School was school my day was just a drag because it was the worst. After school Maputla told me to come to his office. I did as he asked.

Me: you wanted to see me

Maputla: I was able to sway a couple of things so Moagi's case is going in another direction

Me: oooh

Maputla: and also I want you to tell your boyfriend that It's a tie

Me: what do you mean?

Maputla: Zola has something on me the same way I got something on him. So we are burying this whole thing.

Me: I see... Uhmmm can I go home now?

He laughed

Maputla: no! Close that door I want to release some stress.

I went to close the door.

Maputla: I want you on top of me.

I took off my undies and went to him

Maputla: take off your bra and let you twins free I want to have fun with them while your busy pumping me.

Right then and there I knew I am going to spend the whole night in here. I didn't see it then but now I can see he has been drinking. He stood up and went to his cabinet to took out some of his whisky. He took out two glasses. One for me and for him. He wants me wiled meaning the whole office is about to meet a tornado.

I drank and we did the wild deed.. Everywhere and anywhere possible. At around 23:00 the door opened and it was Mr Wilson.

I was still out of it but I could see it was him. I was naked. He helped Maputla wear his trouser and helped him to his car. Then he came to pick me up and put me at the back of his car. 

I woke up when I felt cold air I opened my eyes and realised we where at my home and he was trying to open the door.

Me: what's.. Going on?

Wilson: ssshhhh...

I guess he opened the door and then next thing I was on the bed... Then suddenly I felt him getting on top of me. I might have been drunk but I was aware of what was happening. 

Me: uuhmm uhmmm.. Stop

I tried fighting him but he was too strong. He parted my legs then he was in. I could feel him groaning and biting by nipples.

Wilson: didn't Maputla tell you about the deal we had? I come to fetch you both and I get to have my piece of you. And damn he was right You are tight.

I was just numb and crying because this was not life. When I agreed to Maputla's proposal was just after my mother's death and we had nothing. The twins where about 3months and then Kagiso then "you know who". The Social Worker was threatening to take us to a home. So I knew I didn't want to go so I had to make up something. So Maputla came and did his magic and he said he will help me if I give myself to him. He gave me 1000 on the spot and i knew I needed the money so I took off my clothes and he did what he wanted. It was the most painful thing in the world but I knew I had to do it for my siblings. Right after that things became easy the social workers didn't bug us anymore. They only came to check how we where living and it was OK. That's how I got myself into this life. But it seems like its getting worse every minute.

I opened my eyes in the morning and this monster was sleeping next to me. I wanted to take a knife and stab him and cut off his penis. I tried getting up but he grabbed me the social workers didn't bug us anymore. They only came to check how we where living and it was OK. That's how I got myself into this life. But it seems like its getting worse every minute.

I opened my eyes in the morning and this monster was sleeping next to me. I wanted to take a knife and stab him and cut off his penis. I tried getting up but he grabbed me I was still very sore down there I had a headache from the crying and babalas and my eyes where swollen with my runny nose.

He pushed me next to him and made me turn around.

Me: please don't do this...

Wilson: shhh...

I continued crying. He kissed my shoulder and entered me. While he raised my leg.

I just cried thru the whole process that took him about 20min. 

He got up and wore his clothes while I just cried. He took out a couple of R100 and threw them on the bed.

Wilson: your pussy is tight Hlogi. I hope next time you will partipate or otherwise Maputla will make your life more hell than it already is. 

He left and I just stayed in bed crying.

Couple hours later I just got up and looked for the sleeping pills. My mum used to drink them when he broke up with the twins's father's I am supriced the twins came out normal or they even made it alive. And I used to buy them after I started sleeping with Maputla because it was a struggle for me to sleep. I stopped drinking them when I realised its affecting the twins since they would cry and I wouldn't here them. 

Anyway I took the pills and dissolved them in water and they where soon many. I didn't care at that moment I just wanted to die. I drank the pills all of them and just rested.


I opened my eyes and a very bright light pierced through my eyes. For a moment I thought I was in heaven. Because I do remember what I did I was excited that I was finally dead. I am finally out of that man's claws. Once my eyes where wide open I noticed I was at the hospital. I just started crying. 

Nurse: mam you need to come down.

I just cried even more.. I saw Mr Maputla entering the room and he looked furious. I just started to panic and the machines started to make loud sound 

Nurse: mam please come down.. Doctor! Doctor! Mam...

Then it was lights out.

I woke up from an argument of people. I could hear that the other voice belonged to Zola

Voice: son you need to come down 

Zola: don't tell me to come down she was raped and she nearly died.. If she wasn't found in time she would be dead. I am going to kill that mother'fu***.

Zdad: how do you think I feel haaa?... She's....

It was Zola and his father.

Me: uhmmmghmmm

They both looked at me.

Zola: oooh Good your awake how you feeling? The doctor said you panicked?

He was mumbling

Me: I am fine I just need water.

He gave me water and I drank.

Then out of the blue Detective Morris entered my room. She was with another cop 

DM: good morning everybody I am Dective Morris and this is inspector Rhodes. I am here about the rape case that happened at the Smith residence and I have already spoken to her sister since she is the one who found her and the neighbours helped her. And thankfully we have found the suspect..

Oooh God that's why Maputla was here looking angry

Zdad: who was it?

DM: Robert Wilson.

Zola: what?? That colord dude

DM: yes.

Zola: so it's not Maputla

DM: I am afraid not. Can I please have a moment with Lehlogonolo please?

Zola: aaah No you can talk to her we not going anywhere..

DM: I am sorry but I need some privacy with her since she will be giving me her statement.

Zola clenched his jaws but left.

Detective Morris came to sit next to me.

DM: you don't have to open your mouth you can just nod.

She showed me a picture of Wilson

DM: is he the one who raped you

I just cried.

DM: baby girl even if you don't answer we have enough evidence to lock him up. Everything in your house shows that you where raped and tried to commit suicide and we also took the DNA sample it will be out in 3days. And the people who live around your home saw him carrying your naked body at night and he left yesterday morning. They saw him and his car. So is this him.?

I just nodded

DM: thank you now all that's left is for your statement.

I just cried

Me: Me..

DM: what.. What are you saying?

Me: I am a dead.. He is going to kill me....

I was scared I was crying. I know this case won't get anywhere.

DM: I will try my outmost best to keep you safe.

Me: leave! Leave! 

I just cried my eyeballs out because I knew I am a Zombie. I am a living corpse. Ooh God Kagiso.

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