CHAPTER 5 (unedited) 






I could see my father's shock about my suggestion.  He left me in the room and I went to freshen up. I swear to God when my father is close to me it's like all the pain just vanishes away. After some time the pain was slightly coming back because I was nowhere near my dad.  I decided to go to the Royal Hall I was sure that they where having a meeting there.  When I got there I heard my dad shouting. Making it a point that he doesn't want Mojadibe.  I stepped inside and I tried looking inside but all I could see was darkness. I just didn't understand why.  I tried holding on to something.  I could hear my mum screaming and soon after I felt her touch. 

Mum: pooh baby are you okay?  What are you doing here? 

Me:  I wanted to be next to dad. 

Mum:  oh of course baby let's go. 

I still couldn't see anything.  But then my mum helped me thru the process of walking to dad.  When I got close to dad things became clear. 

Dad looked at me

Dad : you shouldn't be here. 

Me: dad I.... 

Everything suddenly stood still.  It's like someone froze the place. 

***...: you lost the moment you where born.. 

There was a casket  I was crying 

Me: why.. Why... 



People : they are witches

 they are witches.  They killed him

People where throwing a couple of stones.  To people I could not see.


I became dizzy and kneeled down a little bit. 

Then I heard a voice

*what is meant to be shall be do not tempt fate because of you own needs.  Let it be*

I think I blacked out.  Because when I woke up I was in my bedroom. 

I saw my mother and of course I felt my mother's touch she was brushing my hand. 

Mum: oh baby your awake 

Me: yaaah.. 

For some odd reason I felt normal.  All the voices and headaches where gone. 

I rose my head. 

Me: uhhmmm

Mum: what's wrong

Me: uhmm nothing  I feel.. I feel..  FINE TOO fine I feel normal.  Like I was before. 

Dad : that's because you are denying your destiny. 

That was dad coming in the room

Me: excuse me. 

Dad: Lehae you are the next King.  The ancestors gave you this powers because they are mentally to be your.  Each generation has a new power that is much greater.  And yours is more powerful.  You can see the future and you can also feel people's pain.  But you are denying this.  You are denying your gift.  Why. Lehae? 

Me: can't I have a normal life? That's all I am asking. 

Dad : I gave you a potion.  This potion is a once off..  It will suppress everything that you have for now.  But I am expecting you to be exceptional by the end of the week.  So this is only for three days. 

Me: but dad I have to go to the university. 

Dad : and the ancestors need you to except your gift before hell break loose.  Your aunt is back and we don't know what she's planning. YOU need to except you powers ASAP

He turned and left. 

Mum was quite all along. 


She shook her head

Mum: your father is right.  We are facing a very big MIL storm.  A black cloud is upon us and you are the only one who can stop it.  Your father is right Lehae you need to except this or we won't survive the wrath of the community. 






I was happy that they let me stay.  God dammit that man is stubborn.  Joooh thank God his wives and stupid son where around. And of course my faithful son. His the best thing at the moment.  His actually the reason I got back to this stupid place. 

I decided to call my mum because it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that Lease has the powers.  Which is something that I did not plan.  This is way out of my comfort zone but yet it can still work on my favor because I can kill that man easily.  But then again how the hell will I get the bloody powers. 

I dialed my mother's number. 

Mum: baby girl 

Me: he is normal now.  He gave his son the power.  All the powers to the throne. 

Mum: what? 

Me: you heard me. 

Mum : that's impossible Learn hasn't come to age just yet. He can't do that. 

Me: well he did. 

Mum : that's going to be a problem. 

Me:.what now know what?


Mum: stick with the plan kill that polygamist of yours and we will deal with that spoilt brat. 

Me: how?

Mum: leave that to me baby.. 

Me: aaah aah I want to know

Mum: what do think the community will do when the king die and the little boy starts getting sick. 

Me:  haaa

Mum: their culture requires the Queen Mother to be the keeper until the boy comes to age. 

Me:.mxm..  Mum that's nothing. 

Mum: that's why I said leave that to me

Me: OK 

I sighed and hung up

I hope and pray that this stupid place might work because her plan seems to be lame. 






I can't do this.  At all what my family is asking of me.  Is way to much.  I decided to call my girlfriend to help me.  Yes I have a girlfriend. 

Mabu: babe

Me: I need you to help me leave this place

Mabu: what?

Me: I need you to help me escape. 

Mabu: why? Leave you can't... 

Me: are you gonna help me or not? 

Mabu: that's not fair. 

Me: listen here.  I asked you because I trust you and you have the resources. 

Many comes from a wealthy family.  They don't just allow her to date anyone the family has to approve first.  So the allowed her to date me because of obvious reasons. 

She sighed deeply 

Mabu: fine when? 

Me: tonight at 21:00 I will be outside of the Royal Compound.

I hung up on her because I didn't want her to be making excuses. Then I started packing. 





To be continued....


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