I ran to my bedroom just to lay my head a little. I guess I cought up with my night sleep because I was woken up by someone shuffling.
It was my aunt.
Me: aaah Mmane Do...
Aunt: aaah aah no need for questions hunny we are leaving..
Me: what!!
Aunt: this place is not safe for you anymore. I am taking you with me. I will go back to your old school and ask them to get me your tranfer latters again and we will get you another school. You can't stay another day here baby.
I nodded
I just stood up trying to make my way to a shower
Aunty: Hope hunny there's no time for that. We are leaving NOW.
I took my bags and let her lead the way.
We got outside and put the bags inside the car then suddenly my uncle parked at the gate.
He looked angry
Uncle: What the hell do you think your doing Dorris?
Aunty: I am doing something I should have done a long time ago.
Uncle: your leaving me?
Aunty: No Mlungisi I am divorcing you.
He smirked.
Uncle: will see about that.
He held my hand.
Uncle: aaah aaah You can leave but Hope is mine. I worked pretty damn hard to get her. I deserve her and you know that. She's mine.
Aunty: over my dead body
He came close to her smiling
Uncle: I can arrange that... Like I said Dorris Hope is mine.
Aunty: HEEE Mlungisi Kola you can threaten me all you want but I am and I will leave with Hope.
He let me go and made space for my aunt to pass.
Uncle: Good luck Dorris! Good Motherfucken Luck.
He went inside the house..
We got inside the car and drove out.
My aunt was crying
He held my hand while driving and squeezed it.
Aunty: I am sorry I didn't do this sooner baby. I thought? I thought maybe..
I just turned and looked outside.
I didn't know what to say because in a way it is her fault. I mean she is the reason I went thru hell with my uncle and what's worse is that she knew she knew what his husband is capable of and yet he still let him guard me. What kind of person is my aunt really.
I was woken up by my aunt's voice.
Aunt: hey wake up and eat something.
Aunt: its just before 12 and you haven't eaten anything.
Me: ok
She got me Nandos and cool drink. I ate while she drove.
Couple of hours later we where outside a townhouse. She pressed a remote and we got in. And we got out of the car then she went to her house to open only for the keys not to open.
Aunt: what the hell
Some security guy came to us and gave us an envelope.
My aunt opened it.
Aunt: Evicted!!! Are you kidding me. I always pay two months ahead I could sue you.
Guard: we know that mam. Your husband is the one who ordered us to do this.
Aunt: what?! That bloody...ughhggg. You know what. Fuck this baby lets go.
We went back to the car
She connected her phone to the car and called my uncle.
Uncle: so soon
Aunt: you crazy son of a pervet.
Uncle: ready to come back.
Aunt: Mlungisi with or without you I survive.
He laughed
Uncle: you will bring back Hope. Dead or alive I held up my end of the deal Dorris so technically Hope is mine..
Aunt: Go to hell Mlungisi
Uncle: I will meet you there
My aunt hung up
We drove around trying to find a accommodation but the moment she takes out her ID.. All acomodation are full even if there's a big sign that says "TO LET"
We where exosted and we didn't need a rocket scientist to figure out who did this.
It was until my aunt called her friend to help us out until she finds a proper accommodation. She was hesitant at first but eventually agreed.
We arrived at her place the gate was opened. So we just parked on the side of the house and got out and nocked.
Then she opened the door. She looked scared or maybe I was imagening things.
We got inside we went to the living room. I think I smelled guess or something.
Aunt: Leah is that guess I smell? Are you ok you look a bit agitated.
Leah: I am fine my son forgot to close the guess so I was about to open the curtains and windows and switch on the air conditioners.
Aunt: ook ok.
Me: can I please use the bathroom I am a bit pressed
Voice: No! You can pee right there on the floor since it will be in ashes soon.
My heart just dropped I froze immediately.
Leah: oooh God please don't kill me.
Uncle: nice job Leah and I will grant you your wish a quick death.
He shot Leah on the head
I froze in fear OMG what's going on this can't be happening.
Uncle: Leah doesn't listen so I am just proving my point. Remember what I said Dorris... GOOD MOTHEREFUCKEN LUCK
Dorris: do it DO IT!!
Uncle: oooh yeah I will do it. Right after I tell this beauty that you are the one who came up with the plan to kill her parents so that we can get their money.
I did not see this coming
Me: what!?
I said that looking at my aunt
She was crying.
Dorris: Mlungisi please don't.
Uncle: uhmm.. I just want to show Hope hear that all this its her precious aunt's idea. Where were you gona take her or turn her into?
She shook her head crying.
Her: I didn't mean too my sister was..
Uncle: Perfect! Your parents always saw her as Miss perfect where else you where a a hoe even went as far as lying that you are a nurse when you where running an agency. A brothel and a strip club trafficking young girls.
Aunty: I was not going to turn Hope into a prostitute..
Uncle: until someone bidded for her
Aunt: No no no no.. Hope please it wasn't as ugly as he put it.
she kept crying and crying.
Uncle: admit it you asked me to kill them so that you can be the trustee of Hope's money. An unlimited money supply. Things turned upsidedown when you found out that they actually put Khutso. Whom you lied and said you don't know where he is. Your toy boy whom you used to fuck until she dumped you when you refused to leave me my own son.
This was just too much for me.
Uncle: like I said Dorris Hope is my trophy. You failed to access the money well I get Hope. That was the Deal.
Aunt: I am sorry Hope i...
Me: Don't call me Hope.
She froze and kneeled down before my uncle while coming herself down and wiping her tears.
Aunt: i will see you in hell Mlungisi
Uncle: at least your honest about something.
He shot her in the head.
He held my hand and dragged me outside and we got inside another car and made a call.
Uncle: light it up.... Everything!! I want it ashed up.
He hung up and looked at me.
Uncle: you see Hope you can't runaway from me. You are mine.. The sooner you exept that the better.
If this is not hell tell me what is it?

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