You know nobody annoys me more than that so-called husband of mine. I can't believe I am stuck in this shem of a marriage because of him.

Anyway it was two weeks after our clash and i haven't used anything that witch-doctor gave me. I just have other plans and i think my mother is the best person to help me. She has been doing this longer and she knows the ropes and she has to help me. I was packing my things in my bedroom when the 3rd and 4th wife came to see me. Or should i say budge in my room.

Me: don't you guys know how to nock?

Mmakgalema: (3rd wife) MmaLehae told us you are leaving we thought she was just exaggerating. 

Me: well you can see that she wasn't... so you can leave now

Mmameetse: (4th wife) mara ako mpotse mo Mojadibe ( but tell me here Mojadibe) what where you expecting?

Me: i was expecting to be loved and cared for. Not to become a baby maker

They both loved

Mmakgalema: sesi weeh monna yola ona le pelo e tee go swana fela lege MmaLehae ana le pelo e tee. O wa bona batho bale ba babedi ba ratane go tloga ba sale kuwa sekolong. Ba sa tsebe selo go fitlhela mo ba nyalanang gona. Yoh PapapaLehae o emetse MmaLehae a fetsa matric gore a monyale. O rile go phasa yaba papaLehae o monchetsa magadi. Kege ba nyalana MmaLehae a dula moh bogoshing go fitlhela yola a fetsa kuwa makgoweng. O rile go fetsa yaba o tseya yoh MmaLehae ba fetsa mengwaga e mebedi ba ema ema ka kuwa  nageng tsa ntle.. bo Paris British China India le tse dingwe gape. Bjale tlake go botse lege o ka tsamaya yola PapaLehae a kase go shale morago. E bile aka se kitime. ( sister that man has one heart the same way MmaLehae has one heart you see those two people loved each other since high school. They did not know anything to point where they got married. PapaLehae waited for MmaLehae to pass matric so that he can marry her. The moment she passed PapaLehae married her. They got married then MmaLehae came and stayed in this royal house until PapaLehae finished school in Joburg. Just after he finished he took MmaLehae and they traveled for two years overseas..Paris

loved each other since high school. They did not know anything to point where they got married. PapaLehae waited for MmaLehae to pass matric so that he can marry her. The moment she passed PapaLehae married her. They got married then MmaLehae came and stayed in this royal house until PapaLehae finished school in Joburg. Just after he finished he took MmaLehae and they traveled for two years overseas..Paris British China India and many more.Now let me tell you something PapaLehae won't come after you he won't even run after you)

Me: mxm we will see.

Mmameetse: ummm sisi.. i tried this.  I gave him two sons and one girl. When he saw me packing he just told the guards to make sure i don't leave with his children. You see everything in this house belongs to Lehae and our children.  So if you think acting like a porn star will make him love you then your are lying to yourself. MmaLehae is his one true love. We just came here to make babies and eat his money.

Me: mxm he will follow me i know he will.

They both laughed.

Voice: go right ahead and see what happens.  

It was the devil herself 

Me: what do you want?

MmaLehae: Ooh i came to give you this..

She put a small bag on the bed. 

MmaLehae: i know you are stubborn so that's R500K

My eyes popped 

MmaLehae: all the three wives contributed 100K and i just gave you 200K. I know your stubborn and you will leave anyway just to prove a point. So i will tell you also. He won't come after you so the moment you walk out of that gate it's over and your immediately cut out of everything.  So this money will tie you up until you get something. 

I just looked at her and she walked out.

MmaLehae: Good luck.

Me: mxm

The two remaining wives just stood up.

I folded my arms and looked at them

Me: has she ever left.

They both laughed 

Mmakgalema: let's just say she tried and they both got locked up in the bedroom until she finally agreed to me being the 3rd wife. 

Me: wait? She was angry and wanted to leave when PapaLehae married you.

Mmakgalema : yes! But i understood so it was never an issue. 

I sighed 

Me: please leave i want to finish packing. 

They both left..

Ummh i guess Moratishwa will do for now. 






I was sitting with my father under a tree in the mountains watching the cows eating the green. There where rumours roaming around that Mojadibe is leaving but dad was not fazed or anything. 

Dad: you know it's hard for a good hearted person to rule a kingdom like ours.

I looked at him because he snapped me out of my thoughts 

Me: what do you mean?

Dad: you are a good boy Lehae no actually you are a good son and this journey is going to be very difficult and unbearable for you. 

Me: what are talking about?

Dad: you are going to take after me when  i am gone. Here in our kingdom a son can only become king when he has reached 18. If he hasn't his mother can hold the throne for him until he turns 18 on his birthday and the throne is given to him. 

Me: is that what happened to you.?

He shook his head

Dad: what i am trying to say is next year you are turning 18. Meaning i am asking you now to take power so that when my ancestors finally remember me you will have already taken power. 

Me: your talking as if your going to die next week.

He shook his head 

Dad: we will do the ritual in the next coming weeks

Me: there's something your not telling me.

Dad: i must warn you the ritual will be hard for you since you are not 18 yet

Me: why are you changing the subject?

Dad: because you ask too many questions when you should be focusing on the task in hand.

Me: why can't i do it when i am18

Dad: because i dont want you to.

Me: or maybe you will be dead

He just looked at me

Me: how..uhmm why are you sick?

He sighed

Dad: i just know my death is just around the corner.  And the moment i die. That person will will take my power. 

I shook my head with tears in my eyes

Me: no! Father No.. what about mum

Dad: your mother is the love of my life and this power will make her go mad and might even turn her evil because it does not belong to her. 

Me: and me.. i am under age

Dad: the ancestors want you to have it. And it's going to be yours anyway.

Me: i dont want to loose you.

Dad: you won't.. with the power of all the kings before me.. i will be living inside that power like them and I will be giving it you.

I just kneed down and cried. 

He bowed down tomy level and shushed me...






I don't  have time to be running around that useless home when i am nothing but a baby maker. Indeed i couldn't take my son. But that's fine.. his my son so i don't have to worry.

I left the stupid Kingdom and headed home.

I found the maids and my mum sleeping. I wonder where my stepfather and brother are. Yes i have a little brother. 

After a couple of hours my mum woke up.

Mum: what brings you here?

Me: i need your help!

Mum: obviously .

Me: i want him to love me mum.

She laughed pouring whiskey and she poured for me too and gave me a glass.

Mum: that won't work my love.. nothing will work on him. That throne has more power than anything you can imagine. 

Me: so how the hell will i be on top when i can't even control the stupid throne?

She started sipping the whiskey. 

Then she looked at me

Mum: the are other ways to kill a cat without lifting a finger.

She smiled 

Mum: i take it Lehae is 18 since he passed matric?

Me: actually he is 17 he will be doing 18 in May.

Her eyes popped 

Mum: is it?

I nodded

Mum: ok that's good that's good. So he can't get the power now. 

Me: what are you talking about?

Mum: i am talking about you killing your husband. 

My eyes popped..i did not see that coming 

Me: but...!

Mum: there's no other way.. we can't wait for Lehae to be 18 and receive full power.  This way i am sure it will work.

Me: how?

Mum: This way when your husband dies the first wife will be the ruler until her son reaches 18 and the full power of the throne is given to him.

Me: so will the power go to MmaLehae 

Mum: no the power is hidden. MmaLehae is just a wife.

Me: hidden where?

Mum: it won't be hidden if people knew would it?

I sighed shaking my head 

Me: but if i kill my husband then how will we get the power?

Mum: that's not a problem. Will cross the bridge when we get there.

Me: but it's all the same because MmaLehae will sit on the throne.

Mum: that's not a problem.

Me: how so?

Mum: because she's a cherry on top of our  perfet plan.

Me: haaa!

Mum: she will be the one who woupd have killed her husband.

My eyes popped 

Mum: the elders will surely shun her.

Me: obviously...but what about the other wives

Mum: we frame them or kill them. Once they realise your the good wife. They will come crawling at your feet

I just smiled as we toasted our glasses and thought of myself sitting on that throne taking power...





To be continued....


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