What life is putting me through is Hell. Honestly I just want to die. I don't want to go thru what I going thru. Who in their right mind can kill their own sister? How can my aunt hate my mum so much? All because of her OWN success all because she had made it and she slucked around and decided to be a hore. I still don't understand because my mum helped her with everything she needed but yet she still chose to kill her. Jealousy or haterate I hope she rotts in hell for what she did. As for the man under this roof I am pretty sure Hell is his home and devil is his father.
It was just after eleven and I had finished bathing. I went to the kitchen and I found Tebogo eating she looked like she was hit my a harricane.My uncle came in right after and gave her a bag it lolooked like it was from the chemist.
Uncle: you better finish those meds and tomorrow you will be using the outside room. I found someone who will be taking care of you after that thing in you is gone.
Tebogo just nodded struggling to digest the food.
Uncle: get out of here before I decimate you.
She stood up really quickly and went outside.
My uncle looked at me he came closer to me and held my neck.
Uncle: I could fuck you right now.
My heart started pumping very quickly and I think I was shivering too.
Uncle: don't worry I know your still healing. But I know I don't have to worry about you falling pregnant right Hope?
I nodded
Uncle: so you need to make sure you drink your pills or whatever you choose. Because I don't have time for condoms.
I swear I wanted to run.
Uncle: now come with me we need to come up with a story for the police before they come here. And you better be supriced and cry if you have to when they arrive.
He said that dragging me to his office.
I sat on the couch while he poured his whiskey and poured for me too.
He gave me..
Me: uhmm.. I don't....
Uncle: that's going to have to change unless you want me to make you get hooked on drugs.
I took the glass. I took a sip and it burned my tongue
Me: ssssaaah..
Uncle: you will get used to it.
He just gulped it on one go
Uncle: so uhmmm. Yesterday you left with your aunt. Because me and your aunt decided that you will go stay with her after what happened.
Me: uhmmm.. then how will I explain the...
Uncle: your aunt called a friend and she came to fetch you and brought you here. So yesterday it was late I didn't ask you much I decided to talk to you this morning and when you told me what happened I decided to call your aunt but her number rang unanswered. Then I got worried and went to the police station to report this. Then that's that.
Me: ok
Uncle: the police will be here in a week or two so you better think of something that will make you cry for when they tell you your aunt is dead.
I nodded
Honestly for some reason I did not care about my aunt. I had already excerpted my fate wich is hell because the ideas and thoughts of how I will kill this man are brutal.
I decided to go back to the kitchen and make food when Tebogo came in. She looked at me.
I just cleared my throat and look the other way
She folded her hands on her chest
Tebogo: you know there's no way out right?
Me: I didnt say anything so I don't know what you on about.
Tebogo: there's food in the microwave you don't have to make more. And come sit next to me so I can tell you a story.
I opened the microwave and took the plate and poured juice and sat next to her.
Tebogo: I don't remember much about my mother I just grew up thinking Khutso is my brother and Mlungisi and Dorris where my parents. At a very young age I think I was 8 Mlungisi would come to my room and muff my pussy and sometimes he would take out his dick and tell me to play with his balls. Next thing he introduced me to porn. I would watch girls doing blow jobs and he told me to practice on him. He told me he was teaching me how to be a woman. I would even swallow his sperms. He told me they where healthy for me. This went on until I was 15 when I first saw my periods. I was home schooled and I did not have any friends. The only time I socialized was when I wrote tests or exams with some of his other girls after hours at his school. I was grown now and he had told his girls to talk to me about the life I am going to have after I pop the cherry. All the girls made it as if there's nothing wrong with what they are doing. They made it seem fun but deap down I knew it was wrong. I tried finding ways to leave because I didn't understand how can a father do this to his daughter I mean all the fathers I saw on TV gave their children the love and warmth of a parent not what Mlungisi is doing to me. Soon after the time came I heard him speaking with one of his clients saying he wants to break my virginity. I got scared and planned an escape plan only to be cought beaten up and raped. I spent a week in a room where he would just come to pleasure himself and leave. That was the most horific thing that could happen to me. That's when I realized that no matter what I do there's no escape. So Hope whatever you do and how ever you plan to do it. Do not think about it because he will kill you. Like all the other girls he killed. So this is your fate. Except it and pretend to enjoy it. Because that's what he wants.
Me: wow!!
Her eyes where full of tears so she just stood up and left.
There's no end in this man's horror is there?
While I was sitting there he came to me and told me to follow him to his bedroom. I knew what was going to happen so there's no suprice there but I was shocked because I thought he was going to let me heal first.
I got in his room and he just decided to go butt naked on me right then and there
Him: take off your clothes I am horny for you.
I thought I could except this life but I can't this is horror. This is just too much who excerpts this kind of life?
Me: I am still in pain uncle...
He didn't listen he just ripped my clothes up and left me butt naked.
Me: please uncle.. don't do this.
I was trying to hold my tears but it did not help because he just roughly threw me on the bed and opened my left leg and inserted his finger inside. God I felt like I was being ripped apart. I felt him inserting another finger and going in and out very fast. It was horrific.. I tried screaming but a shirt ended up in my mouth.
Uncle: looks like I am going to have to do this the hard way.
He opened the drawer and took out a dark tape. I wanted to get off the bed but he pulled me by the hair and tied my hands. He tied them above my head. He pulled me close to the pole of the bed and tied my right leg to the pole and let the other one loose since it couldn't reach the other pole.
He then took out the shirt in my mouth and put the dark tape on my lips.
Him: trust me you will enjoy.
I looked at him straight in the eyes and I could see he was not backing out. Shit was about to go down.
He took out something opened it and smeared it on my pussy it was cold. Next thing I know his huge Anaconda was entering my tiny pussy. It was painful and terrible. Tears where just coming out but he didn't care he kept going in and taking it out. Until he went in hard. He just slammed in hard and went in and out very hard and fast.
Him: damn it! your pussy is tight.
He kept going in and out fast and groaning in pleasure. I finally got to zone out of this horrific experience.
How can one person be so heartless?

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