After baking cupcakes I hid the 3rd load. It was four loads. So I took the 3rd load and put them inside an ice cream container and made my way to Lesego's house. I nocked and he opened immediately.
Lesego: a good morning to you too my love
Me: hey
He kissed me then made his way for me and I got in.
Me: I brought you cupcakes
Lesego: really?! Ooh babe you know how obsessed I am with your cupcakes.
He took the container and opened it and he stuffed himself with the cupcakes
Lesego: ouh uhmmmm Good...
Me: ouh I think I have been replaced.
Lesego: NEVER! You know you are my one true love.
Me: really?
Lesego: uhmmm you know I love you forever
Me: even when I am old rinkly and in diapers
Lesego: uggggg I think I lost you on the old and rinkly part.
Me: uhmmm
Lesego: I am kidding I am kidding. Which makes me remember something?.
Me: what?
We where now in the bedroom laying on the sponge eating cupcakes with juice he made.
Lesego: I want to marry you
Me: haaahhaaa now that's romantic he stood up and looked for a wire and he cut it and knelt next to me.
Lesego: will you marry me.
I looked at him and laughed and he started laughing with me.
Lesego: on a serious note babe I love you and I want make you my wife..
Me: babe you know we have to both make sure one of us is doing good and I still have to go to university to better myself.
Lesego: what if you find someone out there with money and you forget about me.
Me: babe you are money enough for me.
He blushed ncooo my love though
Lesego: then marry me.
Now I could see he was serious.
Me: are you serious?
Lesego: yes! Babe look at it this way once we are married we can live together.
Me: babe how will we survive? You know the things I bring for you are from my uncle's home. And what are you going to pay Magadi with?
Lesego: don't worry about that. I just want you to answer me. Will you marry me.
Me: lesego please.... I.. Just. Hmmmm OK yes I want to marry you. But I'll be going to Jo'burg to further my studies and then what; what will happen to you when I am gone. Who will feed you and wash your clothes. I will be your wife by then.
Lesego: I want you to attend in turf not UJ.
Me: ooohk
Lesego: so you will attend in turf when we get married.
Me: I guess.
He sighed in relief. .
Lesego: ooohk what ever happens next I want you to have an open mind OK? Don't freak out.
Me: Lesego what ain't you telling me.
Lesego: I love you
When he says that that means he doesn't want to answer me
Me: I love you too.
I was outside with my mother and my soon to be mother in law drinking tea.
MiL: wow this cupcakes are good. That Mpho girl sure does know her way around the kitchen.
Mum: that's all she will be good at cooking?
They both laughed
MiL: maybe I should bring her here so that she can be my maid.
Mum: joooh my friend then who will be cleaning around on weekends.
They both laughed.
MiL: so Bontle are you happy? Your fiancé is coming home tonight.
Me: I can't wait to be his wife....
MiL: uhmmm about that. It may be possible that.... He may take a second wife.
Me&Mum: WHAT?!
MiL: don't worry she will nothing compared to you.
Mum: but I thought my daughter will be queen.
MiL: of course she will be Queen. She will be introduced to the ancestors and you will give the ancestors an heir the next king.
Me: but another wife? How will we live together?
She smiled
MiL: we can do something if you can't handle it.
Me: how?
Mum and Mum in law looked at each other and smiled.
MiL: don't worry if she gives you problems we will deal with her the same way we dealt with the others.
Eish I don't want any polygamy. The Prince is mine and mine alone. I will be Queen Mother and I will do whatever it takes. Even if it means making a deal with devil.
I poured juice for Dimpho. And I did pour something extra to make her sleep. It didn't take time. She just said she needs to rest a little. After some time I called out her name and she didn't respond. I called my bodyguard and he came and we went to the royal house. It was a bit late. I took her to my bedroom. And went to the outside room. It was our Royal Traditional Healers room. I took off my shoes and got inside. My father and my little sister Moyahabo we call her Yabzo

we call her Yabzo so as the royal sister we call her Kgadi they where inside.
TH: what where you doing? Remising about her virginity
My eyes popped
Me: hello to you too. Yabzo Dad.
They greeted back
TH: I have talked with the ancestors and they accepted her. They want her on the Royal Chair. She is the Queen Mother.
Yabzo: so how are we going to do this before mum finding out because I have seen how she's close with that woman.
Dad: don't worry princess
TH: you have to marry her at midnight in a fool moon. You have to drink each others blood.
Me: excuse me?
TH: only a drop it will be mixed in a tonic that will bind you two. You will be one after the wedding.
Yabzo: does Dimpho know about all this?
Me: eish.
Dad: don't worry she will understand.
Me: I hope so.
TH: you have four days now before the fool moon reaches it's eclipse. I see a lot of struggles. Be ready because your father lost your mother. So will you protect your one true love from all that's to come?

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