Chapter 9




The nurse did came at 7pm and that was too early. She had already given me the pills and also painkillers. The pain had started to kick in. It was a dreadful honestly. I was on my knees in front of my bedthe nurse was seated on the chairrelaxed. She was a bit older she was in her 50s I didn't think she was even working but am not sure since she is wearing her uniform. I started crying that's how painful it was.

Me:"Gosh am dying"

Nurse:"Nobody said killing was easy"

Me:"Please give me something I can't take this!!"

Nurse:"I've already given you something". I can tell she was really annoyed but I didn't care I was in pain.

Me:"Oh God!". I was now rolling on the ground. It's the fourth time doing this but it's still feels like the first timedamn am not doing this again. The nurse started singing I can tell she was enjoying this.

Nurse:"We baba Wethu Osezulwini Khuluma Nabo Baba Khuluma Nabo Abakwazi Abakwenzayo We Baba Izenzo Zabo Zisebumnyameni Khuluma Nabo Baba"

Me:"You're enjoying this neh"

Nurse:"Not as much as you enjoy having unprotected sex."

Me:"Just do your job!". I was now irritated.

Nurse:"I am. I just pray that child haunts you".

Me:"I wanna pee". She helped me to the bathroom and stood next to the door and looked at me. "Can I have some privacy?".

Nurse:"It's not like your vjay is private anyway". She bangs the door. That was rude really rude. I sat on the toilet seat.



I woke up in a really good moodI don't know why. I had the sound system in my room on full blastmy favorite song was on repeat. Pop Smoke ft KAROL_Enjoy Yourself.

'Palazewhat you cookin'?


You don't gotta put your cup downhold on(Ooh)

Drink freely(Yeah) and holla at me if you need me(Ooh)

Babyyou should enjoy yourself (Ooh)

Bossed upneed no helplook(Ooh)

They say"Fly girls have more fun"(More fun

"Fly girls have more fun"(More funmore fun)

So what?So you should enjoy yourselfyeahyeah

You should enjoy yourself (Ooh)

I went to the kitchen and went outside to sweep the yardMom was really surprised.

Mom:"And then?"

Me:"Am just happy that's all"

I just continued and heard Tebogo's voice

Tebogo:"Well this is a surprise Rigby"

I was surprised he called me by my pet name and stopped sweeping  to turn and looked at him... I was met by the shock of my life my...the Queen of my heart standing there my mother and Tebogo. I instantly felt dizzy.

Me:"Tell me this is a bad dream"

Mah:"Aybo why?"

Me:"Vanilla?". That came out as a whisper. I was hurt and angry she just looked everywhere but me. I just started trembling also.

Me:"Why would you do something like this?". My heart broke.


When I saw Cherry sweeping the yard I knew it was over for me. I tried hiding but Tebogo moved away on purposewhen she turned to look at me. I saw angerhurt and heartbreak written on her face. Tears streamed down.

Her:"Why would you do something like this?"

Me:"Am sorry babe"

MaFuze:"Babe?! Aybo what's going on makoti?"

Me:"Am not your makoti mama am not Mohlakoana's girlfriendam Cherry's girlfriend"

Pheh:"Ohw you even call him by his surname now?"

MaFuze:"Who's Cherry?"

I went and knelt in front of Phelele and held her hands.

Me:"NgcoboFuzeMapholoba Ngyaxolisa Sthandwa Sami (Am sorry my love)it's not what you think babe the truth is I am a prostitute". Don't ask where I knew how to say that. I am Zulu but I have an English name and surname. She was shocked.

MaFuze:"Ihheee! Ngiyalingwa Aphelele Thembeka Ngcobo

uyistabane!"(Am being tested you're gay). "Tebogo you bring prostitutes in my house now heh?!"

This woman was shouting and clapping her hands dramatically. The way she was loud even the neighbors were on their windows.

Pheh:"I've never been hurt like this beforemy heart is in pieces you've not only slept with me but with a lot of different men. I was ready to sacrifice my everything for you but look where that got me am now homeless. I hope you're happy Vanilla I loved you dammit but I guess that wasn't enough for you to trust mewhen I get back here I don't wanna see you I've deleted you in my life". I was hurt. With that said she left me kneeling there and went to the house with her mother following her behind shouting. I couldn't help but cry out loud. I made my bed now I have to lay on it...

To be continued..


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