Well school was school. Boring as hell it was now break. I was sitting with my friends at our spot under a tree. Patricia and Vanessa.

Pat: how are things with The Terminator (Mr Maputla)

Me: eish I have to break up with him.

Nessa: hoowww where is that coming from?Last time you said he gave you 2500 to buy extra sand.

Me: I know but I just feel like eeishhh...

Pat: You do know that Zola is the one for you right 

I looked at her..

Pat: no need to give me the eye girl everybody is talking about it. Zola dropping you off. You and Zola at the parking side.. And I am pretty sure Ms thang heard about it.

Nessa: and she might be coming for you.

Well Ms Thang is some hood rat who used to be Zola's fuck Buddy. Well I guess she thought more to it then Zola dumped her.

Me: their not even dating

Pat: in Zola's eyes yeah.. But Ms Thang things they are very much together.

Me: mxm

My phone rang.. It was Mr Maputla. I wanted to ignore it but I remembered that he might be looking at me. So I answered.

Me: hey

MrM:come to my office come with your friends.

He hung up

Me: let's go girls

Pat: seriously.. He must be with Ronald. Eish I can't guys my pussy is burning.

Me: don't tell me you slept with Joe.

Pat: life..

Me: let's go they might be watching us thru the window.

Nessa: haai I am in the mood my pussy has been itchy meaning it needs some good fu****

We laughed shaking our heads. We went to the office and the moment we got in Nessa went to Mr Wilson and sat on his lap and Mr Wilson started brushing her thighs. I think he even started brushing her pussy. And I could see Pat that she was just sitting on the table uncorfotably.

MrM: you OK..

Me: uhmmm yaah why do you ask.

MrM: you look like your not comfortable.

Me: neeeh I am fine..

MrM: don't worry girls there's no classes after break. The Principal will be announcing that soon.

Nessa: sounds good to me

She said that going down to give Mr Wilson a blow job

He stood up

MrM: let's go to the other office.. I am hard as rock.

I wanted to say no but he just grabbed my hand and we went to the office. He locked it.

I just stood there doing nothing.

MrM: what's wrong with you Hlogi

Me: I can't do this anymore.

MrM: do what?

Me: me you I can't do it anymore

He laughed

MrM: is that what that cheese boy gangster told you. Dump me?

I started getting scared because I know that will make him angry

MrM: I came first I am the first person to see your nakedness. I know everything about you. You are mine Lehlogonolo and nobody and I mean nobody will take you away from me. And the next time that sloppy gangster boyfriend of yours tells you to dump me. Tell him I have enough evidence to take him to jail.

Me: what! What do you mean? What are you talking about.

MrM: I know you Hlogi I see everything and I am everywhere. You think he was the only one who was planning to get rid of Mogale?

Me: you.. Uhmmm you.

I was shocked. He sat on the chair and folded his arms.

MrM: I didn't want to kill him I just wanted to threaten him with his kids. But when I got there I found your little boyfriend busy.

Tears started finding it's way out of my eyes.

MrM: Hlogi nobody and no one will ever take you away from me. You are mine forever. Oooh and also tell him I have a video of him and Mr Moagi's last meeting. Why do you think boys will propose you today and the next day they will ignore you or maybe you hear he was mugged or bitten up? Come on Hlogi think? You are like the hottest thing since hot sauce.

Now I was scared to death

MrM: now come give me a blow job.. I miss that tight thing between your legs.

I had no choice I had to do this.

After giving him a BJ and two rounds I wore my clothes and he wore his.

He came to me and held my neck and chocked me very hard I couldn't breath.

MrM: don't you ever in your miserable life ever try to dump me. Who knows I might bring little Kagiso home early or maybe pieces of him if you so pleases.

Do you UN-DER-STA-ND?!

I nodded very quickly

He let go of me and I tried catching my breath.

MrM: good now go pack your stuff we going to buy grocery and things for the twins and Kagiso.

I went to my class and took my bag and went to his car and we went to town to buy groceries and clothes. Then he went to Dabonairs and bought me pizza. I went home and packed everything and he left. I just laid in bed and cried my eyeballs out.

I was woken up by a loud nock on the door. I guess I slept.

I went to open and it was Zola

Me: hey

Zola: what's wrong with you?

Me: Zola please I don't have time for this

Zola: oouh but you have time to sleep with that idiot when I spec......

Me: I can't brake up with him OK? I can't..

I just knelt down and cried. You see I knew Mr Maputla is a very dangerous man.I just didn't know how dangerous he was. He does have tattoos all over his arms back and chest and scars. I was hurting because I thought maybe I escaped this life but I can never escape this life no matter what I do.

Zola: are you serious right now?

Me: he has a video Zola.

Zola: what video?

I cried even more 

Me: of you killing Moagi.

Zola: what?

I cried even more.. Then my phone rang I went to get it and it was Mr Maputla

Me: hey

MrM: give your boyfriend the phone.

I looked at Zola

Me: it's for you.

He took it

Zola: what do you want?


Zola: I don't take orders to washed up gangsters


Zola: I am afraid of no one.. And ooh guess what she's coming with me right now.

I guess he hunged up on him and grabbed my hand.

Me: no Zola what are you doing.. I am not coming you. Let me go.

Zola: Shut up Lehlogonolo!

Me: his going to kill Kagiso

He put me in the car and drove off.

I was just crying because the only thing that was in my head was Kagiso.


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