I could either tell her and she could save me or I might be falling right inside my uncle's trap.
Me: I don't know what your talking about.
Her: uhmmm. Ok here is my card. You WILL come to me and start talking. Because you have no one but me right now. Even that aunt of yours won't help you and yet she's your mother's sister.
She stood up taking her things
Her: oouh well Good Luck.
She left the room
Few minutes later my uncle got in clapping hands.
Him: good girl very good girl
I was shocked as to what she was on about.
He reached his hand under the chair and came with a sound record.
I don't even know why I wasn't shocked.
Him: i am starting to like you Hope
My heart just raised to another level when he called me that.
Him: I was going to kill you he took out a bottle of something. I couldn't tell what it was.
Him: this my dear was the end of you. I hate loose ends. And if you had by any chance said something you shouldn't I would be killing you right now. But what you did with her I mean I swear I even believed you.
I guess this thing is two ways. He can hear me even when his not here. Some sort of spy recorder or something.
Him: good thing you used our part as an advantage to make it sound real.
He stood up
Him: Maybe there's hope for you yet.
He bended and kissed me on the forehead and left the room.
Next day the nurses checked me and I ate breakfast. My aunt didn't come last night I guess my uncle did some convincing. MxM.. Anyway I went to bath and when I got out there stood my uncle and my aunt who came rushing with Tebogo. They both gave me their biggest hugs crying..
Aunty: Ooh my God Hope I shouldn't have taken a leave before the funeral. I should have taken it after the funeral. Look at you now this would have never happend if I had just stayed.
Me: you had already used up your days and I understand...uhmm ... its
My uncle cut me off
Uncle: lets not waste any more time. And leave there's a lot to catch up on
I was rather shocked.
Me: I am leaving?
Tebogo: yes sisters my dad was able to pull some strings so that mum here can pamper you the whole day. Because tomorrow she's leaving. She just asked her friend to to fill in for her.
I nodded my aunt couldn't let me go. She was holding me too tight.
Me: uhmm where is Khutso?
Khutso is my aunt and uncle's son.
My aunt's sighed
Aunt: you know Khutso he rather be in Cape Town.
Me: he still doesn't want to come back?
Uncle: would you stop talking about that ungrateful brat.
Ever since I can remember Khutso passed his grade 12 and went to Cape Town and didn't want to come back. His father stopped sending him money so he asked my parents and they sent him money and my dad got him a bursary in one of his company. He has been doing well since. And when he came to Joburg he would never vusit his parents he would come to our house stay for a weekend and leave. He doesn't like it there. He somtimes speak to his mum or his sister and that is that.
Anyway we arrived at home and my aunt cooked lunch we ate I drank my meds and decided to rest a little.
I woke up late I guess I overslept since it was around 21:00 I turned around and saw my aunt on my bedside . I guess she didn't want to let me go. I was starving so I got up i switched on the light. She still didn't wake up. I guess she's deep in her sleep i switched on the light. She still didn't wake up. I guess she's deep in her sleep I took my gown and made my way to the kitchen. I found food in the fridge I heated them up and started eating. I finished and decided to go back to bed until I heard moans coming from my uncle's bedroom. I mean my aunt is sleeping in my bedroom and the door was open. Curiosity got the better of me so I pushed the door a little and picked in only to be met by Tebogo riding his father's dick and squezzing her breast and moaning like she's enjoying it. My uncle her father was busy moving her figure and spanking her ass.
I couldn't belive what I just saw. Father and Daughter how disgusting can this man be abusing me is not enough now he had to fuck his own daughter.
I just couldn't take it no more so I decided to go to the living room. I knew I will not sleep after what I saw I just decided to watch TV. I kept on flipping the channels until I stumble uporn that chanel that my mum used to watch. I never liked this channel but now I believe I will fall in love with it.
Crime Detectives
I spent the whole night watching it i did not even blink. From... I almost got away with it to Sinister affair etc you name it.
Before I knew it someone was screaming I knew that was my aunt. When I looked at the time it was alredy 04:30 I was shocked at how time passed me like it was nothing. I guess I got hoocked to all those documentaries without noticing.
I stood up really quickly rushing to my room only to be met by my aunt at the pasage. She just attacked me with a hug.
Voice: whats all with the noise
My uncle shouted coming from his room.
Aunt: I.. I woke up and you where not next to me I was worried.
Me: I am fine aunty I couldn't sleep so I decided to watch TV
Aunt: Are you ok though did he hurt you..?
I raised my eyebrow
Aunt: Uhmmm I mean uhhm.. are you hurt?
Me: I... am aunty I am fine I was just watching TV
Aunt: uhmmm yes of course. I was just worried. Uhmm come let's go lie down.
Me: uhmm no i want to watch TV.. I am actually enjoying.
Aunt: uhmm ok let me go take a shower and make you breakfast
Me: aunty it's four in the morning even the chickens are complaining.
She laughed and decided to go to her bedroom that she shares with my uncle.
My uncle just looked at me and I went back to the living room.
I swithed off the TV and decided to go lie down in my bedroom only to hear my aunt and uncle arguing.
Uncle: you will do what Dorris haaah there's nothing you can do to me. Unless you want to end up where others ended then fine DARE ME and you will see.
Aunty: you think I am afraid of going to jail or being trafficked? No! Mlungisi I am not. Your already sleeping with one of your girls Tebogo you took her from her mother and raised her for yourself. And now here she is YOUR OWN PERSONAL HORE if you touch my neice I will show you hell like you have never seen it before.
My uncle laughed
Uncle: Uhmmm.. you started it Dorris now I am gona finish it.

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