I don't know what has got into Zola but this is too much. I have been crying ever since but it seems like my cries where falling unto deaf ears. When we got to his house I just went straight to the twin's bedroom and they where sleeping so I just laid with them. I just couldn't deal with him it was just too much. I was scared for Kagiso. I just wanted a phone and call him but Zola took my phone. I couldn't go on anymore so I went to Ma Zulu's bedroom and asked her to borrow me her phone. At first she refused because she thought I wanted to call Mr Maputla but I promised her so since she had Kagiso's number. She dialed it and it rang a couple times then he answered with a very sleepy voice.

Me: I am sorry to wake you up baby boy are you OK.

KG: yaah I am fine I have been trying to call you but you weren't answering your phone. What's going on sister. Did you loose your phone.

Me: uhmmm me I am fine. Are you good.

KG: yaaah I said I am fine but.. Why do I have What's going on?

I was shocked

Me: you have bodyguards?

KG: yes! And I want to know why? 

Me: it's complicated. But just don't chase them away they are there to protect you OK?

KG: I guess you will tell me what's going on when I get there.

Me: OK.. I am sorry to wake you....

KG: naaah it's good. Good night I love you.

Me: I love you too.

He hung up.. I was so relieved.

I gave Ma Zulu her phone back.

Me: thank you 

She nodded

MaZ: he loves you you know. Always have.

I just looked at her and stood up

Me: good night Ma Zulu

I didn't wait for her respond I just left the room and walked to the bedroom. I found my school uniform and bag on the bed. I took them and put them on the couch. I went to the ensuit bathed and went to bed..

I was woken up by Zola. I was still mad at him so I went to take a shower I lotioned and wore my uniform and took my bag pack. I found him with his father in the lounge.. His father just starred at me.

Me: do I have something on my face.

Zdad: uhmmm No.. I am sorry. I should leave.

I totally ignored Zola and went to the kitchen to make some flakes.

I ate and I walked out I found his car parked outside. I still ignored him and walked to school.

He got out of the car and grabbed my hand then pulled me to the car. I tried fighting him but it was useless because he was too strong.

He got on his side and he drove me to school in silence. When we got there he made sure the doors are all locked.

Zola: are you seriously that angry that you can't even talk to me.

Me: Zola my little brother not yours. Mine his life is in danger because of you. And if anything happens to him

his life is in danger because of you. And if anything happens to him I swear on my mother's grave I will never forgive you. Now let me out of here.

He didn't say anything. He just unlocked the door and I got out. Just then I saw Mr Maputla's car getting inside the school premesies. I hurried and got in because I knew he was about to unbuckle his belt and stand at the gate and beat those who are late. The moment I passed his car he told me to come to his office after the assembly. 

Anyway I went to the assembly and right after that I went to his office. I nocked and he told me to get in. I did so... The moment I closed the door I was met by a very hot slap.

Me: aaaah

He grabbed me by the hair and he slapped me again.

Me: please.. I didn't.. Do anything... It was Zola..

MrM: I know

He slapped me again..

MrM: but you still had to come with him didn't you. He brought you to school. Did you sleep with him?

I shook my head quickly then I was met by another slap. I fell down..

He was angry.

He kicked me on the ribs and walked to the cabinet to get some cream to use on my face. Its not the first time using it so I know how it works. Its a make up and also has healing particles inside. So I might swell but not that much and it will also cover up my bruises.

He told me to sit on the chair and I did he gave me the mirror and told me to cover up myself.

Then there was a nock on the door and the person also opened it was Mr Wilson.

MrW: damn man you better make sure her bruises don't show because the police are here.

MrM: what?

MrW: uhmmm and they want to speak with you.

I looked at him

Me: me..

MrW: yeah so hurry up and cover your face I told them I'll go get you. I'll just stall them by saying you went to the toilet. And oooh its Detective Morris

MrM: what the fuck? 

MrW: chop chop..

Maputla looked pissed..

He looked at me.

MrM: it must be about Mogale.

Me: ghhmm yah.

Soon after I was in the principal office.. Mr Maputla gave me glasses to wear so that I can cover my eyes. Since it was a bit red.

Cop1: you must be Lehlogonolo Smith

Me: I am

Cop: I am Detective Morris and this is my partner Detective West.

Me: OK.

She gave me a picture

DM: do you know this man?

It was a picture of Mr Mogale

Me: uhmmm yah he was the principal at the twins's day care.

DM: and I believe you last saw him on monday when you decided to put in you siblings full time.

Me: yes..

DM: do you know he was found dead the same night. And your siblings where the once who left before the police came and I believe Ms Zulu is the one who called in the police but your siblings had already left by then.

My heart was beating very fast by then.

Me: uhmmm I don't know ....I....I just heard that he was stabbed in his house. That's all I know.

She smiled and looked at me.

DM: I never said he was stabbed and it was never really released. So how do you know that he was stabbed?

Me: uhmmm.. Ggggmmm rumors.. I mean you know people talk.

She raised her eyebrow

DM: uhmmm rumours child please. Your perspiring out of breath deflecting. All behavior associating with someone telling a lie. Care to explain?

I just froze up.. I didn't know what to say anymore.

DW: I think we should take her to the station.

DM: I think so to West.

Me: but.. Bu.. I.. I

DM: bu... Boo.. Boo now you can't speak English ?

The door opened and it was Maputla.

MrM: Detective Morris

DM: my my my if it isn't the terminator himself.

MrM: you do know what your doing is illegal right?

They didn't say anything

MrM: first of all Lehlogonolo Smith is a miner and your interrogating her at school. During school hours. And I am pretty sure your Station Commander will give you a written warning or even suspend you.

The both stood up

DM: I still need to speak to her.

MrM: I'll get her lawyer right on it.

They both walked to the door then Detective Morris paused.

DM: you will never change Maputla.

Mr Maputla just looked at her.

DM: I know your sleeping with her.

MrM: Good for you... To bad your looking at the wrong places for the killer of Moagi.

DM: mxm

She walked out and I stood up.

He came to me and chocked me.

MrM: you better get it together. And whatever you do don't snitch on Zola because if you do. He will take me down with him. And if I do I WILL KILL KAGISO. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME LEHLOGONOLO?

I tried nodding and I fell down coughing 

MrM: now pull yourself together and go to class?

What did I get myself into.


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