Chapter 8



I was parked outside "the house". I have already made my payment. It's quite costly considering that I don't even earn that muchbut it's worth it. This Pearl girl came out and came to the car. She got in the front seat. She was wearing a tight short sparkling dress that was showing off her cleavage and yellow thighs. I started drivingmaybe she was worth it after all. When we were at my street her eyes bulged out her jaw was on the floor. Jackpot! I drove in and parked it in front of the front door. I saw her swallowing.

Me:"Is there anything you would like?"


Me:"Okay then am going to say goodnight to my mother"

Her:"You live with her alone?"

Me:"Nope and also my sister"

Her:"Your surname is?"

Me:"So prostitutes ask questions now?"

Her:"No....ummh sorry you have a different accent so am curious"

Smart girl.

Me:"Ohw Mohlakoana I am a Sotho"

Her:"Alright then"

Me:"You can proceed to my room I'll find you there".I pointed.

Her:"Okay thanks".

We both got out I looked as her ass as she sashayed her way to my flat. My plan is coming along fine. I'll have her leave the house at 8am

Pheh is usually awake at that time and my flat is just opposite her bedroom window so it's gonna be so easy I won't lie am happy.

Pearl Edward

Shit!There's no way am getting out of this one. This is definitely Cherry's house and this is her brother. Am about to have sex with my girlfriend's brother this is sick. I know it's her house cause I have been here before. We've been intimate for three times excluding our quickies. I will have to leave early so that she won't see me. If only I told her the truth. Speak of the devil she calls me.


Her:"Vanilla Queen"

I blush.

Me:"How are you?"

Her:"Am great I just miss you".

Me:"I miss you too"

Her:"What are you doing?"


Her:"Ohw okay"

Me:"Babe I need to tell you something"

Her:"Yeah what?"

Me:"Well I Umhh..."

Before I could continue the door opens and Mohlakoana walks in with a bathing basin with a 10litre bucket on the other hand.

Him:"I bought you bathing water"

I quickly speak to the phone .

Me:"I'll call you tomorrow bye". I hang up.

Him:"Who's that?"

Me:"My mother"

Him:"Mmmh nice"

Me:"Thank you for the water"

Him:"Sure thing".

Him bringing me water to bath was really weird. I pray I don't see Cherry tomorrow when I leave.


After my call with Pearl I was really pissed. I swear I heard my brother's voice in the background or I was reading too much into the situation. Why would she hung up when she was about to tell me somethingand the fact that there's a guy's voice in the background makes me more furious. I unlock the door and proceed to the dining room where my mom is glued to the television watching The Throne on Mzansi Wethu 163. Other channels don't play cause we don't have much money to pay for all of them. I settle on the couch opposite her.



Me:"Unjani Ma?"(How are you mother?)

Her:"Am goodyour brother has a girlfriend"


Her:"He said we'll meet her some other day"

Me:"That's nice"

Her:"She's a yellow bone"

Me:"That's good"

Her:"Uzosizalela abazukulu abahle"(She'll bare us beautiful grandkids). This topic is boring honestly.


Her:"You could bring your boyfriend for dinner sometime"

I choked on my own saliva


Her:"Hao is there a problem?"

Me:"No I wasn't expecting that"


Me:"Am retiring to bed goodnight mother".

I leave her with the TV starring at her. Mom is getting more weird honestly.

To be continued....


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