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The most painful thing is seeing the one you love marry somebody else. But the worst pain is when you realise the family of the love of you life hates you. I live with my aunt and her husband with their two girls Bontle and Lerato. Who are lazy like crazy they can't even cook or clean. One of the daughters of my aunt is to be wedded by the Prince who is to coming back home after staying overseas for so long. My aunt and uncle are well off since my uncle is one of the king's man in the village and my aunt is a nurse. Ever since I knew my aunt she has been telling me that one of her daughters is going to be a Queen. And she has been teaching them how to walk talk and speak like a queen. Every Saturday she takes them out for menis and pedis and massages and to pamper themselves. I have never seen them clean cook or wash anything in their lives. All they do is order me or one of the maids around. They are just lazy njee. Even at school they are not doing well. So every year their father goes to talk to the principal to push them to the next grade. So now is just the 2nd of January and we are waiting for our results. I am nervous because I know if I don't get enough marks my aunt and uncle won't take me to school. They told me that a long time ago. They said I should make sure I do well enough so that I can get a bursary and fend for myself. I must say I am a straight A student and I am proud of myself. Little do they know the King has already excepted my bursary application. I applied using my grade 11 and grade 12 June reports. And soon after he called me. I went to his house and told me his accepting my application all he needs is my statement. His very fond of me and he is a very nice man. So today the Prince is coming back home my aunt asked me no scratch that my aunt told me to bake cupcakes

my aunt told me to bake cupcakes she needs something for the girls that they can give to the Prince. Anyway I do have someone yes a boyfriend if I can call him that his name is Lesego. I like him a lot. Well since I told you his name well I guess you will want to know about me. I am Dimpho Maake and this is my heart breaking story.



To be continued....

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Stasia Kay 2019-05-15 11:59:12

Your stories are good, however, you need to check the punctuastion when writing.

test 2019-05-11 15:28:32

Reading book.....