I looked at him as people greeted him one by one. People thanking him and giving him envelopes and gifts. People whorship him they love and trust him. Imagine if they had to find out what kind of monster he is?
It was after the service and I was just sitting down waiting for him to finish whatever he was doing so that we could leave. When the last elder came to him and gave him a brand new comfoter i just sighed because I knew where we were going and what he is going to do to me. He asked the helpers to carry his things and take them to his car he even gave them the keys. We went to the priest's office with him holding my hand.
We got there and found him on the phone and he told the person that he will call him later.
Priest: Kola.. I see you should open your own church. People love you you got a lot of gifts.
He laughed
Him: neeh that Job is for you. I just love helping people. The Good Lord has made me to save them and help them. You are made to heal them spiritually. I believe that is why the Good Lord made you and I to connect. He knew that you and I we will help this poor nation.
He stood up and gave him his hand and they shook on it.
Priest: you are a good man Kola. The world needs a lot more man like you. May Jesus Christ continue blessing you with more blessings so that you can continue blessing his children. The more you give the more you receive.
Him: Amen father..
I was sitting down just looking at this devil of a man. Wondering why the so-called God let him into this world. Why is the so-called Good Lord letting him continue with this pretendance. Yaaah the is no God the bible is just a book full of lies to decieve people to go to church and give them false hope.
I listened to them and looked at them as the priest continued praying for him and whorshiping him. After what felt like 30min they where done and we had to leave.
Priest: Hope!?
I turned and looked at him
Priest: when you feel like talking you can come to our afternoon services.
I nodded
Me: I will father thank you.
He gave me a flier and my uncle took it.
Him: she will come when she is ready
Priest: of course
The priest looked at me with pitty eyes. And tried faking a smile
We left the church and one of the man gave my uncle his keys and my uncle took out his wallet and gave him R400 and told him to give the other one R200. He thanked my uncle and we got inside his car and we drove off.
It was a silent drive I could see he was not happy at all. We where not going home. We where actually going to his school.
We arrived and we went to the offices. There where no people inside. We went to another office it was big with school uniform inside. I figured that's where they sell it. There where a two woman in there. He went to speak with them and one woman told me to come fit my uniform. I went to take it and went to the fitting room it fitted me perfectly. When I got out of the fitting room those woman praised me on how good the uniform looks good on me.
Him: No!
We all looked at him
Him: that skirt is to long get another one.
Woman1: but...
Him: do I pay you to qyestion me?
She shook her head quickly
Woman1: No
Him: yaah...I didn't think so now get her a shorter one that will show off her thighs. I will be in my office. So I expect you to be there when you have done.
I nodded
Him: good
He left the room
I just went to the fitting room and broke down in tears..
The door opened in my fitting room and the 2nd woman came to give me the skirt and told me to take off the one i am wearing. I took it off and gave her.
Her: I wish i could help you but I can't. There's no way out of this situation. Your in it for life. And it's a pitty it happened to you at a very young age. My dear just do what he says before you end up being a sex object to every man he introduces you to.
I just nodded
She helped me wear the skirt. And looked at me with teary eyes.
Her: oooh God you are so young I am sorry your life turned out this way.
Me: I just wish my parents didn't die or I had just died with them.
Her: dont say that please.
She said that crying and shaking her head. She came to me and hugged me.
Few minutes later the curtain opened it was that other woman.
Woman: OMG NO you too need to wipe those tears. He called asking me whats taking so long.
Woman 2: sorry..
I wiped my tears quickly and they helped me clean up and they directed me to his office. When I got there he was laying on the couch. He turned and looked at me biting his lower lip.
Him: fuck.. You got nice thighs.
I didn't say anything
He looked at me and frowned
Him: i said you got nice thighs
Me: thank you..
He stood up and grabbed me and started kissing me roughly and caressing my body. Brushing my thighs while squeezing my ass. I just couldn't help it but cry.. I couldn't hold it any longer i just let it all I let out a loud sob. He stopped immediately.
He looked at me..
Him: are you fucking kidding me.. Even now. I thought the tears ended this morning. You are suppose to love me by now. I broke you virginity.
I tried wiping my tears but they kept coming out and the hiccups didn't help neither.
Before I knew it my head hit the table because of the punch that lended on my cheek. I felt a very hot on my cheek and my bloody nose was not helping. I tried holding on to the table but he grabbed me by the hair and made me hold the table. I couldn't balance because my head was painful and i was dizzy. I think I was about to pass out.
He bended my ass to his desired position. It did not help because I was light headed and the blood in my nose just kept coming out. I felt him tear my undies and the next thing i felt was something cold inside my anus. I wanted to scream but my voice failed me. Then i felt him entering me analy it was the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my life. My voice couldn't come out because now he had put my undies in my mouth. Tears just came out as he thrust inside. He kept thrusting in and out and my head kept failing me and and the lightness of my head kept coming and I felt the darkness taking over.....
Bang bang bang bang
Voice: Mlungisi! Mlungisi! Heeee Mlungisi Kola... Ooooh Ngwana wa batho lena. Ooouh Modimo
I heard the door open
Voice: oooh watseba o Satan ake pheditse o noba papago
MrKola: dont you dare compare me to that monster.
Voice: hit your vital organs. You are just like your father. Look at what you did to this poor girl. Look at her how can you rape her while she had passed out? What if she's dead.
MrKola: she's weak and she can't stop crying and you know that I hate unnecessary tears.
Voice: Unnecessary!? The poor girl just lost her parents.
MrKola: nxaa i don't have time for this. Check her before she bleeds to death. I still need that pussy and ass.
Voice: oooh Modimo wa Kgotso oooh Jehova. Auwiii tlhee bolena ngwana yo wa batho o sentseng mara. Mlungisi o bolaile batswadi ba gago ge fetse o go dira see..
The woman kept crying. My body was numb but I could feel my asshole burning. And i could feel some liquid coming out. I assumed it was blood..
I cried deep inside
Now tell me as the a God?

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