The Man In Me👑



Aphelele (Pheh)

It's just like any other matric day with our white English teacher standing in front of us looking as yummy as any other bright day. Luckily she doesn't have her most liked book "My Children My Africa" which makes me wonder what are we gonna do today. She walks around the class swaying her hips as usual.

Miss Law:"Today I've decided against our usual book and decided am gonna tell you a short story. There won't be questions there will be a lesson though."

Ferris:"At least that book is boring". Everyone agrees. Ferris is what I call our spokespersonthe most talkative guy there is on Earth. Am saying this because 30 minutes is long without him uttering a single word. But he's not lying though honestly it's a bit boring.

Miss Law:"Before I begin can someone please describe the word *pain* for me cause our short story revolves around it?". She looks at the 43 faces starring at her. She doesn't look like she's expecting an answer but I raise my hand but not too high for everyone to notice but just the pretty and beautiful woman standing in front of my eyesdamn! She looks damn gorgeous with her black jeanswhite vest perfectly tucked in with white block heels. Her brown hair just over her shoulders finishing the look with a black blazer specially made for women. She can really match her outfits but who am I kidding she matches them like any other day.

I was racist towards white women but this one here is drop dead gorgeous but I blame God for not giving them the ass curves and the boobs talk about being unfairbut she still looks good.

Miss Law:"Yes Miss?"(confused look). It's the fifth time Miss Law forgetting my surname

but she still looks good.

Miss Law:"Yes Miss?"(confused look). It's the fifth time Miss Law forgetting my surnamehow could she?

Ferris:"It's Miss WomanBoy a woman stuck in a man's body"(chuckles). The whole class starts laughing. Well now I just lost my confidence but I continue anyway they are not worth it. I've learned not to mind them. I focus on this white woman once again.

Me:"Ngcobo Miss Ngcobo my lady" I say in the most charming way. Everyone in the class went "mmmh" but I continue anyway.

Me:"Pain is a general term that describes uncomfortable sensations in the body. It stems from activation of the nervous system. Pain can range from annoying to debilitatingand it can feel like a sharp stabbing or a full ache. Pain can also be described as throbbingstingingsoreand pinching". I smile proudly that's why I love Google.

Miss Law gives me a slight nod and a smile is plastered on her face showing me her Colgate smile with the pink lipstick on her lips and that's the confirmation I need to know I nailed it. I take my seat as I hear a round of applause now that feels great.

Miss Law:"Impressive really impressive now let's start our short story shall we?.... There was once a carpenter who would work most of his days at his workshop then knock off on sunset. One day when he knocked off he locked his workshop as usual then went home. At night a black mamba slithered through the hole in the wall and..."

My mind was far away from the story now. This is the best accomplishment to last me the whole year. In all 17 years in my life I never felt this proud. Am not different after all since I managed to impress a woman.. a white one at that... Being a book worm works wonders for me but I can't help it. This lady loves to read...

To be continued... 


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