The bridge was a horrible place to lay in it was cold and smelly. I just didn't know what to do anymore. This was just horrible. I just put my forehead on my knees and just let it all out. While busy crying a car came out of knowhere from nowhere. The bridge was seperated by a land and houses on the other side. The land was just big I called it the middle of nowhere because there where trees and nothing really. Just nature when the car turned the lights just spotted me I stood up and looked at it straight up. The person in there got out. I could run but to where exactly? So I just stood there still. I saw a figure of a man taking footsteps to my direction. I just looked at him until he stood before me.
Him: hy
Me: uhgggg.. Uhmm hy
Him: are you okay its in the middle of the night. What are you doing here? You are so young and a girl for that matter.
I started crying
Him: ok ok...
He grabbed me and carried me bridal style and got me inside the car and told someone to drive. He just laid there and I closed my eyes.
I opened my eyes from someone opening the curtains and the light pierced thru my eyes.
Him: Good Morning to you to.
Me: uhmmmm
Him: you look confused
Me: uhmm yah no uhmm no not really
Him: is it the steamy fucking we had or is it the wine?
Me: WHAT?!
He laughed
Him: I am kidding I am kidding.
He came and sat at the edge of the bed.
I could now see him clearly he was dark with dreadlocks and buffy. You could tell that he takes good care of his body

he was dark with dreadlocks and buffy. You could tell that he takes good care of his body he had a lot of scars and tatts.. He wasn't wearing a shirt. He was just in his shorts.
Him: so... I am listening
I didn't know what to say.
Him: your name where you from your family and why the hell did you end up under a bridge. I mean you you are 12.
Me: I am 15
Him: you still look 12
Me: I am turning 16 next month
Him: you still look 12
Me: mxm
I looked the other way rolling my eyes
Him: so... You going to tell me or should I leave you where I found you.
Me: he chased me out
Him: he? He who?.
Me: my uncle he chased me out of his house.
Him: why? what did you do?
Me: why do you automatically assume its something that I did.
Him: you said he chased you out of his house didn't you?
I didn't know what to say because every time I take my mind back from yesterday my head just freezes.
Him: why are you carrying so much pain inside of you Hope?
I looked at him
Me: how...
Him: you have been here for three days now.
Me: what?
Him: your body and mind went into shock and we had to sadate you. I took you to hospital and a friend of mine took care of you and you where discharged this morning. So I brought you here.
Me: uhmm I have been out for three days.
Him: Yes
He stood up
Him: you have been thru hell and back Hope.. Why don't you take a bath and we will talk when you get downstairs. We having super
I nodded
He showed me the bathrom and shower. I decided to take a bath and when I went back to the bedroom I was in I found a pink barbie dress with a barbie penty and teen deodorant and pink and purple hair pins. I mean like seriously. I am not 8. I decided to wear them because I actually had nothing to wear. I got downstairs and i found 5 ladies who looked like they just walked out of a magazine. And one boy and girl who where wearing their school uniform and the man I was with.
Him: Uhmmm Hope you are here perfect. You look perfect.
I rolled my eyes
I sat on the chair
Me: morning everyone
Them: hiiii....
I swear i felt like they trained then to say that..
Boy: dad will she be staying with us?
Him:unless she prefers a bridge looks like she has no choise
Girl: will she be sleeping all the time?
Him: no.. You see she's awake now.... Ummhh you know what you ask to many questions. And your done go.
They stood up the boy fist pumped with his dad and the girl kissed him on his cheek.
They both grabbed their bag packs and went out.
Girl1: So Phoenix will she be needing training.
Him: I'll pretend I didn't hear that
So his name is Phoenix
Girl1: oooh gosh I am sorry I ment Mr Mathevhula..
Or Mathevhula?.
Him: Vero leave my sight before I make it permanent.
The Vero lady looked at me with a lot of rage and stood up
Mathevhula stood up and looked at me
Mathevhula: when your done Hope come to my office.
Me: your office?
Mathevhula: Crystal when she's done show her my office
Crystal: of course.
She said that rolling her eyes and Mathevhula left
Crystal: so your the new girl
Me: excuse me?
Crystal: uhmmm... Keep playing dumb and you will see what will happen to you when you have to join us. That barbie thing you got going on its just for his boys telling them that you are a NO GO AREA. Either than that your just like us.
The three girls laughed.
What have I gotten myself into now?

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