I love Lesego I do I love him too much to let him go. My love for him is very strong that I wonder how it came about to be this connected. Yes! I punched him not because he lied to me but because he didn't trust me enough to tell me. Weird enough his father just left the room without looking back.
Les: why the hell did you do that.
Me: you! You Lesego! You made me do it.
Les: baby I propose and you punch me.
Me: aaaaahhhh
I started hitting him all over punching him pushing him.
He was covering his face and not fighting back.
Les: baby I am sorry please that's enough your hurting me.
Me: then why did you lie to me haaaa?
I hit him even more he kept screaming eventually he held my hands and pushed me on the bed and started kissing me. I kissed him back without any hesitation.
Les: oooh Gosh I love you.
Me: I love you too.
We started kissinghungry for each other. I could feel his boner as he was stroking me. I knew right then and there that we had to stop.
I stopped kissing him.
Les: uhmmm eish I am sorry... I didn't mean to...
Me: its OK.
He got of me and I sat up straight.
I was still overwhelmed about the whole thing. And then it hit me. Bontle is suppose to marry the Prince and I stood up looking at him.
He looked at me rather shocked.
Les: baby what's wrong?
Me: it's you isn't it?
Les: it's me what?
Me: you you are suppose to marry Bontle.
He brushed his head with his hands.
Les: baby please its not like that.
Me: wow then how is it? Tell me.
Les: the family is marrying her not me. I have never even met her or seen her. Because I was busy arranging my life with you. I do not care for her Dimps I care for youI love you. What do you think I have been doing this couple of months with you? Marry me Dimpho be mine. Be my wife. I know you are my wife. I know you are my life I know you love me.
Me: and how do you know that?
Les: because the Gods have already excepted you. They chose you like they chose my mother. You are ment to be here. You are Queen.
For some weird reason I was not scared nor supriced its like deep down I knew.
I went to him and hugged him.
Me: I am agreeing to this because I love you.
Les: I know
I broke the hug and looked at him.
Me: now how do you know.
Les:because the ring is already on your hand.
I smiled and we kissed.
He broke the kiss
Les: uhmmm baby... Eish...
He was scratching his head. And I knew right then and there I had to say yes to whatever bull***t his about to spit out.
Me: just spit it out Lesego
Les: its in three nights
Me: what's in three nights
Les: I mean the third night.
Me: what are you talking about..
Les: our wedding
Me: excuse me?
Les: I know your mad but please baby understand
I wanted to punch him but he held my hand
Me: I am going to kill you.
Les: I know but please baby I am begging you.
I looked at him and I could see how desperate he was.
Me: Fine! But after this I will kill you.
He gave me that will see about that look.
Led: let me go get something I'll be back.
He left the room and I just started thinking. I love Lesego I do but am I doing the right thing. It feels right but why am I scared?
I served the elders even though it was a hustle. There where five uncles and the prince together with some girl whom they say it's her sister. I sat down on another couch.
Sister: so you cooked all this?
Me:yes! I woke up very early hey and I am happy I am done.
Sister: if you say so.
Me: is there a problem?
Sister: the recipe its just spot on from the one cooked by my aunt.
Uncle1: you mean my wife.
Sister: yes uncle
Uncle: do you know her?
Me: no maybe my mum knows her because I just cooked the way my mum cooks it.
Uncle: OK so you will dish up for your in-laws. Meaning your father and mother and of course your husband to be.
Me: I already did that.
Uncle1: and you have to take it to them.
Sister: uhmmm no no Buti Lesego said he will get the food from me. So I will take it from her and take it to him.
Uncle: but that's not how is done.
Sister: I won't disobey my elder brother
Uncle: OK I guess you will serve the king and Queen
I just nodded I must say I was disappointed. I just wanted to cry. All this for nothing. I made my way to the kitchen.
Mum: what's wrong baby?
Me: the prince don't want to see me
Mum: what do mean?
Me: he told his sister to bring food for him.
Mum: your still marrying him ain't you?
Me: but?
Mum: no buts that's what's important. You marrying him.
I nodded. Nxaaa I can't believe I went thorough all the serving and giving them water for nothing. That's too much work
I must say I am relieved. Dimpho agreed to be my wife and all. We where both in the traditional healers small hut. Dimpho has already bathed and lotioned with the herbs. I had to bath with some certain powder since I am not a virgin what not. Aaah who is a virgin at my age mara this day of age.
TH: we have to leave this yard.
Dimps: what?
TH: someone is suspecting this whole thing and will force the Magadi negotiation to happen on the full moon and if Lesego is in the yard it will be a problem. The ancestors will have to except that girl and take you as the second wife. I have already blessed the full moon and I am drawing power from it. I can feel it every single second in me. So when its high enough I will give it's power to both of you. And your wedding will be blessed
Me: who is doing all this.
TH: I can't tell you that. You are not ready
Dimps: I won't be supriced if its my aunt.
The traditional healer laughed
TH: can we leave
Dimps: uhmmm now?
TH: yes now.
I looked at Dimpho and I pleaded with Dimpho with my eyes.
And she just nodded with her head. She stood up.
They gave her a female lion's skin and then gave me the male lion skin. We both wore it.
Dimps: I am so divorcing you after this
Me: will see about that
Dimps: what did you say?
Me: nothing..
TH: its time
A car parked right at the door and we got in and laid back even though it was dimmed.
My father and the Traditional Healer used another car. And off we went to the mountain.

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