I went to the Royal house with the uncles and the sister. The brother decided to stay and my mum and dad where following us with dad's car. We got to the Royal house and I was so excited. When we got there we where led to the lounge. Minutes later the Queen came in alone. I was with my mum and dad now the uncles had left and I don't think the princess likes me very mum. She just said she had somewhere to go. And she took her car and left she didn't even ask about his brother's food. Joooh.
MiL: how was everything?
Dad: excuse mebut where is the King and his son?
MiL: the king left here in the hurry and he didn't tell anyone where he was going. And I only saw the Prince yesterday and today.
Dad: this is ridiculous. My daughter is suppose to be married by this boy. And he has to eat his food and tomorrow was suppose to be the negotiations and his suppose to slaughter one of the cows and the 3rd night which is the fool moon their suppose to be introduced the ancestors. Your Traditional Healer is suppose to bless them.
MiL: I know that but his not here. The traditional healer left with the king.
Dad: how is it that you don't know where he went.
MiL: I don't know My husband and Lesego have been doing things in secret lately and I think they have included my daughter too.
Dad: I hope history is not Repeating itself. We can't have someone sit on that throne. My daughter is suppose to sit on that chair we had a deal Sara. You don't want me to remind you of the pact we had before you became Queen. If that Lesego doesn't marry my daughter on that powerful day. You and I will have problems. I know the traditional healer has already drown power to the full moon so you better find a way that that power reaches my daughter.
Honestly I have never see my father so pissed. He was so annoyed it scared me. But he was right. But what I wanted to know is what pact did he have with the Queen.
My dad stood up and left.
Mum: we need to do something
MiL: what? What can we do?
Mum: didn't you say Lesego might marry someone else
MiL: Yes
Mum looked at the Queen
MiL: no it can't be.
Me: think about it what could the Traditional Healer Your husband and a few uncles who are in your husband's inner circle and The Princess be doing with the Prince two nights before the full moon and the Traditional healer has already drown power on it.
Me: oooh My God his marrying someone. They both looked at me.
MiL: this can't be happening not again. Who could it be?
Then it hit me
Me: Dimpho!
Mum: what?
Me: Mama Dimpho is not around hasn't been for a while. And remember how the King used to ask about her when dad is here for the meeting?
MiL: oooh My God I think your right
Mum: no no no no no this can't be.
MiL: he has been fond of her. Always telling me he reminds her of his wife.
Mum: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO that witch will not do this to my daughter. Sara bona moh re a tsamaya nou reya go stopa ma nyala ah. (Sara look here we are leaving now we are going to stop this rubbish)
Me: I am coming with you

The Prince can't possibly marry Dimpho? He can't love her. He is suppose to love me.
MiL: don't worry we are going to sort this out.
Dimpho has always been beneath me. And that's where she will always be. Or otherwise I will kill her.
***protect her protect Dimpho danger is coming. Danger is coming for you now. Pray Lesego Pray for your love pray for the ceremony. Pray now***
"Mum mum is that you"
***pray my son**
"Lord our father I bow before you in the mighty name of Jesus. I ask for Jesus to guide us in this journey to protect us in his name ooh Lord. May the blood of Jesus lead the way of our journey. Protect all those who took their time to be with us. And please cast away all the evil that is following us and protect your daughter the woman you chose for me. I ask you Lord to take control of any situation that is following us or towards us. In the mighty name of Jesus. Thank You Lord Amen"
I suddenly opened my eyes sweating like someone poured water on me. The first thing I saw was Dimpho crying and dad looking worried and our Traditional Healer sprinkling something on me.
Me: what's going on?
Dimpho just hugged me.
Dimps: don't you ever scare me like that. Do you hear me?.
I just nodded trying to think of what happened. Nothing came up because all I remember is Dimpho and I dozing off in the car because the journey was long. And then I remember the dream.
Me: Mum!!
Dad looked at me.
Dad: so you saw her
Me: no she asked me to pray she says something about danger or what not.
Dad: uhmmm
TH: I told you she will protect him.
Dad: yah! Did you say thank You
He looked annoyed.
Me: come on dad don't tell me your angry
Dad: what I don't get is why she doesn't come rushing when I am sick..
TH: are you serious right now?
Dad: I am her husband I came first.
Yabzo: maybe she found a new husband in heaven
She said that getting in the cottage we where in.
Dad: mxm...
We all laughed
Me: so I'll be take it we've arrived.
TH: of course
Me: eish I can't wait
I said that squeezing Dimpho tight and kissing her on top of her head.
EISH!! Lesego really scared the s*** out of me. While we where in the car he just started shaking and sweating uncontrollably. I took out his phone and called his father but the Traditional Healer answered and said I should take off his clothes yes the Lion skin he was wearing. ALL his clothes and the car must not stop. Because if we do Lesego will be the list of our worries. I took off his clothes. And his briefs too. And Ooh my God I nearly fainted. Little Lesego is very big. Then I called back and he said I should pray until we reach our destination. I did and he woke up and he looked fine. He scared me and that's when I realised how dip my love for him is.
Anyway I went to another hut and slept alone with candles all over and a lion skin was my mat and another one was my blanket.
In the morning a woman came to my hut and gave me water to bath. I bathed and she gave me brown soft porridge.
Me: can I go see Lesego
Woman: no dear Lesego went to the mountain and you will only see him on your wedding day. You should cook for him and the in-laws. All traditional food. All the things you need are available. I know how you young girls like to spice up your food. Come with me.
I followed her.
She showed me tripe cow head 10 live chicken.
Me: I must do all this alone
Woman: lol no cooking yes but everything else we will help. And you will take the food to the elders then you will go to the other mountain with princess to take food to your fiancé. You won't see him or take it straight to him. Moyahabo will.
I nodded.
Woman: you can cook right?
Me: of course
Woman: good I'll help you start the fire and I'll get woman to help you with everything else.
She left.
I turned around and looked around and that's when I realised we where on top of a mountain and there where three other mountains close by.
And it was beautiful

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