CHAPTER 4 (unedited)






I opened my eyes and I realised i was surrounded by crocodiles everywhere. I swear to God i wanted to pee at myself. Then out of the blue all the crocodiles started glowing. The each brought out this amazing blue energy in them. It formed a huge ball and came to me. It just got inside me thru the heart. I couldn't breath for a meer seconds  then i finally cought my breath. When i looked at the crocodiles they had changed and they now look like people.  The one in particular i recognized because he looked like my grandfather. He looked at me

Him: Tiya.. tiya.. se sego lebaneng se thata. O tlo hlagella ke bohloko bjo bo shishang e fela. O seke wa lebala gore kgole kemo o tswang. Mathata ke a mangata mara o seke wa lebala gore "kgole kemo o tswang teng".

Me: uhmmm what does that mean?

He walked backwards without explaining. 

Me: Rakgolo? (Grandpa)

He did not respond

Then suddenly the water filled up everything. Including me. I tried swimming but it was just too much. 


I started coughing..

Mum: ooouh my boy your awake

I coughed more to a point where i coughed water. 

Dad: put a bowl infront of him. All the water has to be inside it.

My mum took the bowl and i vomited all the water inside.

After some time i finished.

My mum was helping me. She was even brushing my back.

Mum: ooouh my baby.

Dad: he will be fine

My mum gave dad the evil eye.

Dad looked away

I looked at her

Mum: don't give me that look Lehae your dad did this alone because he knew i was going to refuse. But he did it anyway. 

Dad: would you rather I let that witch kill me before i could give Lehae what's rightfully his

Mum: your the one who slept with her isn't it? You brought her in our home and now she is after the one thing that she knows she can't have. Now you listen to me and listen me very carefully.  If anything happens to my son. I will kill you before that witch kills you. Do you understand me?

Dad: yes man

I swear i wanted to laugh at how quickly he responded. It was quite obvious because my mum used that stern and commanding voice.

As i lay there i just thought about my journey. 






My mum and i where devastated by the rrcent outcome. It was something that we did not see coming. We really wish things where different. We where in my room at home.

Me: what now?

Mum: do you think he would still allow you to go back.

Me: i wouldn't know?

Mum: go and beg him.

Me: mama that man does not love me. I am sure his happy that i am gone.

Mum: then do something. 

Me: something like what?

Mum: I don't know wena just find a way to go back inside that Royal house.

Me: and?

Mum: you are going to kill that man.

Me: but mum you heard what molwa said.

Mum: yes i did. But ignore that

i have a poison a very strong one. It makes a person a vegetable. And then when he is a vegetable you take out their insides and private parts together with the eyes. And you take them to the city of the dead.

Me: uhmmm what?

Mum: baby this is the only thing that will make you the keeper of the throne until your don takes power. 

Me: how?

Mum: with your this you will be able to inherit three things from the King's death. When he dies just make sure the keeper of the throne and the future King are nowhere near the this place. Make sure they are out of the border.

Me: how am I going to do that?

Mum: your three wishes

Me: my three wishes.

Mum: yaah we will talk about that later just make sure you get him to trust you. 

Me: so even with his powers he will die.

Mum: yes. Just put it inside the water and call out his name.

I smiled to myself. 

Me: nothing would make me happier. 

I stood up

Me: ok let me go get my things and try to convince him to come back.

My mum nodded. 

I went to my room and fetched my bags.

And my my way to that Godforsaken place.






We where at home and I was just lying on the bed trying to sleep and i was busy tossing and turning.  It was very hard. My body was very heavy and all i could feel was me inside the water. Then i started hearing people crying. I put my hands on my ears.

I felt someone shaking me. I turned and saw my mum.

Me: mum... help me..

Mum: i am sorry baby. I wouldn't have agreed. And your father knew that.

Me: please..

Mum: there's nothing  i can do Lehae. Your father hid this from me. All that you have to do is to be strong. Ok. 

My dad came in.. he frowned when he saw me.

Dad: you know when my father told me you where stubborn like your mother I took it for granted.

My mum rolled her eyes

Mum: mxm

Dad: you know i am right

My mum stood up and faced my father straight up. She was the ONLY person who can bring my dad to his knees. If anybody makes eye contact with the king it's called disrespect and you will be punished dearly.

Dad: uuuhmm MmaLehae please. Look i am sorry

My mum folded her arms.

Mum: i have been patient enough with this shenanigans of yours. Alright whatever you did to my son undo it..

Dad: oouh his not my son now.

My mum looked pissed

My dad stepped back 

My mum pointed a finger at dad

My dad then raised both his hands as a sign of surrendering. 

Dad: i can't. 

Mum: what do you mean you can't your the one who did this to him.

Dad: i did not do this to him. I just led a way. The ancestors did this to him. And i can't do this to him because the power his. It belongs to him otherwise the ancestors wouldn't have given it to him. 

Mum: you did this knowing very well that you can't UNDO IT!

Dad: uhmmm...

Mum tried looking for anything near her just to throw dad at it. Their fighting was just funny.

Dad: coming MmALehae he was going to get the power anyway

He was saying that while blocking himself with the hands so that mum won't him.

Mum: i am going to kill you today ..

I saw my three other mums entering the room. They just laughed. 

Dad: oooh your not going to help me.

They all shook their head laughing.


Mum: divorce my foot.

My mum stopped seeing that she was tired.

She then looked at the wives

Mmakgalema: Mojadibe o moh (Mojadibe is here)

My dad threw himself on the bed

Dad: aaah grate.

Mum: are o batla eng? ( what did she say she wants?)

Mmakgalema: ore o nyaka go boya.

Dad: no.. go tell her i have already rented her room.

Mum just looked at him 

Mum: mxm

He went to the ladies 

Dad: where are you going?

Mum: i am going to hear what she wants.

My dad just sighed and my mum left with my other mothers.

Dad: aaay your mother.. how are you feeling. 

Me: i always feel better when your next to me.

He shook his head. 

Dad: you can't rely on me Lehae. 

I ignored him

Me: i think you should let Mojadibe back home.

He raised his eyebrow 

Dad: why?

Me: i don't know i just feel like it's what she should do come back.

Dad: is it...



To be continued....


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