Introduction 2



Nothing hurts more to be in a polygamist mirriage and realizing that the man doesn't actually love you but loves the 1st woman. MmaLehae was his one true love. I tried everything i gave him the best sex the best of everything and i am the most beautiful and youngest.  I had the best wedding we had it in Parris and it was an all expenses paid for everybody . I thought he loved me. I really thought i was his one true love. Until it all came back to me and i saw how he was with MmaLehae and all the three woman told me and they kept telling me. And nothing frustrated me more. I became angry i became jelous i became furious. Well enough about that let's talk about the now.

Molwa: i cant block him anymore... the time has come

Me: this can't be  Lehae has to die.

Molwa: killing him will be your downfall

Me: what will i do now.. my son has to have the full power of the Throne. He deserves it

Molwa: Mojadibe it's been years now.. you know your son is not the rightful King for the Throne. Lehae is coming home.

Me: then he shall die...

I stood up and wore my shoes

Me: you better do everything you can to stop that boy from coming home or he will follow his father to his grave.

I took my things and left.



Eight(8) years earlier


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