We spent the whole night in the rain and it was a bliss. It was morning now and the only thing left was for my bride price to be paid. And I was not even sure if my uncle will allow this. Lesego and I where putting my gifts in the car.
Lesego: what's wrong my love?
Me: its about the lobola negotiations.
Lesego: what about it?
Me: I don't think my uncle.....
He cut me off
Lesego: my father contacted some of your uncle's relatives. Your father and Bontle's father where brothers right?
Me: yes.
Lesego: and the house they live in is yours since it was your father's.
Me: don't go there my uncles and aunts couldn't stay with me because my father left me a house. So my uncle told them he will stay with me since he was the oldest and he lived in a small house. So now they couldn't say anything because he is head of the family and my father is gone. And my father was suppose to be one of the king's men before he suddenly passed on.
Lesego: yaah i know my father told me but what do you mean "suddenly" passed on.
Me: he just woke up dead.
Lesego: wow! How?
Me: I don't know all I remember is that my uncle and aunt came to visit. And we had a family dinner and everything was grate then in the morning he was gone.
Lesego: uhmmmm..
Me: I just hope everything goes well.
Lesego: everything will go well. My father hired people to join-in to spare bedrooms into one. It will be ours.
Me: what about Bontle?
Lesego: Apparently she has been sleeping in my bedroom.. So..
I cut him
Me: I understand. So how is this going to work? You me and Bontle?
Lesego: I don't love her and I don't want her. I love you. My Queen.
He said that hugging me and kissing me. We kissed for a while then he broke it.
Lesego: when are we... Gmmmmuhmmm you know?
I smiled
Me: I don't know?
Lesego: oooh and their going to need a sheet as proof that your a virgin
Me: is this your way of telling me that after the negotiations we will do it.
He smirked.
His father came to us.
King: uhmmm I am going to your home village. We can't let your uncle stop this negotiations so we are going to your father's grandfather's village.
He said that looking at me.
Me: so he knows
King: no your uncles won't tell him I know that. We wanted the negotiations to happen at your father's house but our traditional healer told us they won't happen. And I just found out that they haven't paid Bontle's bride price because they couldn't get a hold of me or the money. Your aunt wanted to take over but still it couldn't happen because I am suppose to bless the bride and choose her.
I must say for some reason I was relieved.
Lesego: so I am not married to that bitch.
I looked at Lesego like REALLY.
Lesego: uhmmm sorry so what about Dimpho and I.
King: you go back home. Dimpho is coming with me for the negotiations. And then I will come back with her in the afternoon.
Lesego nodded
Me: I'll be fine.
Lesego: I know you will I am just worried about that Bi... I mean Bontle.
Me: I love you Lesego
Lesego: but
Me: I love you Lesego
He smiled
I got into the car with his father and left.
Apparently Prince Lesego is coming with that little brat Dimpho. Nxaaa and my dad told me that he won't marry her off if they don't marry me first. And I know for a fact that when I am the first wife the Prince has to ask for my permission to marry her. And trust me when I say it will not happen.
The Queen got in my room.
MiL: something is wrong
Me: what is it?
MiL: the king was suppose to be back and its already 12. He was suppose to be early for Dimpho's negotiations. Your father said their not there yet.
Me: but they won't marry her off mos.
MiL: I know that but the King did not know that. Your father and I planned it that when he get there we going to make them marry you first then Dimpho.
Me: what does this mean then?
MiL: I have no idea. But whatever it is I have a bad feeling about it. That husband of mine and that Traditional Healer are conniving behind my back and I don't like it.
Sh** now I am worried. This can't be happening. Lesego is suppose to marry me today
The drive back home was just OK. I actually stayed at the mountain a bit longer. I arrived at home at around 4. My dad called me at 3 telling me the negotiations are done and the in-laws will be there very soon. When I got there I was met by my aunt looking rather annoyed. I just greeted her and she didn't respond. I passed her and went to the room where the renovations where made and they where complete just the painting and and the mat or tile. I put my bag in there.
Voice: where is your father?
I turned and it was my father's wife of course
I looked at her and ignored her. She looked at my hand and saw a wedding band.
Aunt: so you married her.
I still ignored her
Aunt: just so you know your wife is here.
I still ignored her.
Aunt: and she's staying here
Me: leave my room I want to bath
Aunt: so this is your room and Bontle's
Me: get out before I kick you out.
Aunt: mxm
She walked out. I locked the door and bathed. As soon as I finished bathing I heard hooting cars and people singing and I knew I had to hurry. Some of my uncles came in to help me with my traditional attire.
We left the room and went to the gate. I saw her she was bowing her head. She looked beautiful. I can tell because she's mine. People where singing and all

she was bowing her head. She looked beautiful. I can tell because she's mine. People where singing and all its like the whole village was here. After some time my father told us to stop the song and asked Dimpho's aunts to show us something as proof that she is Queen mother. Dimpho kneeled down before the gate parallel to my father.
Dimpho: (kgoshigadi Magadi Kgoshigadi Mokgaetsi Kgoshigadi Morongwa Kgoshigadi Matete Kgoshigadi Nteboge Kgoshigadi Makoto Kgoshigadi Tladi. (Kgoshigadi means Queen)
She breathed out loud.. I wanted to cry because this was a beautiful site.
Dimpho: Maswikana a kganyang a mararo a ke fileng ke Kgoshigadi Masechaba.. ( the three glowing stones I was given by Queen Masechaba)
I heard someone say Ooh My God. I turned around and saw my aunt.
Dad: re a go amogela Kgoshigadi Dimpho Masechaba Lehasa. (we welcome you Queen Dimpho Masechaba Lehasa)
My father then opened the gate.
Dad: we welcome you back Masechaba. From now on you are Masechaba I am giving you my wife's name.
Everybody was ululating and sang their song and we welcomed my wife. I turned around and my aunt was getting in the car I think with Bontle. They used the other gate to leave. Seeing that people occupied the other gate. I wonder where their going at this time. But who cares I am with my Queen.

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