Chapter 7



After the call with Cherry (Pheh) I threw myself on my bed.


I blushed. Zimkita is my roommate and cousin but only I know that.

Me:"That was Cherry"

Zim:"Duh! Isn't it obvious? You're blushing"

When I started out as a "sex worker" I just wanted to make my life better and go back to school since I dropped out in grade eleven. It was just me Zimkita and also JR my brother. When I saw that the money was enough i wanted out but Bakkie wasn't having it he wanted me to continue working for him. He threatened to kidnap Zim from home to come work herebut I wasn't having itI left. After a week Zimkita went missing that's when I realized that Bakkie isn't playing. I came back and demanded Zim to be sent home but again he didn't agree. We tried escaping but he found usthat's how we landed on the main course level cause we were really rude and mean.

Every girl in the building has a five year contract that she has to complete then you're free. Mine is ending this year so I gotta hold on one last year for JR. We don't really know our parents cause we were from an orphanageand later got adopted by the Edwards who later passed on. JR is my blood brother. I only met Zim at the orphanage and we got separated when we got adopted. She was taken in by uslater when our parents died.

The word"cousin" is just for potrays. We are not really family. I was scared for JR so we sent him off to boarding school in KZN since we are in Gauteng and told him we're working so he doesn't get suspicious. He is 17 doing grade eleven and am proud. We always send him money for school and food since we get 3k for allowance every month. Only Bakkie and I know that Zim is my cousin and it is better that wayI don't want any drama right now.

Me:"I really love hershe makes me happy"

Zim:"Am really happy for you babe

she makes me happy"

Zim:"Am really happy for you babeI can't believe you're in love with the kind of work you do its quite rare you know".

I haven't told Zimkita that Cherry doesn't know that am a sex worker cause am afraid to be judged. It's my first time dating a girl so I want to be sure if it's permanent. We've been together for 6 months now I'll tell her when we have our one year anniversary.

Me:"It's great being in love"

Voice:"Who's in love?". I froze but sighed in relief when I realize that it's Mathapelo. I haven't told her about Cherry since we are not close anymore.

Zim:"She is". She said pointing me. Fuck am screwed. She looked at me confused. I just looked everywhere but her.

Pelo:"So you're in a relationship and you didn't tell me?". I sighed.

Me:"You were distant these days that's why"

Pelo:"You're going against the law"

Yeah we are not allowed to date otherwise there will he consequences.

Me:"I know am just in love and besides my contract is ending this year".

Pelo:"Well if you're happy then am happy for you"she smiled"can I see his picture?".

Me:"It's a heram dating a lesbian". I unlocked my phone and showed her Pheh's pictures. She was in awe.

Pelo:"Ohw I didn't know". She sounded hurt. I felt really bad.

Me:"I didn't know I was bisexual also it's a new thing."

Pelo:"How long?"

Me:"Six months". She just nodded. I have hurt my best friend I feel very sad.

Pelo:"Anyway you're working you will be fetched at 8pm". She gave me my phone back and left. Sigh it's gonna be a long ass night.


When I reached my level I got into my room I threw myself on my bed and got busy with my phone. I was hurt because my best friend doesn't trust me anymore. Ever since she was moved to the main course level we don't talk anymoreI guess that's why.

I was blown away by her girlfriend. She is handsomely beautiful.  I didn't know a Butch could look this good. She is dark skinned and has really small boobs which works on her advantage. She had a nicely trimmed hair cut that suits her and judging by her clothes you couldn't tell whether it's a man or a woman. I saw a photo where she was wearing briefs and sweatpants with a sport bra on. She was also wearing a jacket but didn't zip it. The Butch got six packsdamn! She's definitely a snack. I found myself drooling over her pics.

Am a bit jealous cause I once had a crush on Pearl but was too scared to tell her. Am also bisexual but only I Know that Pearl doesn't know. I went to Facebook so I can stalk Pearl's boyfriend/girlfriend whatever. Since I didn't get her name I just went to Pearl's timeline and she had said to be in a relationship with "Phelele Cherry Fuze". I clicked her name and it led me straight to her timeline. A call from Bakkie disturbed meI answered.


Him:"A doctor will come tomorrow so you can terminate"

I swallowed. Aborting is really painful.


Him:"Don't worry you're not working tomorrow"



He ended the call and I continued stalking Phelele. Her photos were really good. I saved a few. I also sent her a friend request....

To be continued...


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