As the cold water showered me all over my body. I cried my eyeballs out. This is the worst thing that could happen to anyone. Blood was coming out of my pussy. I kept on crying why.. Why.. Why..?
Is this what the Lord has in store for me? Is that why he took my parents? Did my parents die just to let me suffer alone? Why didn't they have another child or better yet a big brother before me?There is no God there is no Jesus. All that bible about Moses saving slaves is just lies that does not exist. Its not always black and white theres always that colour in between that grey line. I sat in the shower for one and a half hour just to let the cold water shower me. I stood up limping to the bedroom. Yes I was limping my uncle really tore me down there. I just went to my bed and cried.
Before I knew it the door opened and the devil servant walked in holding a brown bag with a glass of water.
I looked at him with a swollen heart and teary eyes.
Him: you need to get over this because it's going to be your life from now on. This is no Cinderella love. You are mine and that thing between your legs belongs to me. So now drink this pills. I don't want kids we don't want you falling pregnant now do we?
I got up and drank the pills.
He then gave me the other pills.
Him: you need to set your alarm to 18:00 every single day. You will have to take this pills. They are to prevent you from falling pregnant.
I nodded
Him: good now clean yourself up. We are going to church.
Me: but.. But.. I am not feeling well.
Him: you will be fine you will get used to it. As time goes on you will be begging me to give it to you. Now clean yourself up. I don't want to leave you alone and find you back here in pool of blood or find you hanged on the ceiling.
He walked out leaving me feeling worse that I already did.
I stood up with a heavy heart and looked thru my bags. I never got a chance to pack my clothes. I just took out my floral dress and pumps and a sweater. I put lotion on my body and wore my clothes. I had straight back so I brushed it and walked out limping.
I found him in the kitchen eating breakfast.
I just looked at him he turned and saw me.
Him: you look horrible and that dress needs to be ironed.
I didn't say anything
Him: why didn't you wear heals?
Me:i am in pain and I have never ironed before.
Him: ok eat your breakfast will pass by the boutique.
Me: but...
Him: Hope!! I don't have time for your rediculous spoiled tantrums. You are not the first girl to sleep with her aunt's husband. And your not the last now embrace it because I won't tell your aunt that you seduced me because you needed the pain of loosing your parents to go away. I like you and the fact that your pussy tight is a bonus. Now finish up!
He left the kitchen
I swear to God this man knows how to sharpen the knife in my heart. How can he be so cruel? How can he say all those things to me? My aunt will never trust me. Nobody will ever trust me. How can life be so cruel to one person. I just want to die.
An hour later we where in church and people where busy greeting my uncle like his some sort of Moses. They where thanking him for a job or money or whatever.
Some other people where looking at me with pitty eyes because my uncle told them who I am but some others already knew. I swear I wanted the ground to open and swallow me. We got inside and went to the priest's office.
They greeted each other
Priest: oouh so this is the girl?
Him: yes we are all she has.
Priest: we are a family here my girl don't worry everything is going to be alright.
I nooded
Priest:You are a good man Kola. Not all man would agree to stay with their wives nieces especially since she comes from the family of wealth. Those children turn to drugs and alcohol to avoid the pain they feel inside.
Him: she won't do that because I have transfered her to my school.
I looked at him like he was crazy.
Me: uhmmm.. But...
Him: oooh I didn't tell you.. Ouh I am sorry.
Priest: that's a good idea.
I just looked down
They kept going on and own about the church and donations whatever.
Until i couldn't take it no more
Me: uhmmm.. Can i please use the bathroom?
Priest: ouh ok it's right outside
Him: can she use yours.. Uhmmm you see people look at her with those pity eyes and I feel like she feels crowded and might breakdown any moment.
Well his right about that
Priest: no problem uhmmm let me go start the service. I hope to see you in the front.
Him: of course.
Priest: will she be sitting with you?
Him: she's not leaving my sight.
Priest: I'll get the ushers to put an extra chair
Him: thank you.. Come let me show you the bathroom.
I followed him.
The moment i heard the priest close the door. He turned around pinned me to the wall and chocked me
Him: you better behave or I will fuck you in your ass.. Do you hear me?
I nodded with tears in my eyes.
He kissed me roughly and I felt his hand on my dress and it went all the way up to my pussy and entered his finger inside me.
I swear i wanted to scream because it was painful
Him: fuck! You are tight.
He stopped and put his fingers inside my mouth.
Him: uhmmm i can't wait for the day you do that to my cock. You look like a freak.
He came close to me and made me feel his boner.
Him: fuck!!
He said that squeezing my ass with his other hand.
He breathed out loud
Him: go to the bathroom I'll wait for you on the stairs at the stage.
I just nodded
I hurried to the toilet right after he spanked my ass. I just locked the door and cried my eyeballs out.
How can life be so cruel to me?

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