Few minutes later…………………

We see Nomakhosazana crying her car. She had a phone next to her ear She was speaking to her cousin sister May Ndamase. Her cousin asked her to make a choice. Nomakhosazana asked for her help now she is giving her and she has to decide whether she wants the help or she wanna go to jail and Jail is the last thing Nomakhosazana wanna go to. We see her turn the car around

Nomakhosazana: Okay I am going back! 

May: Listen to me and listen to me very carefully

Nomakhosazana: Yes? 

May: I hope you still have your gloves on! I want you to search that body and His bag! Take all that information He has on you

Nomakhosazana: Oh my God forgot 

She drove fast

May: That’s why you have me cuz I want you to search his pockets. I know Journalists always go around with backpack or something. Turn it upside down if you have to! Open his zip I don’t care! Find anything that could have the information about you. People do strange things! If you have enough time open his asshole who knows maybe he pushed the hard drive up his ass hole!

Nomakhosazana: Come on now this is not jail!  

May: You never know. I want you to take his cell phone. Take out his sim and destroy it then drive to town to get that phone wiped. He might have information on his phone!

Nomakhosazana got next to the body. She stopped her car. She got out of the car. She looked around then put on her gloves. She went to the body she got to the body then heard a car stops behind her. She turned around fast it was some man.

Nomakhosazana: May I am caught  

May: Shoot them!

Nomakhosazana: I left my gun in the car 

May: Idiot! Did they see the body? If not and where you are its steep behind you  kick the body and let it roll down!

Nomakhosazana: Okay I can do that! 

The Queen turned around. Indeed its steep. She smiled at the car..The guy opened the window. She stood infront of the body. She pushed it with the back of her foot. The body rolled down. She let out a sigh of relief.


Guy: Do you need some help ma’am ? J 

Nomakhosazana: Yes please J 

The guy attempted to walk out of the car.

Nomakhosazana: You can help me by driving through because I wanna pee! Off you go J 

Guy: Oh I am so sorry :D 

He started the engine then drove off. The Queen put her phone next to her ear

Nomakhosazana: He is gone  

May: Very good! Now run to that body and search him! .

She took off her heels


She ran down. The body wasn’t far.

Nomakhosazana: Hold on I will get back to you 

She got to him. She put her phone in her pocket then searched the guy. In his pocket he found a recorder. She took it. She searched the other pocket and found his phone. She ran to his bag. She took the file and laptop she found there. She searched the bags and found a hard drive and ID. She didn’t take the ID. She let out a heavy sigh. She looked around then ran up. She got to her car. She put everything she got at the back of the car..She got to the driver seat

Nomakhosazana: You’re still there? 

May: Done?

Nomakhosazana: Yes. I left his ID only in his bag 

May: I hope you got his name because it is very important to know who he is

Nomakhosazana: Linamadla Qengebe. That’s what’s written in there. What are you gonna do with it? 

May: I have a plan and that plan will help us know every detail about this murder. Nothing can connect you to it. But before you go is that gun registered to you ?

Nomakhosazana: My husband 

May: Dammit!

Nomakhosazana: What ? 

May: I am so sorry cuz it gets worse….

Oh no! That was the Queen’s reaction to that

Nomakhosazana: What ? 

May: You need to go back to the body

Nomakhosazana: What ? 

May: You have to dig your fingers in those bullet wounds and take out the bullets if you don’t they will identify whose gun was it and we don’t want that now do we?

Nomakhosazana: No May! I am scared to do this. This is too much! 

May: Do you wanna get arrested !?

The Queen looked where the dead man fell when She threw him out. She saw two bullets

Nomakhosazana: Thank God two are here! 

May: You shot him more than two times ?

Nomakhosazana: I shot him three times

May: You’re stronger than I thought cuz

Nomakhosazana opened the door of her car. She through the laptop hard drive and papers in.

Nomakhosazana: Hold 

She put her phone in her pocket. She ran to the body. She got to it. She found him sleeping face down. She looked up

Nomakhosazana: Forgive me God 

She first checked his back to see which ones went through. That helped her to identify the wound with a bullet. She turned him around. She closed my eyes. Tears streamed down her cheeks. She breath in and out then forced her finger in. She felt the bullet

Me: Thank you lord 

She pushed her finger deeper. She came back with a bullet. She stood up then turned around. She saw her shoes. It looks like she almost left her heels at he scene. She picked them up then went to her car. She got in and took off her gloves

Nomakhosazana: May you’re still there ? 

May: Yes is it done ?

Nomakhosazana: I have all three bullets 

May: Leave that place now!

Nomakhosazana: Okay thank you Cuz 

May: I will keep you updated

Nomakhosazana hung up then focused on the road. She wiped her tears while driving. She didn’t look scared anymore. She looked relieved and She was angry. She couldn’t believe what that boy almost did to her. She kept looking at the blood on her bonnet. It was dry.


At Sdabadabeni village in the Royal house. We see Princess Nomagampompo her sons and Ngejiwe sitting in the living room talking. Princess Nomagampompo seemed happy for a change.  Her guilt for betraying the Queen has been killing her. For a change she is smiling. Maybe it is because the Queen is not home.

Princess: How is your mother Ngejiwe? J

Ngejiwe: She and dad were happy because of the shares. Ever since they got them she has been very happy J

Princess: That’s good. She has been behaving well around Queen Nomakhosazana. I am really proud of her J

Ngejiwe sat up straight.

Ngejiwe: I am surprised they didn’t have to put a fight to get those shares. What is going on aunt? Why did the Queen give them the shares like that? J 

Princess: Your father is my brother. This is a family business. He deserves those shares  J

Nomgcwabe: Do you have shares in this business mom? You also work so hard mom J

Princess: And I get a good salary. I can’t compare myself to your uncle. He is a man and unfortunately men are entitled to everything when it comes to family legacy J

Nomgcwabe: That’s not fair though

Ngejiwe: I hope you don’t say it’s not fair that my father got those shares. His proposal from the lawyer was reasonable. I am not saying aunt you’re not doing anything. I do believe you also deserve a share but so is my dad L

Nomgcwabe: I didn’t say he doesn’t deserve anything I was talking about my mom! L

Ngejiwe: And I am talking about my dad! L

Princess: Hey why you two love fight? L

They both looked down.

Princess: Everything you both said is true. Me and my brother are the only living children of Chief Dubulingqanga but one thing you need to know is  This was Chief Nkosesizwe’s dream and he left it to his family. We must be grateful we are benefiting from it. All you children are in school and we are using this family money for your eduacation.

She looked at Nomgcwabe and Ngejiwe.

Princess: The Queen pays for your varsity education !  L

Ngejiwe: Mine as well? 

Princess chuckled.

Princess: I didn’t expect your mother to tell you anything good About the Queen. Yes every child who goes to university here the Queen is paying for their education. Hlohlesakhe and I are only responsible for you guys from primary to high school. She takes it from there I thought you knew ! :D

Nomgcwabe: I know 

I looked at Ngejiwe

Ngejiwe: Whenever I need something I call mom and dad they….. 

Princess: Whenever you call they go to the Queen I do the transactions myself :D

Ngejiwe: Wow I didn’t know   

Princess Nomagampompo’s phone rang. She looked at it then stood up. She looked nervous.

Her: Excuse me 

She walked away. Nomgcwabe looked at Ngejiwe

Nomgcwabe: I see aunt Nontorotyi didn’t think it was important to tell you this Ngejiwe. I wonder why or maybe she wanted to take credit for it :D

Ngejiwe looked Angry she stood up..

Ngejiwe: I will tell you for the last time. Call me Princess Ngejiwe not just Ngejiwe! L

Nomgcwabe: For someone who don’t act or behave like a Princess you sure love to be treated like one :D

Ngejiwe: Whatever! L

She looked at Phonqa

Ngejiwe: Phonqa tell aun…… L 

Phonqa didn’t her finish

Phonqa: Prince Phonqa J

Ngejiwe: Oh please! Your mom is a royal princess. We don’t know whether your dad is royalty or not  ! L

Phonqa: Ouch 

Nomgcwabe: You know Ngejiwe. Why don’t you sit so we wait for mom and solve your issues with us! This is our home! L

Nomgcwabe snapped Ngejiwe looked at study nervous. She looked at Nomgcwabe.

Ngejiwe: I am sorry cuz please don’t tell aunt  

Phonqa leaned on the couch smiling. He closed his eyes

Phonqa: Princess Ngejiwe You’re excused :D

He said trying to sound like a queen. Ngejiwe looked at Nomgcwabe

Ngejiwe: Please 

Nomgcwabe looked away

Nomgcwabe: Sure you can go ️

Ngejiwe: Thanks it won’t happen again. Phonqa rolled his eyes. Ngejiwe walked out. Phonqa put his foot on the couch. He hugged his knees. He chuckled

Phonqa: Princess Ngejiwe :D

Nomgcwabe: She ain’t getting that from me little bro L

Phonqa stood up. He ran to the window. He looked out watching Ngejiwe.

Phonqa: Oh cuz……. You have no idea :D

Nomgcwabe: What’s that? 

Phonqa turned around fast. He didn’t know he heard him..


Nomgcwabe: She has no idea about what? 

Phonqa shrugged his shoulders smiling

Phonqa: ‍️

Nomgcwabe shook his head

Him: You’re weird L

He walked away. Phonqa whispered

Phonqa: Maybe J

He went and sat on the couch

Phonqa: Or maybe not :D

At study we see Princess Nomagampompo pacing up and down talking on the phone.

Princess: I told you I didn’t see your missed calls. Why would the Queen do that? L 

Shosholoza: I don’t know. I want you to speak to her. She can’t do this to me !

Princess: I will have a word with my sister in law L 

Shosholoza: Please do! You know what can go wrong !

Princess Nomagampompo pulled a chair.

Nomagampompo: You know I don’t care about that. Only you care L 

Shosholoza: I care and your family cares as well. They are the ones who don’t want this to come out

Nomagampompo: So you want it to come out? If you do I can come over there now and tell your wife L 

Shosholoza: You can’t do that! You know we can’t…..

Princess: Then stop saying its my family! You’re the one who don’t want to know your children! L 


Shosholoza didn’t say anything. He was just breathing

Nomagampompo: When can I see you? 

Shosholoza: It was over between us a long time ago! Just speak to your sister in law and make her change her mind. You know I am married and youre old now. Why do you insist on sleeping with a married man!? You’re disgusting Nomagampompo!

Princess Nomagampompo hung up the call. She sat down crying.


< Nomaxabiso >

I have been here for over a week now. I missed Malingene so much but I think we have to make another plan. This hotel is expensive. We need to find a place somewhere. I can’t keep paying for a hotel room as if I have a job. I discussed this with him he said I should go back home. I am not leaving here until he knows what he is going to do. His wife can’t find out. She can’t know I betrayed her. My family has to understand Why I can’t let them do this. I love them they are my family but I feel like they want to do this to punish me. What did they really expect? They expected me to stay single and a virgin for that long ? They must understand that was done back then not now. A 13 year old nowadays know what sex is. I am not going to let them make me feel bad. I am also planning to call Zwelicacile. He must tell me what his wife say. I still want to marry him. I am not the only person who wronged the ancestors. He did too. We have to make this work. My family money built their empire. They forgot that. I am their daughter in law whether they like it or not and Masixole’s looks are a bonus on top of it. I will make sure I give him babies. I just pray his wife struggles with that so that they could see how much they need me.

Anyway Malingene is in the bathroom taking a shower. He just got back from work. I feel like it’s time we think of a way forward. His wife can’t know this She just can’t. While I was sitting waiting for him to walk out of the bathroom I heard my phone ring. I looked at it. It’s my mother. I smiled then answered

Me: Hello mother  J 

Mom: Where are you Nomaxabiso?

What? I stood up. I didn’t expect mom to be so mad after a week not speaking. Did she hear something ?

Me: I told you I am with my Ki….. J 

Mom: Stop lying! I saw the press conference! King Zwelicacile is in Johanesburg! He was resigning from Seputla mine standing next to his first wife!

Me: Did you just say Seputla Mine? 

Mom: Where are you Nomaxabiso Zidenge!!


I hung up fast. I sat on the edge of the bed.

Me: Oh My God……. He is here? 

I saw Malingene walking out of my bathroom. I looked at him.

Malingene: Are you okay? 

Me: Do you know Masixole Ndengana? 

Him: Yes one of our bosses. He just resigned why do you ask? 

Me: He is my fiancè 

Malingene: What? That man is from Sdabadabeni? 

Me: Malingene my family knows I lied They know I am not with him! 

Malingehe’s phone rang. He took his phone

Malingene: I don’t know this number 

I snatched his phone. I looked at caller id. I threw his phone on my bed


Malingene: What is it? 

Me: It’s my father! 

Malingene: No! No! No! you need to take a bus back home now!!! 


Oh My God. I just pray no one knows I am here. I just hope my parents are just calling I hope they don’t know for sure that I am with him


< Sonia De Villiers >

I swear people think our lives are perfect because of our who we are and the things we have but that’s not that case. We have a lot of problems. It’s hard for us to focus on one thing and try to fix that. When we are comforting each other about one thing another comes by. I am saying this because I came back with disturbing news from the doctor telling me I cannot have children anymore. While I was shocked by that we got a call telling us about Masixole’s blindness. I don’t understand ancestors. I don’t believe they could do that to someone. I still think Priscella needs to call a doctor and get him examined. We can’t sit back and wait for a miracle

not when he is going to stay here till Friday. While waiting for Friday we should do something. I hope Priscella will agree to that when I tell her. She can’t just wait for a miracle to happy. I don’t know her as someone who believes in Ancestors. She shouldn’t listen to Masixole. She must get help as soon as possible. Anyway she took him to the penthouse which makes me so happy. It shows that she still loves him. I am glad she swallowed her pride and decided to take care of her man. I am with my father downstairs. I just told him about what the doctor said. He is very angry. I don’t want him to do anything to Brendan.

Dad: I should’ve listened and trusted what my gut was telling me when you first introduced that scum to me L

Me: Father whatever you said was gonna be useless. I loved him. I couldn’t listen to anyone. I have myself to blame for all this 

Dad: Don’t blame yourself for this! That bastard is the one who made you believe he was a good person. He took advantage of your good heart L

Me: Daddy I am ashamed. I left a good man for what ? L 

Dad: That good man still cares about you J 

I stood up.

Me: Yes because Hunter is a good person….

I looked at dad

Me: But love? I don’t think so. I hurt him so much 

Dad: He forgave you sweetie. That means something. Just open your heart J

Me: Daddy I am his children’s mother. Of course he will care for me but that doesn’t mean he loves me. Nothing good can come out of this L

Dad: Just promise me when an opportunity comes you won’t reject him. He is a good man !


I heard footsteps coming from up the stairs. I turned around. It’s Priscella

Me: :D 

I sat down. Dad looked at Priscella

Dad: Is he asleep? 

Priscella: No he is talking with Aaron upstairs. I asked Aaron to take a day off. Sonia and I are going back to work 

Me: Is he feeling any pain? 

Priscella: No He is just blind. What if I caused this? What if these ancestors are punishing me for punishing him? 

Me: No I don’t think so Masixole told us at the meeting that he Is waiting for a punishment. This is it L

Dad: Sonia is right. He is going to be fine and he said this was gonna happen. We didn’t know when

I brushed her back

Me: I am glad you brought him home friend J

She looked at me.

Priscella: I wish I wasn’t so stubborn. I wish I didn’t take time to forgive him 

Me: You had to heal as well! Maybe you needed that space! Now let’s talk about O’Neal  L

Dad looked at me.

Dad: All set for tomorrow. I called the Journalist She Is happy and cannot wait to publish this L

I looked at Priscella

Me: I guess this is it? 

Priscella wiped her tears. She stood up

Priscella: Brendan knows that you know how much he has. This will make him suspecious. Uncle I want you to make a fake demand of maybe one point five so that He won’t suspect Sonia 

Me: You’re right Priscella. I mean it sounds suspecious to demand the exact amount he has. He will think I had something to do with this. Whatever I do I have to be careful. I have children and I don’t know that man anymore! I doubt if I ever did 

Dad: I feel like what we did to him was nothing compared to what you’re going through Sonia. That bastard has to know how you feel. I want him to know how I feel L

Priscella: Tomorrow is for that uncle. When the world knows who he is that is when you can confront him. You all have to be surprised like everybody else L

Dad stood up

Him: I will make the demand L

Me: Thank you father 

He came to me and kissed my cheek then went to Priscella

Priscella: Bye Uncle  J 

He walked to the Elevator. I stood up. This makes me so angry. My father warned me about this man and I didn’t listen. I didn’t expect him to be so supportive this means so much to me.


Priscella: It’s almost over Sonia 

I looked at her.

Me: Is it? Why am I so nervous about tomorrow?  

Priscella: Your family name will be the talk of the town tomorrow. You should feel like that but remember Your husband and his boyfriend are the ones who will have a bad day. At least the heavy load will be off your shoulder 

Me: You’re right. People Will finally know who he really is. After tomorrow his reputation will be ruined!  L 

Priscella: Exactly! You got your revenge and you still have all your jobs and people will know you lost your child because of this L 

Me: His sexuality won’t be the only thing making headlines tomorrow 

Priscella looked at me.

Priscella: What else? 

Me: I will also be forced to issue a statement……

I sat down. She did at well. She was looking at me waiting to hear what I have to say.


I looked at her.

Me: I think I am ready to tell the public that I cannot have children anymore 


She got teary. I saw her put her hand on her mouth.

Me: Yeah….. 

Priscella: Come here 

She came closer. We hugged. I have to do this. We heard the elevator. We broke the hug then stood up at the same time looking at it waiting for someone to walk in. It’s Algebra.

Algebra: Afternoon 

Priscella: Hey we were about to go back to the office. My man went blind I had to take care of that J 

Algebra: I am so sorry ma’am is he gonna be okay ? 

Priscella smiled.

Priscella: I hope so…. J 

Algebra looked at me. He looked nervous

Me: What is it? L 

Algebra: Ma’am you’re the reason I came up here 

I started feeling nervous


Me: What Is it? 

He gave me his phone.

Algebra: I just saw this post from SA gossip Twitter page 

I took the phone. The first thing that caught my attention was Brendan hand in hand with a girl who had cap and shades on

Me: Who is this girl? 

Priscella came

Algebra: It’s Tasha ma’am. They were seen together last night and today kissing 

Me: This son of a bitch don’t waste time 

Priscella: Oh My God this Tasha girl don’t love herself. She got herself a next victim 

Me: I am just appalled by how my husband is living her life like nothing is happening when I am here hurting because of him! 


Priscella: Brendan is a jerk. He will never change over night trust me L

My phone rang. I looked at it then at Priscella

Me: It is the surgent office  

Priscella: Answer! 

I wiped my tears then answered.

Me: Sonia hello? L 

Caller: Hello Mrs O’Neal I am calling to remind you about your boob surgery on Thursday. The doc…….

Me: Cancel it! 


Caller: Ma’am?

Me: I do not want to enlarge my breasts! Cancel!!! 


I hung up then sat down. I don’t want to lie. I cried like I just heard news about a dead loved one. That’s how loud I was crying. I had hiccups and I felt like I couldn’t breath


Priscella: Algebra bring water!!  Friend calm down! Breath please 


< JudgeNomakhosazana >

I just killed a human being and dug his wounds. I am a mess. I don’t know how I will recover from this. I killed someone into cold blood. I was never this person. I remember how I used to judge my cousin sister for killing people in Pretoria. I didn’t think I would do it. I remember the last time we spoke she said I am everything like her. I said no she was lying but now I see I am just like her and I cannot believe I asked her for help. Everything May touches turns out to be trouble. She had endless enemies. What if I become that ? May’s mother and my mother were sisters. Aunt Florence didn’t want the life of a princess that is why she ended up marrying a commoner Mr Ndamase. That is not the only person in my family who did that. My sister the one who died ran away from Royalty. Even my uncle Mpingololo did the same we never saw him again till years later when he met May in Pretoria. I am the only person who loved and embraced this. Oh My cousin in PE is also a proud princess.

Anyway I didn’t want to kill that man but that was the only way to see another day as a free woman. I was not only gonna lose my job as a judge. I was gonna go to jail. You don’t know how much the gorvenment pays me for my services to the provincial parlament. I don’t see myself losing that. I am prepared to kill whoever is trying to ruin my life. Right now I know I should trust my cousin but I am scared. What if I get caught ? What will happen to me. I feel like everyone who looks at me sees a sign written Murderer in my forhead. When I left the scene I didn’t drive to Ngqeleni my home town. I drove to Mqanduli. I will go home through Coffee Bay. Speaking of Coffee Bay. I just got to their Hotel. I am not going home sober. I feel so guilty. I will book myself a room and drink my problems away. I am at front desk getting help .

Lady: So how long are you gonna stay with us ma’am ?

Me: I am going to stay here for a few hours….. L

Lady: Okay ma’am when are you going to leave ? 

I want to leave this place when it is dark.

Me: Can you give me your pen and a piece of paper ? L

Her: Yes of course  J 

I took out my phone. I wrote Siqalo’s number down. I switched off my phone. I don’t want anyone who is going to call me.

Me: Around 6:30pm. I would like you guys to call this person to fetch me L

Lady: Okay we will do so 

Me: Make sure he comes with someone who is going to drive my car L

Lady: Okay ma’am J 

Me: Now can I order room service  J

Her: Absolutely! We have very delicious meals! Our chefs ar….. :D 


Her eyes popped out


Me: What’s wrong ? L

Her: No nothing ma’am  :D 

Me: A bottle of gin with a high volume 


Me: Ice blocks a lot of ice blocks. I want lemon and I want you to prepare me snacks can you do that ? L

Lady: Ma’am all that will be in your room in 10  minutes :D 

How are we gonna do this? I do not have ten minutes. I looked at the bar

Me: Is it okay if I go take a bottle there and the rest follow in 10 minutes? L

Her: Its all good ma’am that’s perfect ! :D 

She raised her hand the barman looked at me. I walked at him.

Me: A bottle of Gin 

I said pointing at it. He took it. I walked to the stairs. I walked up. I got to my room. I opened the door then walked in. I saw a glass on the small table. I saw a fridge. I opened it. There is water inside. Good. I poured a little bit of water. I poured the gin then sat on the small single couch. I drank. While drinking I heard someone clapping hands coming closer to me. I looked up

Zinyovile: You’re not that strong after all :D

What is she doing here? I just want to be alone and drink is that too much to ask for?

Me: I am strong! 

Zinyovile: You’re lying Nomakhosazana!!!! 

She snapped. The nerve. I looked at her.

Me: How dare you raise your voice at me? 

She pointed her index finger at me

Her: You’re scared! You’re traumatised! 

Me: I am not !! 

Zinyovile: Then why are you hiding in a hotel Why are you at Coffee bay in a hotel instead of your big mansion. The one that should’ve been mine! 

Me: Oh My God! Why is it mine not yours ? Have you ever thought of that ? L 

She looked at me angry. I could see the same jealous she had when my husband was alive. She is a bitter woman.

Me: It’s because I am ROYALTY!!! 

Zinyovile: That’s all you could offer him! 

Me: I have class! Brains and education! What do you have? 

She hit her chest so many times

Her: I have a heart! I have a heart for Sgaqa! He was mine! You took my life and didn’t give a Damn about the girl who was left alone! With no man! 

Me: And whose fault was that? 

Zinyovile: Your soulm…… 

Me: Don’t you dare call him that! He is not my soul mate! I don’t love him all I see when I think of him is disgust! The only man I ever loved was my husband! 

Zinyovile: Shut up!! 

Me: You know what ? He loved me somehow. I mean why did he manipulate you to leave the village without reporting me to the police? J 

Her eyes popped out. She was thinking about it


I walked closer to her

Me: He used the only weapon that made you weak and stupid! 

Zinyovile: I said shut up Nomakhosazana!!! 

Me: He whispered sweet nothing in your ear then boom ! you were out of the picture. You know…..?   J 

I am enjoying this. I am enjoying hurting her with the truth.

Me: We were very happy when you were gone :D 

She was breathing heavily. She was sweating her face was dripping wet with tears and sweat


Me: To think about it……!? :D 

Oh she was hating every moment she saw me smiling. I could tell just by looking at her.

Me: He never visited you ever since he sent you to that hell hole you were living at :D 

Zinyovile: I said shut up! I said shut up !!! 

Me: You bitch waited for my father in law to die then you crawled back to Sdabadabeni and manipulated everyone and made them believe you were there to protect us when all you wanted was my husband’s penis!!! 

Zinyovile: Oh I loved it! 

Me: But he was alive for the whole six years when you were gone. He wasn’t sleeping with you…. Guess who he was sleeping with? J 

Zinyovile: I am warning you bitch ! 

Me: He was sleeping with his wife ME!!! 

Zinyovile grabbed the bottle of my gin from the floor attempting to hit me with it

Me: I know your soul is here not your body…..! 

She had her hand up high in the air ready to hit me

Me: You dare hit me with that I swear I will hunt you down with the help of Gedleza and kill you like I killed that man today 

She let go of my bottle it fell down luckily there is rug on the floor. It didn’t break

Zinyovile: Oh My God you finally did? 

Me: Try me! Pick it up!  

She disappeared. I looked around the room. I swear I am going to kill this bitch.  “ My Queen” Said a male voice behind me. I turned around

Me: Gedleza you scared me ! 

Gedleza: Don’t stay here my Queen Go home and save me  

Gedleza was crying

Me: What ? Save you from what ? 

Gedleza: Don’t stay here! Go home and see me! Send me to Mozambique before things get out of hand 

Me: Things ? What things ? L 

Gedleza: If I go see my teacher. I think there will be a lot to be revealed. I am sorry I failed you my Queen! 

He varnished. I looked around

Me: What……? 

I heard a knock coming from the door. I went to the door. I opened

Guy: Your room….. 

I opened the door wide then pointed at my gin

Me: Take that and these and make them a take away….. 

Guy: You’re leaving ma’am ? 

I left him at the door. I walked to the beg. I took my handbag then attempted to hang it in my arm The gun fell out


The guy’s eyes widened. He was shocked to see The gun. I gave him a deathstare. He swallowed hard. I picked up my gun. I cocked it two times

I looked at the door


Me: I have to drive 30 minutes crossing the Mthatha Dam river to my house…… 

I looked at him

Me: I said TAKEAWAY! 

Guy: Of course ma’am ‍️

He ran in. He took my gin. He ran out.

Him: You will find your takeaway downstairs Ma’am  ‍️

He ran out and pushed the thingy. I looked around the room. I slowly walked out of the door. I closed the door Then looked around

Me: I want you to go find the truth come back and put it on the table Gedleza 


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