I was with the traditional healer alone now and he was mixing herbs and what not.
TH: she has the purest heart. Just like your mother.
I smiled
Me: I love her
TH: it won't be easy.
Me: I know
TH: when she wakes up in the morning tell her everything. Make her understand. Because its almost morning and you have 3days to the full moon.
Me: I will
TH: this woman your suppose to marry.
Me: who? This nobody girl.
He laughed
TH: she's going to be a problem. Your problem a big problem. A Royal problem.
Me: I don't understand.
TH: that girl won't give up and she won't leave this house. And she will get support.
Me: eish. What about Dimpho?
TH: she loves you and its going to be hard for her because she's already went through a lot.
Me: I know she tells me everything.
He gave me a container.
TH: this coming three days she must bath and mix her lotion with those herbs. She must drink them too as a form of tea. And you will see that your wedding day will be as powerful as your love.
Me: thank you
I left the room and went to the main house then my bedroom and slept next to her holding her very tight.
Me: oooh God I love You
It was early in the morning around 03:00. When my mum woke me up.
Me: uhmmmm
Mum: where is that good for nothing girl
Me: who? Dimpho?
Mum: who else? She was suppose to be cleaning the yard. The Royal uncles are suppose to eat ain't they?
The uncles for the Royal family where coming to eat. Just to eat only and take the food to the Prince and King together with the Queen. That's part part of the negotiations.
Me: isn't she in her room?
Mum: Bontle I wouldn't be here if she was.
Me: call her
Mum: her phone is off damn it
Now I was panicking
Me: no no no no mum Dimpho is very good with cooking. Those maids are not good enough. What are we going to do?
Mum: we need to find her. Oooh God I hope she didn't run away this is a disaster. Baby I can cook but not as good as her. We need to make a plan
Me: aaah how about we go buy them.
Mum: baby they don't need fancy food. They need traditional food. Mogodu hlogo ya kgomo mateng a kgogo (tribe cows head chickens' insert).
Me: mum I can't even cook
Mum: uhmmm you know what; I am sure the Queen will help us. Let me call her.
Me: please mum.
I was on the verge of crying. This can't be happening. Not now.
Few hours later mum came in saying the Queen sent some of her friends to come and cook so their busy cooking. I went to the shower and showered. It was around 5 now. I finished bathing and just laid on bed. My lil sister came in.
Lerato: where is Dimpho
Me: nobody knows
Lerato: you think she ran away?
Me: with what? Because mum said everything is in her room.
Lerato: maybe she's kidnapped
Me: maybe.
Lerato: so you ready for this.
Me: girl all I want is to see myself ordering people around and them bowing before me. I am going to be Queen.
She laughed
Lerato: what if he doesn't love you
Me: you think I care about love. All I want is to give him an heir and I am Queen Mother.
She shook her head laughing.
Me: and how is the little Prince treating you
She smiled
Lerato: he will be here for the food.
Me: is it?
Lerato: that's why I need Dimpho. I want her to clean my room. Make it spotless and change everything. I want to give him the best sex ever. And I can't do it in that mess of a room.
Me: why don't you use her room.
She side smiled
Me: its always clean always smells good. So its perfect.
lerato: but small
Me: at list it has a shower and a toilet. So you will shower.
Lerato: yaah I guess your right.
Me: i know i am. now leave I need to prepare for my in-laws.. And please tell mum to get me an apron and a hat.
Lerato: OK
Uhmmm at list I will only serve them. Hhmmhmmmm

I opened my eyes and I realised I was in a foreign room. "Where in the devil's name am I?" I asked myself confused and scared as hell. I looked around and I saw a paper. I took it and it was in Lesego's handwriting. It read: " don't be scared please your are safe and I love you always " I calmed my nerves. And breathed in and out because I could see it was morning and I did not sleep at home and I know for a fact my aunt and uncle will kill me. And today Bontle is suppose to cook a feast for her in-laws. No scratch that I am suppose to cook a feast. While lost in my thoughts the door opened and The King got inside. Kgosi Lehasa as if that was not shocking enough Lesego got in too
He looked different very different. Clean he was wearing nice jeans and a hoody with black sneakers.
Me: what's going on?
Lesego. Uhhm baby please calm down
King: Kgoshigadi I hope you slept well.
Me: what did you call me?
Lesego came to me. I was standing up and he held my hands.
Lesego: my name is Lesego Matthew Lehasa the 5th and I am the first born of Lesego Matthew Lehasa the 4th.I am the next king of in line after my father.
He knelt down and took out a box with a diamond ring inside.
Lesego: will you please marry me.
I looked at him I was mad. I just punched him hard right across the face.

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