 


Nomgcwabe laughed so hard walking away leaving Phonqa so serious and thinking. This boy really wanna know his father.

Phonqa: ……….

It looks like meeting Deliwe was not just an excuse to run away from the questions Notiniphu was asked by Nomgcwabe. She really was meeting her as we see her get to Deliwe who was sitting in some table chairs in a shop.

Deliwe: Girl I have been waiting for you .

Notiniphu: I am sorry Ma Deliwe 

Well Deliwe is an old woman. Notiniphu is in her early twenties.

Deliwe: Were you crying ? 

Notiniphu looked down

Deliwe: What is wrong ? 

Notiniphu: Nomgcwabe and Phonqa suspect that I know who their father is. They were asking me today 

Deliwe pushed a glass of juice.

Deliwe: I bought you that 

Notiniphu: Thank you 

She said taking the glass of juice

Deliwe: So do you ? 

Notiniphu looked at Deliwe. She put the glass on the table.

Notiniphu: What ? 

Deliwe looked around then at Notiniphu

Deliwe: Do you know who their father is ? 

Notiniphu looked down

Deliwe: Talk to me !  

Notiniphu looked around nervous. She looked at Ma Deliwe who was dying of curiosity


Notiniphu: I am not sure but I caught Princess Nomagampompo trying to kiss some man every time that man visits the royal house She tries flirting and touching him 

Deliwe: Who is that man? 

Notiniphu: I can’t really say he is their father because the first time I found the princess arguing with him. That man was telling her how she is such a desperate woman Who is not ashamed of herself. That was after he rejected her trying to kiss him…. 


Notiniphu: Ma Deliwe not so long ago it happened again. The Princess just becomes someone I don’t know when That man is at the royal house. She….. 

She wanted to make sure no one heard this. She was looking around.

Notiniphu: She behaves like a desperate horny woman something that is unlike her and the man keeps telling her how he hates what she is doing. The princess ends up crying 

Deliwe: Okay young lady. I want the name now. Who is he? 

Notiniphu sat up straight. She looked nervous

Deliwe: You can trust me. You’re my friend around here. What you tell me stays between us 

Notiniphu: It was….. 

Deliwe: was?  

Notiniphu swallowed hard then looked at Ma Deliwe

Notiniphu: Mr Shosholoza Zidenge….. 

Deliwe: Wait…… 

Notiniphu: Nomaxabiso’s father 

Ma Deliwe’s jaw was on the floor. She put her hand on her mouth.

Deliwe: Explains the Meetings they always had at the abandoned house behind the royal Palace 

Notiniphu: You’ve seen them going there ? 

Deliwe: For years my dear For years. At some point I thought they had business plans about that land since he is not only a school teacher but a business man as well 

Notiniphu: Wow I am speechless 

Deliwe: Secrets!

Ma Deliwe clapped once

Notiniphu: I always hear things I am not supposed to hear in that house 

Deliwe: What else did you hear ? 

Notiniphu looked around then at Ma Deliwe

Notiniphu: Apparently there is a first wife for the king. Nomaxabiso is out. She will be back after she confessed her sins 

Deliwe clapped once

Deliwe: yoh! Well… you’re not the only one working for a weird family 

Notiniphu leaned forward.

Notiniphu: Even there ? 

She said pointing at Nontorotyi’s house. Deliwe looked around then at Notiniphu

Deliwe: I don’t know how many times I see my boss crying breaking glasses. I cleaned about four glasses this week and she always drinks with two glasses girl. Two ! 

Notiniphu: Ma Deliwe you’re exagarrating right ? :D 

Deliwe: I am telling you girl. That bubble Nontorotyi is not so bubble at her house. She is talking alone. She cries and glasses get broken I am telling you 

Notiniphu took her juice

Notiniphu: Yoh!  

She sipped on her juice

Deliwe: At least you hear people talking. You don’t see Magic. Your situation is better than mine 

She sipped on hers as well.

< Judge Nomakhosazana >

My sister in law has been dying to confront me about what I did in the morning at her lover’s house. I made sure I don’t let her until I deal with Gedleza matter. I knew if I let her. I will be in a bad mood way more than I was. I don’t know What the ancestors meant with a task. I am even asking myself if sending Gedleza to Mozambique maybe that was the task they were talking about. It is amazing that after the revelation about my father in law I still respect these ancestors. There is no use in staying mad at them because I am the only person they use to make sure everything runs smooth in this Royal house. What I am dying to know is if what Zinyovile said tricking me and Gedleza was true. It turns out Gedleza don’t know about it. I know sometimes he doesn’t know things when only his soul came but when he consult it gets shown to him but this one. It made him believe more than ever that Nontsingizi manipulated things. I am ready to find out what is it that she did. I am ready for the truth to be uncovered.

Anyway I am with my husband’s siblings in my study.  I want Princess to confront me already. That is What she has been dying to do.

Me: Sisi talk to me. What is it? L 

Nomagampompo: I want to talk to you about the selfish decisions you make to benefit yourself….. L 

Selfish decisions? How dare she say that to me ?


Nomagampompo: My Queen I know what you’re trying to do…… L

I looked at Hlohlesakhe then at his sister.

Me: Tell us sisi. We are listening  L

Nomagampompo looked at her brother.

Nomagampompo: She doesn’t want to lose the family 20% shares to you. She went and used my secret to take Zidenge family share so She could give them to you. She doesn’t wanna lose 20% shares to you ! L 

Wow you know? I didn’t think it that way. It wouldn’t be a bad idea but that is not why and I don’t appreciate her calling me greedy. Chief Khabalandile looked at me

Him: My Queen? 

Me: Before I prove my innocence for being insulted and accused of things I didn’t do L

Nomagampompo: ️

Me: I want to tell you something and I want it to stay in this room…… L

I looked at My sister in law then the chief

Me: If this leaves this room I want you to ban the princess from the village 

Nomagampompo: Why do you think I would tell someone ?  L

Me: It wouldn’t be the first time you betrayed Me! 

She looked down..

Me: Nomaxabiso is no longer at home 

Hlohlesakhe: Where is she ? 

Me: She left her house Tueday last week saying she was gonna spend a few days with my son at a local hotel. We all know that is a lie. We all saw My son on the news last night. He is with his wife L


Hlohlesakhe: Where is she ? 

Me: That’s where I want you to swear to secrecy. My son saw her at a hotel in Johanesburg booking a room for her and a man L

Nomagampompo: What if King Zwelicacile is lying so he won’t marry her? 

Me: My son has pictures of her and videos. Nomaxabiso don’t know My son saw her. The name of her boyfriend is Malingene Gubhu. When I went to Shosholoza and his wife asking about the man they looked guilty. Those two knew about the boyfriend that is why they didn’t come here when Nomaxabiso was asked to leave the royal house. They know their sin! 

Hlohlesakhe: Do you think this boyfriend has been around for a long time ?

Me: The man is the vibrator that broke her virginity L

Nomagampompo stood up and walked around .

Hlohlesakhe: Wait she was no virgin and her excuse was she had sex with a vibrator ? 

Me: Yes L

Hlohlesakhe: The deal was to give us a virgin 

Me: Exactly ! L

Nomagampompo: They can find a virgin girl from the family and marry her to king Zwelicacile. You didn’t have to take the shares  L 

I chuckled.

Me: Sisi do you really think Shosholoza would leave his wife and marry you? L

Nomagampompo: I told my family I do not want to get married let’s not change the topic here ! L

Me: Do you think your children will ever get anything from that man? L

Nomagampompo looked down

Me: Do you think that man when he dies he will leave things to his sons? That man has no sons in his marriage.  He has son’s with you. This family will not be humiliated by you! The truth cannot come out that you slept with a married man! But hiding it from your children was your choice. We gave you a go ahead to tell your kids you refused. The only thing we don’t want to come out is the affair and I know why you don’t want to tell your kids. It’s because your lover don’t want you to and he sent you to me now to manipulate me to change my mind about the shares L

Nomagampompo: What will he tell his wife when she asks about the shares Nomakhosazana! L 


Me: That man managed to lie to his wife for years about your children. I am sure he will think of something. Since you don’t want to secure the future of your children I did it for you like I always do for everyone in this family ! L


She looked at me. She was lost.

Me: Chief Khabalandile asked for shares from the family. I gave him shares from the family shares because that is what the ancestors wanted! The Zidenge shares will be divided amongst your children! L


Me: Keep the secret from them about who their father is but I am going to make sure that son of a bitch leaves those kids a legacy! From tomorrow till eternity! Phonqa and Nomgcwabe own 10 % each from the family business! 

Hlohlesakhe: This is perfect my Queen! I love it! It’s time that bastard paid :D 

He looked at his sister

Hlohlesakhe: Don’t you agree sis Don’t you want your children to have something ? :D 

Nomagampompo: ️

I pulled out a drawer. I took out a paper then put it on the table.

Me: Princess Nomagampompo you’re going to call that man and ask him to come here tomorrow for the handover of shares 


Chief Khabalandile looked at me

Hlohlesakhe: She is in love with that man. I don’t see her do this my Queen. Let me call that bastard myself L

Me: Thank you. At least one person in this family sees the efforts I make. One more thing. The Zidenge family doesn’t know that Nomaxabiso is in Johanesburg and my son knows that. If it gets to their attention I will personally tell Nomgcwabe and Phonqa the truth and you know I will Sisi 

Nomagampompo: ️

Hlohlesakhe: My Queen I will call him on my way home. Keep me updated about Gedleza J

Me: Will do Chief. Thank you for today  J

He smiled then looked at his sister. He shook his head then walked out. I looked at Princess Nomagampompo. I took the paper. I put it back in the drawer. I looked at her again.

Me: You choose a man who doesn’t even love you over your own children ?  what do you think they’d feel? 

Nomagampompo: I love my children! I just don’t like….. L 

Me: You don’t like that I am hurting your boyfriend’s feelings? L

Nomagampompo walked around

Nomagampompo: I just don’t like the fact that everything with you it has to be done illegally! L 

Me: Illegally? What about sleeping with a married man? Is that holly ? :D

Nomagampompo: You know I dated Shosholoza before he met that woman ! L 

Me: Yes I know! And I also know that his family asked him to marry you but he didn’t. He brought another woman calling her you that’s how Nomfunzelo’s marriage name came from 

She looked down ashamed I guess She didn’t know I knew this.

Me: You are Nontobeko not her! L


She looked away. My sister in law’s first name is Nontobeko. She Miscarried her first born child before Nomaxabiso was born. Shosholoza’s family never knew how my sister in law looked like. They just knew Shosholoza Impregnated a Nontobeko royal woman. That is why that bastard found a better looking woman he lied to his family and told them she was Nontobeko. Even Nomfunzelo knows nothing about this. She just thought her in laws called her Nontobeko since in Xhosa culture every girl who gets married gets a new name.

Me: You should be ashamed of yourself for letting that man walk all over you! L

Nomagampompo: I am not! A deal is a deal Nomakhosazana! ️

Me: They broke the deal themselves when their daughter slept with Malingene! You should look at yourself. Look at how angry you are at me for making sure your children have better future!  L

Nomagampompo: It’s not that! ️

Me: Sisi I am tired of your excuses! You’re behaving like a teenager who is naïve and in love. You think I don’t see how he turns you down every time you want to get closer to him? L


Me: Talk to me when you’re ready to say thank You for what I did for your children ! 

I walked out leaving her in my office. She is making me mad.



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