CHAPTER 1 (unedited)



It was Monday morning Rose didn't sleep at home last night. That girl is really getting on my last nerve. The money that we got from my mum's work was R245 000. So since Rose thinks she's clever ran off to her daddy telling her that I am going to chow all the money. So since we are all miners and mum was married to Rose's father Rose's father was able to access R90 000. I don't know what he did with the money because I don't remember Rose telling me what his father bought her. So the rest of the money I just made a deal with the social worker and the Magistrate that they should give me R3000 a month. Its helping a little because soon we will be moving in the house. Kagiso was done packing his clothes for the whole week and I also gave him R500 but instate he gave me R400 back and took R100.

Me: Kagiso are you sure you will survive

Kagiso: you know I might come and give you this R100 on Friday. I am fine sister I am only taking it just for in case of emergency. Teachers love me at school. So I am good I eat proper food and sleep on a comfy bed. Don't worry about me.

I had tears in my eyes I just kneeled down and hugged him. 

There was a car hooter so he rushed outside for his car with me following him with his bag. He leaves on Monday and comes back on Friday. I must say him getting a proper education is the best thing ever Kagiso is the reason I am not giving up. And I am glad that all those big shot guys noticed him early otherwise he will be attending the local school and struggling along the way. 

I kissed him and rushed back to our shack. The twins where still sleeping so I took a quick bath and wore my school uniform. 

Today I decided to do a change and I hope it won't cost me that much. They woke up and I bathed them and fed them. Their transport came and I got inside with them and after a while it dropped me at the after care. I got in and saw their carer Mma Zulu.

MZ: oooh here are my twins.. Oooh God I missed them. Joooh that weekend was long.

I laughed

Me: and they missed you too is the principal in?

MZ: yes his in the office.

Me: thank you

I went to his office. Eey this guy is always grumpy.

I nocked and he told me to come in.

Me: Mr Mogale good morning.

He just looked at me and nodded. He then pointed at the chair for me to sit.

MrM: you came to complain about how your Brock again this month

Me: uhmmm yes and No.

MrM: I am listening

Me: I am struggling I am way behind at school. And the twins ain't helping either.

MrM: that's why we bring them late so that you can catch up with school work. And we take them early.

Me: I know but at night they also need attention and I can't anymore because I have to study..

He sat back on the chair.

MrM: uhmmmm... So what do you want from me.

Mr Mogale is not that old just around his early 40s in a middle of a divorce with 3 kids. He is rich on his own. But his infedility and abusive hand is what gets him all the divorces. He has already divorced 3 times.

Me: I want them to sleep here I'll come see them when I have time and I'll get them on weekends when I have time.

MrM: Hlogi that means another extra pair of hands and extra money

Me: but Ms Zulu....

MrM: she would want a raise. I know she loves them she was your mother's friend after all. But this is business.

I looked down at the verge of crying.

He stood up and came to sit on the desk next to me.

He held my chin and raised my head.

His other hand was on his boner. He wasn't even hiding it.

MrM: we can work something out.

Me: but...

MrM: sshh....

He put Hus finger in my lips.

MrM: you give me what I want and you will never have to worry about about paying for the twins's school fees or transport..

My eyes widened.

MrM: come to my house at around 19:00. And I'll make sure you never have to worry about the twins.

I didn't say anything I just stood up and went to say goodbye to the twins and rushed to school.

I was late obviously. 

School was school. Well after school Mr Maputla sent me a text message to come to his office. I didn't have much to do so I went to his office.

The moment I got in he attacked me with the kiss. I pushed him off.

Maputla: and nou?

Me: I am on my periods.

Maputla: Again!??

He looked pissed.

Me: its the injection.

Maputla: I am horny Hlogi what am I going to do now.

I just looked at him..

Me: I can give you a blow job

Maputla: just leave Hlogi. I need your pussy not your mouth. Tomorrow you better come here not bleeding because I will enter that red robort.

I nodded..

I had to lie because the whole day I had to think of my decision long and hard and sleeping with Mr Mogale is my only option right now. 

I went back home and Rose was back looking like she was ready to murder someone.

Rose: why didn't you buy grocery? I am hungry.

Me: did you give me money to buy the grocery?

I could see she was snooping around for money. I am glad our Social worker helped me open an account. Rose used to steal money from me. I would get R500 from Mr Maputla. She would steal it and still want food. So now I got her where I wanted her. With Kagiso gone and the twins also gone its just me and her..

Rose: you got R3000 last week.

Me: yes! My Kagiso and the twins. You gave your share to your daddy remember? Why don't you go and tell him your hungry.

Rose: I'll report you.

Me: go right ahead. 

I laughed annoyingly

Me: Bana ba di rights (children with rights) we will see where that gets you because according to what your father did. You should be staying with him and the new Mrs Smith.

Rose: mxm

She was so angry that she took her bag and started packing her things. She then stormed out.

I know she will come back. She won't last with that man. Rose's father is an abusive mother fu***. That's why mum divorced him. Even though we still used his surname I still hate him. I didn't change my surname because my mother never did. But I am pretty sure when I turn 18 I will change it together with Kagiso and the twins. His not our father after all.

Anyway with Rose gone I cleaned around the house and prepared myself to go see Mr Mogale.


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