Everything was a blessing.
Everything was beautiful.
Everything was perfect.
We went in the main hall and there where two chairs.
King: this wedding is set to prove that I am officially stepping down as king and I am giving the throne to my son.
Everybody was shocked.
Lesego: but father
He touched his left shoulder.
King: son this is the right thing to do it's time. You will understand in time. Now take your sit before the scavengers take it from you.
He nodded and sat on the chair.
His father took off his lion skin attire and put it on Lesego's shoulder.
King: Kgoshigadi Masechaba please take your rightful sit.
I went to the the chair and sat down.
Yabzo came and put a female lion skin on my shoulder.
The moment she stepped back. Two lions a females and a male one appeared from nowhere and the sat next to our feet. The one that was sitting next to my feet changed from a brown colour to a pure white colour. Everybody started praising and ululating. I looked at the king and he was in tears.
Then we started hearing thunderstorm.
Then there lions started roaring. After some time of silence listening to the rain and the lions roaring they stopped and the lions disappeared.
The King came to me and held my hand.
King: you are pure
I smiled and looked down.
King: just like Masechaba. You are the chosen one indeed.
Anyway the party went on and on. My aunts and uncles where happy for me too. Then the king told them that the have prepared their rooms they don't have to worry.
It was late and I was tired.
Lesego showed me our room. It was big very big and the bed was also huge.
Lesego: don't worry I won't touch you I know your tired.
I raised my eyebrow.
I tool off my clothes right in front of him
His jaw literally dropped
Lesego: uhmmm uhm
Me: I need to bath
I took a towel that was on the bed and went to the bathroom and poured water and just relaxed.
After a couple minutes of relaxation I heard the door opening. And of course it was Lesego entering the bathroom naked. I mean seriously.. WTF
Uuuuuhmmmm Dimpho thinks she can just strip right in front of me and get away with it.. Uhmmm I will show her flames. There's a saying "two can play that game".
Dimps: what are you doing here.
Me: I came to bath with My Wife
Dimps: excuse me.
I got inside the water
He was shocked
I pulled her to me.
Mindo I was hard as rock.
I made her sit on me.
I made sure my shaft touched her. She got off me so quickly you would swear there was a crocodile in the water.
Me: and then?
Dimps: uhmmm nothing I am done. You will find me in bed.
I pulled her back down
Me: I didn't wash your back
Dimps: uhmmm Lesego I amm...
I kissed her on the neck while pushing her dreads to the other side.
Dimps: Uhmmm Lesego... I...aaahhh Lesego.
Me: yes baby
By then I was busy touching her breast every now and then my other hand will play with her flower.
Dimps:stop ...ahh...mmm teasing.
Its not like we haven't played before. We did just that it never got to a point where she saw my shaft. Because the moment it got hard and she feels it. We stop.
I took the sponge and started washing her back and everywhere else. She ended doing the same thing to me.
After some naughty bath since we would kiss every now and then. I grabbed her bridal style and put her and the bed.
And opened the blankets for her and put her in.
Me: your not yet ready.
She didn't say anything. We just cuddled and slept
This is too much this can't be happening. There's Noway Dimpho can get all the power. Its always like this it has always been like this. My father always told me that Dimpho is just like her father he told me his brother stole his woman and got her pregnant and then when he was suppose to be one of the king's men his brother also stole it from him. And now history is repeating itself.
Anyway we went back to that same house. This time my father and mother where there.
Dad: what took you so long.
MiL: Dimpho is the chosen Queen
Mum: NO!
Dad: that can't be how
MiL: she has the three stones
Dad stood up looking frustrated.
Dad: mos that means we can't kill her!!
He was furious I could tell
Me: what does this mean
Mum: there has to be another way
MiL: this is not the same with me. Mine was easy Masechaba did not swallow the stone. So it was easy for me to take her out her heart.
Dad: stop telling Mr the obvious. You made this mess because you where suppose to kill this Lesego too. But no you where so focused on your thirst for power. Now look at us? Lesego is King and marrying my brother's daughter. Now I am going to loose it all. Now I have to make another deal so that I can keep my dignity and wealth.
MiL: we will make a plan.
Dad: no no... Sara YOU will make a plan don't get it twisted.
I was scared to see what they have went through but at the same time I understood. Although the part about My mother in law killing her own sister that's just pure evil. I don't see myself killing own sister. Noway
After some time mum dad and MiL where chanting then the snake appeared from another room and surrounded the whole room. Mum MiL and I sat down where else dad was sitting on the chair.
Voice: you idiots you idiots. How can you let just one little girl get solo much power.
MiL: we are sorry your grate
Voice: she's protected by the white Lion
MiLmumdad: WHAT?!!
Voice: no you see the mess you put us through.. That's why she was named Masechaba.
Dad: this is a mess
Dad was busy giving my mother in law the evil eye.
MiL: is the anything we can do ANYTHING.
Voice: what do you want
MiL: a way to make Bontle the Queen. Anyway possible
There was silence for a couple if minutes.
Voice: it is possible.
Dad: and Dimpho
Voice: since she can't be be killed. There are ways to weaken her and kill her emotionally spiritually and mentally. That way the white lion will be weak. And we can kill her.
Mum: the sacrifice? What are we sacrificing to do all that.
Voice: the womb.
Me: what? What does that mean.
Mil: it mean you won't be able to bare any children.
Me: then what the point of all this then? I am suppose to be Queen Mother.
Dad: eish Bontle stop being stupid. Can't you see Dimpho had already gotten the throne.
Me: but what if it happens that Dimpho is barren
MiL: that's impossible because the Gods have already allowed her in. Meaning her first born will be a boy
Me: but then what if the boy dies or disappears.
Dad: Bontle do you want your sister to take your place.
Me: dad what I am saying is we can do something to her child or children and she will end up giving up. So the Prince will have no choice but to make a baby with me.
MiL: is that possible?
Voice: that will depend... Because if the child is born on the full moon and rain well you won't do anything because the white lion will protect the child.
Me: mxm
I was so annoyed. I can't believe I am sacrificing my own womb
Me: OK fine I'll do it
Voice: ok follow me.
Me: follow what?.
Dad: the snake dam it.
Eish I can't believe I am doing this.
I got inside the room.
And the snake was gone..
A talk muscular man was standing at the corner. I couldn't see his face.
Man: take off all your clothes
I took them off very quickly. I didn't need a magician to tell me what's going to happen.
Man: lie down on the floor and close your eyes..
I did so
I felt some cold and slimy touching my skin. Oooh God things we do out of desperation.
Suddenly my pussy was wet. I then felt a men touching me and entering my pussy.
Jirrrrr.. It was the most painful thing in the world. I felt him pumping me. Busy going up and down. Every time he went I felt his shaft inside me hitting my womb. This went on for a while and I was screaming so loud. It was painful I even lost my voice and the tears stopped coming out.
He stopped and got off me.
Man: don't close your legs.
I felt thing touching my thighs and then after some time he told to get up open my eyes and wear my clothes. I did so.
The man was gone.
Voice: you where not pure
Eish.. I knew this will come back to haunt me.
Me: uhmmm
Voice: leave my room
I left so quickly I even forgot about the pain in my womb. My pussy was not sore it was just my womb. Dam it hurt.
I went to sit down. My mum dad and MiL where still there.
Voice: there's a penalty
Mum: what?
Voice: you have to kill the king
Mum: but she gave you her womb
Voice: circumstances where different.
Dad: I don't understand
Voice: you won't your a man kill the king and bring me his heart then we will talk.
My mum gave me the evil eye meaning she understands what's going on.
Eish my parents are going to feed me to the dogs for sure

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