I does not hurt anymore it's just something I am getting used to. I could see in his eyes that the demon in him was tormenting him. He has been trying so hard to leave or run away from it but it keeps reminding him that its there. He had stopped hitting me and made a bath for me. And he went to attend the party. I sat in the bath tub for an hour or so. And then poured extra hot water since the water was cold. My body had red marks to show that I was bitten.
I kept adding hot water to a point where I had wrinkles and I just didn't care anymore.
About maybe three hours later I got out and went to the bedroom and I found him sitting on the bed with his head between his knees. I didn't say anything i just passed him and put on my roll-on and wore my pyjamas.
Him: it started when I was just 12 and my lil sister was 8. He made my sister do unspeakable things to him. Everynight he would drug my step mother and then wake me up and we would go to my sister's room so that we could touch her. Along the years it became worse because now she was penetrating her. I knew what was going on was wrong I tried to stop it. I really tried to help her i took all the pain I really did. But it did not help. Then soon after he killed my step mother and told us to make it look like a robbery. He bribed the police he had the biggest connections you could have never think off.Time pased and the he forced me to rape my own sister I remember I had just come back from school and when I got to my bedroom I found my lil sister on the bed with my father holding a gun. He told me to take off all my clothes and sleep with my sister. It was the most horrifying experience i tried telling him to fuck me but he didn't want to hear it anymore. I had to do what he said. I just got the and entered her I closed my eyes but he told me to open them and brush her breast and kiss her all over. He told me to enjoy it. He told us to enjoy each other. It went on until he decided to make it a three some. To be honest as time went on I did enjoy it because it's sex who doesn't enjoy sex. Soon after he started bringing young girls and we would do even a group fuck. He noticed that there where a couple of girls who practically threw themselves at me. He told me to bring them along and I did. We did it all we where a tag team. Until then we had minimized our sex with my sister and then we later realized she's pregnant. He wanted her to abort it because he doesn't like loose ends. But I couldn't have it I even convinced him that if it's a girl we could have a new bitch and he liked the idea. Then it was a boy he got angry but my sister had already ran. He wanted to give my son away MY SON! .. I got angry and left the house. I hustled with his connections and dismantled him until I manipulated my sister in killing him. The moment that man died I knew I have power. And hear I am bigger than him A legend at my own right. Best at what I do. And I will never and I mean ever get cought.
I didn't know wether to feel sorry for him or just let him be. Because honestly his doing me what him and his father did to his sister. It doesn't take a rocket scientists to figure out that his sister is brocken. She is torn and you could see that just by looking straight into her eyes. Life has been nothing but unfair to her. She became a cop just to bust her own brother.
Anyway I just decided to get inside the covers.
Him: so I tell you my life story and all that you do is get inside the covers and say nothing.
I was tongue tied onse again.
Me: uhhhmmm....aaahhhh..
Him: WoW you are unbelievable you know that. You don't even sorry for me?.
Is this guy for real? I should feel sorry for this motherfucker.
Me: uhmm.. Sorry
I didn't even mean it.
Him: you don't even mean that do you. You don't even feel sorry for me. But yet you want people to feel sorry for you. You are weak I never cried after everything my own father. My own biological father did I had never dropped a tear. I accepted this I took it like a man. But hear you are weak crying and depressed. Nxaaa get the hell out of my room. You disgust me.
I didn't even waist time because I knew nothing was going to happen. I went to my bedroom and as I was about to get to bed. The door opened and the devil walked in.
Him: did I say you could come here get out.
Me: what?!
Him: get out of my house and my yard.
Now I got scared
Me: bbbuubuut..
He grabbed my hand and dragged me outside. It was really late and cold. He opened the gate and pushed me out.
Now I was crying I know the things he did to me where horrifying but at least I had the roof over my head.
Him: Now you will know how to suffer.
He closed the gate and went back inside.
I wasn't crying I wasn't screaming. I was just scared. I decided to walk because I knew there was a bridge not far from where we live. I just walked with my heart beating fast. I knew I had nowhere to go so this was my life. Street life... Survival of the fittest.

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