Introduction 2



Yes! I am Prince Lesego Matthew Lehasa I come from Limpopo in a very big village called gaModjadji. My father is the reigning King. I have been back home for a month now meaning yes I was here in December. The only person who new was my father. Reason being i was here in September for a ceremony to get me ready for marriage. And then I saw her walking in to my father's office even when she left. I fell in love. I went to my father to ask him about her and he just laughed I remember him saying: "she's an angel isn't she? Just like your mother". Well my mother died when I was 4years she was murdered all I remember is her hiding me under the bed and I saw a hand of a woman killing her and taking out her heart. I am the ony child from my mother and the 1st born with two siblings from my father. Anyway loosing my mother like that

it was the most traumatising thing for me. So my father had to send me to America to hide me from the people who killed my mother and tried to kill me. He would come every month just to see how I am doing. So after a year my father had to marry another wife who I hardly speak to and they have two kids a boy who is 21 now and a girl who is 19 now oooh and I am 26 Funny enough she's my mother's little sister but I don't remember us talking. So now my father got me a small RDP house with no electricity. Just a gas stove and a sponge to sleep on one couch. Atlist there's a toilet and bathtub and there's hot water because of those solar geyser. I have been living like this for a month and dating Dimpho. She doesn't know I am a Prince my Father's idea I tell you. He said he wants to show me how pure she is. She's brings me food. A day doesn't pass without her bringing me food or seeing me. I love her no scratch that I am in love with her and there's no life without her. That is the truth. Dimpho is a gift in my life just like her name and there's no life without her. Just a natural beautiful and yet normal girl. Black Beauty and dad is happy that I love her because he keeps saying she's just like your mother. Every time I tell him about the day I had with Dimpho he smiles with tears in his eyes and says "she's just like your mother". I found my wife and yet I am forced to marry some girl I don't know and I don't even want to know. MxM... Anyway life neeeh. Oooh please ride with me in my polygamy


To be continued....

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